Red Ball Of Light?

Hideto Luna writes “Red Ball Of Light? What Is This In The Woods @ 3:30am & What Is Standing Nearby? Whatever is nearby is too big to be humans at this distance – probably 1/2 mile away using PowerShot SX530 16.0-Megapixel HS Digital Camera.”

Tonight’s Show

Tonight I will be speaking to two eyewitnesses. Jacob writes “I’m 32 years old Oregon woodland firefighter. I have hiked around a lot of woods. I am also a skeptic, I’m not sure what exactly it was that I saw or experienced. I have been listening to your show for about a week or 2…. Read more »

The Truck Rocked Like 4 Or 5 Men Were On Each Side

A listener writes “Hi Wes my name is June and I had a very unusual experience back in the late 70’s in Manitoba Canada. There was 4 of us in a truck with a bench seat you know the older 70 Ford trucks anyway we were all teenagers at the time and had a case… Read more »

Faces of Sasquatch

The British Columbia Sasquatch Society put together a cool video showing what eyewitnesses see when they see the Faces of Sasquatch.

Multiple Large Glowing Objects Were Filmed

CryptoWatch writes “Multiple large red-orange glowing objects were filmed in Guildford, GB on 10/23/20. The objects moved slowly West to East. What do you think they are?”

Australian Yowie Research: Picture From Last Nights Expedition

Australian Yowie Research writes “Not the tree you want to suddenly notice next to your base camp in the middle of the night! This is a picture from last nights expedition.”   I think its a tree but I have bad eyes. I enhanced the photos and zoomed in. I think the guys are… Read more »

First Asian Giant Hornet Nest In US Found In Washington

Entomologists with the Washington State Dept. of Agriculture located the first Asian giant hornet nest in the U.S. in Blaine Thursday. The nest will be eradicated. BLAINE, Wash. — The first Asian giant hornet nest in the United States was located in Whatcom County, the Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA) announced Friday morning. Now,… Read more »

Min Min Light

Min Min is an unexplained light phenomenon that has often been reported in outback Australia. Stories about the lights can be found in Aboriginal myths predating European settlement and have since become part of wider Australian folklore. Indigenous Australians hold that the number of sightings has increased in conjunction with the ingression of Europeans into… Read more »

The Origin Of Halloween

Halloween is a holiday celebrated each year on October 31, and Halloween 2020 will occur on Saturday, October 31. The tradition originated with the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain, when people would light bonfires and wear costumes to ward off ghosts. In the eighth century, Pope Gregory III designated November 1 as a time to… Read more »

Bigfoot’s Terrifying Cousin – The Fouke Monster

The Infographics Show “You may have never heard of the Fouke Monster, but that’s because this beast has only been reported in Arkansas, but there have been dozens of reports of a Bigfoot like creature roaming the woods, one time even terrorizing a family! Check out today’s video where we uncover what the Fouke Monster… Read more »

CryptoWatch: Weird Figure Caught On Camera During Live Feed

CryptoWatch writes “Well, this is an odd one for sure. During a live facebook feed a strange and weird figure was filmed in a person’s back yard. Apparently they had seen this, whatever it is, before and was shaken up by it. I have taken a very small clip from the broadcast and attempted to… Read more »

Bigfoot Odyssey: Encounter In The Uwharrie National Forest

Kati talks about her terrifying experience with a Sasquatch in the Uwharrie National Forest while hiking. The Uwharrie National Forest is a federally designated national forest region located primarily in Montgomery County, but also extending into Randolph and Davidson counties in south central North Carolina. It is the smallest of the four National Forests in… Read more »

We are IF: The Grinning Man A UFO Story

We are IF writes “I have looked at shadow men, men in black, and black-eyed kids now it’s time for another strange humanoid known as the grinning man. This joker-esk entity is said to be seen at the location of UFO sightings and leaves those that he meets shaken and scared so let take a… Read more »

Movie Night: Bigfoot Country

Millspictures Studios writes “Some say Bigfoot is just a hoax but when a group of hikers go deep into the woods after being warned by a guide that has encountered a Sasquatch, they decide to ignore him and go off trail, but the deeper the go into the woods they realize that they are not… Read more »

World of Mysteries – On the Trail of Bigfoot

Naked Science writes “Is there an unknown beast lurking in the forests of the American Northwest? Thousands of people say they’ve seen it. It is part ape, part man, almost nine feet tall, covered head to foot in thick dark hair, and it walks on two legs. It’s sometimes called Sasquatch, a Native American word,… Read more »

I’m Not Sure What Exactly It Was That I Saw

A listener writes “I’m a woodland firefighter. I have hiked around a lot of woods. I am also a skeptic, I’m not sure what exactly it was that I saw or experienced. I have been listening to your show for about a week or 2. I find it entertaining, educational and comforting to know that… Read more »

The Mystery of the Brown Mountain Lights

“The Mystery of the Brown Mountain Lights ” is an episode of Carl White’s Life in the Carolinas, which first aired in syndication March 21, 2015. In this episode we travel with Carl to Burke County NC to explore the famous Mystery of the Brown Mountain Lights. These lights have been the subject of songs,… Read more »

Brown Mountain Lights Captured By National Geographic

The Brown Mountain Lights are a series of ghost lights reported near Brown Mountain in North Carolina. The lights can be seen from the Blue Ridge Parkway at mile posts 310 (Brown Mountain Light overlook) and 301 (Green Mountain overlook) and from the Brown Mountain Overlook along North Carolina Highway 181 (NC 181), near Jonas… Read more »

Tonight’s Show: Odd Encounters

Melanie writes “I am from NC. Two of my children and I had an encounter with something around 7 years ago on my families property around 12 at night. Long story short I used to get upset with my husband and leave and this night my children were still awake and they went with me…. Read more »