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SC EP:916 The Butter Street Monster

Leslie writes “In the early 1980s I was running our John Deer 4440 on a farm that’s known was the “Cottman Farm”; nestled against the Great Miami River’s East bank and directly across from Chautauqua Ohio.

This was early Spring and a fairly warm day. I was chisel plowing and spraying pre-emergent herbicide, back and forth along this couple hundred acre field. As I was making a pass near to the river, I noticed movement along the tree line. I looked over and saw what I thought was a man in a fur coat. I’m laughing right now as I’m typing because it struck me as being super stupid. I can still hear my thought, “what idiot hunter is out here in a fur coat on a 75 degree day”.

I also was a little concerned so I started looking up and down the fence row, and sure enough, I could just barely make out two more “men”. When you’re in the tractor, the 4440JD, you sit up about 7-8 feet high and when you are spraying, with the chisels running 8-10 inches deep on average, lots of dust gets kicked up and it’s difficult to see across a field depending on wind direction. As I got to the headland row I decided I should just quit and head home. I had that uneasy feeling and decided to trust my instincts. Later that night at dinner I told the men in the family and of course they just made fun and told me to just watch myself and take the shot gun with me.

The next day I got started mid-day and had made a few passes and was just making another turn when I saw this “man” walking across the field. And again, I saw this large “man” walking with the ugliest gray fur coat; the kind that looked almost like lambs wool that was greasy and hung in clumps. This individual didn’t give me the same vibe as the “men” from the day before. In fact, the demeanor was that of an older person, calmly out for stroll. It struck me as odd but I didn’t feel threatened enough to stop working. I never mentioned this to anyone, not after the ridicule I got the night before. I tucked it deep away the in the recesses of my brain.”


I will also be speaking to John. John writes “At that time in 1992 I was a new engineering grad from psu, and I had taken a job with a pipeline company.

I was assigned to keep track of a work crew as a field supervisor that summer to a crew of 5 people as they went from valve site to valve site removing “appurtenances” from the line in preparation for a water pressure test of the pipeline scheduled for later that year.

Some of the valve sites are pretty remotely located. The pipeline location where my story takes place is deep in the Tuscarora state forest in Pennsylvania about 1/2 way between Harrisburg and Altoona. We had about 3 days of work to do at the site. To get to it we had to take an 8 mile long dirt forest road that is literally in the middle of nowhere. We had a track hoe excavator with us to dig up the pipeline etc …. The valve site was located in a valley next to a creek between two decent sized mountain ridges.

On the first day of work the track hoe operator remarked at one point “hey I think someone is walking the pipeline right of way high up on the ridge” … he said he’d briefly seen “someone all in black” up there. We didn’t really talk further about that but I remember thinking he had to have seen a bear as this is a long way from civilization to be out on a pipeline ROW hiking, but it didn’t concern me further. Some context, at that point in time, Bigfoot did not cross my mind as I’d believed it was only a Pacific Northwest possibility.

Anyhow on the next day it was really sunny and beautiful so I thought I would take a walk up that ridge while the crew did their thing. I started the trek up, making noise (whistling / talking to myself etc ) as I assumed there were black bear around based on the previous day, and I didn’t want to startle any of them.

I got up to a plateau area on the ROW where the hillside leveled off for about 50 yards before resuming steeply upward. It was at this point that I could no longer look back down into the valley and see the crew working way in the distance.

Suddenly I noticed how eerily quiet things were. There were absolutely no sounds from the forest on either side of the right of way. This made me nervous, but not unreasonably so.

However, I did now get the strong urge to go to the bathroom, sadly #2, in a place with no facilities for miles. So I found the neared tree to the side of the ROW and did what I had to do. Unfortunately, I didn’t have anything useful with me to use for toilet paper. So I decided to sacrifice a sock. I know this is kind of gross, but this sock business ends up being a key point.

