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SC EP:914 Lance Corporal Shoots Sasquatch

John writes “I served as a US Marine from 1999 – 2003. While I was in I was stationed at Kings Bay Naval Sub Base in southern Georgia. I was part of a CQB (close quarter battle) team and was a DM (designated marksman). As a DM I carried a M40A3 (308) and a M9 (9mm pistol).

While serving at Kings Bay, I was called into my Platoon Commanders office prior to my team going to the LA (limited area). My Platoon Commander informed me that there were reports coming from lake D (a lake on base approximately 400 yards from the LA) of a wild animal being aggressive towards campers around the area. He asked me if I had a tree stand and ordered me to go to Lake D instead of the LA. He told me a DM from team 2 would take my spot in the LA. He said I was to locate, close, and destroy the animal and not to come back until I did. I ran back to my house and grabbed the necessary supplies, my hooch, tree stand, food, and water and headed to the north east side of Lake D. I had fished this lake several times and knew of a game trail closest to the LA that butted up to swamp land and the Saint Mary’s river. I arrived around 0900hrs and set up camp.

I set up at the point of a wooded area with a fenced in electrical station directly to my east and Lake D 40 yards to my west. I put my tree stand in a tree and lounged around the rest of the day. I was really excited to be given these orders and even brought my pole and tackle box. I could see a campsite and 2 people about 150 yards west of my location camping on the shore of the lake. At approximately 1630hrs I ate a couple cliff bars and got up in my tree stand for the evening. My platoon sergeant told me I was looking for a “chimp or some shit” and not to enjoy my “vacation”. He also said if I made contact and succeeded in my mission to call him and only him immediately after. As I sat in my tree stand with my rifle on my lap I thought about what Gunny told me. I figured maybe a chimp escaped from the Jacksonville zoo and was aggressive. I also thought about the people camping and if I was able to take a shot I wanted to be high enough in the tree to use the water of ground as a back stop. The branches in the tree I choose started about 7 feet up and I wanted to be a little higher so I climbed back down and grabbed my silky saw to cut a few branches to move my tree stand up. The sun was setting so I knew I needed to hurry, I only hade about 20 minutes of shooting light left. As I made my way back up the tree to start cutting I heard a big splash in the water. I stopped what I was doing and scanned the area with my scope. I could see a tree swaying back and fourth about 50 yards to the south and saw a big branch fly into the water. This is a very heavily wooded area so my vision was limited. Everything got pretty quiet so I turned on my head lamp and kept cutting.

I was out of shooting light so I got down from the tree and fished for a little while then hit the rack. I woke up at around 0430 hrs and made my way back into my tree stand and sat quietly. I sat there till about 0800 hrs then climbed down and ate some breakfast. I went over to where I saw the tree swaying the night before and found a smaller but obviously heavily used game trail. Due to having all day to do nothing and the movement the night before, I decided to leave my camp site where it was and find a tree on this new game trail. As before, I climbed up the tree and started cutting some branches to get higher. A Navy MP (military police) officer was patrolling the lake and stopped to see what I was doing. I told him of the reports we had and that I was supposed to find and kill it. He had heard similar reports and decided to kick the campers out for safety and he also chained the two main gates into Lake D for the evening. This was a weekday so traffic was pretty lite anyway. I got the rest of the branches on the second tree cut and climbed back down to grab something to eat. I ate my dinner and went back over to tree 2 at about 1600hrs. I saw the tree swaying at around 1700 the day before and wanted to be settled just incase whatever it was came back.

I was and have always been an avid hunter and had some doe urine with me to help mask my sent. 1700 came and went with no activity. Just as I was starting to run out of shooting light, I heard banging on the fence at the electrical station which from tree 2 was at my 6 oclock. I couldn’t see anything due to the thick tree coverage between me and it. I knew the gates were locked but I wasn’t sure if maintenance employees had keys. I sat a little longer (about 10 minutes) and from across the paved road from tree 1 I saw a large harry animal walk across the road heading to Lake D about 40 yards from my current location. I raised my riffle and waited for my best shot. The animal stopped on the opposite side of the road and knelt down as if to pick something up. I pulled the trigger and hit him just behind his left shoulder. It let out an odd sound and lurched forward. I racked another round and fired again hitting it in the back of the head. It laid on the ground motionless as I sat in my tree stand. I pulled out my cell phone and powered it on and called Gunny. He answered and asked exactly where I was and told me to stay right there. I could hear the sound of Humvees approaching the gate and cussing once the realized it was locked. They got the gate open and Gunny and my platoon commander arrived in the first hummer.

