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  • Mar 30 2023

    Strange Familiars: Haunted Forest VII – Return to the POW Camp

    Strange Familiars writes “Chad and Timothy visit the ruins of Camp Michaux, a World War II POW camp, for another night of strangeness. Anomalous lights, unknown voices, and other sounds greet them, along with brief glimpses of mystery lights, and the smell of tobacco.”

  • Mar 30 2023

    Giant Encounters in the Old Americas

    Mr. Mythos writes “When European explorers and conquistadors came to the Americas, many encountered giants and recorded this as fact. From mighty chiefs to entire tribes, some New World goliaths were friendly while others thirsted for bloodshed. And Europeans weren’t the only ones to meet them… 500 years earlier, the Aztecs almost drove the giants… Read more »

  • Mar 29 2023

    A Giant Wolf Like Animal

    A listener writes “Hello Wes, so I had a horrifying experience when I was 14 years old. I live in Youngstown, Ohio. I grew up on the Northside of town in the city. If you look up pics of the old steel mills in town you will get an understanding of what I am talking… Read more »

  • Mar 29 2023

    It retreated into the woods

    A listener writes “Long story short I’ve had sasquatch encounters since my wife and I built our house on 10acres surrounded by hundreds of acres of forestry in Northern Wisconsin. Been living here for 13 some years. I’ve seen them, tracked them, video and trail camera of numerous things about them including eye shine, footprints,… Read more »

  • Mar 29 2023

    Yowie Sighting Near Jackadgery, New South Wales

    Yowiehunters Witness Reports writes “A remote rural town surrounded with mountainous peaks and valley’s is no stranger to sightings of rare anomalies. The Yowie is of course one creature of habit living in locations, with terrain often hostile to man. As stated in the initial narration, you may live your entire life out there never discovered,… Read more »

  • Mar 28 2023

    Something big enough to move large trees from side to side

    A listener writes “In 1979 I was 15 yrs old. A couple friends of mine heard that there were strange things going on in a community outside of Mount Vernon Va. A friend of mine (John) knew a guy (Dave, actually don’t know his name) had experienced many things in this area, so one day… Read more »

  • Mar 28 2023

    Did you see what I saw?

    A listener writes “I grew up in SW part of Louisville Kentucky, we lived a mile of two of a wooded hilly area that stretches for miles South and East. As a teenager we use to go-to a pond at the base of a hill togo swimming. round an hour or two before dusk there… Read more »

  • Mar 28 2023

    The Confessionals: Mothers Of Darkness

    The Confessionals writes “In Episode 532: Mothers Of Darkness we are joined by Jessie Czebotar who has one of the most unique stories we have ever had on The Confessionals. I stumbled across Jessie’s story about 4 years ago on Daniel Duvall’s show. She was operating under the pseudonym of Jane. Jessie was born into… Read more »