SC EP:1034 The Boston Bar Creature

Luke writes “My sighting happened in British Columbia Canada in a small town named Boston bar where I was staying while I worked. This was maybe 2012-2013,I love the outdoors always have hiking camping anything outdoors I would do it. In the town I was staying in there where a bunch of side roads that… Read more »

SC EP:1032 The Teddy Roosevelt Bigfoot Story

Long before he was President; even before he was a Rough Rider, Assistant Secretary of War, or governor of NY state, Theodore Roosevelt tried his hand at ranching in the wilds of North Dakota (until the blizzards of 1886-87 wiped out most of his cattle herd). One of his books from these formative years ”The… Read more »

SC EP:1031 A Witch Screaming

Tonight I will be speaking to Jason. Jason had an encounter 29 years ago in Ohio. Jason said “We were just a bunch of teenagers hanging out in the woods. I heard what sounded like someone walking into our camp area. I thought it was just normal wildlife. I wasn’t a woodsman so we hear… Read more »

SC EP:1030 The Ozark Visitor

Tonight I will speaking with Ryan and Doug. Doug shares an encounter that happened in 1976 in Ohio. Doug was fishing with his cousin when this encounter happened. Ryan writes “In the Spring of 2014, I took my son turkey hunting for the youth turkey hunt. Where we camped was a designated campsite, however, it… Read more »

SC EP:1028 Bamboo Eating Sasquatch

Josh writes “My mom is a big fan of the podcast and suggested I share an encounter I had in Alabama back in 2012. At the time, we were living in Gadsden, Alabama right by Noccalula Falls. Noccalula Falls, Alabama Every day when I would get home from school, I would go to the backyard… Read more »

SC EP:1026 America’s Boogeyman And Sasquatch

Tonight I will be speaking to John. John writes “In 2017 we took our cadets out to an FTX (Field Training Exercise) near Tenino, WA. On the 1st night we heard what I now know to be tree knocks, which was curious but nothing unnerving, so we really paid no attention to it. But the… Read more »

SC EP:1024 His Face Looked Like A Chimp

Carrie writes “Hi Wes! Your show is amazing, I have listened to every episode and when I’m done, I start all over again. I want to tell you my story. I grew up in Eagle Creek, Oregon, that is between Sandy and Estacada. This encounter took place at our home back in 1970, I was… Read more »

SC EP:1022 The Female Chewbacca

The first 19 minutes of show I briefly discuss artificial intelligence. I know it isn’t bigfoot related but it applies to the time we are living in. It is a creepy subject. I give two examples. Tonight I will be speaking to Andrew. Andrew is a Physical Therapist who moved from NY to CA. In… Read more »

SC EP:1020 The Exchange Student

Mike writes “After hearing many accounts from people who say they didn’t know about Sasquatch at the time or simply didn’t put two and two together after experiencing something out of the ordinary, I reflected on whether or not some of the unexplained events I experienced as a boy growing up rural might have best… Read more »

SC EP:1018 Grandfather Was Feeding Them

Brian writes “I grew up on a property and looking back, it would seem my grandfather had habituated a group. Moving in on the land he sat us down to explain his “rules” of living there. I basically all boiled down yo 1 simple rule. Don’t be on the property at night. In those days… Read more »

SC EP:1017 Best of Sasquatch Chronicles V

Tonight I will be posting the Best of Sasquatch Chronicles V. These episodes are chosen by the members. I want to wish all of the members Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Thank you so much supporting what I do. I hope you guys and gals enjoy the show. 985 Creature Follows Farmer Home -… Read more »