SC EP:989 Two Police Officers Encounter Creature

Tonight I will be speaking to John. John is a police officer in 2003 in Louisiana was traveling with his training officer and when came upon a strange creature on the side of the highway eating roadkill. I misheard John during our phone conversation I thought he said 2013 but this encounter happened in 2003…. Read more »

SC EP:987 Who Would Be Dressed In A Gorilla Suit?

Chad writes “In 2003, a friend, my 12 yr old son and I seen a Sasquatch at Fish lake, Beaver Swamp area. It was during the month of July, during Graffiti weekend. The whole point of this trip was to avoid the noise and people of the graffiti cruse. I’m a disabled vet and don’t… Read more »

SC EP: 985 Creature Follows Farmer Home

Jacob writes “Last year in September in Minnesota I had a close interaction with a creature and have some video footage of it. Last year when this event took place I originally thought it was a dog man or wendigo or something of the sort. I recently my cousins talked to me and said I… Read more »

SC EP:983 Like It Was Running On A Escalator

We will be chatting with Mike. Mike and his family were on a vacation traveling up and down the west coast. On August 3rd Mike and his family were traveling through California when a large creature jumped up on two legs and took off running up the hill. Mike said “As we rounded the corner… Read more »

Members Shows Are Moving – Members

I am moving the members show to Saturday night. I am trying to open up more time during the week for an additional member show. I am working to get that going as soon as next week. It is a work in progress but I will keep you updated. Also the known sound game, I… Read more »

SC EP:981 A Large Wolf Like Creature

Scott writes “In the fall of 2022 my daughter and I were driving back from one of her high school choir performance. My wife decided to stay home this time with our son because he can be a little rowdy for these type of events as a toddler can be. On the way home it… Read more »

SC EP:979 Gorilla Man

Susan writes “In 1962, I was only 12 at the time of the encounter. This happened in Crandon, Wi and I have been reaching out to find others in this state who have seen a Bigfoot. I can give a very detailed description of the day, his face which I thought was so horrendous at… Read more »

SC EP:977 I Have No Idea What I Saw

Jane writes “I am a 29 year old mother from eastern Kentucky, and I had an incredibly strange encounter while deer hunting with our oldest daughter last year. I am skeptical about telling this experience, just because I am skeptical myself, but here goes nothin’…. Last year I had promised our oldest daughter, who was… Read more »

SC EP:975 Moose And The Sasquatch

Moose writes “When I was around 9 or 10 years old, back in 1989 – 1990 in Jackson Wyoming where I was born and raised. I had a friend who lived down the street from me who got a horse for his birthday. So, I saddled up my horse and we hit the trail. Back… Read more »

SC EP:973 The Wobbegong Monster

Chase writes “I’m from Southern Indiana. Over the years I’ve had several strange encounters with some pretty exciting action! The bulk of my encounters occurred over a 5-6 month period in 2021, but have had occasional encounters prior to that, feel free to reach out if you’d like! Thank you for your time!” Spoke to… Read more »