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SC EP:924 A 10,000 Mile Journey

Tonight I will be speaking to Jake. Jake writes “My encounter goes all the way back to when I was about 12 years old in Greenfield, Tennessee, which is a small town in the northwest portion of the state. When I was growing up, I would spend a great deal of my time playing out in the woods.

This one time, which is when I had my encounter, I was walking along the sand creeks as I often did. These creeks run for miles and miles through the woods, and I was probably about a mile out from my house. Anyway, I was alone and walking around a bend when I thought I saw a bear. I had never seen a bear out there, nor had I ever heard of any being in the area, so I was really shocked to it see it. After I walked around the bend, I was probably fifty feet from it, which, being a kid with no experience with bears, I figured I was at a safe distance, so I stood there to watch it. I quickly realized that it had a deer underneath it and it appeared to be eating it, although it had its back to me, and I couldn’t really tell what it was doing. After watching it for about twenty seconds, I realized it had arms and was pulling the deer apart. And right as I realized that, this thing stood up, and I knew then that this thing was not a bear at all. I immediately took off running back to my house and never told anyone this encounter until now. I never saw it’s face or anything because it had its back to me the whole time, but it certainly wasn’t a bear and it certainly wasn’t a man. It was probably around 7′ tall or so and had jet black hair. Actually, at the time, I didn’t even think that I’d seen a sasquatch. I went years thinking there was some kind of monster living in the woods and didn’t want to tell anyone out of fear of being ridiculed. I have gone back into those woods since then, although I never went back to that location. I never saw anything again, though, but I was always uneasy after that.

Fast forward a few years, I ended up joining the Army and became homeless after I got out of the service due to losing everything during a tornado. I then began walking between towns to look for work, but I wasn’t having much luck at finding any work. However, I realized walking and sleeping under the stars seemed to be helping with my PTSD, so I decided to walk across America to see if any opportunities would arise, as well as being my kind of therapy. Alone and unsupported, I spent the next three years traveling on foot from Tennessee to Delaware, to California, to Florida, to Alaska, back to Florida, and back to California again. During that time, I had, what I believe to be, two other encounters. I never saw anything during those two encounters, but I did have rocks thrown at me and heard sticks banging against trees. One of those times was near Silver Creek, Mississippi and the other was just north of Rumsey, California.”

Check out Jakes book called “Walking America: A 10,000 Mile Journey of Self-Healing”



You can also get it on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Walking-America-Mile-Journey-Self-Healing/dp/B086PPJJKZ







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81 Responses to “SC EP:924 A 10,000 Mile Journey”

  1. Linda B

    Hi, SC pals!!
    Way to go Wink!! Boom shakalakah Numero uno!! 🙂
    Thank you, Wes! I’m excited to listen tonight. My husband is playing Sasquatch Chronicles on you tube tv and we’re getting the intro .”…and had their head in the window of the deer blind, it either heard me or smelled me, …” Lol.
    In the words of our friend Doug, “Yee Ha”!

  2. Maria G

    Thx Wes. Hi SC family. Congrats Wink.. woohoo. I hear ya. lol Hope you’re all doing good and staying warm..man it’s cold here in Maine. -18 with wind-chill it’s closer to -40. ridiculous. Poor Maine Sasquatch 😂

  3. Linda B

    I agree with you, Wes, as do a lot of your members and listeners here, I’m sure, about caring for our veterans. Here these wonderful folks lay their lives in the line for our country and somebody couldn’t help Jake get back on his feet after a natural disaster? Really? Steve and I have taken in a couple guys over the years that needed a place to stay and once someone (a guy who hubby Steve, also a Navy veteran, met during training) took my husband in while he was training to get a job out of state.
    The book sounds great! Man, the can of bear spray worked! Whew! We always heard it just ticks them off when we lived in Colorado. So glad Jake had it on him, I still I have my can of bear spray from living in Colo and we’re in Kansas now, not needing it now. Very scary stuff! Thank you Lord, glad you made it safe and sound Jake! Will be getting the book from your website or Amazon Thanks for your service Jake!

  4. Jesse K

    Thank you, Jake for your Service to our Country. May God Bless You and be with you in your travels. Thank You, Wes for saying what you said also. Our Veterans are not treated with the respect that they are deserved.

