Deep in the darkest heart of the Philippines sits a terrifying creature. As night falls it begins the hunt for human blood, stalking its prey in the shadows of your town, neighborhood and even your own home. Its tongue drips in hunger, emitting a tick-tick-ticking noise from the vast darkness. This is the aswang, the… Read more »

SC EP:807 The Little Monkey

Tonight I will be speaking to Mark. Over the last 30 years Mark has had two sightings of the creature. Mark is from Nebraska and moved to Colorado. He spent most of his life as a hunter. One of the encounters that Mark had was with a smaller creature. Mark writes “It was in the… Read more »

SC EP:805 The Halloween Show [Members]

Sharon returns from episode 802. I have a really cool show for tonight I think you guys will enjoy it. Hallows’ Eve, or All Saints’ Eve, is a celebration observed in many countries on 31 October, the eve of the Western Christian feast of All Hallows’ Day. It begins the observance of Allhallowtide, the time… Read more »

SC EP:804 “It’s a Boo La, Boo La!!”

Tonight I will be speaking to two guest. Dylan who was in GA for a visit got into an argument with his girlfriend and decided to take a walk in the woods to clear his head ran into a creature he did not think existed. We will also be speaking to Ed who had an… Read more »

SC EP:803 Sierra Sasquatch

I will be speaking to Jaime Avalos and he writes “In June of 2006 I would see something that has forced me to question who we are and where we fit in the web of life. If you told me prior to this event that I would be scanning the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range in… Read more »

SC EP:800 I Am Not Sure What We Saw

Here is the early release of episode 800. A listener writes “I heard about your podcast recently and started listening to it. I’m not sure if my story fits with your show, but I thought it couldn’t hurt to reach out and see if you have heard of any similar stories. I had a strange… Read more »

SC EP:798 No Creature, No Deer and No Light

Tonight I will be speaking with Johnathan. Back in 2018 he had a very strange encounter happen to him while driving back to his cabin in Virginia. I have personally heard many accounts like this and I am happy Johnathan decided to come on the show and share it. Johnathan said after the encounter “I… Read more »

SC EP:796 The Stand Off

A listener writes “I’m a private person, a 20 year military combat veteran and have only told this story to two other people. My wife and my cousin.” Spoke to the witness and he has agreed to come on the show. He said “I bought some property in Oregon and wanted to get away from… Read more »

SC EP:794 A Strange Place To Camp

Charlie writes “Hi Wes, At the urging of my girlfriend she has suggested I write to you about our encounter this year over Memorial Day weekend in Big Bay Michigan. I began listening to your Podcast on spotify a few weeks prior to our trip up North. I will begin by saying I am neither… Read more »

SC EP:793 Law Enforcement Officer Encounters Sasquatch

Tonight we will be speaking to Dan. Dan is a former law enforcement officer and back in 1995 he had an encounter with a creature while camping on the Oregon Coast.                                 Stream Player:   Open New Player… Read more »

SC EP:790 We Ran For Our Lives

Mark writes “My first sighting was in October 1st I was out bow hunting with one of my buddies and 20 years later I ran into something else I didn’t know what the hell it was for sure what it was and I shot this deer and the tracking string went where it wasn’t supposed… Read more »