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  • Jan 19 2018

    Remembering John Bindernagel

    I hope everyone can join me this weekend as we remember our friend Dr. John Bindernagel. Its going to be a tough show for me to get through personally but I want to remember John in the classiest way possible. John wouldnt want us to mourn him but it’s impossible not to mourn such a… Read more »

  • Jan 19 2018

    Sasquatch Illustrated Lecture

    Dr. John Bindernagel, a professional wildlife biologist, uses a series of eyewitness drawings based on sasquatch observations to illustrate consistently-observed anatomical features of the sasquatch. These illustrate the differing appearance of adult males, adult females, and young adults or subadults.   Sasquatch illustrated lecture- Part 2: Sasquatch Tracks and Track Casts   Part 3: Skepticism… Read more »

  • Jan 19 2018

    This Weekend: Remembering John Bindernagel

    I am canceling the show tonight. I am switching gears this weekend the show will be a tribute to my friend John A. Bindernagel or as I called him “doc.” John meant so much to so many people. He had been really sick for the last couple of years but didn’t want it public. I… Read more »

  • Jan 18 2018

    John A. Bindernagel 1941-2018

    Rest In Peace my friend as you always said to me “bye for now, because it’s never really goodbye” you are missed my friend. John A. Bindernagel 1941-2018. I am not really good with this sort of thing and I am too upset to write anything long….but John meant so much to so many people… Read more »

  • Jan 18 2018

    Bigfoot sighting in Belle Valley, PA

    Valley, PA., a suburb of Erie, PA. I wanted to take a break from walking, so I decided to go into the woods along the tracks to find a fallen tree to sit down. As I was sitting on the tree, I noticed a black, upright figure standing (approximate) 30 yards away from me in… Read more »

  • Jan 17 2018

    Bigfoot in Utah

    Brenton writes “Margoirie went on a camping trip and had a scary night with a Sasquatch. This was in the Mountains of Utah at the highest peak where the adventure takes place. The Bigfoot seemed to toy with her all night coming and going.”

  • Jan 17 2018

    The Albatwitch

    Timothy Renner writes “With Albatwitch Day approaching, James and Timothy discuss albatwitches: the short in temper – as well as stature – hair covered ape-men said to haunt the riparian regions of South-Central Pennsylvania. We discuss albatwitch legends, some modern sightings, and the etymology of the name “albatwitch”. We also talk to Colin Schneider (aka… Read more »

  • Jan 16 2018

    Witness Shares Encounter from October 1954

    A witness from Casey County. KY shares an encounter he had back in 1954. The witness describes seeing the creature in broad day light.