One of the other Humvees blocked the road coming in about 150 yards from my position and a third drove past us towards the LA. I was down out of the tree by the time they arrived. Gunny came over to me and said I would have to ride back with him to be debriefed and told me excellent job. My platoon commander walked over to the animal almost examining it. Gunny walked with me to gather my things at my campsite. In doing so we walked right past the body. It smelled terrible and was laying face down. I had my headlamp on and as we passed I looked to my left to get a little better look and Gunny grabbed my shoulder and said “eyes forward”! I didn’t have much so it didn’t take me long to grab my stuff. As I was getting my gear a white car pulled up with 2 guys in it. I assume they were NCIS or some higher level people by the way my platoon commander addressed them. I heard one of them say they would need a “fucking backhoe” to move this thing. I gathered my gear and Gunny and I headed back to the Humvee. One of the guys said “nice shooting tex” as we walked past. Gunny had a hold of my right arm and was hurrying me along. We left Lake D past the Humvee that was blocking the road and went directly to the barracks. We went to Gunny’s office and he gave me a bottle of water. Gunny made me recount exactly what happened twice. He said he would have a statement for me to sign and that PETA would have my head for this as he laughed. He told me to forget about it all and to take the next couple days off to relax and gather my thoughts. I never saw a statement and never signed anything. I never heard about it again and a couple weeks later when I asked Gunny about it he said “I told you to forget about that”! I am 100% certain the animal I killed was a sasquatch. I have no idea how they disposed of the body or what ever happened to my tree stand. I went back to Lake D to go fishing with a civilian friend on my next 96 and my tree stand wasn’t there.”






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115 Responses to “SC EP:914 Lance Corporal Shoots Sasquatch”

        • Jonathan S

          I’m not exactly sure what a CQB Marine is. Most Marines describe their MOS. shooting a Sasquatch isn’t nearly as odd as thinking about an officer, sending a lone lance corporal to hunt a monkey like thing across from a recreational area on base by themselves.

          • Jonathan S

            CQB is a type of training. Close quarters battle is a part of MOUT. Military operations in urban terrain. No one is a CQB Marine, no marine, would ever described themselves as that. Most marines would give you their MOS either the title or number. Lance Corporal’s usually haven’t been in very long. They have very little responsibility maybe the equivalent of a sophomore in high school.No officer or senior, enlisted marine alive is going to send an E3 Lance Corporal with a bolt action rifle to hunt a monkey like thing all alone on a military base around a camping area. That would be a career ending move for everyone involved. All the way to the armorer that checked out the rifle and the ammunition. A Marine Corps rifle range in itself is one of the most controlled strictest areas you could ever be in. No one is giving anyone live ammunition or a rifle to go hunt anything on base. Definitely not a lone E3 with absolutely no information about the target.He claim to be a designated marksman. Which is basically a marine that shoots expert that usually gets a little better rifle optic than everyone else. They provide platoon or section level overwatch. Do a little bit of counter sniper training.They are not snipers. This story would be unrealistic, even if the people involved were actual snipers that had been in for 14 years. To me this sounds like a story told by someone that’s never been in the Marine Corps or any other branch for that matter.

  1. Venzulo

    Merry Christmas Wes and thank you so much for bringing joy to us year round with your excellent professionalism and amazing content. You are the OG of fortean podcasting, often imitated but never duplicated.

  2. Donna T

    This is amazing experience coming from Kings Bay, Georgia Navy Base. I was stationed at this base in 1980-83 as a female Petty Officer Yeoman onboard USS Simon Lake AS-33 submarine tender ship. I worked as a administration to a Commander and the ship’s office under the ship Captain, my last year I was assigned on base in Legal Dept. under the one only Jag Officer.

    I was on base one year after the Navy moved on (1979). There was no buildings, no housing on base at this time. The base was a very thick forest swamp land. It is ten miles from the front gate to the water pier, nothing but forest along a one lane asphalt road with no lighting. This area is sensitive and a no fly zone and no water vehicles without clearance. back then a very small Shore Patrol military or civilian staff. Buildings there on base were only temporary mobile trailor.

