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  • Jun 19 2018

    National Cryptid Society: Do you have “Problem Bears?”

    The National Cryptid Society writes “Welcome to the National Cryptid Society Case Files. This is Case file #75. The link to the article associated with this video can be found here.

  • Jun 19 2018

    News of the strange: Creation of ‘Space Force’

    I love posting strange news. This is not Sasquatch related but I think it should be an eye opener for most listeners. You do not create another branch of the military unless you plan on fighting someone or in this case something. What are your thoughts? Lets keep it on this topic and not go… Read more »

  • Jun 19 2018

    Something came out from the left to the right

    A listener writes “I lived in Huntsville Alabama for most of my life back in the early 90s. I played in a band for about 9 years Me and my band decided one weekend to go on a camping trip and we went up to a place that people don’t normally go. We used to… Read more »

  • Jun 18 2018

    Three black figures seen

    Interesting report from Polk County, FL. Here is the report “I have been hunting Green Swamp since the late 70’s. Though I tend to hunt more than one Wildlife Management Area each year the Green Swamp WMA is a go-to area for me. I have spent possibly a thousand days in the Green Swamp over… Read more »

  • Jun 18 2018

    Chased by Sasquatch

    Interesting report how the witness felt like he was being watched before the creature approached. Sasquatch Central writes “had an eerie feeling like something was watching me…the animal let out a roar that made my blood curdle in the veins…”

  • Jun 17 2018

    SC EP:444 Hunter has intense encounter

    A listener writes “I had a very intense encounter with an angry Sasquatch in 2007. It completely changed who I am. For the better part of 11 years I’ve done armchair research on the subject and just recently went back into the woods. I’ve only heard one encounter that comes close to what happened to… Read more »

  • Jun 17 2018

    Happy Fathers Day

    I want to take a moment and wish all of the fathers out there a very happy Fathers Day.

  • Jun 16 2018

    I found a Bigfoot print on Mount Washington New Hampshire

    NHSquatcher writes “Lots of activity in Bear Brook State Park on Deerfield Rd.” and shared the video below. Steemahz writes “Me and my dad were hiking up Mt. Washington we found a Bigfoot print! The hike video will be up in a couple of days”