SC EP:828 The Squatch Watchers

Tonight I am joined by the Squatch Watchers. David, Taylor and Tate will be sharing their experiences on a property they have been investigating in North Carolina. Check out their YouTube Channel here.             Stream Player   Open New Player Window       Check out some of… Read more »

SC EP:827 Put One In The Chamber

My guest is Josh. Josh comes from a military family. He will be sharing his Sasquatch encounter with us along with other strange things that happen to him on the military base.         Stream Player:     Open New Player Window

SC EP:824 The Face In The Window

Tim writes “My first encounter happened in the state of Vermont. Between Clarendon and Tinmouth. My father was with me. And we was deer hunting. To start from the beginning. My father was a minister and he had started a church in Rutland. We had a family that had started coming on a regular basis…. Read more »

SC EP:823 The Hypnotic Eyes

I will be speaking to Will and he had an encounter while hunting in Alabama. Many years later Will was hiking with his family in TN. Will said “When me and this creature locked eyes I felt like I could not move. We will also be speaking to Emily and George. Emily writes “I believe… Read more »

SC EP:821 Which One Did You See?

Robert writes “I had encounters in the Daniel Boone National Forest in the 90’s. I think it’s still a hotspot but most people won’t talk about it. Most of my encounters were brief except for one. I had a bear walking towards me and one came running down the mountain and actually chased the bear… Read more »

SC EP:819 Best of Sasquatch Chronicles IV

I was scheduled to take off the week but I wanted to stop by and wish you guys and gals Happy New Year! Be safe out there! Download the newest Sasquatch Chronicles App!         Stream Player:     Open New Player Window

SC EP:818 The Yellow Towel

Tonight I will be speaking to Adam. Adam writes “I had an encounter with a male and female “Bigfoot” in the summer of 2003. It’s very difficult to go into details while writing. But I would love to speak with you personally about what happened.” Spoke to the witness and he has agreed to come… Read more »

SC EP:816 I Saw A Monster

Tonight I will be speaking to Darren and he will be sharing an encounter he had when he was 13 years old. Darren talks about finding a structure in the woods and this monster came from around the structure. Darren and his friends were about 30 feet away from the creature. Darren said “At the… Read more »

SC EP:814 Bigfoot Odyssey 168 Hours

Tonight I will be speaking to Kerry Arnold about his documentary called 168 hours. Kerry filmed this week long expedition with 10 people in South Florida. Check out Kerry’s channel at:   Watch the full documentary below:               Stream Player:   Open New Player Window

SC EP:813 Danger Close [Members]

Tonight we will be speaking to Bill. Bill served in the military for 30 years. He will be sharing with us some strange events that happen to him while serving. Bill also relates an incident with his family in 1972. Here is the video Bill captured:                 Stream… Read more »

SC EP:812 A Higher Call

A little Holiday show for everyone. On 20 December 1943, Franz met the B-17 bomber named “Ye Olde Pub” and its pilot Charles “Charlie” Brown for the first time. Franz had shot down two B-17s earlier that day and he soon caught up to a wounded B-17 flown by Charles Brown. Lining up to finish… Read more »

SC EP:811 The Thermal Camera Incident

Tonight I will be speaking to Greg and Charles. The guys were hiking in the Daniel Boone National Forest at night when they had an encounter with a creature. The men were able to see the creature through Greg’s thermal camera. The night did not end there.                … Read more »