SC EP:154 My Hunting Trip

  Tonight I speak to Mike who is from Idaho and describes a strange encounter he had with a Sasquatch while out on a hunting trip. Mike just returned from active service and went on a family hunting trip when their tent was pushed over the men stepped out of the fallen tent to see… Read more »

Sundays Show: My Hunting Trip

I’m going to tell you a story of one of my hunting trips. One day my uncle asked me if I wanted to go elk hunting. I never turned down a hunting trip. He told me that we were going to a new area. There were six in our hunting party. We split into two-man… Read more »

SC EP:151 Last Man Standing

  Tonight I speak with David who had a terrifying encounter with several Sasquatch’s. The men were in a remote location in Colorado and were out shooting targets when a very large ape-like creature stepped out of the bushes and was growling, screaming and showing its teeth. David describes what the creature looked like and… Read more »

SC EP:150 A Police Officer’s Encounter

  “I am a police officer and I had an encounter (an aggressive one ) as an 11 year old in 1994 inside the border of the smokey mountain national park. I was on a camping trip with my family and a group of friends consisting of 5 other boys and my younger sister and… Read more »

SC EP:147 The Chewbacca Man

  I have a story in my past that I have never told except to my Dad and best friend, either of whom ever believed me until this week. My best childhood friend called me this week and said” Remember that weird story you told me about the Chewbacca Man? Well I believe you now… Read more »

Sasquatch Chronicles: Out on Foot with Rocky Elmore

I made a trip to Southern California and met with retired Border Patrol Agent Rocky Elmore. Rocky is the author of “Out on Foot: Nightly Patrols and Ghostly Tales of a U.S. Border Patrol Agent.” I sat down with Rocky for a follow up interview that we did on Sasquatch Chronicles. Rocky was kind enough… Read more »

SC EP:145 Tribal Police and Sasquatch

  I will be speaking to Chris who was with the Indian tribal police for many years. Indian tribal police are peace officers hired by those Native American tribes which have a constitutional government on reservations, as opposed to hereditary chiefs. I spoke to him yesterday and he is going to come on the show… Read more »

Friday Night: Two very different encounters

On Friday night I will be speaking to two guest who had two very different encounters. My first guest is Craig who is a life long hunter and has spent a lot of his time in the woods. Craig had a scary encounter with a Sasquatch. The event terrified him so much he jumped from… Read more »

SC EP:143 Nephilim Conspiracy Reloaded

  September is going to be a big month for members as I am planning on packing in the shows! Some in the bigfoot community feel that Sasquatch are the Nephilim. I decided to do a show on the Nephilim which was SC EP:112. I feel like that show gave a clear picture of what… Read more »

SC EP:142 Retired Border Patrol Agent Speaks Out

Rocky Elmore will be my guest Friday night. He is a retired United States Border Patrol Agent. He shared with me a scary Sasquatch encounter he was involved in. The agents were tracking illegal aliens coming across the border when the agents were told that a “large predator” was tracking them and the commander was… Read more »

SC EP:141 Sasquatch running down the hill

  I will be speaking to Skip who is from Texas. He shares with us his encounter he had almost 28 years ago. He was at the river with his friend and they decided to pack up and head home. Skip was carrying items back to his car and as he walked up the hill… Read more »