SC EP:395 I saw a Dogman!

Tonight I will be speaking to Andrew who had a run in with a dogman back in the late 70’s in Maryland. I asked Andrew to come on the show and he has been reluctant but finally agreed and I am glad he did because he has one of the best encounters I have heard…. Read more »

SC EP:393 The Christmas Show

This is a show for everyone and its going to be an extra long show. I know some people struggle this time of year so I hope the show takes your mind off things for a couple of hours. I will be posting the show tonight but it will not be up till later tonight,… Read more »

SC EP:391 Mumbling in the woods

Its going to be a big week, I am not 100% but I am back. I will be welcoming Tony Merkel from the Confessionals Podcast and my Brother Woody to the show. We will be reviewing the documentary Discovering Bigfoot.   I will also be speaking to Steve to the show who had a scary… Read more »

SC EP:389 Manitoba Bigfoot Encounter

I want to thank the members for being patient with me this week as my voice recovers and thank you for the kind words on a speedy recovery. I have so many witnesses to get to, its creating a large back log. I will be posting shows for you guys and gals next week. My… Read more »

SC EP:387 Native American Culture

Dallas returns to the show to share what happen to him when he returned to his families property and how he ran into the dirty old man for the last time. Dallas will also be sharing his Native American culture and how he believes that Sasquatch is not the nephilim. This should be an interesting… Read more »

SC EP:385 The dirty old man

Tonight my guest is Dallas who is a Native American and he lives in the south. Dallas had two encounters with this creature when he was a young man. He said it reminded him of a “dirty old man.” Dallas goes on to say “It looked like a giant, dirty old man. He had no… Read more »

SC EP:383 Sasquatch Court Case

We will continue this holiday weekend as Todd Standing will be my guest. He has recently filed a law suit against the Canadian government to prove Sasquatch are real. I will be speaking to him about his encounters and evidence.   Here is some of the video’s we will be discussing tonight.    … Read more »

SC EP:382 Bob Gimlin Returns

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! My favorite guest returns, Bob Gimlin. This is going to be a laid back show where I just let Bob speak. We will be discussing the time Bob and Roger Patterson found the Ape Canyon Cabin that was attack. Ape Canyon is a gorge along the edge of the Plains of Abraham,… Read more »

SC EP:381 Searching for the creatures

Tonight I will be speaking to Greg Yost. Greg is from Louisville Kentucky and now resides in Jeffersonville Indiana, right across the Ohio river. Greg spent 10 years in the United States Navy. Greg will be sharing some of his encounters tonight. It all started with an unexpected encounter and ever since that day Greg… Read more »

SC EP:378 Strange Property

I spoke to the witness today and it is probably one of the most fascinating conversations I have ever had. I know KW’s phone was not the best but I tried to clean up the audio the best I could. I think this witness is dealing with a lot of paranormal activity on his property… Read more »