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  • Sep 30 2020

    Ancient Egypt Writings Are Very Strange

    Matrix Wisdom writes “The overwhelming majority of Egyptologists agree on most things, but this topic is something that has caused heated debate for 100’s of years. Long ago the Egyptians believed things that us modern folk can only dream of. Could they be true., might they have been more advanced than we thought?”

  • Sep 30 2020

    A Large Brown Hairy Creature

    A listener writes “Myself and my best friend Judd, his brother Bowen, my brother Tucker, and my friend Luke went camping. We were in the middle of know where in the woods. We set up tent and we all went in it. I came out because I had to pee and I could smell something… Read more »

  • Sep 30 2020

    Upcoming Show: Killing Giants

    The Redheaded Giants from Lovelock, Nevada were known as Si-Te-Cah by The Paiute Nation. Si-Te-Cah means Tule Eater. They got this name because they often stole Paiute women that were collecting tule by the lake and then would escape the Paiute by retreating on their boats of woven tule. Si-Te-Cah’s were also known as Spirit… Read more »

  • Sep 30 2020

    My Son Saw Something

    A listener writes “A coupe weeks ago my son and I were out bow hunting in Utah, I had my son who is 14 pushing through the trees while I was standing on the edge of the clearing, all of a sudden my son started banging on a tree with a stick. I whistled at… Read more »

  • Sep 29 2020

    Amazing Acoustics Inside The Great Pyramid At Giza In Egypt

    The Great Pyramid of Giza is the oldest and largest of the three pyramids in the Giza pyramid complex bordering present-day Giza in Greater Cairo, Egypt. It is the oldest of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, and the only one to remain largely intact. Based on a mark in an interior chamber naming… Read more »

  • Sep 29 2020

    History of Ancient Giants In Lovelock Cave

    Today, we’re covering the story of the Lovelock Cave red-haired giants. It’s one of Nevada’s biggest unsolved mysteries: did ancient giants really roam this area throughout history? Or were the giant skeletons supposedly found inside the Lovelock Cave fake? We decided to conduct our own investigative journalism and dive into this bizarre story. To this… Read more »

  • Sep 29 2020

    The Cannibals Of The Four Corners

    Timeline – World History Documentaries writes “Were the native Americans secret cannibals? New discoveries reveal that the Anasazi tribe killed and ate their victims. Investigations further afield have found that there may have been cannibals in Mexico and Cheddar Gorge in the South of England.”

  • Sep 29 2020

    The Confessionals Podcast: The Spirit Observer

    A listener writes “In Episode 272: The Spirit Observer, guest Wes shares with us about different entities he has seen throughout his life. These entities do not seem specific to one particular place or event – Wes is a frequent traveler and has seen things appear in many different places. In this episode, we discuss… Read more »