Feb 10

SC EP:926 “You Saw The Slurry Troll”

Tonight I will be speaking with Kenny who had an encounter when he was young. A creature came up to his window and stared at him. Kenny said “The window is 8 feet up and this thing was just standing there looking at me. Later my mother told me about things that happened on the property and told me she believed me.

Kenny has a podcast called Melchizedek Chronicles. Check out his site at https://melchizedekchronicles.org/

We will also be talking with Z. Z writes “In 2003 I was just out of high school with nothing to do. I worked with my dad at a goldmine somewhat north and east of Fairbanks, Alaska.

One afternoon after a particularly long shift, we were driving off the mountain and I lit a cigarette and leaned my head back to look out the window. A couple hundred yards below us was a copse of tree trunks left over from a forest fire the year before. As my eyes rested on them I saw what looked like a burned tree start walking like a man up the valley just below us.

The valley is drainage for the mine and is full of a superfine mud that’s left after gold is processed—we called it slurry—it’s very dangerous to walk across and the area was fenced off so it was strange to see a man down there but it was late April and much of it could have still been frozen enough to walk on however he’d gotten in there.

I pointed it out to my dad who had to stop and lean over me to see and he saw it just as it cleared the tree line.

He said he didn’t know how he got down there but we agreed he looked pretty big. We were fairly exhausted so we drove home and I forgot about it for the night.

The next morning I asked a coworker if they’d caught the guy down in the drainage pond. His brother worked security so I assumed he’d have heard anything if there was anything to hear. He hadn’t but he asked what I was talking about and I told him what we’d seen. He laughed and said “ohhh, you saw the Slurry Troll”.

He then told me that nobody calls it a Bigfoot but people had seen it up around the mine since the late 80’s and there was a rumor it even attacked a guy around ‘95 but I never heard any corroboration. I did speak to one operator who saw it from the bottom of a tunnel but he wouldn’t say much beyond that it was at least 8 feet tall because he saw it leaning over to look down at him.

The miners don’t like to talk about it because it risks a highly paying job so I’m not surprised I never heard much else.

What we saw was a jet black silhouette that sort of resembled Shaq, the arms and legs were sort of skinny compared to the barrel body. We didn’t see any sharp features beyond maybe some hair on the forearms.”





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63 Responses to “SC EP:926 “You Saw The Slurry Troll””

  1. CJ M

    Thank you very much Wes for not subjecting us to commercials! I DO appreciate your efforts and it is noticed! Thank you again. I also appreciate that you are independent and do not feel the need to make more, more, more. I hope God blesses you with everything you need.

  2. Linda B

    Thank you Wes!!! I really appreciate no commercials too. It’s hard to stop listening for a commercial, now that we are all “spoiled” without them! You’re a class act, brother! Thanks to your guests too! Have a great weekend everyone! Can’t wait to listen!

  3. Diane C

    Another excellent episode. Wes, thank you for everything you do for all of us, your guests and your audience. You ease alot of hearts and minds. Can’t wait for Chronicles at Night 😁

  4. Maria G

    Hi SC fam…I’m late to the party again, I went out to dinner with my son and his wife, along with my favorite person in the world..my 4 yrs old G-son. I’m looking forward to tonight show. Thanks Wes…you know we love you.

    p.s. Mark.. congrats and Columbo was the best..trench coat, crooked hat, cigarettes in shirt pocket, he was so “cool” I miss that show. thx for the throwback 😉🙂

  5. Linda B

    Awesome, Wes!! Wow!! So cool to include kennywilliams.com and Melchizedek on your show. I have been digging into the Christian take on this stuff and would have never found Kenny with my absent search skills, lol.
    As far as creatures escaping the flood, we’re hearing some scarey stuff about the bottom of the super low and drying Euphrates River (Rev. 14?)(Nephalum held down there for the end of days?). Neat to find out what the Bible has to say about some of this, love it. In so many ways the paranormal and spiritual overlap. I think Kenny’s take on what bigfoot is rings true, especially the way they disappear or you can hear them but not see them, using the wind? ; It makes sense…also the way they show up 500 miles away to harass people who saw them in that area but don’t actually live there. Just had a thought, the Bible says angels are made out of wind Hebrews ch. 1 (some translations vary). Fallen angels are still angels. Thanks Kenny.
    Really enjoyed listening to Z also!
    Thanks again, Wes.

  6. Janice K

    information we all need to know. I saw on a friends’s property where one had come over the river and dug up a salt lick my friend had for the the elk. As it left it, it pushed down a tree. While walking along the tree line on his beach he and my friend discovered the pushed down tree which led to the destroyed salt lick. They then went back to the beach and there were two nice big footprints as it exited the woods where it pushed down the tree, it left a full print, the next print, 6 feet away, it’s foot curled over a big rock, so just the toes and heel showed in that print. Then it’s just rocks down to the river. On the other side of the river is the Gifford Pinchot. Mt St Helens area. Only neighbors were a lady with 36 acres to the east and a huge tree farm to the west. My friend and I (two women alone, but we had a big German Shepard with us) put down two army cots and built a fire and spent 4 night and 5 days out on the beach. No tent, just sleeping under the open sky. It didn’t come back. Now I’m glad it didn’t. I no longer want to see one.

  7. Justin F

    Thank You! I feel exactly what you say about the Sasquatch! Every word. It’s so reassuring to hear an actual resonating response to “what are they?”. People keep labeling them with their own indoctrination. Thank You thank you!!

