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  • Jun 6 2023

    Mysterious Species Buried Their Dead

    CNN writes “Researchers have uncovered evidence that members of a mysterious archaic human species buried their dead and carved symbols on cave walls long before the earliest evidence of burials by modern humans. The brains belonging to the extinct species, known as Homo naledi, were around one-third the size of a modern human brain. The… Read more »

  • Jun 6 2023

    Woodland Animal Noises

    A listener writes “Last October I sent you a long winded email. Regarding a mind speak experience with a loved one that passed and a dark figure I saw in the woods many years back. This past year however I heard 2 tree knocks on my property. Just 50 feet from me…no more than 70… Read more »

  • Jun 6 2023

    Military whistleblower claims US has UFO retrieval program

    NewsNation writes “In an exclusive interview, an Air Force veteran and former member of the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency speaks to NewsNation about what he claims are extraterrestrial craft recovered and kept secret by the U.S. government. Grusch alleges the U.S. government has recovered non-human craft for decades and recently filed a whistle-blower complaint, stating… Read more »

  • Jun 6 2023

    The Confessionals: The Blood Of The Innocent

    The Confessionals writes “In Episode 552: The Blood Of The Innocent, we’re bringing back the incredible Dr. Engle, from Episode 530: Surviving MK-Ultra, who escaped the clutches of the MK-Ultra program and went on to become a highly sought-after medical doctor. But that’s not all! Dr. Engle has a jaw-dropping story to share about her… Read more »

  • Jun 5 2023

    Beastly Theories: Alien Abduction With Gee-Redvers Chinn

    Beastly Theories writes “Gee’s first introduction to the paranormal was due to a growing fascination with Ufology in his early 20’s and a personal encounter of the Fourth Kind that took place 8 years earlier in 1988. This interest in Ufology opened the door to many other area’s of the Paranormal and Unexplained, such as:… Read more »

  • Jun 5 2023

    Truth Proof – Shadow People

    A strange case of backpackers having bizarre experiences with shadow people in the forest. Paul Sinclair shares his accounts of unusual and strange happenings in an around East and North Yorkshire.

  • Jun 5 2023

    The Strange Disappearance of Thomas Messick

    Thomas Messick Senior was 82 years old when he went missing on the 15th of November of 2015. The disappearance of this seasoned outdoorsman in the dense wilderness of the Adirondack Mountains in the state of New York, has baffled search and rescue professionals and investigators alike. Tom walked into the woods south of Brant… Read more »

  • Jun 4 2023

    NASA Holds First Ever Public Meeting On The Topic Of UFOs

    The panel, which was comprised of 16 experts including astronaut Scott Kelly, met up at NASA’s headquarters in Washington on Wednesday to discuss anything and everything to do with UFOs. Sadly, those hoping to hear details about specific US military encounters with UAPs were left disappointed as no such details were provided, although the panel… Read more »