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  • Oct 22 2021

    Paranormal Portal Pieces: Beast of Bray Road

    Brent writes “On this episode of Paranormal Portal Pieces, we look back at one of our earlier episodes on the Paranormal Portal where we had the honor and privilege of interviewing Linda Godfrey, acclaimed author and researcher known for her work in putting the Dogman phenomena in the worldwide paranormal vocabulary. On this segment, Linda… Read more »

  • Oct 22 2021

    Sawdustt BEAST: Cindy Caddell

    Cindy has a background in marketing research having worked for A.C. Nielsen Marketing Research, famous for their television ratings. Cindy is a professional photographer and holds an Associate Fellow of Photography degree. She also holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Anthropology and an Associate degree in Psychology. Her senior paper to receive her bachelors… Read more »

  • Oct 22 2021

    Tonight’s Show: 50 Years Of Hell

    The witness has agreed to come on the show. The witness describes events that took place on a property in Oregon. More than Sasquatch was going on but she describes seeing this creature up close along with other family members. Her father came home late one night and cut down a tree, he said a… Read more »

  • Oct 21 2021

    The Mysteries of the Neanderthals

    History writes “More than 70,000 years ago, a clan of cave dwellers roamed the cliffs of Southwestern France. They were the Neandertals, distant cousins to modern man.”

  • Oct 21 2021

    The Confessionals: A Trucker’s Bigfoot Property

    Tony writes “In Episode 383: A Trucker’s Bigfoot Property, we are joined by Dylin who has had creatures on his property since he was a child. The land he lived on was passed down through his family for generations, and what lived in the woods was not spoken about until there was a reason to… Read more »

  • Oct 21 2021

    The Killer Origins of the Werewolf

    Monstrum writes “Long before a full moon could transform a human into a beast, the werewolf was present across the literature, lore, and mythologies of ancient Europe. Whether a punishment for the wicked, a cure for the unlucky, or a blessing for the strong, the human to wolf shapeshifter is almost always violent. Real wolves… Read more »

  • Oct 20 2021

    A Light Appears, Just A Round Ball

    A listener writes “In 2016 i was hunting on property in Ithaca, NY. It was Cornell college lands. They have lands all around the area in NY. To get permission to hunt you pass a back ground check, there is a site reservation system to sign up to hunt the day you want, limited number… Read more »

  • Oct 20 2021

    7 Miles Of Sasquatch Tracks Found In North Dakota

    Sasquatch Central writes “A North Dakota man has tracked a creature he is certain is the legendary Sasquatch. 7 miles of tracks were discovered and pictures were sent to a professor at Idaho University, who claims the tracks look promising!”