Jan 27

SC EP:922 Those Monkeys Are Back

Tonight I will be speaking to two brothers that were hunting near Crater Lake in Oregon. They had a scary night walking down the center of the highway while two creatures were screaming and growling at them. The brothers ended up in a defensive position back to back and started shooting.

We will also be speaking to Jeff. Jeff said “When I was around 11 years old I went to visit my grandmother. She was at the beginning stages of dementia. My grandmother said “Oh those monkeys are back” as she looked out the window. No one in my family listened to her because they thought she was losing it.

My cousin and I walked over to the window and there was three creatures walking in the creek bed. There was two that were upright walking on two legs and a little one wrapped around one of them. The creature in the front was bigger then the one behind him by at least a foot. The third one was small and hanging off of the creature in the back.

I remember being in shock and telling my uncle to come look but he just said “They are just bears.” At that young age I knew this was not bears. It wasn’t until later in life I saw the Patterson-Gimlin film and realized that is what I saw that day.”




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62 Responses to “SC EP:922 Those Monkeys Are Back”

    • Jodonna W

      I was traveling from Central Point OR to Bend OR in July 2020 to see my daughter, Crater Lake had another big fire not much traffic on the road I saw a Bigfoot walking up from the forest to cross the road I’m assuming to get away from the fire- Crazy

      • Jeff S

        I live in Klamath Falls, which is southeast of Crater Lake about 65 miles. I haven’t seen one personally, but I know three people who have. A friend and I did cast a footprint that measured 17″, so they are definitely around our area.

  1. Maria G

    Hi Mark R..Hi Maynard how goes the battle with your health and amputation..I’ve been meaning to ask. hope you are well and adjusting to your new reality. I have a close family member that lost his L leg BKA and he’s doing good some days are better than others. anyways I was thinking of you. take care

  2. Mark R

    Hi Maria! Looks like we’re finally getting January Michigan weather. It’s a great night to settle in with my favorite coffee and a pastry while checking out the new episode.

  3. Russell B

    This thing is not our missing link. There is nothing human about it. We are created beings as we are. We did not evolve.
    I know the schools teach evolution but it is a false belief. We were created by God Almighty.

  4. Linda B

    I don’t believe in evolution either Russel B. I was watching a Jason Kenzie squatch interview if Robin Haynes McCray who claims to have grown up with these things, and she says they are part alien part man. That’s a pretty creepy thing to be, if so… and these things are pretty creepy. One of these days we’ll know for sure. Thanks, Wes, and thanks to your guest!

  5. Linda B

    Hey, Wes, very sorry you lost your stuff when using your Adobe program. I have been there when you work on a huge project and you’re very particular and you get it just right, and your computer just dumps it. I’m surprised we didn’t hear a scream from Washington state from the Wes-meister, I know I would have been screaming if that had happened to me. Thanks for not cancelling. It is very frustrating sometimes, I’m sure.
    I’m hearing the first witness tonight say the scream sounded demonic, and if aliens are in the mix creating these things and if aliens are demons, makes sense.

  6. Kristi S

    My team complains about Adobe every week. We are updating our version soon but I fear we will still have the same glitches! You are not alone! My team in AZ and CO feel your pain and send you love and light!

  7. richard r

    there is a 4th dimension and 5th dimension we cant see because of our bodies limited abilities.
    it mensions in the bible the devil walks around as a lion ready to devour us at all times but we cant see it. that doesnt mean hes not there.
    if we could see in the 4th and 5th dimension , we could never take it just and go completely mad.

  8. Steve J

    Dealing with closed minded people can be tough. Sometimes people’s attitudes make them irrelevant. Not important! The more ignorant (poorly educated) people are, the more know it all, and sarcastic they become. The old saying, don’t throw your pearls before swine comes to mind. It’s not that you don’t have anything of value to share, it’s that type of person, is just a waist of time to talk to. Don’t let the bottom feeders of life steal your joy. Wes has delt with it too. Remember they told him nobody would ever listen to his show. People like that render themselves irrelevant!!!