  5. Lisa H

    My husband read this book a few months ago; he loved it & told some of the amazing stories from it Im so happy Jake has made it onto the show TU Wes & Jake From Basalt CO

  6. Janice K

    Fabulous show! I’ve ordered your book and will be ordering more for family and friends. You had me in tears when you spoke of how you plan to use the proceeds from the book. I deeply thank you for your service sir, from my heart.

  7. Nolebez

    I got to Paw Paw WVA occasionally. My buddy’s folks have a “cabin” out there. A few years ago while we were out there winterizing the place. I had pebbles thrown at me while I was smoking on the deck. The Potomac River is down the hill like 3 to 5 miles away. That’s the only place these peebles could have come from. Then last year while I was taking target practice with my bros 22 rifle. (I have absolutely no idea what kind it was or anything. I am not a gun person. He sets me up and shoot the hay off in the woods) In between shooting & reloading I heard what sounded like scrapping down a tree’s bark. I spun around towards the noise. At which point I noticed a black shape falling towards the ground. Then I heard a thump & felt the ground shake. Like you would if a mature tree was dropped. The thing like stood up & lunged forward onto all fours. Sorta how we would raise up as we jumped off the side of a pool to drive. If that makes sense. Any ways I assume it was a Bear. Bears kinda ungulate as they run though. This thing looked like it was attached to a string or rip cord. It dove forward and when it’s front legs hit the ground. It was gone. Like poof or black lightning. I only saw the back of this thing and was roughly 25 yards from me. I walked it off too. Probably a bear but I’ll never know 100%

  8. Nolebez

    Also does anyone else have the issue that after you post a comment. The episode stops & you have to start it over? Am I a total NEWB asking a dumb question lol Thanks in advance if you know how to fix it.

    • Steven B

      Sorry, Nolebez. It is just the way the website is. When you click “Post Comment” it reloads the whole page and that is why the episode is set back to the beginning.

  9. Timothy D

    Welcome back, Claire! Missed you in the introduction. Also, enjoy the gentleman on the 911 call and the gentleman at the tree stand being shocked. nevertheless, always good to try out some new things to stay fresh, and then realize you had gold to begin with.
    Make it a good weekend Sasquatch Chronicles community, especially Wes. And your creative team. You deserve a good one as we are grateful for all your good efforts. Timothy D..

  10. Ric M

    Thank you so much for caring about us Veterans! Jake, Brother, I admire ya! I wanted to do what you do and live off my Army retirement and VA disability pay, but being a single father I had my priorities to take care of and raise! Pretty soon I’ll be an empty nester and who knows, I just might!

    God bless ya Jake and Wes! Everyone here who has mentioned our Veterans, I thank you! Happy Valentines!

  11. Parker C

    This was really refreshing to hear because I get easily burnt out on the same ole bullcrap Sasquatch stories. I can appreciate Wes trying hard to get content week after week but some of these Bigfoot stories are just that – tall tale bogus stories. Somebody has to start doing some sort of vetting process. Get rid of the completely bogus lies and start regaining the credibility and glory that this channel used to have and deserves. Please stop letting any and everyone tell their obviously ridiculous stories.

  12. richard r

    i think this man has the sane syndrime most young people have growing up, that is trying to understand how people could be so inhumane to one another but at the same time show so much good.its puzzleing and like trying to mix oil and water together
    this is the world we live in and at the same time throw in sasquatc? ,it doesnt compute. yet there it is thats life.

  13. Maria G

    Wow…Thanks Jake, Thanks Wes what a great episode. Thank you for your service Jake.. I really mean it, I really do. Much respect. looking forward to reading your book and learning more about you and your journey. Much love guys from Maine

  14. m99

    Yeah Jake! Thanks for coming on air and letting us hear your backstory. You are a brave man. So glad you’re safe and prospering. Thanks Wes. Great job, as usual. Be blessed _m

  15. Jennifer P

    OR….Parker…at any point you could unsubscribe or just take a break from the podcast. Who are you to determine which encounter is authentic and which isn’t? It makes you no different from all of the naysayers who laugh at, ridicule,

  16. Jennifer P

    and belittle others who have had encounters. Thank god with has a different outlook on the subject…FYI.. the name of the podcast is Sasquatch Chronicles…now to all of my fellow SC friends…have a fantastic Saturday and remember…

  17. cynthia s

    Thanks Wes for honoring Jake and other Vets. I’m proud to be an American but not of how the government treats Vets. My nephew served and was told more than once those who head the military consider soldiers the same as they do tanks, guns, bombs etc. Soldiers are expendable equipment. And they are treated as such. They are expected to put their life on the line, suffer trauma as a known result of war, and if they survive not to expect anything in return. It is absolutely shameful and a dark stain on our history. Vets should want for nothing if they serve. And the military industrial complex has the money to take care of them. They get their money from us, from our taxes. But instead of using the money to help Vets and try to promote peaceful resolutions instead of war, it’s used to line the pockets of those who never see battle. We have no say over it. That is not a country by the people and for the people. I would never want anyone I know to serve until the conditions change.