So I’d just finished cleaning up, discarding the sock into the forest when I heard what I can only describe as sounding like a very large person stomp their feet twice followed by single, very deep, guttural grunt or Hmmmmph! …. Coming from somewhere back in the forest.

My flight reflex kicked in and I took off back down the mountain as fast as I could. The fear subsided as I got close to the job site and could see the crew, and I worked to compose myself because these guys were the merciless teasing type. I was less than a year out of college then, and they liked to razz me a lot anyway. I didn’t say anything to them for fear of ridicule, but I sure stayed close to that job sight all the rest of that day.

Fast forward now to day 3 at the site. I arrived just after everyone else, and when I got there the track hoe operator was bitching at that two laborer guys on the crew saying that their “prank” wasn’t funny. You see when he came in that morning just before me but after the laborers, he found the disgusting soiled sock sitting on the track right where he had to step up to get in the track hoe operator seat. Of course they all denied his accusation, and I stayed silent as none of them knew it was my sock (which by the way I could see it was because of the two color stripes). I always wondered how that sock got there.

That’s my story in a nutshell.”





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103 Responses to “SC EP:916 The Butter Street Monster”

  1. Alvin C

    The whole episode is a repeat, mistakenly re-uploaded? This isn’t new and isn’t about the butter street monster, if anyone knows how to reach Wes or an admin they should

  2. Nathan E

    happy 2023 everyone! That first one was humorously related, but it was still a good encounter story. Makes you wonder how many times we humans have been in the woods so close to one of these beings and not known it. The second one was very interesting & exciting to me since Germantown isn’t too far from where I live down towards Hamilton on the banks of the Great Miami River. Chautauqua is a little more suburban these days as people leave Dayton for the country. But in the Eighties that area was all farms and villages. Germantown hasn’t changed much though although it’s a little shabbier. It seems strange to think only 20 or 30 minutes’ drive from dayton or the northern edge of Cincinnati you can find a place to encounter Bigfoot, but Ohio is like that in many places. Wouldn’t count on seeing a Bigfoot on the east side of Great Miami these days, but on the west bank on out to Indiana, who knows?

    • Charles R

      Hi Nathan E. I take the 127 south your way and then take the 128 to get to the 275 to get to Kentucky a few times per year. I live up north taking the 127 to Darke county, outside of Arcanum. I have heard of the activity outside of Germantown from several sources. A few years back I investigated this case 15 miles south of me outside of New Lebanon. I am not Steve, but read his report and knew where this was and investigated a few months later, Memorial Day of 2014. It mentions the BFRO investigator, Steve Wystrom, getting reports in the Germantown and Miamisburg area, so activity is ongoing from time to time. I found the family to be hard working, honest folks and had every reason to believe what they stated to Steve. The Father also told me they were visited, and neighbors also, that had seen the Bigfoot, by Air Force Personnel from Wright Patterson Air Force Base who told them they were not seeing any Bigfoots,, instead they were seeing escaped Asian Monkeys. Sure they were. No one is going to mistake a 7 to 8 foot tall human like hairy beast with a 3 foot 35 pound monkey. Also this past July 30 I found a decent track North of you on the 503, Gratis, OH on a trail behind the bridge parking lot on Enterprise Road that crosses Twin Creek. 20.5 inches length by 10 inches width. Over the years there has been activity and sightings and tracks found in this area of Preble County.

  3. Maria G

    hey everyone.. Happy New Year. I’ve missed everyone, I was so sick I spent 5 days in hospital with double pneumonia..a doozy BUT I’m here now.. so happy for tonights show, sending love and light to my lil SC family and of course to the one and only Wes…love ya man. 🤗

  4. Alexandra H

    hey Wes you’re right this Christmas was awful without my little girl same as your mum it wasn’t right…but our beautiful littlest one was there along with his brother X happy new year brilliant show lol thanks mate for sharing the sock story completely believe you and it made me smile

