Feb 17

SC EP:928 Sending Hot Lead Down Range

Tommy writes “I am a retired lawman/judge still in my 50’s and going strong, when you become a cop at 18 and get your 30 you get to retire early and then go enjoy life.

I own a cattle ranch in Texas. One got real up & close to me in the Sabine National forest and I gave him a dose of hot lead as he followed me or skirted me down a logging road. He screamed and roared as he tore through the brush running the other direction, we tracked him for about 2 days and did not find him. I made the huge mistake of telling some of my co workers (other Law Enforcement Officers) about what I had seen and witnessed on my many trips into the woods.

I was set to be promoted to Sgt Investigator and when the date passed for promotion I inquired as to what happened? I was informed that when I shared some of my BF encounters with others I became no longer credible and therefore not up to the standards of supervision. I shut my mouth and did not share any BF info with anyone for sometime except others close in the know…. I had enough of that treatment so I ran for office as the local Judge or Justice of The Peace. Needless to say I began keeping my BF hunts, outings or excursions to myself or just my tiny little group.”








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79 Responses to “SC EP:928 Sending Hot Lead Down Range”

  1. Maria G

    whoop.. excited to listen tonight. Thx Wes. Hi SC family I’m sitting here during an ice storm..yay kill joy. haha. Be safe out there and have a great weekend. Congrats Lee and yes we do David D.. we’re pretty pathetic that way. 🤗

  2. Lee N

    Happy Friday Night at the Sasquatch Chronicles Lounge
    Enjoy the show
    Thank you Wes
    Have a great weekend everyone!
    I have a favor to ask everyone. We are getting a female Chocolate Lab puppy. We need a name…. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!

  3. Maria G

    Hey Lee..how about “Mocha” as in a lil chocolate with your coffee or “Coco”, Coco Bean, whatever name you pick.. enjoy your puppy, I’m kinda jealous..free dog sitting.. just saying lol

  4. CJ M

    @ LeeN Female Lab name: “Joy” Kinda hard to name a pup w/o meeting it, but joy is what I think of when it comes to labs and especially lab pups. Later on you can change the name to chewy! LOL. I used to have a lab, for the first year it would go down our long driveway, bring the paper up in the yard and chew it into what seemed like a million tiny pieces. We also went through 3 water hoses that year. I didn’t now water hoses could have so many pieces. He’d just smile and wag his tail at me.

  5. Linda B

    Hi S C family! Congratulations Lee! Humm,..name for a brown lab…all I can come up with is Hershey. Hehe good luck!
    This is the Texan with the no fear attitude I read on this week’s blog. Really liked the way this guest took off after the bigfoot and had the presence of mind/wasn’t afraid to shoot. Have a good weekend everybody! Thank you Wes!

  6. Josephine L

    Lee, we just adopted a young Terrier Mix that my hubby named “Theon” after the Game of Thrones character. Also the idea of redemption since we learned the little guy was surrendered by a family who couldn’t care for him. He’s been a blessing and playmate for our Border Terrier, JC (named after Jesus Christ) since losing her partner, Lady so suddenly a while back… Wishing you & new family member many years of love together.

  7. Danny B

    Great show tonight !
    Today I cracked open Jake Sansing’s ‘ 10,000 Mile Journey’ and it’s great. The way he articulates himself is easily relatable and his will to survive and heal is humbling and inspiring at the same time.
    Thanks for having him on your show , man !!!

  8. Ricky G

    In reference to hunting down a bigfoot. How do any of these people plan to get it out of the woods? As is sometimes brought up. Even if you managed to blow a tennis ball size entry wound hole into a 9 foot one, It has to way well over a thousand pounds. Are you going to drag it out solo? LMAO. Are you and your out of shape middle aged buddy going to drag the dead body of a 9 foot tall bigfoot that ways more than a 1992 honda civic out with what………. some rope? LOL. These fantasies of shooting one and bringing it out of the woods are wildly delusional. Especially considering that they never travel alone, they’re consistently reported to make no sound coming and leaving, and these guys arent trying to hunt one from their 600hp truck with the trailer bed, chains, and crane all ready to go from the side of the road. They’re miles deep into the f%^&ing woods. At best you could kill one, run over and record it in hi def, take pics of it, get blood samples, cut off some fingers and toes, and then try to jet out of the woods before the family and friends surround you with the sole intention of ripping your head off, and pray to god that “WOO” aspect of them is for a select few or not real, because you’re extra dead now.

    The morality and ethics aside. Their mission is ludicrous short of going at them with at least 7 people with high powered rifles, and an heli evac waiting on standby.