  18. Sidney R

    I did some cross country walking in the 80’s. A drop in bucket in terms of the miles he put in. But I can relate to the specialness of it. Meeting some incredibly kind people, having challenging adventures in the elements, the novelty of new surroundings everyday, being so close to nature. Great interview and sow guys.

  19. schlad

    Brilliant what a cool guy?! Jake is an inspiring, beautiful person, what he’s doing for charity is heartwarming, and how he helped himself is quite incredible. Dealing with PTSD is usually very difficult, in fact it could be the hardest version of anxiety & depression, he did a Truly amazing thing on so many levels. His experiences are fantastic too, crazy stuff, everything’s for a reason huh? It seems like the True story of his journey is how wonderful people can be, We are awesome ..We just need to remember who We really are!
    Thank you guys great stories and it restored my faith too..
    Love and Peace for everyone, everywhere, always, Now!!🌍❤️☮️🌟

  20. schlad

    You are so right Wes, the way they treat Our military Veterans is unbelievable. The weird thing is that the military and the police are the only thing stopping Us, the people from getting Our Countries back from the psychos that put themselves in power, that’s really their main purpose, most Wars are wars of choice, sport for the Lunatics in charge basically, you’d think they’d be nicer to them considering, but I guess if your no longer useful it’s the scrap heap for you huh? Also they know stuff, what has really happened and could help Us get things straightened out, so they become a threat to their power..Trump seemed like he appreciated and cared about them, but he didn’t like war and like grown women so not in their club I guess?!
    Love and Peace for all ❤️☮️

  21. Janetta V

    I admire you sir, for you walking the country the way you did. That is something that is not for me, but I don’t have enough couage to do something like that. I know God walked with you and you came out safe, you learned alot and I hope you are content now. Thank you Wes for another great show and you kindness.

  22. Joseph G

    absolutely awesome episode Wes!!!! Thanks for the story Jake can’t wait to read your book. hope you found peace brother…. you’re a great person Wes, thank you for the amazing stories and people you introduce us to

  23. cheryl z

    Bought your book today ,,thanks for having him Wes and thanks Jake for sharing your story so good, we can use more stories like this in todays world, thank you for your service

  24. Tom H

    never commented before however this episode touched me and made me think this young man had a guardian angel watching over him. That was the first thing that came to mind when he mentioned the dry spot in front of his tent. What an amazing young man and makes me proud to be an American.

  25. Helen J

    Vet here: major trigger warning for VETERANS. I listened to this through, and the end has comments on war, I can’t sleep now and I can’t shake the memories, ptsd is back on. maybe stop listening after his Sasquatch encounters, that’s my recommendation

  26. Josh B

    Wes – onpoint regarding how it’s not right we send so much tax payer money to other countries (like Ukraine) while our own veterans are in great need. God help us all.

  27. Delia D

    Heart goes out to jake and all vets thank you for your service and yes millions to black gov programs and other countries. We can’t even take care of our own who fight for other thankless countries? great show Wes and kudos to Jake for his courage and endurance! God bless

  28. Kevin S

    Sounds like the beginning of Rambo First Blood. lol.

    I haven’t figured out much about PTSD, I’m not a vet or anything, mines from abuse as a kid, then I got cat jacked in 2015 and I thought the dude was goinna killredut he killed.hinself instead.

  29. Kevin S

    could t edit my comment and keyboards crap, so I’ll just write more… I’m really glad and i.pressed at this dude’s journey, if I wasn’t my girls and I are goinna do something similar but with an RV as health ain’t goinna let me walk like that, plus we’re incorporating homeschool I to it. The exciting aspects are the things we will learn together…. as. reaking cycles and bringing the ffunctional loving family that the wife and I didn’t ha r so much, into our daughter’s life through these experiences… that’s what’s goinna make it great. Family. unless some cannaballistic tower of hair and muscle decides to make us it’s num nums… well that’d suck.

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