ThinkerThunker: Northern Ontario Bigfoot

ThinkerThunker writes “A boatman captures a glimpse of “something” over on the shore. Was it human, Bigfoot or a hoax? These four finds make it totally clear. Check it out and decide for yourself.”

Denisovans: Our Mysterious Cousins That Made Us Better

SciShow writes “During most of the past 2 million years or so, there were several species of hominins on Earth at any given time. Like, you might be familiar with our famous extinct cousins, the Neanderthals. But since 2010 we’ve been uncovering evidence of another mysterious cousin that we lived alongside, the Denisovans!”    

SC EP:910 A Pissed Off Monkey With A Grudge

Lee writes “I’m reaching out because this past September my son and I had a run in with what we believe were multiple Sasquatch while kayaking the Lower Buffalo River, wilderness section. We were on day 2 of our trip and we were specifically there to fish for smallmouth bass. It was around 4pm when… Read more »

The Bigfoot Influencers: Survivorman – Les Stroud

The Bigfoot Influencers writes “Join Tim and Dana for this exclusive interview the one and only Survivorman Les Stroud recorded on 11/29/22. They talk Bigfoot, Tim’s book, surviving in the woods, and much more!”  

TikToker disappears after spotting “giant person”

TikTok users are concerned about TikToker Andrew Dawson, who posted eerie conspiracy videos on his page, after he stopped sharing posts on the video-sharing platform. Dawson, who uses the handle @andykapt first went viral on April 9, 2022, when he shared a clip of what seemed like a giant person in the mountains. However, he… Read more »

I was frozen in this state of fear

A listener writes “I live in South Carolina now but I grew up in Ohio and this took place there in the fall of 1992. I was in college then and I was dating a girl I met from there who’s family lived in the Fort Washington area. It’s very close to the hometown of… Read more »

The Mysterious Monsters Documentary (1976)

Absolute Sci-Fi writes “This documentary follows Peter Graves investigating the possibility of Bigfoot’s existence, as well as exploring the Loch Ness Monster and the Abominable Snowman. Featuring reenactments of reported Bigfoot sightings and interviews with anthropologists and cryptid specialists, all asking the same question. Does Bigfoot really exist?”

Buffalo River Nightmare

A listener writes “I’m reaching out because this past September my son and I had a run in with what we believe were multiple Sasquatch while kayaking the Lower Buffalo River, wilderness section. We were on day 2 of our trip and we were specifically there to fish for smallmouth bass. It was around 4pm… Read more »

Paranormal Portal: The Florida Bigfoot

Brent writes “On this episode of the Paranormal Portal Podcast, we welcome Marie Dumont of the Mid Florida Bigfoot Research Group (MFBRG). Marie is an avid researcher and lecturer on Florida’s Bigfoot and joins us to discuss her experiences and insights into this incredible phenomena. We discuss Bigfoot and Skunkapes and the differences noted in… Read more »

Sightings: Bigfoot In Ohio

The Sasquatch Archives writes “The TV show Sightings aired for five seasons from 1992 until 1997. Their 62nd episode aired on Sept 10, 1995 and featured a segment titled “Bigfoot in Ohio.” The 80th episode aired on March 17, 1996 and was titled “Update–Bigfoot.” The 80th episode has already been featured on this channel, but… Read more »

Dark Waters: Kentucky Bigfoot Research Organization

Charlie Raymond holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Florida. He founded the Kentucky Bigfoot Research Organization in 1997 to document all credible Bigfoot encounters in Kentucky. For over three decades he has interviewed countless witnesses, conducted investigations and held expeditions in the hopes of one day proving their existence. He believes… Read more »

Strange Tracks Found

A listener writes “I am a member of SQ. Back in 2015 day after Christmas, I took these photos. I have no idea what they are. I’ve asked several people who are hunters and no one can figure them out. I have been on the Dogman Encounters website and there was a sighting here in… Read more »

The Confessionals: Episode 500 Sasquatch Saga

Congratulations to Tony Merkel on hitting 500 episodes. Tony writes “In Episode 500: Sasquatch Saga – The Friendship, The Killing, and The Coverup, we are joined by Randy! Recently, Randy has been recovering memories of a childhood he never knew he had. As he recovers his memories, he has been able to piece together an… Read more »

Its hands were as big as my head

A listener writes “My name is Tom, I’m from New Zealand and I just wanted to share you my Bigfoot encounter. So me and my cousin were both 18 at the time, we just finished our last year in high school and we were on our end of the year holidays and we both had… Read more »

Turkey sound became more of a growl

A listener writes “Hello Wes, so something about your newest episode instantly drew my attention….and that was when the speaker spoke about knowing someone was imitating an owl. I heard something very similar to this back in November of 2017 while deer hunting. I never actually saw anything but I heard something and couldn’t have… Read more »

Monkey and owl sounds

A listener writes ” I was listening to Dan from New Hampshire about his owl sounds and encounter. I have something I want to share with you and Dan and feel free to give Dan my email address if he would like to chat with me about this. I have been considering reaching out to… Read more »

2 The Outdoors: Chautauqua Sasquatch

WGRZ writes “Few creatures in the wild attract more controversy than Bigfoot. The legendary primate has been an enigma for centuries and continues to fascinate. Mayville resident Peter Wiemer has been sponsoring an annual Chautauqua Lake Bigfoot Expo since 2012. The outpouring of eyewitnesses since then has many believing that Sasquatch may be living in… Read more »