Bigfoot Today: “Bigfoot of Stevens County”

Extreme Expeditions Northwest writes “Join us for this exciting episode with our guest Will Ulmer, founder of Bigfoot of Stevens County as he shares his experiences, evidence, and research in his pursuit of the Bigfoot in Eastern Washington.”

How Humans Lost Their Fur

PBS Eons writes “We’re the only primate without a coat of thick fur. It turns out that this small change in our appearance has had huge consequences for our ability to regulate our body temperature, and ultimately, it helped shape the evolution of our entire lineage.”

Daylight Encounter In 1969

A listener writes “I listen to your podcast regularly and really like the format and how you treat your guests!  I’ve been active investigating Bigfoot off and on for the past 50 years.  I and 4 friends had a daylight encounter in 1969.  I worked with John Green throughout the 70’s and started investigating for… Read more »

She Said Something Was In The Trunk That Killed Him

A listener writes “I wanted to tell you of a case where these orbs likely killed a great-great uncle of mine. This is my mom’s and grandma’s story as they related it….My great-grandmother had property in Eastern Kentucky that was way off the grid. I had never been there, but apparently you had to go… Read more »

Upcoming Show: Dead Mountain

The Dyatlov Pass incident was an event in which nine Russian hikers died in the northern Ural Mountains between 1 and 2 February 1959, in uncertain circumstances. The experienced trekking group, who were all from the Ural Polytechnical Institute, had established a camp on the slopes of Kholat Syakhl, in an area now named in… Read more »

10 Scariest Creatures Found In Rivers

Mind Boggler writes “Ever took a swim in a river and felt something tugging at you beneath the surface, only to realize it was just a broken tree branch? It must have given you quite a scare for the first few seconds. Today we will be going over 10 of the scariest creatures found in… Read more »

Cryptid Minis: The Linton Worm

Unknown Territory writes “Way back in the 12th century, a giant worm like creature preyed upon the hapless citizens of Linton, Roxburghshire, Scotland until the arrival of a savior to rid them of the beast once and for all..”

Ronny LeBlanc of Expedition Bigfoot

Sasquatch: Out of the Shadows writes “Tonight I am joined by Ronny LeBlanc. Ronny is an author and researcher from Massachusetts. He has written two books about “Monsterland” which is an area of Leominster, Massachusetts with reports of Bigfoot like creatures, strange lights in the sky and orbs for many years. Ronny hosts the Monsterland… Read more »

The Confessionals: Giant Dog In Alaska

Tony writes “In Episode 290: Giant Dog In Alaska, we are joined by Jim, who is a military veteran. When Jim was in Afghanistan, he witnessed three men walk into a welding shop and then simply disappear in the middle of it. He also shares numerous stateside experiences, including a recurring event in his life:… Read more »

Cuneiform Text Found in 7000 Year Old City

Matrix Wisdom writes “There are close to one thousand lines of text here, written on seven clay tablets. After their discovery, the text, Named the Enuma Elish, quickly became a very hot topic. The text, believed to be thousands of years old, supposedly detail the origins of our Galaxy. But, they can be interpreted many… Read more »

Utah Monolith What Was It?

A tall, silver, shining metal monolith discovered in the desert in southeastern Utah, which prompted theories of alien placement and drew determined hikers to its secret location has now disappeared, the state’s Bureau of Land Management said Saturday. The monolith was removed by an “unknown party” sometime Friday night, the agency said in a Facebook… Read more »

The Read-Noble Trackways

Sawdustt BEAST posted a video called The Read-Noble Trackways. In the video they find a strange trackway and cast as many prints as they could. Check it out.

My Friend’s Encounter

A listener writes “My friend Billy had an encounter on the Amite River near Magnolia, MS. His parents divorced around 1985 and he decided to finish his last 6 months of school living at a make-shift camp on the river. He and his cousin returned to fish at the camp around 1995. They were casting… Read more »

Not Sure What I Saw But It Was Black And Faceless

A listener writes “I have multiple encounter experiences that took place all on the same property in Delaware over an 11 year period that, looking back, could fit criteria of other sasquatch encounters I’ve heard on this show. The property I’m referring to is a 109 acre farm of mostly fields, pastures and woods that… Read more »

SC EP:712 The Michigan Encounter Reloaded

On Friday night we heard from Rick who had a recent encounter in Michigan. Rick spoke about his fathers encounters. I spoke to Scott who is the father and he shared what happen to him growing up on a farm in a rural area. He saw the creature a few times and many strange things… Read more »

A Series Of Lights In The Sky

In France, a group of friends is camping when they see a large object beaming mysterious lights. When they come closer, they have a surprising discovery.