  8. Janetta V

    Two of the nicest guys and very interesting. I enjoyed the show so much. You help so many peaple, much gratitude goes out to you, therapists don’t have a thing on you. God gave us a sound mind and you sure use yours. Thanks.

  9. richard r

    thanks for the upoad Wes. . again i gotconfirmation on what bigfoot could be from. your first guest said itt eloquently drawing hiis knowledge from the bible and putting the puzzle pieces together.

  10. Beth E


    great show. I’m with you Justin F! I really enjoyed Z’s educated theory. It’s refreshing to hear a point of view that isn’t based on demonizing anything that is different and unknown. Great guest!

  11. William D

    John the disciple of Jesus, who was given the Revelation of End Times by the Lord referred to the Antichrist as the BEAST. He also states his number is 666. The number of MAN. Maybe referring to his genetic relation to MAN. What I’m getting at is, I wonder if the Antichrist is a BIGFOOT?

  12. Chad W

    These encounters where a creature is looking into a window, especially at night, especially into a child’s room, really get to me. I was afraid of just that happening, when I was a boy (never saw one looking in at me, thank goodness). I also lived in eastern Oklahoma at the time of Kenny’s boyhood encounter, about 30-40 minutes from the area he describes. So much went on that I didn’t know about.

    I re-listened to Episode 402 a day or two ago – “Giant Chimpanzee on All Fours Chasing Deer”. I’d remembered it as being a truly compelling episode, and man is it ever. It’s a great listen.

  13. cynthia s

    Sasquatch leaves physical evidence like tracks. Small ones have been seen so they procreate. They kills animals so they eat, many have reported smells. If it smells, eats, has sex and leaves tracks, it is a physical creature. They’re may be other aspects to them that seem supernatural but could be they’ve developed abilities that humans don’t have. Humans don’t have night vision, can’t produce echo location or infra sound, use chemical reactions to produce luminescence. We accept there are species that have these abilities. I don’t understand why we can’t accept the possibility of Sasquatch.

  14. Casey T

    I forgot I had the surround sound on and the weird noise at the very beginning of this episode definitely didn’t come from the speaker I thought it would and scared me to death for 0.5 sec

  15. Michael K

    My name is Mike and I grew up in LaGrande. I actually grew up 14 miles outside of LaGrande behind Mt Emily in the Wallowa Whitman N. Forest . I had an experience, well I’ve had numerous experiences, but I had an experience no more than 2 miles from Jubilee Lake which is in The Umatilla N Forest and borders the WW.. It was just off skyline rd, down on the north fork of the Walla Walla while on a fire in Bear Canyon. They’re in there ZZ I know your story is credible. Sure would like to talk to you more about your experience.

  16. John E

    completely agreed with Z. I told Wes when I was on the show I thought these were mystic humans who chose to stay in the wood. check out the Indian Rishis or Sadus and the things they taught themselves to do with their bodies living on the edges of society. In my sighting my “yahoo” spoke to me mentally. it said it chose to live alone that way and I think was just digging in my family alone out there. not a welcome thought or feeling.

  17. Michael H

    The number 7 is the number of God and there is absolute, undeniable proof that God, and not man, is the author of the Bible, and therefore there is proof that the Bible is 100% true. Ivan Panin was a 19th century Harvard scholar but you’ve probably never heard of his work. He wrote over 40,000 pages of analysis of the Bible in its original Hebrew/Aramaic/Greek, like in the excerpt below, over the course of his career. This is from a letter he wrote to the editor to The Sun newspaper in NYC in 1899, you can find the full version online:

    …The second part of this chapter, verses 18-25, relates the birth of the Christ. It consists of 161 words, or 23 sevens; occurring in 105 forms, or 15 sevens, with a vocabulary of 77 words or 11 sevens. Joseph is spoken to here by an angel. Accordingly, of the 77 words the angel uses 28 or 4 sevens; of the 105 forms he uses 35 or 5 sevens; the numeric value of the vocabulary is 52,605 or 7,515 sevens; of the forms, 65,429 or 9,347 sevens. This enumeration only begins as it were barely to scratch the surface of the numerics of this passage. But what is specially noteworthy here is the fact that the angel’s speech has also a scheme of sevens making it a kind of ring within a ring, a wheel within a wheel…
    3. The second chapter of Matthew tells of the childhood of the Christ. Its vocabulary has 161 words, or 23 sevens, with 896 letters, or 128 sevens, and 238 forms, or 34 sevens; the numeric value of the vocabulary is 123,529 or 17, 647 sevens; of the forms, 166,985 or 23, 885 sevens; and so on through pages of enumeration. This chapter has at least four logical divisions, and each division shows alone the same phenomena found in the chapter as a whole. Thus the first six verses have a vocabulary of 56 words, or 8 sevens, etc. There are some speeches here: Herod speaks, the Magi speak, the angel speaks. But so pronounced are numeric phenomena here, that though there are as it were numerous rings within rings, and wheels within wheels, each is perfect in itself through forming all the while only part of the rest

  18. Ragnar J

    Rosacruceans / Steiner details the separation of pregnant advanced races that attempted higher mind initiations. Some creatures experienced a split in which their minds and bodies and earth chord split differently than what we consider humans today.

  19. Ragnar J

    I like this guys thinking. The humming that affects how they go blurry/predator mode. What if they can affect the sensitive mechanisms of our eyeballs when they are pointed their way? Just spit-balling.

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