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SC EP:933 My Grandfather’s Property

Tracey writes “As a young person I grew up in Northern Oklahoma, My Grandfather owned property that butted up against the Cow Creek water sheds. To provide location it was about 30 minutes from Ponca, 15 Minutes from Pawnee and 15 Minutes from Red Rock.

Lake McMurty was about 30 minutes away in the opposite direction from Red Rock. At one point he owned 500 Acres or basically a square mile. Over time he had sold the property off down to 125 acres or what is referred to as a Quarter. The property had 2 good Sized Ponds on it and a Natural Spring that constantly ran towards the water shed with crystal clear water. No One was allowed to hunt on his property, and no one did. He Purchased the land around 1942 or 43. He raised cattle, pigs, Quarter Horses and Welch Shetland Ponies, goats etc… virtually anything he could sell ac the Stillwater Auctions. In the Early 80’s he sold off the property.

My First encounter was with my brother I was 10 and he was just about to turn 12, we were fishing at a neighbors pond with my dad and sister, my brother nor I was catching anything so we went snake hunting for ring necks and Horned Toads, as we were looking at the ground my brother said to me did you see that tree fall, I heard a dirt slide and my brother said lets go look as he thought he had witnessed an erosion event of a tree falling into a small crevasse from the edge of it, He ran over to the place where it fell, about 50 feet from where we were, screamed and told me to run as we were running back towards the pond, the tree, now looking like a bigfoot was running the opposite direction.

Ends up he was watching us and he got to close to the edge and the ground gave way and we were in our own little kid world of looking for snakes. Our stepdad said we had just scared ourselves and brushed it off, he and my sister kept fishing while my brother and I hopped in the back of the pickup and kept an eye out if it were to come back.

My second and third encounter happened on the same day, I was now 13 years old and able to carry a shotgun so my friend Charles and I went hunting for quail on my Grandpa’s Farm. After an hour of walking we made a winding path to the very back of the property and did not fire one shot, the forest had gotten pretty thick, but we new where we were and that we were not far from the water shed area, we stepped into a clearing and 3 or 4 quail flushed out so I took a shot and hit the bird and it fell into a thicket that you could not see into, so my friend Charles ran over and pulled the branches back and then turned to me and said, ” I don’t think its your bird but something is dead back here it sure does stink. ” I laughed and said we need to head back as we can’t hunt past the fence This is where the water shed area starts and we were both getting hungry.

We started walking back through the woods in a more straight line than we had getting there, and we heard large foot steps behind us, we thought it was a cow, but we could not see any cows around, when we walked it walked when we stopped it stopped, we had no idea at the time what it was, I did not even think about when I was 10. We decided to run back to the farm house and get out of the woods as quick as we could, we came out of the woods into a ten acre clearing we stopped in the middle of the 10 acres and looked back to see a very big -bigfoot walk out of the forest and stand behind a very large Juniper type evergreen and poke his head out to look at us, he then walked and stood behind the next tree and then walked down into the spring fed creek which was the only thing separating us from getting to the house, so we ran the rest of the clearing to get to the road and ran to get to my grandpas house we were so scared and crying and hysterical that we just stood in the mud room for 15 to 20 minutes.

We decided that we had to tell my grandpa and grandma and my sister was there as well, they all laughed at us and said we just got scared in the woods. My grandmother said take me to it I would like to meet this thing if it is real. After an hour we got our wits back and said ok, but Grandpa said no guns, so we took frog gigs. We walked down an access road used to check fences that would take us very near where we first started being followed my sister who was 15 started throwing rocks into the woods on the left side of the road and I was watching the right side, this is where we saw it again.

It was standing behind a large cedar tree You could see its leg, 5 black toe nails and its face through the branches. Very Tall the hair was clay red and matted like a collie that spent all day playing in the mud kind of v shaped its nose was wider than normal but not like an ape, its face was dark and its eyes were brown, the hair color was brown with red clay in it, without walking through the ditch that stood between us we were 15 feet away from it, my grandma saw it and decided not to introduce herself we all stared at it for a few minutes as it stared at us and I finally said I am leaving and the rest thought that was a good idea, it did not follow us back this time.

The next day after I had told my Step Father what had happened he and some friends all went back to the last few places we had saw it and found tracks, he told me he believed I was followed by something but he would not say it was Sasquatch or “Bigfoot”

The 4th time I was 15, I would no longer go into the woods but I would hunt quail and dove in the open fields, there was a pond that was in the open about a ten minute walk from the house in all open fields. My friend Jimmy and I stayed the night at my grandpa’s so we could get up with the sun and shoot some dove as they got their morning drink. As we got to the pond and climbed up the dam some dove took off and I took a shot that was pointed towards the woods about 50 yards away, within a second we heard the loudest scariest scream come from the middle of the forest probably 200 yards away. Jimmy thought I had to have hit one of the cows, but then trees started crashing and the screaming came straight towards us I can describe the scream as something large deep and pissed off. Along with the screaming it also sounded like a Semi -Truck loaded with logs bouncing across railroad tracks headed straight for us fast. I was so scared I could not move, I knew what it was, Jimmy didn’t, right as the screaming and crunching got to the edge of the forest all I could think to do was raise the shotgun and wait until it got close enough I could shoot it in the head, so I raised it and everything immediately stopped, it was right at the edge of the forest it never came out, however it followed us as far as it could back to the house while staying in the woods.

