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  • Dec 5 2022

    Its hands were as big as my head

    A listener writes “My name is Tom, I’m from New Zealand and I just wanted to share you my Bigfoot encounter. So me and my cousin were both 18 at the time, we just finished our last year in high school and we were on our end of the year holidays and we both had… Read more »

  • Dec 5 2022

    Turkey sound became more of a growl

    A listener writes “Hello Wes, so something about your newest episode instantly drew my attention….and that was when the speaker spoke about knowing someone was imitating an owl. I heard something very similar to this back in November of 2017 while deer hunting. I never actually saw anything but I heard something and couldn’t have… Read more »

  • Dec 5 2022

    Monkey and owl sounds

    A listener writes ” I was listening to Dan from New Hampshire about his owl sounds and encounter. I have something I want to share with you and Dan and feel free to give Dan my email address if he would like to chat with me about this. I have been considering reaching out to… Read more »

  • Dec 5 2022

    2 The Outdoors: Chautauqua Sasquatch

    WGRZ writes “Few creatures in the wild attract more controversy than Bigfoot. The legendary primate has been an enigma for centuries and continues to fascinate. Mayville resident Peter Wiemer has been sponsoring an annual Chautauqua Lake Bigfoot Expo since 2012. The outpouring of eyewitnesses since then has many believing that Sasquatch may be living in… Read more »

  • Dec 4 2022

    500 Pound Bear Repeatedly Steal Candy From Gas Station

    A&E writes “A convenience store clerk in California must deal with an aggressive, hairy, 500 pound intruder seeking candy bars.”

  • Dec 4 2022

    Southeast Missouri Monster

    Sasquatch Theory writes “In this video, I interview Michael from southeast Missouri! He has had a fairly close encounter with a Bigfoot creature. Michael describes the blood-curdling screams from the back of his property to 300lb hogs going missing, rock clacking, and more! This area is truly frightening because a person could easily become lost.”

  • Dec 4 2022

    The Wendigo

    Mystery Syndicate writes “The Wendigo is a legendary creature thought to be a cannibalistic embodiment of evil. With a shockingly gaunt, emaciated appearance, the creature’s skin color has been likened to that of decaying flesh. Discover the story behind the Wendigo – a central figure in the world of folklore.”  

  • Dec 4 2022

    Quest TV: Roswell The Final Verdict

    Quest TV writes “Glen Dennis recounts the testimony of a nurse who says saw the autopsy of alien creatures on the Roswell Airbase.”