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  • Apr 23 2024

    PROVING BIGFOOT (2024) New Bigfoot Documentary

    Penford Media writes “New Bigfoot Documentary, Proving Bigfoot. Hear from lead Bigfoot investigators, authors and researches about the credible phenomenon of Sasquatch. Featuring Emily Fleur, Paul Bartholemew, Daniel Perez, Erick Szylagyi and Ken Gerhard. This 2024 Bigfoot Documentary was created by Penford Studios, in association with Chaos Theater Productions, Sovis Productions & Penford Media.”  … Read more »

  • Apr 23 2024

    The Confessionals: Salish Sasquatch

    The Confessionals writes “In episode 645: Salish Sasquatch, John and Sara Brown discuss their experiences with Sasquatch on their property, which has been in John’s family for generations. They share stories passed down from John’s grandfather and other neighbors who have also encountered Sasquatch. Sara describes her first encounter with a foul smell and whistling… Read more »

  • Apr 22 2024

    Vocalizations In Washington

    A listener writes “I’m from British Columbia Canada & was down in Washington quielsene & we were doing lots of calls remotely while kayaking. My iPhone did not pick up the intensity of sound. My boyfriend spends a lot of time out in the wild & is very familiar with animal sounds. Wondering your thoughts?… Read more »

  • Apr 22 2024

    Bigfoot and Beyond: Maximum Clobosity!

    Bigfoot and Beyond writes “Cliff Barackman and James “Bobo” Fay chat about a variety of subjects in this wide-ranging episode! Topics include: the Bluff Creek ‘squatchers from Ep. 250 and Ep. 217, sasquatch hair samples causing rashes, Bobo’s need for bibs, a sasquatch-related call to a Sheriff’s office, why comedians love Bobo, sasquatch toes, why… Read more »

  • Apr 22 2024

    Scream in the woods

    A member sent this to me. I believe it was captured at Conneaut Creek, Ohio. The clip below is a short clip where you hear the scream. The second video is from the members YouTube channel which shows more then the short clip. Ted writes “I got this up on YouTube as well, This just… Read more »

  • Apr 21 2024

    A Guttural Caveman Breathing

    A listener writes “Hi Wes, I am writing you today because I’ve never spoken about this to anyone who’s ever had an experience. And I’ve always been hesitant because I still can’t believe this happened to me. But listening to your podcast I’ve been able to find some answers and hear people who’ve also shared… Read more »

  • Apr 21 2024

    Oklahoma Realtor: Bigfoot experiences

    Randy Harrington with the Sensible Bigfoot Project interviews Denny Colman who is a realtor in Oklahoma and he shares his encounters. Check it out here

  • Apr 21 2024

    From The Shadows: Pikuni Bigfoot Storytelling Project

    From The Shadows writes “Carrie Lynn and Lailani join us to share their journey with Bigfoot as members of the Blackfeet Tribe. Carrie Lynn’s own sighting proved to her the existence of the creature from the stories she grew up with. Carrie Lynn and Lailani began documenting the Bigfoot stories of their people past and… Read more »