SC EP:573 It Huffed At Me And Ran Off

Early release for Sunday! Have a great weekend everyone! Jeff writes “Hello Wes, I absolutely love listening to your show. I wanted to share with you one of my two encounters with Bigfoot several years ago. I live in a town called Bluff City, Tn. The first incident was back in January 2008, and I… Read more »

SC EP:571 Running With The Night

Tonight I will be talking to three guests. My first guest Adam is from Florida and will be sharing an encounter he had with his parents while driving. They saw a Skunk Ape on the side of the road. Many years later Adam and his brothers ran into something much worse.       Jack… Read more »

SC EP:569 Something At The Ranch

A listener writes “I’m going to try and keep this as short as possible but I have had about a half dozen encounters with what I used to think, but now KNOW, was a Sasquatch or something thereof. My cousin and my brother have spent the past week talking about all of our encounters here… Read more »

SC EP:568 Run Like Hell

A former military police officer of 20 years will be joining the show. He shares an encounter he had on base in Alabama.The witness said “I was out of my nightly run around the base and it was surrounded by woods. I had my head phones in when I got a strange feeling like I… Read more »

SC EP:566 Strange Experience In Iraq

Spoke to a military veteran last night who has agreed to come on the show. He shares an encounter he had in Oregon. He has also experienced some very strange things in Iraq during the war. A small portion of the show will be Sasquatch related but I believe he has earned the right to… Read more »

SC EP:564 Visitor On The Farm

Tonight I will be speaking to three witnesses. Mike writes “Wes, Just wondering if you have ever had someone experience small flying creatures with an orange and my wife and daughters experienced this tonight traveling down some back roads here in KY. Right at dark this winged creature about 5 to 6 inches in… Read more »

SC EP:562 The Rock Throwing Howler Monkeys?

Spoke to the eyewitness and he said “I live in Tennessee near the Smoky Mountains. A good friend of mine lived out in the country and asked me to come over because he was sure there was howler monkeys in the woods behind his home. I was curious so I went to see if I… Read more »

SC EP:560 I Almost Shot It – William Roe

Here is some bonus content. I hope everyone enjoys the William Roe encounter from 1955.     I, W. Roe of the City of Edmonton, in the province of Alberta make oath and say, (1) That the exhibit A attached to this, my affidavit, is absolutely true and correct in all details. Sworn before me… Read more »

SC EP:559 The Uninvited Guests

Spoke to the eyewitness and he said “I live near Washougal, Washington. I was teaching someone how to cold camp, no fire no lights. One night we ran into a group of them. They surrounded us but they were not aggressive. I had no idea what was going on that night or what these things… Read more »

SC EP:558 Weekend Campfire Chat

Bonus Episode: I am working on a round table show with Tony Merkel from The Confessionals and Brent Thomas from The Paranormal Portal. We have several topics we are going to cover in an open discussion. Do you have any questions or comments I will read on the air? You can ask any question you… Read more »

SC EP:556 The Unexpected Sasquatch Encounter

Here is Sundays early release. I will be speaking to four guests tonight. My first guest writes “I’ve recently started tuning into your podcast. My dad told me about it Friday and today I’ve been able to listen to it. And I’ve been listening since 9 this morning. I wanted to share my experience/encounters with… Read more »

SC EP:554 Sasquatch In The Desert

Ann writes “Last year, in spring I had an experience that has significantly and profoundly affected my life in such a way that I am no longer able to enjoy the past times that I have been so deeply in love with since a child. In place of the lengthy carefree and joyful, stress free… Read more »