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  • Feb 8 2023

    It’s Face Was Ape Like

    A listener writes “My twin sister, myself and our two large Lab dogs saw a Bigfoot cross the road from right to left about 300 yards away from us when we were around 7 years old. Midway across the road it turned to look at us as my dogs were going berserk and I vividly… Read more »

  • Feb 8 2023

    Hit by a Rock

    Grassman58 writes “This is from my friend Beans from Alasquatch who had a chance to talk to a man who worked on a logging sight here in Stevens County Washington. He shares a story of being hit by a rock while working.”

  • Feb 8 2023

    Strange experiences growing up

    A listener writes “I grew up in a small town in western Ohio and my grandparents owned a small horse farm. I was the oldest grandchild and I idolized my grandpa, so I started going camping with my grandparents at around 4 years old, and I began trail riding at age 6. We would camp… Read more »

  • Feb 8 2023

    When Did Hominins First Leave Africa?

    Stefan Milo writes “At some point deep in prehistory, the first hominins left Africa to spread around Eurasia. When did this happen and who was migrating have been subject to huge debate!”

  • Feb 7 2023

    Pink Mountain, British Columbia

    A listener writes “I saw very briefly another individual watching us from the outside of our frack lease in Pink Mountain last December. I was staring at it without realizing it and it ducked on a 45 degree angle to my right and disappeared behind the Willows. It was a grayish honey color. I’m freaking… Read more »

  • Feb 7 2023

    The Confessionals: Close Encounters Of The Sexual Kind

    The Confessionals writes “In Episode 518: Close Encounters Of The Sexual Kind we are joined by Midnight Mike from the OBDM podcast! Mike and I have been wanting to do a show together for a while and our schedules finally aligned. When talking to Mike about what we wanted to discuss there was a ton… Read more »

  • Feb 6 2023

    Like a man with a beard

    A listener writes “My encounter happened in 2014 in Mendocino county, CA. I was there to stay a week by my self. I went upstream fish. The trail going up had a big rock formation I had to go around. That’s when the smell stopped me in my tracks. It smelt like a zoo were… Read more »

  • Feb 6 2023

    “You Saw The Slurry Troll”

    A listener writes “In 2003 I was just out of high school with nothing to do. I worked with my dad at a goldmine somewhat north and east of Fairbanks, Alaska. One afternoon after a particularly long shift, we were driving off the mountain and I lit a cigarette and leaned my head back to… Read more »