What Is A Man Doing Out Here

A listener writes “Location: Willard Washington, Skamania County – January 4th 2020 approximately 5pm I was driving down Williard Rd around 5pm as I came around the last right hand corner looking toward the straight away to the junction with cook- underwood road. I saw a black object in the road….I thought its was a… Read more »

The Alaska Triangle: Unexplained Disappearances

Top Mysteries writes “The American Frontier State, Alaska has been the home to many unexplained disappearances throughout its land, but one area, in particular, has been the subject of more recent questioning. This is known as the Alaska Triangle. The triangle connects the state’s largest city of Anchorage in the south, to Juneau in the… Read more »

Upcoming Show: Encounters With The Strange II

Patrick returns to the show to for a part two. You might remember him from SC EP:610. He shares several encounters with the strange we ran out of time for in part one. Here was his original email “I’ve debated sending this email. I honestly wrote off this particular experience as an over active imagination… Read more »

Unexplained Mysteries: Bigfoot Encounters And UFO Reports

Unexplained Mysteries writes “There has always been speculation amongst the fringe topic community at the probability of coincidence between the strange sightings of a large ape like creature known commonly as bigfoot or sasquatch and the sightings of Unidentified Flying Objects located in the same region. Though there are many that seem to refuse to… Read more »

Strange Familiars: I Slept With a Ghost

Tim writes “Bee tells a story of a ghostly entity which climbed into bed with her then relates tales of other weirdness including precognitive dreams; a recurring dream of something which may be the Nightmare Creature discussed in other episodes; some kind of static manifestation; a possible encounter with a ghost elk; and more.”  

Police Sergeant Encounters Something He Couldn’t Explain

Back in 2009 this police Sergeant would encounter something he couldn’t explain. Today, we take a look at what this police Sergeant encountered. Police stories are often very interesting, this is mainly because they get into situations that many of us don’t. However what happens when a police sergeant encounters something they can’t explain. This… Read more »

Something Screaming In The Woods

A listener writes “My experience dates back to September 1997 in the Temagami area of Northern Ontario. My brother and I were on a 10 day canoeing trip to get away from the city, we’re both avid outdoorsman, and I’m a hunter and have clocked many hours in the woods. The sighting of this “being”… Read more »

The Confessionals Podcast: The Evil Nicky

Tony writes “Today we have a two-part show with both Perry and Dan joining us! First, we talk to Perry who details a very scary experience he had as a kid playing hide and go seek with friends. He thought he was in the closet with a buddy but it turns out it was something… Read more »

Nakani: The Wildman of the North

Legend has it that a mysterious figure haunts the frozen forests of Northern Canada. Very little known outside of the Canadian Territories and Alaska, this figure most closely resembles the Sasquatch said to roam the rainforests of the Pacific Northwest. To the Dene people who have inhabited the Athabascan wilderness since time immemorial, however, these… Read more »

This Is England’s Most Mysterious Forest

This is England’s most mysterious forest that scientists can’t explain. Today, we take a look at this mysterious forest in England that scientists can’t explain. Located between the areas of Cannock, Lichfield, Rugeley and Stafford, stands a former royal forest that comprises a mixture of some of the most beautiful tree species and natural streams… Read more »

SC EP:616 I Chased This Creature Across A Walnut Orchard

Spoke to the eyewitness and he went into great detail about what they saw that day. He said “We were doing work for my father on the property when this thing showed up. Keep in mind this is the late 50’s and no one talked about Bigfoot or Sasquatch like they do today. I got… Read more »

My Bigfoot Story

Gary writes “I want your opinion. Is this a Good idea? Should I bring the Dog? Vote on the Youtube comments. I’m going to look primarily for light anomalies, I will record both audio and video of the whole trail. I will upload and we can all analyze together. I thought about a live podcast… Read more »

It Was Massive In Size And Height

A listener writes “I grew up in the woods most of my life. To begin with I was pretty much raised by my father’s parents when I was a small child. In the second grade at the time. They lived in Quitman Louisiana. A very small town in north central Louisiana. They had a large… Read more »

Upcoming Show: Retired California State Police Officer

Spoke to a retired police officer and he is willing to share an encounter he had in the 1950’s. He said “We saw this thing from the truck and started following it. It was tall and hairy and running on tow legs. We followed it for quite some time. The creatures expression changed once it… Read more »

Tonight’s Show: Sasquatch In The Tunnel

Ken writes “it was around 1999/2000 and some friends and I decided to go for a “cruise” into the back woods. There is an area locally known as freedom falls, a waterfall that is located in Rockland, PA. This is an area that also holds several old iron furnaces (built in 1832) that are in… Read more »