TALK IS JERICHO: Sasquatch Chronicles

Chris Jericho had me on his show and he is a class act, one of the nicest guys I have ever met. Check it out if you guys want. I recommend TALK IS JERICHO, it’s one of the few podcast I listen to. Wes Germer had an incredible encounter with Sasquatch-like creatures in the woods… Read more »

SC EP:198 I know what I saw!

I welcome Ronnie to the show and Ronnie says “I came from the city and moved in with my mother in law who lived out in the country. In this area of Washington State it is very remote. One night I heard a creature breathing outside of my window. I assumed it was a bear… Read more »

SC EP:196 The Paracas Skulls

Join me as I invite Ron Morehead to the show and we go off trail tonight talking about the Paracas Skulls. Ron Morehead has traveled the world doing research on the unexplained, undiscovered, and underexplored. He is recognized around the globe for the best Bigfoot/Sasquatch audio recordings known as the Sierra Sounds. Ron’s Research includes the… Read more »

SC EP:195 Two Hunters Encounter A Sasquatch

“My brother and I are avid hunters and spend and have spent many years both big game and predator hunting. I live on Long Island in New York which is mainly a suburban area. Our hunting trips mainly take place in the catskill and Adirondack mountain ranges in Upstate NY. On the weekend of February… Read more »

SC EP:193 Primal fear of being hunted

Tonight I welcome Jeremy to the show and he was recently out on expedition in East Texas and talks about his experience. Jeremy had a piece of concrete thrown at him in the middle of the night and then was roared at. He will be sharing this along with a short sighting he had while… Read more »

SC EP:191 Do not chase strange lights

Earlier in the week I posted a video of strange lights in the woods. Woody returns to the show to talk about what we experienced that night. I also welcome Seth to the show who shares with us two experiences he has had with Sasquatch. My final guest of the night is Steve and Steve… Read more »

SC EP:189 Sasquatch is bad for business

Tonight I speak to Cory who is from Texas. Cory went on a commercial hunting trip in Canada. Cory had several strange things happen while he was on this hunting trip. Cory says “After I arrived in Canada and was out in the middle of no where I heard tree knocks. It went on for… Read more »

SC EP:187 Mountain Giants

You asked for it and I am here to give the people what they want. I had many requests to bring Duke back on the air to share all of the information he has regarding “mountain giants” and Duke has agreed to return to the show. Duke told me that he has a lot of… Read more »

SCEP:185 Sasquatch in Montana

Brian Sullivan AKA “Duke”, bigfoot eyewitness, and founder of the Montana Bigfoot Project. Duke talks about seeing a Sasquatch as a child when he was sledding with a friend. Duke has spent over 40+ years researching this topic and has come to several conclusions regarding the “type” of creatures out there. We will be talking… Read more »

SC EP:182: A Paramedic’s Encounter [Replay]

I am currently in the mountains checking out a new area. Woody and I tested out the new night vision equipment and it looks like it is going to work for us. I shot a quick video for you guys and gals. We are going to be out for a couple of days. Our plan… Read more »