The Confessionals: The Secrets Of Area 2

Tony writes “In episode 377: The Secrets Of Area 2 we are joined by Chris to share his experiences at Area 2 also known as Nellis Air Force Base. He shares about all the bizarre things he has heard and seen himself such as hybrid creatures like catman, shadow men, UFO’s and so much more…. Read more »

SC Shorts: I Did Not Think It Was Real

This is from episode 782, I Did Not Think It Was Real. Tonight we will be speaking to Patrick who comes to us from Louisiana. Patrick has been hunting his whole life and grew up thinking Sasquatch was nonsense, made up bedtime stories for people to tell their kids. In 2003, he was hunting and… Read more »

SC Shorts: Do Not Point A Weapon At These Things

Joe is a hunter from Ohio. You can read and listen to the full encounter here Joe writes “Hi Wes, I’m from Ohio. I’m a huge fan of your show and I have been wrestling with the idea of mailing you and telling my story. But I guess if I’m going to tell anyone… Read more »

Paranormal Portal: Night Terrors – Cryptid Corner 16

Brent writes “Tonight, on the Paranormal Portal, we are looking for the NIGHT TERRORS. This section of the NIGHT TERRORS is the Cryptid Corner, were we examine some face to face encounters people have had with these amazing Beings that remain elusive and largely unsubstantiated by our modern sciences.”

HISTORY: Brutal Attacks Haunt Southern Town

HISTORY writes “A remote Southern community contends with more turmoil after countless animal mutilations. With the attacks coming closer to town, an eerie incident in a sugar mill leaves Tammany fending for her life, in Season 1, Episode 2, “Southern Howl.”

A Strange Figure Captured

This was sent to the Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization. The group writes “Bigfoot on ridge above camp, climbs tree after being spotted.” Take a look:

Tonight’s Show: Watch Out For The Old Man

My guest is Delilah who is from Virginia. Delilah’s grandfather used to tell her when she was a child she had to watch out for the old man. This is an encounter you will not want to miss. Delilah always thought he was talking about some neighbor or farmer near by but her grandfather owned… Read more »

The Proof Is Out There

HISTORY:The Proof Is Out There: UFO SPOTTED ON U.S. MILITARY BASE. History writes “In 2018, a triangle-shaped UFO was spotted on a US military base and became international news. Experts analyze the original footage to determine its legitimacy, in this clip from Season 2, “Strange Frequencies and Water Dragons.”

Tomorrow Night: Watch Out For The Old Man

Tomorrow night my guest is Delilah who is from Virginia. Delilah’s grandfather used to tell her when she was a child she had to watch out for the old man. Delilah always thought he was talking about some neighbor or farmer near by but her grandfather owned over 300 acres in the middle of no… Read more »

Paranormal Portal: When The Spirit Moves You

Brent writes “Tonight, on the Paranormal Portal, we are embarking on another crazy journey into the Paranormal Portal! Diving into a couple more Germer Files from Sasquatch Chronicles is giving us exclusive Access to his collection of Sasquatch Chronicles Shorts. We’ll cover ghostly experiences that have changed people’s lives and so much more!

The Confessionals: Haunted WW2 POW Camp

Tony Merkel has been hosting The Confessionals podcast since January 19, 2017, where he’s been holding conversations with people about their paranormal experiences. He’s discussed bigfoot, dogman, extraterrestrials, abductions, hauntings, and many more mysterious things. Now with Legion Of Legends, it’s time for Tony to go out and hunt down these legends himself. Legend Of… Read more »

SC Shorts: Confessions Of A Pastor

This is from episode 576, Confessions Of A Pastor. Randy is a pastor in Kentucky. He shares some strange encounters he has been involved in.  

The Mission to Resurrect the Woolly Mammoth

Right now, in the 21st century, South Korean scientists are actually working to resurrect the prehistoric woolly mammoth using cloning technology and the flesh of perfectly preserved specimen once buried in Northern Siberia. The hope is that if they can find an active cell from the meaty leg of a 40,000 year old frozen mammoth,… Read more »

Creatures of North America

Mythology & Fiction Explained writes “Today we travel to North America, a region that has hundreds of strange and unique creatures. The five creatures or Cryptids we will be focusing on today are, Bigfoot, Devil Dogs, the Beast of Busco, the Loveland Frog and the Flatwoods Monster.”

SC EP:794 A Strange Place To Camp

Charlie writes “Hi Wes, At the urging of my girlfriend she has suggested I write to you about our encounter this year over Memorial Day weekend in Big Bay Michigan. I began listening to your Podcast on spotify a few weeks prior to our trip up North. I will begin by saying I am neither… Read more »

Ancient Giants Have Been Discovered in The Carpathian Mountains

Matrix Wisdom writes “These stories ancient Giants are plentiful in every culture. However, Romania differs from most other countries because its long history of giants is not limited to legend and folklore. Physical evidence has been found to prove giants existed. Not just once, either.”

SC Shorts: Terror At Caddo Lake

This is from episode 683, Terror At Caddo Lake. Three brothers decided to camp at Caddo lake in Texas during the off season. The first night they were stalked and harassed by something. The following day they had a run in with a strange creature. It was a camping trip they will never forget.

SC Shorts: The Travis Walton UFO incident

This is from episode 466. American forestry worker Travis Walton was abducted by a UFO on November 5, 1975, while he was working in the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forests near Snowflake, Arizona. Walton was missing for five days and six hours. After days of searching with scent dogs and helicopters, Walton says he reappeared by the… Read more »