Jan 13

SC EP:918 The Beast Of The United Kingdom

Tonight I will be speaking with Paul Sinclair. Paul is recognized within the field of unexplained phenomena for his honest no nonsense approach to the subject. He prefers to follow the research wherever that may lead, even if it means putting himself in locations and situations most people would not want to be in.

Paul is currently working on a new documentary called Wolfland, about unusual cryptid sightings in the UK.



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71 Responses to “SC EP:918 The Beast Of The United Kingdom”

  1. Linda B

    Hi everyone from a cold little sleepy town in Kansas! Hope you all enjoy tonight’s show and have a wonderful weekend! Thank you, Wes! I watched the video earlier today and really enjoyed it. I know tonight’s show will be awesome.

    • Michael J

      The reality is that even in urban environments; these beings exist. There are documented cases of them coming up to dumpsters, cans, abandoned commercial buildings. They migrate to an extend. I have no doubt on the ancient island of Britain. They ARE MORE than flesh & blood. It would be no trick to be on the island.

  2. Linda B

    Wes, thank you so much for having Paul Sinclair on the show tonight. I could sit and listen to you and Paul talk these interesting things over with each other with us as company until the sun comes up. I think I will replay this episode right now because it’s so fascinating. ….I know when you asked me about the look on the face of that black 🐈‍⬛ wolf-like creature I saw, I was at a loss for words to define the expression on that things face. I finally came up with premeditated and sinister with thought and a creepy kind of knowing I couldn’t see it. It was like I knew what it was thinking which maybe isn’t that hard to do…but it was wrong, I could see it! I’ll never forget it. I learned after our interview there’s a ghost town in Kansas called Black Wolf within thirty minutes of my sighting. Also my sister in law saw a huge wolf like creature on all fours and told her husband as they were Riding in the car past a cornfield, “I think I just saw a werewolf”. I didn’t know about that when you interviewed me.
    Have a great weekend! Please have Paul back! On these cold snowy nights in America your listeners were recalling, those of us old enough to recall, the smoky/foggy old dark werewolf movies of the (going to guess) 40s? They were old movies for us not that I was that old, we were kids, lol. 🙂 Hehe Thanks, Wes. 🙏

    • Chris L

      If it’s werewolf movies you’re looking for, you can’t do much better than a film out of Britain called Dog Soldiers.

      I will warn you though, it is a more modern take on the werewolf genre and certainly would never have been approved for public screening in the 1940s.

      For someone who has actually seen a werewolf or might feel easily afraid in the woods at night, it might be a pretty traumatic watch.

  3. Emily F

    Great listen Wes! I’m from the UK and don’t believe for a nanosecond that Bigfoot could exist here, but Paul’s accounts of the Dog Man are horrifying. I don’t think I could mentally recover if I’d experienced what happened in the ravine. Looking forward to watching WolfLands. Please bring Paul back!

  4. richard r

    liked the knowlegeable guest, you could tell.
    at the end he said something about how some people said it skated around instaed of walking. yes it seems they are not from our world, where at least it obys the laws of physics. i dont think we are supposed to see some things like that or at leasst understand something that was not meant for us in the first place.

  5. David H

    great episode I remember when no one was even looking in the UK. Well at least we didn’t ever get to here about them. Wes great show and I can’t wait till Wolfand comes out.

  6. James B

    Thanks Wes and Paul, great episode! Its strange listening to accounts that are within an hours drive away. I live just outside of Hull, so being into these topics I’ve heard of the Flixton werewolf and the old stinker before. Never thought I’d hear Hull get a mention on Sasquatch Chronicles either!😂

  7. Robert H

    I’m from this area, my childhood days out were spent on the beach in Bridlington (Are we off t’ Brid mam?)
    The presence of these sort of phenomena don’t surprise me at all.
    Although it’s a small country we generally don’t go deep into the wilderness and we stick to the paths as Andy McGrath mentioned in a previous episode.

  8. Ron S

    Paul Sinclair and people like him with logical, open minds and the bravery to spread the truth are a true blessing. They create a stepping stone for others who either haven’t had an experience or don’t believe there is more to the world than the nuts and bolts of it.

    I truly believe when you come to the next step after that you’ll see how all of this ties together with human spirituality and how it’s being battled over by both good and evil sources.

    And Wes, thank you for no commercials. I believe most of them lead to gluttony and greed, basically a slippery sloap to sin in many cases. It would change my whole view of the show and if I should even be participating or contributing.

    Stay good, positive and true everyone! You will see the edge of darkness a lot easier when you stand in the light.🌞

  9. Melissa K

    I usually stay far away from this topic because the Sasquatch was hard enough for my mind to handle seeing
    I think seeing one of these things would truly be my end
    But I enjoyed listening to him, loved the accent, very cool
    I enjoyed the video as well

  10. John S

    I’ve seen so many things in our states and other countries I’m open minded. I’m so lucky/unfortunate to see different cryptids I don’t know why so I’d be interested in going to this place to see if I can encounter their cryptids too

  11. Laurie W

    Wes – this episode was phenomenal!! I don’t always get a chance to listen to the episodes right away, but I have listened to every one of them, many a few times over. Your last three episodes have been especially good for my soul as I have been going through some difficult times. And, I love getting all the different perspectives from your all guests. I will definitely be checking out Paul’s research. Loved listening to the two of you. Please do have him back.

    I wouldn’t change a thing. Thanks for all you do!! <3 : )

  12. DeAnna M

    That was a great show! It was kind of funny how Paul kept saying I’m not sure where we are on time meanwhile I’m over here thinking I could listen to this guy for HOURS! 😳😲
    It’s quite obvious Paul is doing some research and is out there taking the time to gather information for us! Thank you Paul and Wes, AWESOME show! I can’t wait till Wes has you back Paul! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  13. Charles R

    My favorite cartoon as a kid was Johnny Quest. I looked forward to Saturday mornings when it would air in 1964 and 65. Maybe this was the impetus into my fascination and understanding of high strangeness. One memorable episode was The Werewolf of the Timberland, taking place the outlands of French Canada. This was my first exposure to the Loup Garou. I really enjoyed Pauls presentation, and would agree with his thoughts that they live in 2 worlds. I am sure Wes will have him back.

    Are there true werewolves in England – of couse there are.


  14. Carl W

    Another great show, Paul is mesmerizing with his recounting of the various encounters, I look forward to hearing from him again and hope you’ll bring him back soon.

  15. Vance W

    Great guest. I have listened to so many dogman stories on various podcast. Many of the reports have lots of common attributes, much like the stories of Sasquatch. One of the puzzle pieces of these stories comes from people who have SSP memories. Many of these folks speak of Dog-Solidier like warriors they have seen/run into in the course of their service. I know Wes had a person on a year or so ago that was out driving in the California desert late one night and witnessed a group of these dogmen marching in formation like soldiers. It is another anecdotal factor but seems like this may be all related, especially how these dogmen seem to be bullet proof.

  16. Natalie C

    Wes. I’m thinking so many things about the dogman/wolf thing.
    Wolves have been ostracized and thrown under the bus, people claiming wolves are encroaching on human hunting grounds. I have a big heart and respect for wolves. I wonder if there is a guardian out there in the form of a “wolf figure”, to protect the species,a form that is telling you something…only…stupid humans can’t figure it out. Everyone should think about their dog and the connection with wolves. There is something there.

  17. Holly K

    Echoing what many of the listeners have said, Paul has a gift for storytelling. He is able to transport the user right into the episode with the description of his witness encounter. Looking forward to you bringing him back on the show!!

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