Later when I was a senior in high school, I was approached by a kid at school who asked me “Hey I heard you seen something in the woods” I asked why he would ask me that and he stated that he had as well, ended up he lived in a mobile home on the opposite side of the watershed and that is where it spent most of its time, he stated that his home had been vandalized by the beast, tearing off his TV antenna and shaking their home but it never harmed them when they saw it by the lake. We decided to go look for it late one evening there were three of us and his father would only let us take a camera, we did not see anything that evening. His father was a top executive at a large manufacturing company in our town, he talked to us about what they had encountered and I told him where my grandpa lived along with what I encountered and he felt it was the same thing… Bigfoot was living in the watershed area, because it was government protected lands with no hunting or fishing no one would go there because it was fenced off and there would be plenty of food for it to survive.”





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49 Responses to “SC EP:933 My Grandfather’s Property”

  1. Ric M

    I lived in Lawton, OK. A friend of mine just recently joined a Bigfoot research group because of an encounter he had just put on the outskirts of town on the south-southwest part of town. He stepped outside at the back of his house one very late night and encountered a Squatch walking along side a dogman. He was less than 15 feet from these two. I’m hoping he’ll submit his encounter to Wes. I don’t want to steal any thunder away from his encounter if he does come in one day. At first, I was very highly skeptical, but as I looked at the satellite view of Lawton, the creeks in the area stood out right away. I think they came in to forage for grub in the dumpsters and trash.

  2. Nolebez

    Frog Gig aka pitch fork….Mad respect to this man. He literally got a posse together with pitchforks and went after Bigfoot as a child. He also taught me what Frog Gigs are & Johnson Grass is. Everyday you do learn something.

  3. Sheila L

    Thanks so much, Sir Wes. So professional and excellent.
    Can (and do) listen to your shows over and over again.

    Thank you, Tracey for sharing with us!
    Kevin L

  4. Linda B

    Finally here. Had a sweet visit from a friend tonight so I’m late. We sit around and talk about the end times; reassuring and encouraging each other.
    Now for my favorite podcast. Hi SC family. 🙂 Thank you, Wes, friend, and thank you for helping so many people get these encounters out so they can heal. I haven’t listened yet but so many of these events are terrifying. People need your support and I’m thankful for your help to them and for the help you have been to me. 🙂 Have a nice weekend!

  5. Steve J

    Wes never posted my story. I think he said he lost it. The reason I brought that up is, my story is from Oklahoma too.
    I know where Cow Creek is. I saw it one night on foot. Walking towards I-35 from Ponca City. I worked at the meat market, over by the river. And decided to head back to western Oklahoma. It was in December. A cold front was moving in. I camped near Cow Creek that night. I seen a Sasquatch on the Washita River. Over by Clinton Oklahoma. I worked at the meat market there too. Funny, the meat market in Clinton was by the river too. It was brown. And walked away, real careful like. Studying me and my buddy Buckshot (RIP). We were out shooting birds too. Odd coincidence I’d guess.

    • Linda B

      Wow, Steve J! Thank you for sharing your story tonight too! I lived in SE Okla, 15 minutes south of Broken Bow Lake, and that’s definitely an active area. My brother had a road crossing on the highway between Broken Bow, OK and Idabel. We had some action at Honobia Fall 2021. Very spiritual area as well.

      • Steve J

        I went down to Broken Bow to do a repo. Back in ’94. Went into Arkansas. To a town called Daisy. The water smelled bad there. Saw a red sasquatch there.
        Still looking for anyone who has seen a grayish white sasquatch in Oklahoma. Maybe with 3 toes. And seems to be smiling.

        • Lisa R

          I’ve been there before, as I was born and raised in AR, and my whole family spent many summers at Lake Greeson camping and fishing. My Dad was born in that small town. It has lots of places for bigfoot to live. Best wishes on your hunt. Take care and be safe.

    • Steve J

      I don’t know how to edit my comment. Upon deeper inspection. The creek I talked about is called Cowskin creek. I still remember it as Cow Creek. Maybe the name changed over the years!? Or memory fails. I remember it was 1993. Nevertheless, I own my mistake. And seek always to be honest.

  6. Janetta V

    Great episode, thanks Tracey. Been in Okla. all of my life and hunted on 320 acres just south of Enid, for many years. Been to Perry countless times to visit relatives, and I know the area well. After hearing your account it sure made me glad I never saw anything. Don’t hunt anymore too old. Wouldn’t anyway now knowing what I know. Thanks Wes.

  7. Danny R

    Born and Raised in Perry Oklahoma. I had many strange things happen in the woods growing up. Never attributed them to anything other than wind, & animals. As I got older, and started watching “In Search Of” then seeing the PG Film. It got me really interested, and have been searching for 20+ years now.
    Great Show Wes, as always!! Thank you for Sasquatch Chronicles!

    • David T

      Ryan. I just downloaded this episode on my Mac desktop using the top player right under the episode description. Not the stream player which is second but the first one, using the little box with the arrow in it. Maybe you tried that, but it just worked for me. Maybe there are some restrictions for the type of phone or tablet or whatever you have. Better check with the administrator if my method doesn’t work.

  8. theresa m

    Great show. Knitting a sweater for our grandbaby and this was so relaxing to listen to, Wes and Tracey. My dad was a no nonsense kind of guy. The best, really! We need more of them these days.

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