  9. Rodger f

    I’m from Ohio and we actually used to go ghost hunting here. One night we were in a spot which I did not know later was well known for sightings. We are in the graveyard and it was completely dead quiet and I didn’t even think of that but before I knew it we had something that was close scream at the top of its lungs at us! My friend and I actually froze for a little bit which was weird and then we ran to the car and took off. I would have to agree with him that I would say it sound like a banshee. This area actually has a legend of a haunting of a witch and I literally now think that that haunting story came from Sasquatches screaming at people. Before I put two and two together I literally thought ghost but now I’m pretty sure it was a Sasquatch that was hiding in the pine trees watching us and then they just wanted us to leave. I’ve actually gone back into the spot during the day by myself and never had a problem. I took a ex-girlfriend down there and she said that she swears that she heard someone circling us the whole time we were there. A friend and I are actually going down there tonight after work but they have never bothered us physically. It seems It’s just hey come on guys get out of here this is our time. They are definitely out there and they are definitely in Ohio because I find signs all over and I wish I could post pictures because I have a ton of weird design trees that make no sense on public land and I also have a few pictures of footprints that I found in the snow. These Footprints were only in spots where there was no trees. Between an area of woods where there was an open field and it looks like they were using the trees and they had to step on the ground. Or they were wanting me to see these because I was in the same area twice and it was 15° out while deer hunting so no one else was out there and the tracks were in my trail that I walked the day before. I posted them online if anyone here has seen them on the Sasquatch Forums on Facebook but I’m positive it was not a bear and it was not a person. I spent a lot of time in the woods and if it was a bear I would have followed it for a long time because they’re not supposed to be here and it would have been a very cool find. Great show! Grateful for you!

    • Charles R

      I live on the other side of Ohio, Darke County, but have been to Salt Fork Lake in late Feb. 2012, to meet a internet friend from Cambridge who belonged to a local Bigfoot group. We spent 2 days, only ones camping. Got a couple of good pictures of large tree X formation, and another of a unique starts from the ground ( that goes up to about 13 feet ) tree blind, that we believed was used as an ambush for deer in non hunting area. I too would think its a good bet the haunting legend being a Grassman as they were know by in Ohio way back.

  10. m99

    I like to listen with my husband, but he goes to bed too early because he’s exhausted from getting up so early and working all week. We usually listen to the episodes the next day, and this is no exception. Thanks Wes, this was worth the wait and hearing together.

    The first one was chilling and I’m sure we would have fired a lot sooner, then run like the dickens forward. Glad they made it out alive, albeit, shaken. It sounds like, as he said, the creatures were following their scent.

    The next guest made me feel very sad for his grandmother. How does it feel to have everyone poo-poo what you say? And his uncle? Really? How about a heads up. Weren’t you kids? Bet many children played down there.

    Wes, we’re sorry to hear about the trouble publishing the new stuff you worked so hard to create. I bet it gets overwhelming and I’d want to quit sometimes too. Glad you didn’t though. As the song says, lean on me when you’re not strong, and I’ll help you carry on…

    Anything we can do to help please don’t hesitate to ask. Blessings_ m

  11. Giles L

    We need to get you set up with a backup file saving system. If I’ve learned anything from working in a recording studio, is that you need backups of your files.. Even backups of your backups. Better safe than sorry.

  12. Charles R

    What a fantastic event to witness Jeff, a family just moseing down the trail. Living in Ohio and being out hunting often, you may just get your wish of another sighting.

  13. Clete K

    Hey Wes, big fan and member of the show. For what it’s worth, I think your other two openings are better than the one that’s playing now , it’s kind of hard to understand some of the Ron Moorehead part. Maybe use a mix of the first two?

  14. Lisa S

    Talking about PTSD made me recall that the late Kerry Arnold received relief from a type of emotional counseling he spoke of at least once on his program Bigfoot Odyssey after his traumatic encounter with a Sasquatch. Sorry I don’t remember the name for it. I hope the brothers get relief if they choose to seek it. I can’t imagine such terror. I’d definitely need help.

  15. michael

    I think these things are smarter that to scream and make noise and give away their positions if they were
    planning on killing those guys. I disagree with Wes on this one. If the bigfoots had bad intentions those guys would
    have disappeared and had their heads popped off without knowing what happened .

  16. Lori C

    Is anyone here familiar with the Annie Creek Campground not far from Crater Lake? My husband and I had an interesting experience while camping there a few years ago. I wrote about it on my blog, thetravelingmaiden.com. I’d love to hear if anyone else has experienced anything strange there.

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