    Not ANYBODY was permitted to walk on the road connection the pier to the front or back base gates at anytime of the day or night. There was not a “shuttle’ at this time, so no civilians on base, just military. You did not want to be walking along roadside at night in this area of Georgia. The tall pine tress blocked out all natural light and the moon, to include any type of yard or flood lights. The civilian local residents were always hunting the area with coon dogs, you could hear the dogs all the time.

    Myself and 3 friends (2 females and 2 males we were military) one night decided one warm summer night to swim on a boat ramp in the nearby State Park right off the base at that time. It was a public place with picnic, camping and a public swimming pool. They allowed fishing, shrimp netting and crabbing there. We got into the water and about 20 minutes later two State Rangers made us get out of the water immediately!!!!!! They did not want us there even that it was a public place not gated. We figured could be sharks around, we did see marine life. This area is an inlet water finger lagoon area, not open water. So we left, no problem, but with the feeling of something else was going on.

    To end, military personnel on this base did not want to be caught out in the forest areas alone or on foot. Out and about off base same thing applies. When I left the base, the area was getting built up on base and off. Housing, Commissary, and other support buildings which brought people and development there. This area CAN ABSOLUTELY SUPPORT BIGFOOT. The base and surrounding area is HUGE, lots of water/swamps, tall pines, tall thick palmetto plants and critters. Lots of local residents live deep in the swamp and you never know anyone is there. Prime property for bigfoot.

    This episode sure did bring a lot of memories back for me, I even know about Lake D, it was a favorite gathering place for people to camp or hangout, very woodsy, and I did not swim too afraid of gators and other critters in the water…lol. Great Episode!!!!!!!!

  3. Cali H

    Merry Christmas! Using up my phone battery life in the middle of the bomb cyclone blizzard power outage because no sacrifice is too great for Friday night SC. In bed with shearling boots, cabelas sherpa sweater, snow pants and 3 down comforters, one husband, 2 dogs.

  4. richard r

    im sure the military cremates them so there isnt any evidence left.of one. where they hide or live is baffleing. why werent there more than one when it got shot,they always have a partner with them? maybe since then they have learnrd to scout out an area before then .im sure they have just as sophisticated methods as the military and learn over time to protect themselfs.

  5. NHSquatcher

    Heck I would’ve gone up to it and taken a cell phone picture regardless of what the officer above me told me to do I don’t understand why he didn’t ask why there would be a chimp in those woods

  6. Linda B

    Merry Christmas everybody!! Thank you Wes for all your hard work! It’s such a pleasure and a privilege to be a part of this great group of people you gathered and created an awesome forum for. You always know the military encounters are so detailed and correct. I had family based at Ft. Leonardwood in Missouri and it was in a heavily wooded area, remote, edge of town, etc. Perfect habitat for these things.
    Be safe, friends, with all the weather going on across our country this holiday!

  7. Stacey C

    Wes, Merry Christmas to you and your family❣️❣️🎄🎄🎄
    Your show has been great therapy, Happy New Year to you as well…. Here’s hoping for a better year in 2023,

  8. theresa m

    Wes and John, great show for Christmas Eve, Eve to listen to and relax. Wishing you all a Very Merry Christmas. 2022 was a tough year in so many ways but we all pulled through and I thank every one of you for your stories, comments and look forward to 2023.

  9. Nolebez

    Merry Christmas everyone….My gut tells me that the Marine story is too easy. Hundreds of people trying to find it. This guy gets it after two days. We are pretty sure that they know what guns are. So this one hangs at a place full of humans with guns. It’s very strange. I will add that I live very close to a military installation, a large one. My entire life we have heard stories about strange animals. At one point there were several albino deer. Marines also are very obedient.

  10. David G

    Merry Christmas everyone! Great show. I think if I was in the same situation as John I don’t know if I would have been able to pull the trigger. The description was definitely more man like than chimp so I think I would have wondered if I was shooting a person. I would want to know what I am shooting at. I guess nobody knows how exactly they would react until they were in that situation. Would love to hear more stories like John’s. Thanks!

