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  • Mar 3 2021

    SC EP:738 It Was Too Big To Be A Man

    Tonight, I will be welcoming Johnathan to the show. He had an encounter in Utah in 2020. Johnathan said “I was camping with my family and we kept hearing this bonking sound in the woods. I had no idea what it was. Long story short I ended up seeing what I thought was a guy… Read more »

  • Mar 3 2021

    North Carolina Encounter

    History Channel writes “Evidence of a supposed Bigfoot sighting in North Carolina causes experts to draw conflicting conclusions based on its legitimacy, in this clip from Season 1, “Giant Blobs and Backyard Bigfoot.”

  • Mar 3 2021

    The Confessionals: Satanic Panic and MK Ultra

    Tony writes “In Episode 317: Satanic Panic and MK Ultra, we have the pleasure of speaking with Matt, a member of the Quinney family. The Quinney family went through hell when their father, Melvin Quinney, was wrongfully accused and convicted of being a satanic cult leader who abused children. Matt shares with us how the… Read more »

  • Mar 2 2021

    The North American Bigfoot Center

    BORING, Ore. — Oregon has a museum dedicated to its favorite elusive creature, Sasquatch! Cliff Barackman is a cast member on the television show, Finding Bigfoot and the curator of his own Bigfoot museum.   https://northamericanbigfootcenter.com/ Museum location: 31297 SE Hwy 26 Boring, OR 97009  

  • Mar 2 2021

    Wind River Mountain Range: Encounter In 1972

    In 1972, while camping alone in the Wind River Mountains a biologist, John Mionczynski, is convinced that he encountered the creature known as Sasquatch. Over the decades since, he’s searched for further evidence of a large primate inhabiting the forests of western North America.

  • Mar 2 2021

    Two Encounters In Oregon Months Apart

    Here are two reports that happen in 1995 in Clackamas County, Oregon. Both encounters happened in the same general area just months apart.

  • Mar 2 2021

    Dogman Narratives: This Azerbaijan Werewolf

    Dogman Narratives writes “A quick encounter by a couple of Americans take a trip to the eastern European country of Azerbaijan. While in the Azerbaijan pub, the group of locals find out they are from Ohio. All hell break loose and everyone in the pub goes crazy. The two Americans leave and go back to… Read more »

  • Mar 1 2021

    MonsterQuest: Monster of Whitehall

    MonsterQuest writes “What is the Monster of Whitehall? In 1976, in upstate New York, several police officers reported seeing an animal that they couldn’t identify. See more in Season 2, Episode 12, “Bigfoot In New York.”