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  • Jan 27 2022

    Bigfoot & Cryptids: Ken Gerhard

    She-Squatchers writes “Ken Gerhard is a widely recognized cryptozoologist, author and lecturer who frequently appears on television. Ken has traveled the world searching for evidence of mysterious creatures including Bigfoot, The Loch Ness Monster, the Chupacabra, Mothman and The Beast of Gevaudan.In addition, he’s written six books on the subject of unknown animals.”

  • Jan 27 2022

    Strange Familiars: Evocation of Gazoo

    First, Timothy returns to Gazoo’s Wood to meet Octavion, and talk about his previous experiences at the location. A day of high strangeness ensues: knocking and tapping; large creatures gliding through the trees; a low hum; something is seen (and possibly photographed), before a well-timed distraction allows it to slip away. Next, Sam and Jon… Read more »

  • Jan 27 2022

    Possible Bigfoot Tree Knocks Recorded in Kentucky

    Kentucky Bigfoot Research Organization writes “Jay Keaton made 3 whoops with knocks before going to bed on 1-26-2022. Then later that morning, between 4:00-5:00AM his recorder picked up 2 possible tree knocks. The audio track has been shortened and amped for your convenience. This location is his private property, between Cave Run Lake and Red… Read more »

  • Jan 26 2022

    Witness Testimony

    Animal Planet goes to Louisiana to investigate the testimony of a girl that might have seen a Bigfoot while walking her dog.

  • Jan 26 2022

    Bigfoot Odyssey: Encounter In Allegheny National Forest

    Dave Groves, had an encounter of a Sasquatch in the Allegheny National Forest back in 2010 while riding ATVs with a friend. Bigfoot Odyssey has Larry Draw what Dave saw.

  • Jan 26 2022

    Upcoming Show: Something Else Was Coming

    A listener writes “My first encounter happened in the state of Vermont. Between Clarendon and Tinmouth. My father was with me. And we was deer hunting. To start from the beginning. My father was a minister and he had started a church in Rutland. We had a family that had started coming on a regular… Read more »

  • Jan 25 2022

    Soviet UFO Landing Incident

    UAMN TV writes “In January 1985 a UFO descended near an ICBM base in Soviet Russia, inciting a firefight between military personnel and extraterrestrial beings. Richard Doty relays details of the accounts of that night, which include the capture of the alien beings who interacted with nuclear warheads. It comes to light that this was… Read more »

  • Jan 25 2022

    Florida man fights off bear to save dog

    The moment caught on the doorbell camera shows the Florida man pushing off the bear from his porch to protect his dogs and family from the animal. While it’s said dogs are a man’s best friend, a US man’s prompt action is earning plaudits online after he managed to save his pets from a wild… Read more »