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  • Apr 10 2021

    Upcoming Show: The Dogman Phenomenon

    For decades, the creature described as a man with a dog’s head, or a dog that walks upright has been spotted by many eyewitnesses. Join me tomorrow night as we examine the Dogman phenomenon.

  • Apr 10 2021

    Paul Freeman On Good Morning America

    Paul Freeman is featured in this Good Morning America segment. Paul Freeman was an American Bigfoot hunter who claimed to have discovered Bigfoot tracks showing dermal ridges. The plaster casts Freeman subsequently made were convincing enough to be considered critical pieces of evidence by anthropologists Jeff Meldrum of Idaho State University and Grover Krantz of… Read more »

  • Apr 10 2021

    Survivorman: Wild Harvest Foraging Tip

    Les writes “Welcome to another local and wild foraging tip from Les Stroud! For every episode of Wild Harvest.”

  • Apr 9 2021

    Congratulations to Bigfoot and Beyond On Their 100th Episode

    Congratulations to Cliff and Bobo on their 100th episode. It is a milestone! The Bigfoot and Beyond crew writes “Cliff Barackman and James “Bobo” Fay celebrate the 100th episode of this podcast by bringing on Dr. Jeff Meldrum! Dr. Meldrum is the leading academic voice when it comes to the sasquatch, so get ready for… Read more »

  • Apr 9 2021

    Survivorman & Bushman Bob

    Stories of wrecked sailboats and lost sailors are as old as sea faring itself. Sailors have been lost, stranded, wrecked on reefs and crashed around in cyclones for centuries. Sadly, the story of Australian sailors Ian Thompson and Victorian Claus is one without a happy ending. Now, Les Stroud is tasked with reliving their South… Read more »

  • Apr 9 2021

    Tonight’s Show: The Nuclear Lake Incident

    Al from the Bronxville Paranormal Society will be returning tonight to share a recent encounter he had at Nuclear Lake in New York. He started to investigate the area and a couple of strange incidents happen to him and his group. Jake will also be my guest tonight and he shares an encounter he had… Read more »

  • Apr 8 2021

    MonsterQuest: Legend of the American Werewolf

    The werewolf is a centuries-old legend based on myth, not a real animal. However, local eyewitnesses in Wisconsin and Michigan report seeing a dogman–a tall hairy man-beast. Find out more in Season 1, Episode 14, “American Werewolf.”

  • Apr 8 2021

    The Significance of the Patterson Gimlin Film

    The Patterson–Gimlin film is an American short motion picture of an unidentified subject. The footage was shot in 1967 in Northern California, and has since been subjected to many attempts to authenticate or debunk it.