Dec 25

SC EP:915 Why Is That Guy Running?

Drew writes “I had an encounter with a Sasquatch 6 years ago in the Navy while on leave back home in Arkansas duck hunting. Visual sighting then what I assume was the animal in the woods about 2 hours later while hunting.

I remember the encounter vividly and it could have only been two things a large full grown naked African American male or a Sasquatch . I was not a “Sasquatch” hardcore believer previous to this but after the encounter I spent weeks racking my brain to come to the conclusion that the most likely case was that it HAD to be a Sasquatch.”

Spoke to the witness and he said “I saw what I thought was a guy running across this open field. I was going to my area where I duck hunt. I stopped the truck and sat there watching this “guy” and I was shocked how fast he was running. There are large ditches in this area and he ran up and down those ditches like it was nothing. I thought it was weird but I thought it was just some guy. I got to the area where I duck hunt and I could not stop thinking about what I saw. Whatever I saw must have followed me there. It still bothers me.”







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76 Responses to “SC EP:915 Why Is That Guy Running?”

  1. Maria G

    Merry Christmas guys. Thx Wes..My cute little g-son gave me a horrible chest cold… isn’t he precious? haha. Looking forward to hearing tonight’s show. Sending love from Maine

  2. Matthew J

    I can’t believe Wes put this out for Christmas. I’m aware (a little) of what it takes to make a good show. Sincere thank you Wes, and I hope everyone has a much better 2023.

  3. James L

    The 99 was shut down today. So the family and I did a few laps on Whistler for anyone who missed out. If you’re heading up check the road conditions and plan to be flexible. Stay safe.

  4. Wesley S

    A longtime listener who truly believes, had my own brief smelly brush with one way back in the 70’s in the Quinault National Park. Thanks Wes for all your patience and sincere efforts to bring all of us these chilly tales of encounters, Happy Holidays.

  5. Jay Carlsen

    ……………..29:46 not like that at all. ( The one I heard was like a Women getting her Lungs ripped out & Squeezed ! )
    I believe it.

    Their Sloping Forehead proves that They have Different Brains than Our Own Modern Human Brain.( why these things are Mistaken for animals )

  6. Charles R

    First Drew being an ex running back gave some clarity to it’s running ability. Now 4.4 / 40 yard sprint is fast and only a handful of the fastest players in college and the NFL can achieve a 4.2/40 yard sprint. Now consider this took place with a Bigfoot whose height may put it in line with teenage or younger, and that it was running in an open field of probably uneven and potted ground with tall grass and this kind of speed is more than remarkable. I agree with Wes as it reminds me of the video that Pastor Kip Brockway of Royse City, TX took and had an interview with Wes earlier this year. Of course it was not the best video coming from a cell phone, but that Bigfoot is booking it across pasture land, stops to look back at Kip at a fence and then steps over that fence faster than any human could, all the while carrying a deer on its shoulder.

  7. Maria G

    hey SC family…I’m in the hospital with bilateral pneumonia and am needing 5 yes 5 liters of continuous oxygen just to keep my o2 says above 90%. I’ve never experienced this before and it is scary. on that note I hope you all a joyful new years.. looking forward to returning to our sc normal schedule. hugs from Maine

  8. Jacinda A

    omg james d I was thinking the exact same thing! that guy always interrupted and thought he knew everything! so hard to listen the the episodes he was a part of. I dont think this show would be such a success if that guy was still on. I know I couldn’t listen to him for 900 episodes.

  9. Janice K

    Wes, Late to this one. Just wanted to tell you how much you are appreciated for what you do with Sasquatch Chronicles. Wishing you a healthy and prosperous new year!

  10. Laurie V

    I’m a late joining member and couldn’t be happier! I get to binge listen and I’m not anxiously waiting for the next episode!!!! Thankyou Wes! You alone are the show!!! You don’t need a cohost!

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