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  • Dec 15 2018

    Tri Diver: The fence climber bigfoot

    Tri Diver writes “The fence climber bigfoot. Why its real. Video showing a very large bigfoot creature climbing over a fence in east Texas. Originally uploaded and reviewed by M.K. Davis. Analysis shows that the figure in the video may be as tall as nine feet.”

  • Dec 15 2018

    Mountain Beast Mysteries: The Redwoods Footage

    Mountain Beast Mysteries takes a look at the Redwoods footage. August 28, 1995, California, Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park. The driver of the RV pulls onto a small side road so that his passengers – a TV film crew from Waterland Productions can take a closer look at the scenery. Music plays, beers froth and… Read more »

  • Dec 15 2018

    Upcoming Show: Dead Men Tell No Tales

    Spoke to the witness he said “Wes, I basically grew up around these things. My family and I lived on the reservation and my grandfather and the other elders would talk about these creatures. There was one that would smack the house almost every night. One time he hit the back window and moshed his… Read more »

  • Dec 14 2018

    Blue Ridge Bigfoot: Zombie Bigfoot

    Blue Ridge Bigfoot writes “Our world is a beautiful place but on the flip side, it’s also filled with strange and disturbing things. Cole was a teen at the time and had a fascination with horror movies. Living in the woods of Kentucky, he found that horror movies don’t have much on Bigfoot. Especially when… Read more »

  • Dec 14 2018

    Stacy Brown FLIR Bigfoot Footage

    Stacy’s father recently passed away. I wanted to share this video again. Crypto Tom writes “By now most have seen or heard about the Stacy Brown FLIR bigfoot/skunk ape footage. I contacted Stacy and ask him to tell me how the footage was obtain and if I could use the footage and attempt to enhance… Read more »

  • Dec 14 2018

    Tonight’s Show: Hunter encounters Sasquatch

    A listener from AK describes an encounter he had on his family property in Washington State. He says “Seeing it in person was very surprising, it did not look at all like the world makes them out to look. It wasn’t reddish brown hair, it was black/brown like a turkey and long like muskox hair…. Read more »

  • Dec 14 2018

    Survivorman Bigfoot Q&A with Les Stroud

    On April 8, 2015 Les Stroud traveled to Pocatello, Idaho to present some of his findings of Bigfoot to Prof. Jeff Meldrum PhD, and to also have a question & answer session with the local fans and Bigfoot believers. This is the recordings of the Q&A session.

  • Dec 13 2018

    Did weather forecaster Aaron Perlman find Sasquatch?

    orning anchor and forecaster Aaron Perlman annually hikes on the John Muir Trail with his wife Mindy. This year, they chose to hike on the High Sierra Trail. On Day 10 of their 11-day hike, Aaron took this video of the Great Western Divide near Mount Kaweah. Watch the video closely as Aaron scans over… Read more »