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  • Apr 1 2020

    How Dogs (Eventually) Became Our Best Friends

    PBS writes “We’re still figuring out the details, but most scientists agree that it took thousands of years of interactions to develop our deep bond with dogs. When did they first become domesticated? Where did this happen? And what did the process look like, in terms of genetics and anatomy?”

  • Apr 1 2020

    1971 Encounter At Broken Bow Lake, Oklahoma

    Courts Griner writes “Some time around the campfire this past expedition March 2020.. where David retells some of the 1971 Bigfoot encounter at Broken Bow Lake, Oklahoma.”

  • Apr 1 2020

    Town Hall Meeting: In Search of the Evidence

    Creative Flow Explorer writes “BigFoot Researchers meet with residents of Pend Orielle County to hear reports of BigFoot in the area. March 7, 2020 Event put on by Stephen T. Major of Extreme Expeditions Northwest, LLC., and organized by William Bisson; a Metaline resident and Gold Enthusiast. Guest speakers: Dr. J. Robert Alley, and Adam… Read more »

  • Apr 1 2020

    The Military Reported Encountering Something They Couldn’t Explain

    Unexplained Mysteries writes “Back in 2002 this military unit reported encountering something they couldn’t explain. Today, we take a look at this mysterious account reported by this military unit. Over the years there’s been many strange reports. Although most of these end up getting solved, some of them remain unsolved. One interesting account is that… Read more »

  • Apr 1 2020

    Survivorman: Les Stroud Shelter Building

    Les writes “Hey all. Just looking to dstract you from the pandemic woes and help you to kill the time as we all pull through this together. Yes there are a hundred other ways to build shelters….this is only one way, but with a lot of generic information that works in so many situations.”

  • Apr 1 2020

    Bigfoot Quest: George Workman’s Encounter

    Bigfoot Quest writes “George is a career IT Professional & amateur Bigfoot/Sasquatch/Mt Lion researcher & investigator from Western Pennsylvania. Utilizing an existing skill-set of music composition, music production, data analytics, & graphic design he has since transitioned into video production (youtube: Flatsquatch Productions) which includes eyewitness interviews, field research, evidence documentation, documentaries, sighting reports of… Read more »

  • Apr 1 2020

    Mountain Beast Mysteries: The Nuk-luk

    Arguably the most elusive of the world’s man apes, the only sightings of this creature were reported in the Northwest Territories of Canada between April and June 1964. Several eyewitnesses described the Nuk-Luk as a tall, brawny creature with a long beard ― which, for the record, sounds like a lot of men who live… Read more »

  • Mar 31 2020

    Upcoming Show: It Moved Like A Big Spider

    A listener writes “I’ve had some pretty crazy stuff happen, the worst I’d like to talk to you about is an encounter that happened in Northern KY. This creature jumped a fence and ran down to the road. It stopped in the ditch and I looked right at it as we drove by. It moved… Read more »