SC EP:678 The Hunting Lease

Tonight I will be speaking to three guests. My first Cassidy had several strange experiences on a hunting lease in Wisconsin. I will be playing some sounds tonight that resemble what the witness heard. Cassidy talks about something walking up to his trailer on the property and tapping on the windows. I will also be… Read more »

SC EP:677 The Story Of Robert

A listener writes “Hi Wes, I had an encounter in 1979-1980 in Goshen, Virginia. We were at the Boy Scout Camp and got up early to try and see deer. I lived outside of Washington, D.C. so catching sight of a deer would have been a highlight for a young kid. As we walked through… Read more »

SC EP:675 It Looked Like A Primitive Man

Tonight I will be speaking to Jack who had an encounter when he was young. Jack says “I lived in a rural area in Pennsylvania. I remember going down this road and I had this bike and the chain would always come off. I looked down at my chain and had a feeling I was… Read more »

SC EP:673 The Skunk Ape Lives

Tonight I will be speaking to Orrin and Orrin writes “I just north of Spokane. Ive been listening to your show for a few years now, and i feel its my time to share what ive encountered. Ive had some experiences and one sighting. My first encounter was the sighting, I was about 12 at… Read more »

SC EP:671 The Reason I Search For These Creatures [Members]

Tonight I will be speaking to Raymond from SC EP:668 I Think It Followed Me Home. The more I spoke to Chuy the more I was interested in hearing from Raymond. I was curious why these guys keep going back to the canyon after all of the strange issues at Chuy’s house. Raymond will be… Read more »

SC EP:670 I Thought I Was A Dead Man

A listener writes “I was running my airboat on the upper St. Johns River, Florida doing what I like to do best frog jigging on a Friday night. It wasnt the first time I was out on the river at night,I use to run the north and south parts of the river all the time.I… Read more »

SC EP:668 I Think It Followed Me Home

I have had internet issues all day and I have not checked to see if the guest sent me his picture yet or not but he does I will post them. Tonight we speak with Chuy and his friend Raymond. Chuy writes, “I live in the Magic Valley of Southern Idaho. This is a desert… Read more »

SC EP:667 Exploring the Unexplained

Jeff Belanger is one of the most visible and prolific researchers of folklore and legends today. A natural storyteller, he’s the award-winning, Emmy-nominated host, writer, and producer of the New England Legends series on PBS and Amazon Prime, and is the author of over a dozen books (published in six languages). He also hosts the… Read more »

SC EP:665 Eerie Florida

My guest tonight is Mark Muncy. Mark has written numerous books regarding everything strange in Florida. Most know Florida as the land of endless sunny beaches, but the state is home to numerous eerie legends and mysterious creatures. The Everglades is home to the elusive Skunk Ape, a strange bipedal creature recognized by its odor…. Read more »

SC EP:663 I Thought that is NOT a Bear

Bob Strain is a retired firefighter/paramedic with a lifelong interest in the outdoors. When he was 18 years old, he had a daytime visual sighting while hunting in remote Idaho. Many years later, this experience, along with others, led him to pursue this mystery and become involved in investigating to the extent he is today…. Read more »

SC EP:661 DEVOLUTION With Max Brooks

Max Brooks is an American actor and author. He is the son of comedy legend Mel Brooks and actress Anne Bancroft. Much of Brooks’s writing focuses on zombie stories. He is known as the godfather of the cultural phenomenon of the zombie genre. His first book, The Zombie Survival Guide (2003), published by Three Rivers… Read more »

SC EP:659 Where the Footprints End

Timothy Renner and Joshua Cutchin will be my guests. They co-authored the book Where the Footprints End: High Strangeness and the Bigfoot Phenomenon, Volume I: Folklore. It is available on Amazon.     Our forests seem to be hiding something much more complex than an undiscovered gorilla. Bigfoot may be howling from a lonely mountaintop,… Read more »