SC EP:914 Lance Corporal Shoots Sasquatch

John writes “I served as a US Marine from 1999 – 2003. While I was in I was stationed at Kings Bay Naval Sub Base in southern Georgia. I was part of a CQB (close quarter battle) team and was a DM (designated marksman). As a DM I carried a M40A3 (308) and a M9… Read more »

SC EP:912 The Appalachian Trail Encounter

Alex will be a guest on an upcoming show. In 2006 he was hiking down the Appalachian Trail. Alex said “I thought some serial killer was following me. He matched me step for step. I stopped on the trail and caught sight of someone or something in wearing a black hoodie. I thought it was… Read more »

SC EP:910 A Pissed Off Monkey With A Grudge

Lee writes “I’m reaching out because this past September my son and I had a run in with what we believe were multiple Sasquatch while kayaking the Lower Buffalo River, wilderness section. We were on day 2 of our trip and we were specifically there to fish for smallmouth bass. It was around 4pm when… Read more »

SC EP:908 The Coon Hunter And The Devil

Happy Holidays! Tonight I will be speaking to Joe. Joe is from central Texas and 34 years ago he was hunting and came upon a creature with red eyes. Joe said “I thought I ran into the devil.” We will also be speaking to Ben. Ben had an encounter in New Hampshire. Ben said “I… Read more »

SC EP:905 Bigfoot Of The Rockies

Tonight I will be speaking to Jason Frank. Jason had his world turned upside in 2007 while out turkey hunting. Jason and his wife found tracks they could not place with any animal that is known to science. He later became friends with members of the BFRO. His friends would take him to areas that… Read more »

SC EP:903 The Kentucky Massacre

Tonight I will be speaking with investigator David Eller for a discussion of his findings in Tennessee. David looked into the Kentucky Massacre and what he found convinced him the attack was not done by a known predator.           Stream Player     Open New Player Window    … Read more »

SC EP:901 The New Hampshire Incident

Andrew writes “Hey Wes, wanted to reach out to you about a situation I found myself in this morning about 3 am eastern time. I live in the south western part of New Hampshire and last night/ this morning we walked into the woods to a spot I wanted to show him. On our way… Read more »

SC EP:899 Creature On The Farm

Tonight I will be speaking to Steve. Steve is from Kentucky and he had an encounter when he was 13. Steve and a friend decided to camp on the property when something large and stunk kept saying “Ike.” I will also be speaking to Tristian is from from Missouri and he shot “something” on his… Read more »

SC EP:897 “Movement up the hill!”

Ric writes “I am a 22-year Army Veteran. It was the greatest joy in my life being a soldier next to being a father of two. At that time, my MOS was 11B (Infantry) and my specialty was Infantry Scout. I attended One Station Unit Training (OSUT) at Ft Benning, GA, where I was taught… Read more »

SC EP:895 The Creature On Grandpa’s Property

I am currently trying to resolve the log in issues with the app. I know there was about 10% of the members that kept getting errors with the app. You might have issues logging into the website till Sunday. I apologize for the inconvenience but I want the app to run like a well oiled… Read more »