Jan 20

SC EP:920 A Monkey In The Barn

Josh writes “I live in Western KY. Almost all the encounters happened within 5 miles of each other, several on the same property. I’d be more than happy to share my experiences. I’m not seeking fame, I just want to get these out there so other researchers can use the info to help them.”

Spoke to Josh and he shared over 20 years of sightings on his uncles property. Josh said “The first time my uncle was clearing trees off his property and I heard what sounded like a lion roaring. I heard it over all of the equipment we had running. I remember feeling like I was being watched and my uncle had this old barn on the property that had the roof falling in. I looked over and saw this….monkey a very large monkey standing in the doorway watching me. This wasn’t the only time I had run into these things. I really did not know what it was at the time.







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77 Responses to “SC EP:920 A Monkey In The Barn”

  1. Brian L

    Trivia Time:
    Why are there monkeys in Central and South America when they evolved in Africa?  There is no fossil evidence they crossed the Bering Land Bridge…..

  2. Martin H

    What do you all think if Wes was to do a Q&A show? People submit their questions to him and he just gives his answers. Most of the times Wes is about to drop some knowledge and someone interrupts him and he doesn’t finish his thoughts.

  3. Karla G

    Yay, back to the old intro! I was just sitting here thinking how much I miss it as I was listening to the new one. Even better, would be to go back to the one before the last one. That was my fave of all time. But they’re all good.

  4. Maria G

    Brian L..they migrated via the ocean…they are smart enough (or dumb enough) that they crossed by makeshift rafts and such… pretty impressive…they did not travel by land so that leaves only one alternative.. unless they can fly..haha

    • Brian L

      Whoop Whoop Whoop!!!
      That’s it. Called Oceanic Dispersal.
      The Congo River would build up large (many acres) of floating vegetation along it’s banks, sometimes for decades or longer….trees would even start to grow on the mats…eventually, a flood would raise and dislodge the mats, which would float out into the Atlantic with whatever animals were on it….it’s long odds to make it to South America thou….
      This Theory has been proven…even today ships sight these mats with animals on them…mostly iguanas and birds

  5. Maria G

    I did not know that Brian L..but I think it’s pretty cool. Thx for the info..ok time to settle in and listen to tonight’s show. F.S has definitely got my attention so I’m going to listen very carefully..lol I’ll probably be asleep in 15 minutes.. wake up and start again. Thx Wes.. sending love from Maine to the whole SC family. I hope you’re all well

  6. Louis P

    I think that the new intro music is even more epic as the last. I think people just prefer the audio clips more on the last one, esp the Claire parts. The new one does seem like its a little short tho. Still epic tho. If it was up to me I’d say keep the new music but use the same audio clips from the last one, (I say that yet i dont know how much actual work or how long it would take to put that together). I do miss hearing the guy at the beginning.. “it either heard me or smelt me , and he pulled his head out of the tent and stood straight up, and that…that SHOCKED ME”. Thats my 2 cents .

  7. Steve J

    This barn dwelling behavior is consistent with what I have seen. Barns, old houses, and such. If you are young, or somewhat new to this type of adventure. You may be getting ideas, the more you listen. You can get trampled by an animal moving in fear. There’s no guarantee that the creature will exit the way you think it should. They can go right through walls! Make no mistake about that. If you use direct pressure in one direction, and an encirclement force from the other side. There’s no guarantee which team the creature will spot first. Your direct pressure team can be surprised when the animal comes right through their position. Also, if you are armed, your shots can miss, and put other elements of your war arty in danger. Try a V type of ambush from the direct pressure perspective. This will keep everyone moving in the same direction, and give you a clear line of fire. Have your team dismount from a rolling vehicle. Animals are used to vehicles rolling by. And won’t be able to disappear as easy from a blitzkrieg maneuver. Hold a reserve element in the background to 1. Move towards the area of action to assist with the advantage. 2. Respond to an emergency, or surprise. As always, hunter safety, and armed criminal trespassing issues need to be carefully weighed. It’s better not to engage. But I know boys will be boys.

  8. Aaron W

    For some reason the new intro, which I like, makes me think of the Mandalorian. Sorry if somebody’s already said that I am a lazy commenter and didn’t read. Just to drive by inconsiderate jackass am i. 🥳😇😉

  9. Necel C

    I love the old intro. I listen every time. Have you seen the cartoons of it on Redbubble? I am buying them.

    The recording at the beginning of this is terrifying.

  10. Linda B

    I loved this episode. I’ve been waiting through almost 700 episodes for a discussion about the whistle and this episode was exactly what I was waiting to hear. I heard the same thing at Bear Lake, Pine, CO, ” a short four second single syllable whistle that sounded human but was too big to be human”. Omg. Loved this episode! Hi SC dudes and gals!
    Wes, you do everything well, intro or no intro! I really like the wookie or jawas but and the Redbone {Native American band, so appropriate), song, “Come and get Your Love” you sometimes play that was on the movie Guardians of the Galaxy, loved that show, hehe (Chris Pratt, actor, reminds me of our totally fun son, Aaron, who was into acting). Hey…hey..what’s the matter with your head…” Baby find it, come on and find it. :). Fun!! Lol

  11. Anita I

    Just my two cents, but the ol’ “it would’ve ripped the locked door from my car, extracted me from my vehicle and there wouldn’t have been a damn thing I could’ve done about it,” is, hands down, the best! 😝😝😝

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