SC EP:187 Mountain Giants

You asked for it and I am here to give the people what they want. I had many requests to bring Duke back on the air to share all of the information he has regarding “mountain giants” and Duke has agreed to return to the show. Duke told me that he has a lot of… Read more »

SCEP:185 Sasquatch in Montana

Brian Sullivan AKA “Duke”, bigfoot eyewitness, and founder of the Montana Bigfoot Project. Duke talks about seeing a Sasquatch as a child when he was sledding with a friend. Duke has spent over 40+ years researching this topic and has come to several conclusions regarding the “type” of creatures out there. We will be talking… Read more »

SC EP:182: A Paramedic’s Encounter [Replay]

I am currently in the mountains checking out a new area. Woody and I tested out the new night vision equipment and it looks like it is going to work for us. I shot a quick video for you guys and gals. We are going to be out for a couple of days. Our plan… Read more »

SC EP:180 Scary night in the Adirondack’s

Join me tonight as I speak to Joe. Joe is a skilled hunter and trapper and shares his encounter with us when he was deep in the Adirondack’s Joe writes ” I have been a hunter and trapper my whole life. I have ran into every wildlife known to man in that area but what… Read more »

SC EP:178 Sasquatch encounter on Lewis Lake

My first guest was ill and was unable to make the show. I had already planned on having my brother Woody on the show tonight to talk about what we experienced up at Yacolt on Christmas night. I hope everyone enjoys tonight’s show.I have a video shot and I am working on editing it and… Read more »

SC EP:176 Hunter watches Sasquatch from ridge

I will be speaking to “D” and he writes “I was walking to my hunting spot late one afternoon and I saw a creature break a tree. This thing was wounded in the shoulder and it’s left arm hung limp. I don’t know if it was shot or hit by a car but it’s arm… Read more »

SC EP:174 Hairy arm reached in the van’s passenger window

Tonight I speak to two guests. My first guest is Josh who was riding on some ATV’s with his family when they came across a strange creature that was watching them. Josh and his brother were on the trail riding their ATV’s when Josh’s brother stopped ahead of him. Josh said “As I came around… Read more »

SC EP:172 Strange activity in the woods

Bob Garrett comes on and we discuss an investigation about going activity at a family home in the woods. Bob and I spoke to the witnesses the other night we will give you an update on what is going on. I am still working on bringing the witnesses on the show. I will be also… Read more »