SC EP:320 Strange encounter in the woods

A listener writes “Hey Wes I just wanted to start out by saying that I’m a huge fan of the show.I wanted to share a possible encounter my dad and I had back in ’99. We live in Southern California and decided to go camping in a remote area of the San Bernardino mountains. I… Read more »

SC EP:318 Moments in time that change your life

I will be welcoming Blane Hajicek to the show. Blane has appeared on MonsterQuest. Apart from being a part time editor and camera grip, his father Doug Hajicek producer of MonsterQuest, has invited him on several research expeditions involving Sasquatch in northern Ontario. In 2007 During the filming of “Sasquatch Attack,” the cabin, in which… Read more »

SC EP:316 Two guys talking

Happy Easter everyone! I really hope everyone enjoys tonight’s show. I was a guest on world bigfoot radio and we are running duel interviews. We will be discussing different topics tonight on the show. Check out Duke’s channel here.       Older Player:     Open New Player  ||  Download The Show… Read more »

SC EP:314 I thought it was going to kill me

A listener writes “Hey Wes, I’m Ryan from Indiana. I had an extremely close encounter a number of years ago with these creatures in the Monroe county forest.” Ryan describes being out with his friends in the woods. I spoke to Ryan this afternoon. He had a very close encounter with a Sasquatch. Ryan said… Read more »

SC EP:312 The Snelgrove Lake Incident

“Hello Wes, Doug Hajicek Here, I was the creator and producer of MonsterQuest, Legend meets Science, Mysterious Encounters, Giganto the real King Kong and many other TV shows. I recently worked with Les Stroud on his bigfoot shows as a Tech director. Anyhow, I just wanted introduce myself to say how much I really enjoy… Read more »

SC EP:310 It grunted like a gorilla

A listener from Ontario, Canada writes “Hi Wes, I had a very bizarre situation when I was 15. I have never told anyone before but after listening to you for the last month I think I can tell you. It’s a crazy story I will give you the outline if you are interested you can… Read more »

SC EP:308 Killing Sasquatch

We will be discussing as a round table how to kill a Sasquatch, what should be done afterwards and the unforeseen consequences of killing one of these creatures. Should one be shot and killed? Tom Sewid joins the discussion tonight, if you get a chance check out Tony Merkel will also be joining the… Read more »

SC EP:306 Utah Sasquatch

Tonight I will be speaking to Nathan Reo. Nathan did not believe that Sasquatch was real and wanted to prove to his nephew that there was nothing to the subject Sasquatch. He soon found out that it is very real. Nathan will be sharing his encounters with us and how he went from a skeptic… Read more »