SC EP:364 Worst Day Ever

I will return on Sunday for the members. Duke showed up for the intro of the show. I hope you guys and gals enjoy. A listener writes “Hello Wes, Theo here in Yucaipa Ca. The city of Yucaipa is located near the mountain areas. One of the many mountain areas where I’m at is San… Read more »

SC EP:362 The eyes and face looked very human like

I will return on Sunday for the members I had to move my guests around this week. Tonight I will be speaking to Erin who had an encounter in Washington State and Erin writes “I had a sighting years ago that was witnessed by many other people 30-50 maybe more, I have been researching a… Read more »

SC EP:361 Dr. John A. Bindernagel

Dr. John A. Bindernagel has agreed to return to the show. I love talking John and when he shares all of his insight. I know he is a fan favorite. Check out John’s Youtube channel here. John A. Bindernagel (born 1941) is a wildlife biologist who has sought evidence for Bigfoot since 1963. He published… Read more »

SC EP:359 International Bigfoot Conference Overview

We will be wrapping up the broadcast with some of the speakers from the international bigfoot conference including Lyle Blackburn and Tom Sewid. We will also be speaking to some of the members and a special guest who will be sharing her experience at the conference and poker highlights! Most of the listeners know Tom… Read more »

SC EP:358 International Bigfoot Conference Interview

Tonight I speak to Q. I met Q at the International Bigfoot Conference where he told me about his encounter. Q was warned by his family not to hunt in a certain area on his families property. Being 17-18 years old the first place Q went to hunt was the area he was warned not… Read more »

SC EP:357 1924 Ape Canyon

Marc Myrsell is a land surveyor and public aquarist in SW Washington and has apparently found his specialty in historical monster attack research. In SW Oregon over the course of 30 years, miners and hunters had numerous sightings and at times violent encounters with large, hair covered creatures in the hills, above Port Orford, resulting… Read more »

SC EP:354 Hey look! A Monkey!

I will return on Sunday for the members. I have a great show planned for you. I had to move some guests around so I am releasing Sunday’s show early to you. Tonight I will be speaking to Josh who had a strange encounter while out camping in Canada. Many shows ago I had Josh’s… Read more »

SC EP:353 Something in the road

Tonight I will be welcoming three guests to the show. Doug is from PA saw one of these creatures on the side of the road. Doug said “It was not a bear and it was too large to be a human,” I will also be speaking to Matt who is from CA and he will… Read more »

SC EP:351 Dark Waters

My guest tonight is Dark Waters and he will be sharing with us some encounters he has not shared with anyone. Join me tomorrow night as I welcome DW to the show. I will also be welcoming to the show Bob Gimlin and Russell Acord to the show to talk about Bob’s new documentary.  … Read more »

SC EP:349 Followed home from 50 miles away

A listener writes “Hi wes, my name is Mike. I’m from Mississippi. I met a researcher in 2010 when he lived in MS and we became friends. He took me to my first hotspot and proved to me BF existed. We got whooped at in a National forest from about 20 feet! Anyway, he moved… Read more »

SC EP:347 East Texas Encounter

A listener writes “I had numerous encounters while hunting in south east Texas from the late 70s up until the early 90s with two visuals. I would share the exact location with you, but not publicly. I didn’t really realize what was going on at the time until the computer age came about and I… Read more »

SC EP:345 A Hunter’s Encounter

I will be welcoming two guests to the show. Blake writes “I grew up in Mcnabb County in south Arkansas. I had an encounter there while hunting and have had two more encounters since then.” I spoke to Blake today and he talked about his first encounter he said “I heard what I thought was… Read more »