    • Charles R

      I know the person I am know and have been for many years could have never pulled that trigger. I would have after several days just told the Gunny that nothing appeared. However when I was Johns age and had I been a loyal and obedient marine one of the few and proud, it may have been a different story. I see no reason whatsoever to take down a Sasquatch, the forest is their home, that is unless it would be my life or the Sasquatch, which has to be an extremely rare occurrence.
      As for the Air Force being involved, I investigated a case after it was published in a BFRO report outside of New Lebanon, OH, a farming community. The Father told me something not in this report was that Air Force personnel, probably from close by Wright Patterson Air Force Base came out to visit this family and told them what they and their neighbors had been seeing was an escaped Asian Monkey. Sure it was. A 3 foot 35 pound monkey mistaken as an 8 foot tall humongous creature.

  11. James N

    To all the others who don’t have a lot of family or friends this holiday season….Merry Christmas!! The strength to persevere is sometimes (ok almost always a challenge), I pray the next year finds you enlightened. A smile received when so few are given, a hand extended when most are hidden and a simple acknowledgement at the start of your day when others rush by. I pray for you and you pray for me, for not all are comforted by another human’s caress.

  12. Maria G

    I’m so late tonight. I have the cutest 4 1/2 yr old little grandson spending the night so I got a great excuse. G-kids are the best. I hope y’all are spending time with family, friends and loved ones too over this holiday weekend. You’re all a great group of ppl and I’m grateful for being a member getting to know you guys. Thx Wes for the show but also for the community you’ve created. We all love you. Happy Holidays and God bless. Hugs from Maine

  13. Asheim

    Merry Christmas and God Jul from Norway SC family! Thanks Wes for another fantastic year of content and shows. You are the best. Much love. 💝🫶🏻🎄❄️🌟

  14. Michael M

    Coming from western Maryland (conservative end of state) -0 degrees, electric is out, potomac edison said it will b back on by the 27th. Go figure.
    Anyway, looking for episode that military man saw a gin walking up a wall in Afghanistan and he also witnessed a black man heal a soldiers knee n back of truck. It’s an older one, but good one. Searched through 300’s and 400’s. anyone remember that episode title or #?

    • Daren c

      My gosh, the 27th? That’s insane , I’m in Northern Delaware but if you wanted to make the trek , I’d open my home to you and yours , I mean that. This js crazy . I saw on the social media platform I’m on where Tennessee and Alabama are having rolling blackouts right now. Something is very wrong and very suspicious with all this.

    • Andrew A

      Up to date? Do you mean we have to suppress our first amendment right to say whatever we want? This is America Jack, we don’t allow anyone to dictate what or how we say things. Believe me, I’m the furthest thing from hillbilly but if speaking your mind and not being a sheep makes you a hillbilly…count me in! Also, very educated but education absolutely isn’t a sign of intelligence…that’s what they want you to think to indoctrinate you…I guess for you…mission accomplished!

  15. Roy F

    Wes, this is the only podcast where I can come to hear an encounter and then hear your good questions that help clarify the details. You do this just right. Even if you go off on a tangent and get off the Sasquatch subject, it’s still interesting to me. You’re not just running your mouth stretching out the show. I try listening to other Sasquatch podcasts and it’s difficult to hang in there and wait for them to stop BS ing and get to the encounter part if there even is one. So thanks for that! Merry Christmas to you and your family and friends. You always thank Vets for their service and we appreciate that, but you should know a lot of us feel we got more out of the experience and benefits than what we gave in return.

    • Charles R

      I agree Roy F. Wes gets to the point, ask great and pertinent questions, and brings a wealth of knowledge and opinions based on his and others sightings and encounters. Very little jibber jab that to me is annoying, and why Wes is the best and why I have been around since the show’s inception.

  16. Laura S

    Love the channel merry Christmas to everyone.
    But you don’t go and look at the mythological creature that you just shot?
    Didn’t hear him describe the face.
    When you shoot something with a face you’ll never forget it.

  17. Daren c

    Great episode, thanks Johm for coming on and sharing with us.

    Sounds like you were in the right place at the right time for doing what you were ordered to do.

    Merry Christmas everyone, 🙏 up for those without electricity right now

  18. Jacqueline K

    Merry Christmas everyone! Praying for all of you who have been affected by the cold front! I’m from so cal but I remember my three years in Chicago. Please be safe and hunker down. I could never get use to the cold, but the white Christmas’ were spectacular. Peace be with you all.

