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  • May 10 2021

    Strange Sounds Out Of Ohio

    A listener writes “I’ve had several encounters with Bigfoot and one sighting all in the same location here in Springfield Ohio and this is what me and my girlfriend heard over the weekend.”      

  • May 10 2021

    Gibbon freaks out over hedgehog

    Gibbons are totally freaked out by their first Hedgehog Encounter. An amusing video has emerged of two gibbons intrigued by a hedgehog. The footage, shot earlier this year at the Lake District Wild Life Park in Keswick, UK, shows the two monkeys carefully approaching the visiting mammal. \

  • May 10 2021

    Cryptid By Region: Wales

    Ben Miller writes “Today we are staying within the UK to continue our Cryptid By Region series with Wales. This country doesn’t have as many cryptids as some but what it does have is some odd ones. In fact there are a few cryptids here that I thought I would never get the chance to… Read more »

  • May 9 2021

    The Confessionals: The Pale Creature of the Woods

    Tony writes “In Episode 280: The Pale Creature of the Woods, we are joined by Reese. He and I recorded this interview a long time ago, but waited to release it because Reese was concerned that some of the activity he describes would escalate if he talked with me about it. After we recorded, his… Read more »

  • May 9 2021

    Tonight’s Show: Fishermen Encounter Sasquatch

    Steve will be coming on the show to share his encounter that took place in Pennsylvania. Steve said “What shocked me the most was how human like it was. Take a listen.  

  • May 9 2021

    Bob Gymlan: Story of Spring Heeled Jack and The Hammersmith Ghost

    Bob writes “This video is about two, what I think is fair to call, “Humanoid Cryptids.” They are the legendary Spring Heeled Jack, and the lesser known Hammersmith Ghost. The accounts in this video took place between 1803 and 1879. Both of these entities offer folkloric and cultural implications, and have rooted themselves in our… Read more »

  • May 8 2021

    Survivorman – Wild Harvest Foraging Tip

    Les writes “For every episode of Wild Harvest (*Full episodes as seen around the world here on this Youtube Channel, look for the playlist, and in the US as seen on American Public Television PBS stations), we have pulled out moments specific to either Les Stroud’s foraging tips, Chef Paul Rogalski’s cooking tips or some… Read more »

  • May 8 2021

    Investigators May Have Solved The Mysterious Case Of Flight 19

    In 1945, five US Navy planes vanished without a trace in the Bermuda Triangle. Now, investigators may have found an explanation for the disappearance – and even could have found one of the lost planes.