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  • May 23 2022

    The Crop Circle Makers

    UAMN TV writes “This phenomenon stretches far beyond the boundaries of England with over a thousand crop circles spanning the globe. Although there have been some claimants to come forward to take responsibility for the creation of some crop circles, this documentary seeks out the most incredible crop circle designs and a possible E.T connection… Read more »

  • May 23 2022

    Yakama & Klamath Indian Bigfoot Sighting

    Mac writes “We Travel To Cold Springs Indian Camp In Search Of Bigfoot As Yakama Indian Elder James “Dee Dee” Whitefoot Tells Us His Early Beginnings Growing Up In Bigfoot Territory. Starring Yakama & Klamath Indian Elder James “Dee Dee” Whitefoot.”

  • May 23 2022

    Tracks Found In Canada

    Bev writes “Seen these big tracks on top of gravel pit and walked down the front pit” I am trying to get more information.        

  • May 22 2022

    The Solutrean Hypothesis

    Freedom3777 writes “In the Ice Age Columbus DVD, fascinating new archaeological data and DNA research Discover’s that Europeans discovered the Americas 17,000 years prior to the birth of Columbus. A high definition production, the film takes you on the journey of a determined family from southwestern France as they cross 3,000 miles of ocean.”  

  • May 22 2022

    Kennewick Man

    Kennewick Man, or the Ancient One, is the name generally given to the skeletal remains of a prehistoric Paleoamerican man found on a bank of the Columbia River in Kennewick, Washington, United States, on July 28, 1996. It is one of the most complete ancient skeletons ever found. Radiocarbon tests on bone have shown it… Read more »

  • May 22 2022

    Paisley Caves, Oregon

    The Paisley Caves site in Oregon first discovered in the 1930’s has been recently found to have good evidence of human occupation that pre-dates the Clovis, between 14,000 and 15,000 years ago.     Dr Dennis Jenkins: Archaeology and Science at the Paisley Caves, Oregon

  • May 22 2022

    Paranormal Portal: From The Shadows Podcast

    Brent writes “Tonight, on the Paranormal Portal, I’m joined by special guest cohost, Shane Grove of the From The Shadows Podcast! Shane and I will be taking you on a journey of some incredible paranormal events. From Cryptids to UFOs to Ghosts and so much more.”

  • May 21 2022

    SC EP:856 Alaskan Killer Bigfoot

    Have a great weekend everyone! Jeff Davis has a BS in Anthropology and an MA in Archaeology. He lived in England for nearly a year, while working on his Master’s Degree on the Vikings in Greenland. He also worked for several years as a field archaeologist in the Pacific Northwest. Jeff spent many years in… Read more »