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  • Jun 17 2021

    UFO Over Chicago

    Strange craft seen over Chicago. The YouTube channel third phase of moon posted some videos and pictures from the area.

  • Jun 17 2021

    Bigfoot Festival: Metaline Falls, Washington In June 2021

    The town of Metaline Falls will host their First Annual Bigfoot Festival June 19 through June 20, 2021. The town-wide event will feature scientists, investigators, authors, TV personalities, and special guests, according to a press release from the town. There will be eight presenters with information about BigFoot, according to a press release from the… Read more »

  • Jun 17 2021

    Strange Familiars: Gazoo’s Woods Part 2

    Chad and Timothy continue their night at Gazoo’s Woods. After spending more time at the cemetery, they drive to the other side and approach Gazoo’s Woods from the opposite side. Red eyeshine is seen. Requests are made, and responses are given. Weird cries are heard. Something is thrown. A few days later, Timothy returns to… Read more »

  • Jun 16 2021

    Bigfoot Odyssey: Sasquatch Encounters

    Kerry from the Bigfoot Odyssey shares encounters sent to him. The episode is called SE#3 Real Bigfoot Encounters. “I’ll never go back in the woods again”

  • Jun 16 2021

    Living Off Grid Update

    On Episode 528 I spoke to Wyman.  He lives off grid near the Columbia River in Washington State. Wyman says “In 2015 these things showed up on my property. I didn’t know what they were. So much has happened, they killed my dog and my goat.I have seen the creatures a few times. There is… Read more »

  • Jun 15 2021

    Strange Lights In The Sky Over Tonapah, NV

    STRANGE BRÄU RADIO posted a video of strange lights over Tonapah, NV. Check it out.

  • Jun 15 2021

    Who were the Neanderthals?

    DW Documentary writes “Long before Homo sapiens populated the earth, the Neanderthals lived in Eurasia. Now, paleoanthropologists in England and France are using new archeological methods to shed light on some previously unexplained Neanderthal mysteries. In an age clouded by the mists of time, the first early humans colonized the Eurasian continent. They settled on… Read more »

  • Jun 15 2021

    Colorado’s Sasquatch museum gets a new addition

    Next 9NEWS writes “Jim Myers runs the Sasquatch Outpost in Bailey, Colo. He just returned from the Midwest with an interesting addition to the museum.”