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  • Aug 13 2018

    Strange Familiars: Paranormal Bigfoot with Strange Brau

    Strange Familiars writes “Our episodes appear on YouTube after they appear on other platforms. A special extra episode for everyone this week. Thank you for listening and stay tuned for more Strange Familiars. Enjoy… Episode 42: Timothy talks with Tobe Johnson from Strange Brau. Tobe relates some incredible stories of synchronicity, poltergeist-like activity, gifting, apports,… Read more »

  • Aug 13 2018

    Court case to prove Sasquatch exists

    Todd writes “On August 14th the court case to prove Sasquatch exists begins in the supreme court of British Columbia. Bigfoot is real and they will prove it.” News Report:

  • Aug 13 2018

    Bigfoot Outlaws: How Sasquatch Hide

    Matt writes “In this episode we expose some of the things we’velearned in the field, and on trail cam photos of bigfoot. Wait till you hear about the photo that got Vicki so scared she quit looking for bigfoot!”

  • Aug 13 2018

    Mysteries To Search: Encounters in Texas

    Brenton writes “Jami tells about several Sasquatch encounters in Texas. The Dogman encounter sounds like it was similar to skinwalker ranch type activity. The res of the stories are UFO and other strange encounters.”

  • Aug 12 2018

    Screams and yells recorded and analyzed

    Sasquatch Bioacoustic takes a look at screams and yells recorded by Christopher Noel. Take a listen:

  • Aug 12 2018

    Michigan Sasquatch Vocals

    I have had a lot of requests to post the scream I played on the show. Here are the notes from the channel: “In August of 2011 witnesses in central MI started hearing strange vocalizations coming from the woods. They decided to mimic them and began getting responses. They began recording their interactions first with… Read more »

  • Aug 12 2018

    The Confessionals Podcast: Growling Inside The House

    Here is Tony’s newest show, I figured I would post it. It is the least I could do after last nights debacle. Tony writes “Amy join us for a fascinating conversation about her UFO sightings and her haunting experience at the family property!”   Check out The Confessionals Podcast on iTunes and Stitcher. See more… Read more »

  • Aug 11 2018

    SC EP:460 A massive human looking thing with red hair

    A listener writes “It was the fall of 1994 when I had my encounter. This took place in northern New Hampshire. It was a warm fall day must have been in the 70’s that day. The foliage was absolutely beautiful. So I decided to take a walk into the woods that day. I grew up… Read more »