  19. schlad

    Thanks Wes happy Christmas brother, you bring Us so many brilliant episodes all year and your production and attention to the witnesses is off the charts! What an amazing episode, I Loved it that dude was very lucky, they put him in a very dangerous situation and he took it in his stride..crazy!
    Peace on Earth and Goodwill to Everyone, Everywhere, Always, Now!!🌍❤️☮️🌟✨⭐

  20. Sarah G

    Merry Christmas! Wes, I sent you my footprint and tree carving pictures from my backyard in Snohomish county outside of Granite Falls. Hope you got my email, I know you are a busy man and it is a busy season 😉

  21. m99

    Whoa. Still catching up! Was going to listen to the next one I missed but was pleasantly surprised to see this one. Listening while I cook. Thank you Wes. And Blessings to you and yours! _m

  22. Kevin S

    I’ve never heard of any branch of the military sending a guy deep into the woods, for multiple days, all by himself. In fact, you get punished for leaving your “battle buddy” behind or getting separated from them.

  23. Jay Carlsen

    No , They are not in Danger. ( They are Nocturnal )

    The Topic is Mocked because Native Americans from Northern California say the World will end. Just after these Feral People are exposed to the Public. ( as stated bye James (Bobo) Faye in his Joe Rogan interview )
    Look at the Political Scene today.

  24. Rob H

    I’m calling total BS on this one. I’d be surprised if this gentleman had ever served in any military. They sent him alone to a public campground to kill….something?!

  25. My latest book is Dark Matter Monsters: Cryptids, Ball Lightning, and the Science of Secret Lifeforms.

    Can anyone who listened to this episode tell my why a Marine base deploys a sniper to deal with a situation allegedly involving an “really aggressive animal” at a neighboring state park? Why wouldn’t this be dealt with by Georgia Dept. of State Parks or similar agency? As Donna T. serving at the same base writes above, she was asked to the leave the same lake in 80s by two Georgia park rangers. Unless the state park people know this isn’t an animal at all and it isn’t in their jurisdiction to shoot such a life form. But in that case, if it’s not a “chimp” as John says, or any other ordinary animal we know of, but more manlike (he says it was nearly 8 ft. tall and bipedal), then were the Marines at the base here complicit in some type of manslaughter? On federal or state property? Just thinking aloud here. Without DNA evidence how do know it was just an animal? To me, something isn’t adding up here.

  26. My latest book is Dark Matter Monsters: Cryptids, Ball Lightning, and the Science of Secret Lifeforms.

    Can anyone tell me why a Marine base uses a marksman to deal with an “really aggressive animal” at a bordering public state park? Why wouldn’t this type of situation be dealt with by something like the Georgia Dept. of Parks or similar agency. Donna T. above writes that she worked at the same base and spent recreation time with her colleagues at this lake in 80s and was suddenly asked to leave one day by two state park rangers. Unless, of course, the park service knows they’re not dealing with an animal at all so it’s not in their jurisdiction to shoot it. If that’s the case, did these Marines arbitrarily shoot something more manlike which would be a type of manslaughter on federal or state land? John does say it looked nothing like a “chimp” at nearly 8 ft. tall and bipedal. Was the carcass of this creature disposed of so there’s no evidence left at all to help answer any of these questions? Seriously, what happened here and why was John asked to kill something he can’t even identify on state land, by his commanding officers?

  27. Walter L

    alot of critics on this one. i dont profess to have the ability to tell fact from fiction on these stories, but it does amaze me how many human lie detectors listen to these accounts. however i am not surprised on how these people think thier opinion on weather a story is true or not holds any value. i have no idea if this gentleman was truthful or not, but i certinly enjoyed his story. thank you for taking the time out of your life to contribute to the topic.

  28. Tim N

    Merry Christmas Wes Im sorry this is another story from a person who wants to feel important by telling a made up story. I know i shouldnt let people who claim to have served bother me so much. I was in the Army and im proud to have served.

  29. Joe M

    I’m a Veteran from the USAF, SAC, and was a Law Enforcement Specialist. I worked super secret bullshit, in the Air Force so I believe I have a little insight into this Lance Corporal.
    I believe the Lance Corporal. Doing weird shit in the military is planned by young, often scared, men. Make the problem go away, whatever it takes. Sorry Lance Corporal you had to deal with this so long. I also, have to deal with a event that was then, and is still now, a secret. Take care. Joe

  30. Sue R

    Really interesting account!
    Wes is a smart guy, an amazing interviewer, and he doesn’t personally suffer fools. But Wes also demonstrates humility by admitting he doesn’t know everything about everything. He asks questions and then listens to the answers. He’s never BS’d us by pretending to know what he doesn’t know. He asks every single witness their opinion and says there’s no right answer. It doesn’t mean Wes agrees with every opinion, but he’s not a jerk to a guest when he has a differing opinion or life experience.

