SC EP:971 Behind My Parents Home

Jeff writes “I am 52 and grew up in Deep East Texas on Lake Sam Rayburn about 55 miles north of the big thicket area I have heard mentioned on your show. I spent 12 years as an Infantry soldier in the US ARMY and I have hunted all my life all over the US…. Read more »

SC EP:969 Danger Close

John writes “My encounter happened in the Berkshires of Massachusetts, where Umass is, in October of my senior year of college (October 16th, 2021); I was twenty-one years old. To slightly set the scene for you, I was home due to covid during the second half of my sophomore year and my entire Junior year… Read more »

SC EP:968 We Saw The Creature And It Was Gigantic

Lisa writes “I was 10 or 11 when it came up behind our house. I was in my bed and the window was open above my head. My mother was in the bathroom just finishing a shower and the bathroom window was open as well. The bathroom was next to my bedroom. I heard something… Read more »

SC EP:965 Strange Encounter At Fort Hood 2002

Tonight I will be speaking to Matt, Matt writes “I’m originally from the Wasatch front in Northern Utah and grew up with Bigfoot stories, and a few interesting encounters as a kid. However I served 11 years in the US Army, as a infantryman/ranger. In August 2002 I had a strange encounter during guard duty…. Read more »

SC EP:964 This Just Started On My Property

I will be speaking to the father about this property. The family has been on this property in California for a couple of years. I spoke to the son who is in high school and he said “We have heard strange whoops from the forest. They have a sharp whistle and then another one will… Read more »

SC EP:961 A Strange World We Live In

Nick from Tales From The Grid Square on Instagram joins me. Nick discusses his new book Tales From The Grid Square Volume 2: Stories of military paranormal experiences. Nick collects encounters from former and current military soldiers. We will also discuss the recent UFO incident in Las Vegas. Here is a link to his books:… Read more »

SC EP:959 The Jersey Devil

I will be speaking to Stefaun and his father Mike. Both men have seen this entity. Both men describe it as a mix of several animals. Mike said “it had a shimmer to it, it wasn’t see through but it had a weird shimmer. We have had a lot of really weird paranormal things happen… Read more »

SC EP:958 Living Next Door To The Minnesota Iceman

Mike writes “I lived next to Capt Francis Hanson (owned the iceman) growing up. My parents and myself are still excited speak with you. My father is a retired sheriffs deputy and my mother retired from Mayo Clinic.” I spoke to the family and they have agreed to come on the show. Carl who is… Read more »

SC EP:955 Hunters Encountering Cryptids

Trevor writes “Wes, I hope all is well. I’ve been carrying around this experience 20 years now hoping that what I saw in the woods while turkey hunting in southern Indiana. While sitting beside a huge poplar tree on top of a ridge in the Hoosier national forest area of Martin county, that was blocking… Read more »

SC EP:953 I Think We Snuck Up On It

Benny writes “Me and my buddy, Joe, where south of Bradshaw TX. This will be in the fall, 1989. We were crossing the creek in the truck with the headlights off . Had the dogs in the back trying to catch the scent of a coon crossing the road because the wind was up. Joe… Read more »