    That aside. The insecurities of us as a species never cease to amaze me. “I saw this thing that nobody believes I saw. So I need to go kill one to show people so I feel less insecure about no one believing me”. Imagine if a Sasquatch in a very remote area of the world saw a human for the first time, then went back and told his tribe of this hairless tiny thing in the woods that kinda looked like them and was hunting deer. Then in the tribe they ridiculed this sasquatch and were like get out of here, that doesnt exist, or we wouldve seen one by now. So now that sasquatch goes out seeking one of these “little things” again, and he finally finds one. He creeps up on said human, bashes its ribs in and tears out his guts, then drags it back to the tribe JUST TO PROVE A POINT. That sasquatch murdered someones mother/father/sister/brother/husband, etc.. just because he got made fun of basically. We would never be fine with that behavior from them, yet we’re suppose to be fine with it from us? People that come on this show hate these things just for existing, no matter how many times a sasquatch or a werewolf lets them go. Think about that for a second. Think about how deranged that kind of thinking is. No wonder its 2023 and the world is such an unnecessary mess.

    Imagine knowing little to nothing about these creatures, and the most common answer to proving its existence is trying to kill one. I get it theyre not nice all the time, and yet so many people live to tell their stories, and most of the deaths attributed are wildly speculative at best. You’re talking about a creature that has been described as something akin to a regular everyday animal eating and drinking, to being associated consistently with UFO’s, and some even straight up disappearing from existence when hurt(like that one guy that hit one running across the road that had a raccoon in its mouth, and it basically blanked out of existence and didnt even damage his car while sounding like he had a head on collision with it). You guys dont even know what youre going up against.

    Great episode. Some interesting new details of their behavior, but some of these guys that come on this show are basically asking to get their heads smashed in by one of these things.

  9. Beth E

    Ricky G, I’m right there with you. The arrogance of humans astounds me. I also laugh out loud whenever someone who is clearly sadistic accuses another person or species of being evil based on nothing more than a deluded “feeling.” As a species, there are scores of humans that fall under the category of primarily immoral and wicked.
    An overwhelming majority of eyewitness accounts report that all they want is to be left alone. Yes, there are outliers just as there are in most species. I certainly wouldn’t want the entire human race to be judged by those of us that are violent and paranoid.
    I think there’s an argument to be had about the evolution of some humans and the devolution of others. It’s unfortunate that toxic, sadistic, violent behavior is glorified by some.

  10. richard r

    welp the government has it covered no matter where on earth thesee things are. what about Russia or the Middle East?
    ive seen some weird stuff but never a sasquatch from there either. how could everybody be at a agreement with keeping such a thing a secret. i call it bullshit.
    something else is at work here and it aint the government or a conspiracy that is doing it.

  11. Kajsa M

    It dawned on me thinking about how they get a single kernel of corn with a stick. Maybe, they have had experience with humans laying out traps and have seen animals stuck in them before. They also watch us so much that they have to be careful when hunters leave out that feed. Just my two cents. Great show Wes!

  12. Michael D

    I can relate to this. As an endangered species biologist with the US Fish and Wildlife Service, my fellow staff members thought it was funny to pass on any calls we got concerning Bigfoot to me. The problem is, I am a believer so I enjoyed the calls. Eventually my supervisor found out I was looking into things on the weekends on my own time, and she called me into her office. I was told I needed to stop any further research on my part into Bigfoot and not to talk to the public about my opinions. At first I was angry, but it was explained to me if I had to take the stand as an expert witness, my credibility would be called into question if they found out I believed in such a thing.

  13. J B

    Wes, I am a little disappointed when you encourage people to try and kill a Sasquatch. If you believe any of the stories told on your show of what happened at Mt St Helen’s post eruption or the Green Beret/Fort Lewis story, a Sasquatch has already been killed. I told you my story of what happened to me when I was 14 in the weeks before the eruption on the mountain. There have been multiple stories told of people who shot one, but never killed one. Shooting and not killing a living animal is cruel. This guy made a half-assed attempt at tracking it. His crew should have put on NODS and started looking immediately. If they are “brave” enough to shoot one, they should be brave enough to track it and find it. That is pure laziness. He wants to sit in his comfy blind and shoot one hoping he can drop one right in front of him. If there is a real effort to kill one for the sake of science, we don’t need a “Researcher” (ie someone who watches videos on YouTube and Twitter and hikes in the forest) doing it. They are using too small of caliber of ammunition and the wrong firearm. What you need is a top military sniper with a .50 caliber BMG to do the job. There should be dozens of expert trackers on scene with a helicopter in the air immediately after shooting one at best, or multiple professional drone operators at a minimum. This guy is another person who wants their 15 minutes of fame by shooting one. How many Sasquatch are going to be shot and maimed as a result of guys like this? I believe that the Government knows what they are, but are afraid if they go public because it will be open season on them. I don’t blame them because that is exactly what will happen. The more Sasquatch that are shot and survive, the more angry and aggressive they will be. I believe some of the people who simply disappear in the forests are a result of payback of Sasquatch’s disgust of humans. Karma is a real bitch for people who think the way this guy does.

