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  • May 29 2024

    Bigfoot Documentary | “King of the Woods”

    Penford Media writes “Enjoy this new Bigfoot documentary “King of the Woods”. This 2024 Bigfoot Documentary is brought to you by Penford Media, in association with the New Hampshire Bigfoot Society and chaos Theatre Productions. Featuring Bigfoot expert, Loren Coleman. This Sasquatch documentary was filmed at the 2024 international cryptozoology conference.” Link to the video

  • May 29 2024

    The Legendary Nazi UFO – Is It Real?

    Found And Explained writes “Near the closing hours of world war two, the nazis started to experiment with more… unconventional aircraft designs. And technologies that some would consider, unnatural. With the ability to fly in any direction at the moment’s notice, invisible to radar, and the ability to launch guided missiles, this new flying saucer… Read more »

  • May 29 2024

    I Couldn’t Move

    A listener writes “Wes, I’m seventy three years old now and live in the beautiful Texas hill country southwest of Austin. This is what happened fourteen years ago. It was my last night at work and I was closing up my department in Salmon Creek, at the north end of Vancouver, Washington. My best friend… Read more »

  • May 28 2024

    Strange, Tall Creature in The Boonies (1976)

    Greetings, Wes, from Down Under! In 1976, at age 18 years, I was working part-time in a sports store/gun shop in Sydney, Australia. One day, the then 35 year old store manager, whom I knew very well, confided that he had seen a very strange creature during one of his many hunting trips to the… Read more »

  • May 28 2024

    Vocalizes, Whistles and Throws Rock

    The Sasquatch Encounter Brigade writes “Vocalizes, Whistles and Throws Rock. Last night was an extremely active night. I believe the Sasquatch were around for an extended period of time because of how much activity there was. My last years worth of research and the hypothesis surrounding their patterns all came together in one night.” Link… Read more »

  • May 28 2024

    The Confessionals: Following The Voices

    The Confessionals writes “In episode 655: Following The Voices, Dr. Jerry Marzinsky unveils his groundbreaking insights from years of working with schizophrenic patients, revealing the true nature of the voices they hear. He explores the sinister patterns and behaviors of these entities and their draining impact on patients’ energy. Delving into the historical context of… Read more »

  • May 27 2024

    Man stumbles upon heavy, mysterious object possibly from outer space

    Justin Clontz, a groundskeeper at the Glamping Collective campsite, was shocked when he came across a strange charred object along the nearby forest trails. Measuring an inch thick and around 3-4ft across, the mystery object was so heavy and unwieldy that Clontz had to resort to using a lawn mower to tow it back to… Read more »

  • May 27 2024

    Animals are able to self-medicate and have been doing so for millennia

    An injured orangutan was recently observed chewing a medicinal leaf and applying it to his wound. Adrienne Mayor: When a wild orangutan in Sumatra recently suffered a facial wound, apparently after fighting with another male, he did something that caught the attention of the scientists observing him. The animal chewed the leaves of a liana… Read more »