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  • Apr 20 2019

    The Inner Earth And The Shape Of Our World

    WoodwardTV writes “Do we truly know what lies beneath the crust of the Earth? Are we living on the other side of a hidden world? Let’s take a closer look at the ideas about what may make up the core of our planet.”  

  • Apr 20 2019

    A Huge Black Dog Encounter In Eureka, California

    Mattsquatch Presents writes “A few years ago a young lady had an encounter with a extremely large black dog in near a cow pasture. She has shared here account with me and Researcher Danny Greene about the sighting near Eureka, Ca. Check out the interview.”

  • Apr 20 2019

    Upcoming Show: Taken

    I speak to a lot of people off the air regarding different experiences. The show is 99% Sasquatch related. I spoke to this witness yesterday and heard about 20% of his encounter and I’m fascinated and want to hear the rest. Indulge me as we go off trail. A listener writes “I was abducted at… Read more »

  • Apr 19 2019

    I heard It Breathing

    A listener writes “When I was about 12 years old my Father had enough confidence in me to allow me to wander the forest near our home hunting for squirrels. Behind our home was undeveloped mountain property of several thousand acres. There were old homes and farms on the mountain, long years ago abandoned when… Read more »

  • Apr 19 2019

    Tonight’s Show: The Drive By

    Tonight I will be speaking with Tammy who had an encounter while in Arkansas. Her and her husband were coming back home late one night and they both witnesses the creature on the side of the road. Tammy says “I have never seen anything that large before.” I will be speaking to is Wyman. Wyman… Read more »

  • Apr 19 2019

    Mountain Beast Mysteries: Deadly Bigfoot Encounter

    Presidential frontiersmen “Rough-rider” Teddy Roosevelt began writing his soon to be published book in 1890. Titled The Wilderness Hunter, the author writes of a grizzled, weather beaten trapper by the name of Bauman, whose figure of a man reminded me of actor Robert Redford’s portrayal of the legendary woodsman-tracker Jeremiah Johnson. Bauman however was German… Read more »

  • Apr 19 2019

    Living Off Grid Update

    Tonight I will be speaking to is Wyman. Wyman lives off grid near the Columbia River in Washington State. You remember Wyman from SC EP:528 Living Off Grid. He will return with an update along with other guests.

  • Apr 18 2019

    Snowman Provoked An Accident In Moscow Region

    A video from Russia titled “Снежный человек спровоцировал аварию в Подмосковье Москва” which roughly translates Snowman provoked an accident in Moscow region. The Paranormal Review takes a second look at the video: