SC EP:345 A Hunter’s Encounter

I will be welcoming two guests to the show. Blake writes “I grew up in Mcnabb County in south Arkansas. I had an encounter there while hunting and have had two more encounters since then.” I spoke to Blake today and he talked about his first encounter he said “I heard what I thought was… Read more »

SC EP:343 Sasquatch Encounters

I will be speaking to Nick who was driving in Montana and he and his wife saw one of these creatures on the side of the road. Nick will go into the full encounter and what he saw. Also I will be having return guest Derrill from episode 293 on the show. He will be… Read more »

SC EP:341 Encounters with the old man of the forest

Lee talks about a recent sighting they had while out investigating Sasquatch. Lee says “I took Sam into this area and never told him about the old man of the forest.” Lee states “I never told my friend about this creature the locals call the old man. When people see this creature they describe him… Read more »

SC EP:339 The Nephilim Among Us

I will be welcoming Scott Carpenter to the show. Scott’s book: The Nephilim Among Us: The Identity And Origin of Sasquatch And Other Mysterious Creatures is available on Amazon. Here is a description of the book: “Bigfoot, Gray Aliens, Dogmen, Orbs, and other unknown creatures: What are they? Where do they come from? Who or… Read more »

SC EP:337 Childhood encounters with the creature

Jimmy writes “I had an encounter with 2 different Sasquatches in on afternoon/night. I really love your show and it is great therapy for people whom have had encounters” I will also be welcoming Ed to the show. Ed writes “My fascination with Big Foot began after my sighting in the summer of 1985 in… Read more »

SC EP:335 Encounter on Harstine Island

I spoke to Rich today and he has agreed to come on the show. Rich has an impressive background and has been looking into this subject for several years. He has had two sightings. Rich Germeau revisits his November 11, 2010 encounter with one or more Bigfoot on Harstine Island near Shelton, WA. This encounter… Read more »

SC EP:333 Bob Gimlin Tribute

Its going to be a great weekend. I will be welcoming Bob Gimlin and Russell Acord to the show. This will be a laid back conversation with Bob Gimlin about his life. I will be asking Bob how Roger Patterson would feel about the Sasquatch subject if he was alive today. I will see if… Read more »

SC EP:332 Dr. John Bindernagel

I have been posting John’s videos to the website every chance I get. John writes “As a wildlife biologist, I have been studying the sasquatch (or bigfoot) for just over 50 years. For the past 25 years, the main subject of my wildlife research has been the scrutiny of evidence which appears to affirm the… Read more »

SC EP:329 A hunter’s encounter

I am releasing Sunday’s show early. I am working on Sunday’s show for members. One of my guests sent me some audio files I am going through and will be posting for that show. Here is tonight’s show: A hunter discusses his encounter in Colorado. As the two men slept in their tent something walked… Read more »

SC EP:328 Encounters around the Reservation

Through the years, Thomas was active in the Canadian Indian political field as a Director on the boards of Aboriginal Tourism British Columbia, Aboriginal Tourism Team Canada. He even participated with the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver B.C. when he assisted with incorporating the Canadian Indian cultural component into the games. As a true aboriginal… Read more »