NASA Holds First Ever Public Meeting On The Topic Of UFOs

The panel, which was comprised of 16 experts including astronaut Scott Kelly, met up at NASA’s headquarters in Washington on Wednesday to discuss anything and everything to do with UFOs. Sadly, those hoping to hear details about specific US military encounters with UAPs were left disappointed as no such details were provided, although the panel… Read more »

The Abduction Of Policeman Alan Godfrey

A police officer attends a call about cows running loose in Todmorden, West Yorkshire. He arrives at the destination where the animals are supposed to be, and there he encounters what he describes as a diamond-shaped UFO.

Episode 960 Strange Wolf Like Creature Is Available

Episode 960 is now available for the members. Check it out in the episodes section. Elizabeth describes seeing this strange wolf like creature in North Carolina. She also sent me a video and some pictures of this strange object in the sky over her home in Georgia. She said, it was shimmering and moving like… Read more »

Strange Encounter In A Home

A listener writes “There was a series of events that happened in our own home back around 1987. My husband and I and our daughter all experienced an entity in our home on different occasions but around the same time. I don’t think that any one of us understood what it was but it was… Read more »

I Saw The Minnesota Iceman In The 60’s

A listener writes “I saw the Iceman in the late ’60s at The Pike in Long Beach, CA. It’s been 55 years, but I still remember it. It was in the back of a refrigerated tractor trailer. The trailer was divided into a couple “rooms” by hanging blankets. It cost a quarter to see it… Read more »

The Hammer-Headed Bat

A listener writes “Thank you for last nights episode it was fascinating. The description the gentlemen gave reminded me very much of a Hammerhead Bat, a very, very large one! These creatures walk on all fours using their wings, and do look like they have a camel hump. They could leave a single deep print… Read more »

Grassman58: Bigfoot In The Spring

Grassman58 writes “Been out since early April check a few areas out. Also joined up with Bill and Marshall from Selkirk Range Sasquatch up in the Sullivan Creek area.”

Construction Site Being Vandalized

This incident took place in Maryland. A listener writes “This sighting happened on August 1 2001, there was a construction site there. The site was a mall called Aurundell Mills Mall being built and I worked for the electrical contractor and stuff was getting beat up and trashed at night. I remember bags of concrete… Read more »

SC EP:959 The Jersey Devil

I will be speaking to Stefaun and his father Mike. Both men have seen this entity. Both men describe it as a mix of several animals. Mike said “it had a shimmer to it, it wasn’t see through but it had a weird shimmer. We have had a lot of really weird paranormal things happen… Read more »

Strange Object In The Sky

On an upcoming show I will be speaking to a witness that saw this strange wolf like creature in North Carolina.  The witness also described to me this strange object in the sky over her home in Georgia. The witness said, it was shimmering and moving like an object and then it was gone. She… Read more »

Jersey Devil Documentary 2020

My guests for an upcoming show. Tucker Upper writes “We are proud to finally present our first Cryptozoology Documentary based on our States most famous legend the Jersey Devil. In this video we meet up Michael Robinson and his son Stefaun Coulter and receive detailed eyewitness stories of their encounters with the Leeds Devil on… Read more »

Upcoming Show: The Jersey Devil

In an upcoming show I will be speaking to Stefaun and his father Mike. Both men have seen this entity. Both men describe it as a mix of several animals. Mike said “it had a shimmer to it, it wasn’t see through but it had a weird shimmer. We have had a lot of really… Read more »

Strange Familiars: Return of the Green Claw

Strange Familiars writes “Tara woke up as a child with a weird green creature sitting on top of her. She has also had experiences with shadow people, ghosts, poltergeist activity, and more.”

A Massive Dog On Its Hind Legs

A listener writes “When I was 8 years old I came home from a church choir camp only to find my dad had bought a new house and had already moved everything in. It was a beautiful house built on a slope so it was 1 story in the front and 2 stories in the… Read more »

Elon Musk’s Brain Implant Technology Gains FDA Approval

AP News reports “Elon Musk’s company Neuralink announced Thursday that it received approval from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to conduct its first-in-human clinical study. Musk helped co-found Neuralink, a neurotechnology company working to develop brain implants that could someday help people who are paralyzed walk again, as well as help with other neurological… Read more »

Two Times In My Life I Have Heard This Exact Sound

A listener writes “When I heard this on YouTube, my heart started pounding! I can’t believe this is recorded. I have a friend that’s way into bigfoot and when I heard this, I shared it with him. He immediately linked me told me to your Podcast and now I’ve got the addiction. The two times… Read more »

Siberian Video Of Yeti-Like Creature

Quest TV writes “Experts study the incredible video footage taken by three boys in Serbia one winter day, purporting to capture a yeti after following its tracks.”

NASA’s UFO study aims to solve mysteries in the sky

Jonathan Serrie with Fox News Channel was live with details ahead of NASA’s announcements on their independent study team on categorizing and evaluating data of unidentified anomalous phenomena, or UFOs, holds a public meeting before publishing a report this summer.

UAMN TV: NASA And The Mars Panel

UAMNTV writes “In this video we take an insightful look at the planet Mars, questions NASA/JPL’s continual cover-up of a lost civilization and the significant remains of buildings, pyramids and massive relief sculptures which cover the surface of the red planet. Featuring: William Saunders: William R. Saunders graduated from the University of Alberta in Edmonton… Read more »