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  • May 27 2024

    Man stumbles upon heavy, mysterious object possibly from outer space

    Justin Clontz, a groundskeeper at the Glamping Collective campsite, was shocked when he came across a strange charred object along the nearby forest trails. Measuring an inch thick and around 3-4ft across, the mystery object was so heavy and unwieldy that Clontz had to resort to using a lawn mower to tow it back to… Read more »

  • May 27 2024

    Animals are able to self-medicate and have been doing so for millennia

    An injured orangutan was recently observed chewing a medicinal leaf and applying it to his wound. Adrienne Mayor: When a wild orangutan in Sumatra recently suffered a facial wound, apparently after fighting with another male, he did something that caught the attention of the scientists observing him. The animal chewed the leaves of a liana… Read more »

  • May 27 2024

    Paranormal Portal: Expedition Of The Unknown – Ronny Leblanc

    Paranormal Portal writes “On this episode of the Paranormal Portal Podcast, we are welcoming television personality and paranormal researcher, Ronny Leblanc to the show. Ronny is one of the stars of “Expedition Bigfoot” and “Paranormal Caught on Camera” on Travel Channel. Ronny and I have an incredible discussion about his journey into the many facets… Read more »

  • May 27 2024

    Bigfoot and Beyond: Saving Sasquatch!

    Bigfoot and Beyond writes “Cliff Barackman and James “Bobo” Fay catch up on ‘squatchy matters of the day, including new tracks found in Oregon, a tale of a sasquatch grabbing a Shetland pony, the state of Bobo’s travel trailer, and more! They also speak with Andrea Andrews, a fifth grade teacher at Lincoln Elementary School… Read more »

  • May 26 2024

    UAMN TV: Dark Side of UFOlogy

    UAMN TV writes “In this exposé, the dark side of UFOlogy is brought to light with leading experts. Barry Fitzgerald uncovers ancient phenomena masquerading as paranormal events. Philip Kinsella discusses the nature and origins of aliens. Explore the deceptive rebranding of UFOs as UAPs. Nathaniel Gillis examines the shift from ancient knowledge to modern terminology…. Read more »

  • May 26 2024

    SC EP:1059 They Were Not Bears

    Randy writes “I’m from prince Edward island, Canada I’d like to tell you about my story that I had. When I was open Alberta, Canada, I was up Norris for appointment. My first encounter took place in 2012. I was driving a water truck and had to stop because a bunch of Caribou were crossing…. Read more »

  • May 25 2024

    ThinkerThunker: Video Evidence Of Dog-Man

    ThinkerThunker writes “YouTuber, Squatch Watchers, who claimed this video was sent to them with little to no explanation, features what they believed to be several “Bigfoot juveniles” captured by a security cam. But I found irrefutable evidence to the contrary, giving us a look at something never before filmed. See for yourself. Whatever you do,… Read more »

  • May 25 2024

    Ohio Bigfoot Conference 2024

    Brady Baxter writes “This year’s Ohio Bigfoot Conference marked the ten-year anniversary of my first attendance at this wonderful event in 2014. I have been unable to make it out to Salt Fork State Park for the past handful of years, due in large part to covid and school, so I was thrilled to find… Read more »