The Moehau Man

We are IF writes “The New Zealand Bigfoot. The Moehau Man. I recently took a look at the cryptid hominid that is said to be found in the forests of Singapore. Alabaster Kros a long-time subscriber to the channel mentioned a similarly small bigfoot-esk creature that has been seen in the thick forests of New… Read more »

Weather Humor

A little humor with this heat wave we are experiencing. Here is the link to the clip I played on tonight’s Show. Weather Man Cory McCloskey makes light of situation of the computer glitch displaying 1000+, 2000+ degrees on the weather map from Fox10 Phoenix on January 27th, 2014.  

SC EP:564 Visitor On The Farm

Tonight I will be speaking to three witnesses. Mike writes “Wes, Just wondering if you have ever had someone experience small flying creatures with an orange and my wife and daughters experienced this tonight traveling down some back roads here in KY. Right at dark this winged creature about 5 to 6 inches in… Read more »

Upcoming Guest: I Do Not Know What It Was

A listener writes “Wes, Just wondering if you have ever had someone experience small flying creatures with an orange and my wife and daughters experienced this tonight traveling down some back roads here in KY. Right at dark this winged creature about 5 to 6 inches in size darted in the pathway of my… Read more »

Visitor On The Farm

Spoke to the eyewitness and he has agreed to come on the show.       He said this image is very close to what he saw:     A listener writes “So this started in the summer of 1982 in Yamhill County Oregon my parents were divorced and me and my sister had gone… Read more »

Tonight’s Show: It Never Knew I Was There

A listener writes “Hello, I was turkey hunting in the spring of 2008 in Illinois. I had roosted some turkeys the night before so I knew the location of the gobblers I would be hunting the next day. The next morning I got set up probably a hundred yards from where the turkeys roosted the… Read more »

My Dad’s Encounter in AZ in the 90s

A listener writes “Hi there! I started listening to your podcast recently and wanted to share a short incident my dad had. My brother and I went camping with my dad in Arizona. I think it was in flagstaff because I remember pine trees but I’m not entirely sure since I was around 11 and… Read more »

Paranormal News: Area 51 special

We are IF writes “The stories I have you this week start with one of the most viral UFO-related stories in recent years the storming of area 51, second the documentation of UFOs by the United States air force this followed by the UFO cryptid and paranormal summer vacation spot and ending with the sale… Read more »

She Just Called It A Creature

A listener writes “I was curious if you’ve ever heard or had anyone any Sasquatch sightings in Waco tx? 3 of my kids have had weird things that they saw and when I asked someone else they said oh I don’t think you have to worry about Sasquatch in the Waco area. We are on… Read more »

Strange Familiars: They Had My Parents Voices

Timothy talks with Carlos who relates a story of entities wearing in red plaid which called to him using his parents’ voices. Two of the entities moved in unison, like mirrored men. Weird lights and other high strangeness accompanied the experience. Carlos also relates some other stories of ghosts, Hat Man, black dogs, his mother’s… Read more »

Upcoming Show: Sasquatch Fingerprints Found

Spoke to Ashley and she said “I never really believed in bigfoot, I cannot say I did not believe either I was on the fence. The night that it came up to the camper and looked in the window at me changed everything.” Check out the video below, Todd writes “Professional fitness model Ashley Veenstra… Read more »

The Confessionals Podcast: The Summoner

Tony writes “On Episode 141: The Summoner, we have Eric joining The Confessionals to talk us through how he stumbled upon the ability to summon UFOs! He also shares some very concerning paranormal experiences that are embedded into his memory. It’s a great conversation to listen to, so sit back, relax and push ‘play’!”  

Bigfoot Screams Sierra Nevada, July 1, 2019

Paranormal Central writes “My family and I returned to a spot where we went camping last year. No reason on the spot, The wife just found this location on maps. Last year, as we slept, my 12 year old son woke up to something slapping our trailer. As he was looking up at the window… Read more »

The Paranormal Portal: Investigating The Paranormal

Brent writes “On this episode of the Paranormal Portal Podcast, we welcome Paranormal Investigator Dan Pruett to the show. Dan has investigated many of our countries most famous hotspots, including Bobby Mackey’s and Mansfield Reformatory in Ohio. Dan also shares some of his most harrowing experiences in his journey into the Paranormal and helps break… Read more »

Strange Image Captured

A listener writes “Wes, attached are game camera photos. One has puzzled me for years. The other is of what the camera was put there for. ”    

SC EP:562 The Rock Throwing Howler Monkeys?

Spoke to the eyewitness and he said “I live in Tennessee near the Smoky Mountains. A good friend of mine lived out in the country and asked me to come over because he was sure there was howler monkeys in the woods behind his home. I was curious so I went to see if I… Read more »