    • Diana A

      Dear Tommy, you are one of the best observers I have ever heard on this channel. You respect wildlife and appreciate their intelligence. I be been a fan of Wes ever since I heard his Bigfoot scare. I have been a paid member ever since. I am a native Californian Indian and our culture observes like you do. I have gathered basket material & have noticed it watching me. But I never run. I retreat slowly and say thank you.
      Love how you have noticed the small ones act up, that’s cute.
      Thank you for not talking about picking off all the animals you see, like raccoons, porcupines, AND cougars! Somehow I just want to say congratulations you fund a method—be careful of the crazy careless Bigfoot hunters. Their carelessness is what gets themselves killed…that could endanger you.

  14. Charles R

    Most interesting part for me was them eating corn and going about with separation sticks. I have had two experiences that one for sure involved corn. One in 1996 Sept 1 on my best friends wooded property, Mt. Haley Township, Midland County, Midland, MI and he had a corn feeder. This one involved the woman being killed scream that sent shocks waves to my best friend Mike who owned the property and myself who was sleeping over that night. The other happened on my property in Darke County, OH, early June of 2014 and it involved what I think was gifting of semi harvested corn from the 600 plus acre cornfield that borders my backyard, from the previous fall harvesting.
    Shooting one is something I could never do, unless my life was in serious jeopardy, and I was on the show 6 or more years ago when we have a 5 member panel discussion about this topic. This is because I consider them another hominid, human cousin of sorts, and I feel taking a Bigfoot life is as serious as taking a human life. However, in part 2 with Tomm, Wes, I hope you ask him what are their plans to getting it out and then the plan to present it in a fashion to the public, that the truth of their existance will finally be acknowledged, like we discussed years ago.

  15. schlad

    Thanks Guys great show, I thought this dude was great, brilliant attitude, excellent descriptions, fearless really but he seems to know what he’s up against. I feel that one of the great things about this topic is the deeper that you look the bigger the mystery seems to get, there is no doubt that these creatures are in a league of their own, except for us humans, we both don’t really seem to fit in with regular Nature, almost like we are both somehow transplants?! Every one of your witness encounters seems to offer so much detail and information, I feel that it’s a testament to you and your natural skills, you are brilliant at this. Please never feel weird about your enthusiasm with sound production, music and overall presentation it really makes a huge difference to the fantastic experience that you provide for us.
    Love and Peace for all❤️☮️

    • Anne W

      Great story, Tommy! You should come hang out with us at Keith Crabtree’s Fouke Monster Campout in Doddridge at Alex Smith County Park. It is March 24th- 26th but you are welcome to come earlier if you like. We have a lot of fun on these campouts. Keith is one of the guys that played the monster in The Legend of Boggy Creek. Reach out to me if you are interested in going. Everyone is welcome! Its a free event! …Anne

  16. Diana A

    Dear Tommy, you are one of the best observers I have ever heard on this channel. You respect wildlife and appreciate their intelligence. I be been a fan of Wes ever since I heard his Bigfoot scare. I have been a paid member ever since. I am a native Californian Indian and our culture observes like you do. I have gathered basket material & have noticed it watching me. But I never run. I retreat slowly and say thank you.
    Love how you have noticed the small ones act up, that’s cute.
    Thank you for not talking about picking off all the animals you see, like raccoons, porcupines, AND cougars! Somehow I just want to say congratulations you fund a method—be careful of the crazy careless Bigfoot hunters. Their carelessness is what gets themselves killed…that could endanger you.

  17. Allan L

    I’m back. I subbed for a whole year. This was an awesome episode. Anyone know the episode number where a girl tells about a couple of Sasquatch killing an old woman in a trailer park, they dragged her out of her trailer and killed her? I know it’s awful but I’d like to listen to that one again. Thank you.

  18. craig d

    To go out a kill a Sasquatch is just downright bad patter, people wonder why the Sasquatch are sometimes aggressive towards us, ever thought it might be because his brother, father or sister was murdered for no reason other than some glory seaking twonk with a rifle ended his family members life.
    To say one needs to be brought in is fantasy. Does anyone still truly believe that there aren’t many specimens in government laboratories.
    These so called hunters are kidding themselves on. I can only hope that if they ever do take one down then the Sasquatch troop are close by and show the hunters who is truly boss in the timber. Karma!
    I love SC but to promote murder is just wrong unless ones life is threatened. Being frightened by a troop isn’t a good enough reason to just go out a kill one its just wrong.

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