  5. CJ M

    Maybe you should have named it the sock monster! Thinking about it, he probably did not hit it with the sock, I don’t sasquatch would take kindly to that for some reason. I do think it took offense that he took a crap in his forest though and maybe even worse left his toilet paper on the front step. Maybe the message was, you can dispose of this or bury it but not leave it in the forest. I mean what if it landed on the berry bush that was slotted for lunch? Eeeewwww. 🙂

  6. Linda B

    Hi Wes and everyone!! Happy New Year 🥳🎉
    My heart goes out to you, Wes, regarding your mom not here this Christmas. I’m so sorry. Time helps a little.
    I empathize with all SC family over those we’ve lost, especially at Christmas time. God bless you all
    Can’t wait to listen. I’m outside in 30 degree weather on the porch swing in the dark where sasquatch stories are best heard, under a full moon , loving the fresh air and thankful for my nice warm coat.
    Shout out to m99, hope you are feeling better m!!!
    I cracked up when I read this guest’s story on the blog, and it should be really funny to listen to. I will probably replay it when I am with my brother Chris hanging out or forward it to him. I agree the poop was not welcome in the sasquatch’s living room. Much love and best wishes for a better year!

  7. Linda B

    John, thanks for coming on the show. Those of us who have done primitive camping when we were your age at the time have gone through that kind of no t p thing too, you’re in good company. 🙂

  8. Linda B

    Good job,Leslie, of relaying your experience. Glad you were safe all those times. It seems you and the sasquatches you saw were just in the live and let live moment, an average day for the Sasquatch. Maybe all the attention the tractor requires has kept other operators so busy the squatches have been unnoticed all this time and so they were accustomed to seeing tractors running and not afraid of being seen. Pretty cool! Thanks for sharing your story with us!

  9. Radman

    Holidays are over-rated have been destroyed by commercialism. The past cannot be regained. Tomorrow may never come. The present is the greatest present. Count your blessings daily and give thanks to the Giver of all good things. Our time is short lived and anything can happen at any time. Remember what matters and don’t sweat the small stuff. 2023 is gonna be a bumpy ride but SC will always be my Calgon.

  10. Lisa H

    Thank u Wes. Leslie & John were great guests I really liked Leslie’s interpretation of “what these things r” Happy New Year everyone from Carbondale Co

  11. Karla G

    I don’t think it’s a repeat on Sasquatch Chronicles but it was already on Dogman Encounters I believe, and the show title was similar. I thought it was a repeat too at first.

  12. Maria G

    thx Linda B..your so sweet every time you say Hi…and thx John A I appreciate the shout out.. whoever wrote the “carrying it with two fingers” now that is funny I about died laughing..too good. Great encounters and this is exactly what I needed to keep feeling better. Again I want to say thx to Wes.. your killing it..time and time again. hugs from freezing rain and snowy Maine

  13. David S

    Leslie, your articulate and compelling story came across as totally believable, your recall and perceptions are outstanding and while I am in the middle when it comes to he the existence of these creatures, your credibility and honesty about what you actually saw carries evidential value. I live in Germantown (SW Ohio) in the area you refer to. East of the Miami River is fairly heavily populated now with little natural habitat, but west goes all the way to the Indiana border with ample agricultural and forested areas. As a retired Soldier and Police Investigator I now spend lots of time west of the river outdoors and have had no encounters, though as kids we all knew about Butter Street. Thank you for telling your story. DAVID

    • Charles R

      Hi David S. This past July 30 I found a decent footprint above the banks of Twin Creek on the NE side of Gratis. At the Enterprise road bridge that crosses over Twin Creek. It was behind the fenced enclosure of the parking lot on the trail that leads down to Twin Creek. Over the years there has been documented sighting and tracks found in this area and I lucked out. I have been meaning to send it to Wes with a write up. It measured appx 20.5 inches length and 10 inches width with definite separation of very large toes.

