SC EP:480 Female Bigfoot stalks and kills a hog

I have moved the member only show to tomorrow due to technical issues. A listener writes “Hello Wes, I witnessed a female Bigfoot stalk and kill a hog on the bank of the Sabine River back years ago, I grew up in La, right on the Sabine Rivers backwaters and hunted, fished, and trapped it… Read more »

SC EP:479 The Truth About The Paracas Skulls

The elongated skulls of Paracas in Peru caused a stir in 2014 when a geneticist that carried out preliminary DNA testing reported that they have mitochondrial DNA “with mutations unknown in any human, primate, or animal known so far”. Now a second round of DNA testing has been completed and the results are just as… Read more »

SC EP:477 A Real Life Monster

A listener writes ” Hello Wes my name is Jay and I’m writing you from Dallas TX. I have been wanting to write for about a month now and I just worked up the courage. The past year or two I have only began to look into this fenominon from the trauma caused from my… Read more »

SC EP:475 Terror in the Woods II

I will be speaking with author W.J. Sheehan who wrote Bigfoot Terror in the Woods sightings and encounters volumes 1-4. Bill will be sharing an encounter called “The Bone Pile” which is a tough one to hear. Made me think of Missing 411. See everyone tomorrow night.   This book is a compilation of sightings, encounters… Read more »

SC EP:474 The one eyed Sasquatch

I will be welcoming Donald to the show. He encountered a Sasquatch late one night and wasn’t sure what he was looking at. Donald says “I was out with friends in the middle of nowhere and I watching this strange eyeshine, it looked like one eye not two. I thought was a cougar. I decided… Read more »

SC EP:473 Terror in the Woods

Tonight I speak with author W.J. Sheehan who wrote Bigfoot Terror in the Woods volumes 1-4. This book is a compilation of sightings, encounters and evidential findings as they pertain to Bigfoot in North America and those who have encountered them. Check it out here:   MyBookie: Join now and MYBookie will match your deposit… Read more »

SC EP:471 The moments that change your life

Tonight I will be speaking to Michael Hexum who will be sharing with us his encounters that took place in MN. Mike says”It was around 1970 and I was hunting and this thing walked out in the open. That moment changed my life.” I will also be speaking to Shane Carpenter who also had a… Read more »

SC EP:470 Rest Area Sasquatch Encounter

Jackson I hope this show takes your mind off of the storm. A listener writes “I am a long haul truck driver, two years ago I had an encounter that changed my life, almost gave me a psychotic break and has turned an alpha male supposed Billy badass into a man that is afraid of… Read more »

SC EP:468 The Devil’s Lettuce And Bigfoot

Rick writes “Hi Wes, My name is Rick. Around Aug 2004 me and a friend were in Haliburton Forest planting pot. I’ve been growing weed for 25 years and I’ve been to some of the most remote locations in the southern part of the province. Ontario is huge and there is a lot of deep… Read more »

SC EP:466 Fire in the sky

“I looked at the vague but reassuring forms of the doctors around me. Abruptly my vision cleared. The sudden horror of what I saw rocked me as I realized I was definitely not in a hospital. I was looking square into the face of a horrible creature . . . with huge, luminous brown eyes… Read more »

SC EP:464 The empty tent

I had to move some guests around, I will be back on Sunday for the members. I will play some of the audio Randy has and I hope it comes across on the podcast. Randy Harrington joins the show. Randy is one of my favorite investigators because he is always thinking outside of the box…. Read more »

SC EP:463 Homeland Security Sasquatch Expedition

Tonight I will be speaking to two guests. Brent writes “Hey Wes! My name is brent and I live out in banks, Oregon. A friend and I had an experience a couple years ago up in Washington. Here is a copy of what I first wrote down while it was fresh. I have attached the… Read more »