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  • May 17 2024

    Preview Of Upcoming Show: Fishermen Encounter The Creatures

    I will be welcoming Jason to the show. Jason is from Central Oregon and 17 years ago he was fishing with a friend of his. The two men describe seeing what they thought were people swimming. Jason said “I thought they were mountain people living in the wild but when they exited the water I… Read more »

  • May 17 2024

    Sunset Falls, Washington And Strange Killing Of Sheep

    A listener writes “I should start by saying I’ve been listening to your podcast since last fall and have really been enjoying it. I was turned on to it from a coworker that’s been listening for a few years. I’ve enjoyed the subject since I was a kid growing up in Montana in the 70’s…. Read more »

  • May 17 2024

    From The Shadows: Ohio’s Sasquatch Triangle

    From The Shadows writes “John Turley joins us from Coshocton, Ohio. He shares some of his personal Bigfoot experiences and a few more from the area in Ohio known as… the Sasquatch Triangle!”

  • May 16 2024

    A Flash of Beauty: Paranormal Bigfoot

    A Flash of Beauty writes “Is the paranormal normal? We ask that question and many more in this follow-up to our first film, A Flash of Beauty: Bigfoot Revealed. Join us as we journey into the controversial world of the “woo”. What have people actually seen? Can it be explained by science? It all culminates… Read more »

  • May 16 2024

    Strange Familiars: Ancient and Horrible

    Strange Familiars writes “First, Timothy presents the story of the Antique and Horrible Artillery – a mumming / parade tradition from New England. Then Alison attempts to tell the story of Linda Belle Titus Knox, a Chicago widow who “died in her crumbling treasure house,” while Timothy interrupts and rambles.”

  • May 16 2024

    Encounter In West Virginia

    A listener writes “I’m just going to jump right into it. I grew up in Maryland all my life and always lived in the city but was never shy of the woods. I was always hiking or fishing when I was younger. So I was no stranger to the outdoors. My relation with Sasquatch was… Read more »

  • May 15 2024

    Scientists reconstruct face of a Neanderthal dating back 75,000 years

    The BBC reports “The face of a Neanderthal woman has been painstakingly recreated from skull fragments found in Kurdistan. Fay Bound Alberti: From a flaky skull, found “as flat as a pizza” on a cave floor in northern Iraq, the face of a 75,000-year-old Neanderthal woman named “Shanidar Z” has been reconstructed. With her calm… Read more »

  • May 15 2024

    The Confessionals VideoCast: Expedition Bigfoot With Russell Acord

    The Confessionals writes “In episode 651: Expedition Bigfoot With Russell Acord, Russell and Tony dive into the transformative encounters he’s had with fans at various conferences, sharing how these encounters have a profound effect on their lives. On “Expedition Bigfoot,” he explores the adrenaline-filled adventures of filming in untamed wildernesses, capturing the essence of mystery… Read more »