  14. Matthew J

    John’s story was funny. Poor old sasquatch walking around with a handful of poop. If John had a rifle, the story may have ended another way. Leslie’s story was interesting. When Leslie saw the older one and associated it with Gumby, I remembered something a bit different. I suppose Gumby had short legs to body but it’s more noticeable trait was it’s head. Gumby had a shape head where one side was much taller than the other. Maybe Leslie noticed that bigfoot head crest and thought, “Gumby”? If you get an image of Gumby, you will see what I mean. I had a Gumby around 1966. Never had a Pokey.

  15. Ron S

    I my opinion Leslies honesty almost told you exactly “what Sasquatch is”, especially the more she thought about it… so close!… keep thinking:) One of the better responses I’ve heard yet. Both great encounters👍🏻

  16. schlad

    Hahaha hilarious! Hard to believe they had a problem with his sock considering their ‘walls of stench’ bit of their own medicine hahaha brilliant encounter and who better to have it, he has a great sense of humour like you dude! You always get the best guests, I guess they are attracted to you, I have had some genuine belly laughs listening over the years hahaha..
    Happy New Year All! ‘lets hope it’s a good one, without any fear..’
    Love and Peace for everyone, everywhere, always, Now!!🌍❤️☮️🌟

  17. Anna R

    Love the sock story! Shows sasquatch has a sense of humor.
    Also, loved the 2nd story, I am in Ohio and let me tell you, there is a lot going on in Ohio with Bigfoot.

  18. Jennifer G

    Just wanted to mention a small correction – the Butter St monster encounter took place in southwest Ohio, not southeast OH. Very different in many respects but definitely both are home to Sasquatch!

  19. Nolebez

    Wes! Sorry for your loss. Sadly I’m experienced with that sort of loss
    The holidays do survive & get better. We have to make them for others
    What they were for us. Love your site! Your vibe, goodness, kindness
    Open mind & bravery. Thank You bro!

  20. Dianne B

    Wes. , your podcast has helped me come to some sort of peace! Buried memories , I was so astonished to hear others like myself! Lonely 45 plus years not knowing I wasn’t crazy ! Mostly felt like a coward not speaking up, warning people was so important to me, but I didn’t!! First Christmas without Mom is awful!! I’m sorry for your loss, and everyone s loss of loved ones!!❤️. Never stop this podcast!!

  21. Margaret R

    Hi Wes,
    Sorry but I’m going to join all the other members in their frustration about finally signing up to get the perks 1) list of archived shows 2) member shows 3) more communication from you and/with each other.
    I just signed up 2 nights ago and I’m up to “Watch: My encounter location.” (From #1 page) and every single video is marked private. I have listened to all of the 900 or so free episodes already. Not only that but the complaints about this started in 2018 with no response made whatsoever to this day in 2023 about why. That’s 5 years.
    What’s up with this? I shouldn’t have to explain this is why I signed up, to see all of these videos/shows, right? Anyway since it seems there is no response or remedy to your members concerns, sorry, but I would like to have the membership money refunded ASAP. I love you, I love the show, you are the best. It’s just not reasonable or respectful, really, to ignore what your members feel so bitterly disappointed about. I know I am for sure. Thanks.

    • David T

      Are you sure you are doing everything correctly? I have never had any problems from the main website. Try asking on the forum for help. I don’t use the app though, so maybe that is what you are having problems with?

  22. Joseph G

    thanks Wes and guest. another awesome episode!!!! Wes I’m truly sorry about your mom, I lost my dad a couple of years ago and despite knowing it was coming I still miss him some days. the Lord bring you peace in your heart brother! thanks for what you do for us!!!

  23. John R ep: 883

    Happy New Year to Wes and the SC family. Great first episode Wes, I see where you are going with the intro. Anyone reading this who cannot comment, I would urge you to join! Its more than worth the price of a latte every month to have the experience of the bonus shows and benefits! Im not a frequent contributor other than talking to Wes about my experience on 883 but I feel it is worth posting to get anyone who has thought about becoming a member to do it now with the new year….the 1000th show is approaching, it would be great to join before then, Wes has done a great service, its nice to try and pay it forward!

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