SC EP:847 Encounter In Connecticut On Family Property

A listener writes “I recently came across your podcast on Spotify and figured I would reach out to you. A few years ago I had two brief sightings and heard an odd vocalizations. At my home in CT. At the time I reached out to the BFRO and reported them. Eventually after years it was… Read more »

SC EP:845 Correlations Or Coincidences Part Two

Rick returns for part two as we deep dive into Sasquatch, UFO’s and the Paranormal. Timothy Renner from Strange Familiars Podcast joins the discussion. Are there correlations or coincidences? Rick writes “I’m a regular listener to your podcast and find it very informative. On one of your recent shows, I believe you mentioned getting a… Read more »

SC EP:844 Retired Detective And Former MUFON Director

The listener writes “I’m a regular listener to your podcast and find it very informative. On one of your recent shows, I believe you mentioned getting a Ufologist, Paranormal Researcher, and Cryptid Investigator together in order to compare notes on the potential similarities/ connections within all three fields. During my tenure with MUFON, I investigated… Read more »

SC EP:842 Seeing Is Believing

Will writes “A childhood friend and I were scouting places to conceal a turkey blind in a very inaccessible location in northwest Alabama. Having taken a 4 wheel drive in, then unloading 4 wheelers, and then again having to abandon those to walk where we wanted to be gives you an idea how deep we… Read more »

SC EP:839 I Thought I Shot A Man *Rewind*

With my moms passing yesterday I will be playing a rewind from episode 820. One of my favorite witnesses. SC EP:820 I Thought I Shot A Man Spoke to the eyewitness and he said “In 1981 I was in North Louisiana and I came across this creature. He came from around a tree that was… Read more »

SC EP:836 Sounds With Jim Sherman

Jim Sherman is a High School Teacher who searches for Sasquatch. Jim says “I had an experience when I was camping with my father. I was terrified of being out in the woods alone after dark. I started to really investigate the subject of Sasquatch. Jim has captured some of the best Sasquatch audio. I… Read more »

SC EP:835 What Are We Chasing?

Dianne writes “I was with my husband on one of our backpacking trips, this one later in the season to avoid the bugs. We had hiked in from Chepeta Lake to a remote small lake that was one of our favorite spots. We always would take day hikes from our camp exploring the surrounding miles… Read more »

SC EP:832 Its Face Was A Man’s Face

Tonight I will be speaking to Gabriel who is from California where his encounter happened. This took place 32 years ago. Gabriel and his friends had a run in with a creature but not before finding something strange. Here is the full report:             Stream Player:  … Read more »

SC EP:830 U.S. Marine And The Creature

Tonight I will be speaking to James. James writes “Around 2006 I was about 16 and I had a girlfriend that lives about 2 miles away from me in ft. Drum which is a very small town puts of okeechobee. One night my dad who was kind of an ahole…to put it lightly wouldn’t let… Read more »