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  • Apr 19 2024

    The Show Will Return Next Week

    I talked about this on last weeks show but due to personal reasons, there will not be shows this weekend. I will return next week. I appreciate everyone understanding.

  • Apr 19 2024

    Research vessel encounters unexplained light under the sea

    A research team studying bioluminescence came across this perplexing anomaly in the Gulf of Mexico. According to the testimony of an individual going by the username ‘Zj223’ who posted details of the experience on Reddit, the encounter occurred 10 miles west of Caladesi Island, Florida on Feb 27th at approximately 23:45 in the evening. The… Read more »

  • Apr 19 2024

    Strange glowing blue object descends into river in Philadelphia

    Witnesses managed to capture the spectacle on film as the mysterious object slowly descended into the water. Something strange was visible in the skies over Philadelphia earlier this week and nobody is quite sure what it was, where it had come from or who was responsible for putting it there. Resembling a string of blue… Read more »

  • Apr 19 2024

    UNIDENTIFIED (2024) Full Bigfoot Documentary

    Penford Media writes “New Bigfoot documentary by Penford media, featuring Daniel Perez and the late Phil Shaw. Hear from Daniel as he gives an extensive presentation on the Patterson-Gimlin Film. Phil talks about his experience seeing a Bigfoot in New Brunswick, Canada. Enjoy this 2024 Bigfoot Documentary.”   Link to the video

  • Apr 19 2024

    KBRO Bigfoot Investigation

    KBRO writes “Watch Kentucky Bigfoot Research Organization researchers Charlie & Lyndsey Raymond as they do a little squatchin’ in one their beautiful research areas! They explain proven techniques that have worked to elicit an interaction with a Bigfoot.” Link to the video

  • Apr 18 2024

    A photo that might show a Bigfoot

    A listener writes “Came a crossed your podcast and thought I’d show you a strange photo. This is an old picture my uncle took while out riding with a friend and after the film was developed he noticed the thing in the background. Years later we scanned it into the computer so we could zoom… Read more »

  • Apr 18 2024

    Strange Familiars: The Watcher

    Strange Familiars writes “Octavian and Ian from Strange Dominions podcast join Timothy for a night hike. An X-shaped stick glyph is found and, afterward, several low grunts and other weird sounds are heard across the creek. Unknown things move through the night. A fox–or something–follows the trio back to their vehicle. An Albatwitch locks eyes… Read more »

  • Apr 18 2024

    Au Train Falls Bigfoot Footage Analysis

    Bob Gymlan writes “This sordid clip of footage comes from Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, from a little wildlife area known as Au Train Falls. As usual (and frankly, as should be expected) the footage leaves much to be desired, but this is just one of the countless snippets of sordid video that could be nothing, or… Read more »