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  • Jan 26 2021

    I Got The Clear Sense That I Was Being Watched

    A listener writes “Hello Wes, I have been listening to the podcast for several years, and things that I learned from other people’s observations has answered some questions that I had about the situations that happened to me as a teenager. Now forward to 1984, I was 14, I would go out to my grandparents… Read more »

  • Jan 26 2021

    From Proconsul To Homo Heidelbergensis

    Scientists Against Myths writes “For Millions of years, our planet has been floating in space. Millions of creatures have lived on its surface. Many a quaint being was among them, but they affected only our, human imagination, for in the evolutionary struggle we are the only ones who have obtained the advantage of reason.”

  • Jan 26 2021

    Bigfoot Odyssey Documentary: Sasquatch in Oklahoma

    Bigfoot Odyssey Documentary: Sasquatch in Oklahoma. Mark Copeland is featured and shares his encounter.

  • Jan 25 2021

    MonsterQuest: Close Encounters With Bigfoot

    MonsterQuest writes “The most compelling evidence for the creature known as Bigfoot may be the increasing close encounters that are frightening witnesses in rural America.”

  • Jan 25 2021

    Oakville Blobs | Ben Miller

    Ben writes “Today we are running late but more importantly we are visiting a location that had experienced some strange weather. The Oakville Blobs is an unexplained phenomenon to this day but many theories exist.”

  • Jan 25 2021

    Dr. Jeffrey Meldrum vs ScienceSideUp | Bigfoot Debate

    Dr. Jeff Meldrum is a Full Professor of Anatomy & Anthropology at Idaho State University (since 1993). He teaches human anatomy in the graduate health professions programs. His research encompasses questions of vertebrate evolutionary morphology generally, primate locomotor adaptations more particularly, and especially the emergence of modern human bipedalism. His co-edited volume, From Biped to… Read more »

  • Jan 24 2021

    The Confessionals: Billy The Kid: The Man Who Died Twice

    Did Pat Garrett kill Billy the Kid? It was a moonlit night in Ft. Sumner, NM when history tells us that Sheriff Pat Garrett shot down the notorious outlaw Billy “the Kid”. Newspapers across the country quickly reported that the Kid was dead and Garrett quickly put the body in the ground. But rumors spread… Read more »

  • Jan 24 2021

    SC EP:727 They Took My Flesh

    On this episode, we are joined by Tony Merkel from The Confessionals podcast, who will be our Sasquatch Chronicles guest host, while Wes hosts an episode of The Confessionals for Tony as part of this special swapcast! Tony brings guest Michael to the show, who shares with us all about a life riddled with unusual… Read more »