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  • Jan 19 2017

    Giants of Patagonia: Unique ancient finds and archaeological excavations

    Giants of Patagonia, giant people. –źmazing discoveries, secrets of the archaeological excavations in Patagonia

  • Jan 19 2017

    The hand of the yeti

    The hunt for the Abominable Snowman. This is an old one but still worth watching.

  • Jan 19 2017

    Upcoming Show: Creature swimming towards our boat

    The witness last night and he does a great job describing the sheer size of the creature and how it just stood there looking at them. The creature then walked into the water and started swimming towards the boat. The witness describes the creature as a tall, hairy like man about 7 feet tall. The… Read more »

  • Jan 18 2017

    Sasquatch hunting a sea lion

    Tom Sewid writes “Today I received a report of someone seeing a Sasquatch/Bigfoot hunting a sea lion by running out to it from the bush and breaking it’s neck. Through the years I have received other reports of this as well, but mainly to seals sleeping out on the rocks. There’s the report from Hooper… Read more »

  • Jan 18 2017

    Sasquatch Island

    Tom Sewid writes “In review of our Ministry of Wildlife’s elk distribution map of Vancouver Island a.k.a. Sasquatch Island, I realized that the areas where the Roosevelt Elk live, are also high report areas of Sasquatch/Bigfoot encounters. In the winter the elk move down slope to winter in the river valley’s and estuaries. The regions… Read more »

  • Jan 18 2017

    Evidence of Sasquatch collected

    Grassman58 writes “These are just a few things we have found over the years searching for bigfoot here in Eastern Washington State. Because of these types of findings is what keeps us pushing forward with our search for answers.”

  • Jan 18 2017

    Encounter at rest area

    Grassman58 writes “Bigfoot reports and stories from in and around the Pend Oreille county. There are so many reports from around this county that I have not even come close to sharing all of them. This is an area I will be returning to in the near future.”

  • Jan 17 2017

    A look at the Patterson Gimlin Film

    The YouTuber writes “In this video, I try to compare the 1967 Patterson Gimlin footage to some footage of my own. Please comment your opinions on what you think about my 2016 costume vs. patty.”