    So why would we be jerks within the community about one of Wes’s guests?

    I think I personally would feel very foolish questioning Wes’s judgment about an eye witness, their credibility, and whether there’s something new to learn from an account. This is episode 914! Wes has excellent BS radar! So I thank his guest, John, for telling us what he experienced. And I’m sorry about the rude comments. …..
    When I read a comment from anyone saying they served in the military, and this or that NEVER would have happened when and where THEY served so the account must be made up, it sounds exactly like all the people outside the Sasquatch community calling us liars. It sounds like a hunter saying the other hunters are lying about their Sasquatch experiences because he’s personally never seen or heard anything like a Sasquatch in all his years in the forest, and he’s been hunting (10, 20, 50) years and knows every single creature and sound there is to know in the forests and yada yada yada so therefore these accounts are made up.

    Each one of us only knows exactly what we know, which is a tiny speck of everything there is to know. It would be great if we stopped insisting other people don’t have different experiences from our own.
    Even within military service.

    • Jeffery E

      I like your way of thinking Sue – Glad you pointed out to all the haters that they listen to Wes and his guests generally because they believe in BF. The Marine Seemed legit to me. Why would be come on the show and lie about such a thing. Has no reason to make up a story like this.

  31. Michael L

    This guy is pretty stoic and unaffected. Seems very detached. Only he knows the truth but that he was able to get the drop on this thing is odd. It just happened to bend down and provide a perfect shot. It could happen but much about this does not compute.

  32. Sue R

    Well, like Wes ALWAYS says: I could be wrong. But also like Wes always says: I don’t trust anyone who says they 100 percent have it all figured out. Credibility is subjective, and I’ll always give benefit of the doubt to Wes and to others witnesses. It’s not about getting ‘tricked.’ For me it’s about being brave enough to accept what I know to be true in the face of skepticism from others and to give that acceptance to others brave enough to tell us their experiences.

  33. Sue R

    For military members, you should know that this witness sounds as credible talking about his base of operations as every other service member has sounded. Soldiers follow orders. I don’t think his superiors expected him to succeed. (I think like David, who got one perfect shot as a terrified teen, can’t think of the Episode number, a perfect shot does happen every once in awhile.) And just because someone doesn’t sound the way we think they should doesn’t mean they’re doing it wrong. Detachment can be a necessary and excellent coping or protective skill. Plenty of service members sound a bit detached when discussing time during service (just like other BF witnesses), and I would never judge them for that. They all get the benefit of my ability to listen to an experience different from own, or making choices I might think I wouldn’t make. But until I’m in that EXACT position, who knows what I would do. So I don’t need to judge.

  34. Sue R

    I’m not asking other members to feel the way I do. But I’m worried that if these comment sections under every episode become jury boxes, judging and arguing over Wes’s judgment and witness’ credibility, it will eventually destroy this amazing community. Wes has often made comments about he can’t believe he’s still doing this. And almost every witness admits they are reluctant to come forward for fear they will be mocked. Wes assured them he won’t do that. Can we please follow his example?! I’m hopeful this is the one place on earth we don’t do that to other witnesses. I’m sure there’s another message board where skeptics can judge the accounts and tear us all apart. I’m just asking that we don’t make this sacred place into that place.

  35. Colleen G

    Just because the military normally have certain rules to follow, doesn’t mean they never break the rules. We don’t know what they were doing back then. You all don’t know whether his superior broke the rules that night & sent John out by himself to hunt this thing. I totally believe his story. It happened 30 yrs ago. You can’t expect for him to still be reacting a certain way about what he did. He said he never saw it’s face or anything & didn’t even really know or understand what he was out there looking for. He just knows he shot something. that could explain why it never really affected him the way you guys think it should have. It’s not up to us to judge his truth. He came here, to a supposed “safe” place to tell his story. Go easy on people.

  36. William D

    Not for nothing but this guy sounds as if he is making a POINT at using military terminology as if to authenticate his being a Marine and this experience. I call BS on this one. Sorry.

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