SC EP:23 Running from Bigfoot

Doug Retzer joins the show tonight to share his encounters with Sasquatch. As a young man hunting he saw a Sasquatch for the first time through his rifle scope, many years later he had an encounter with one while fishing and ran for his life. Join us Sunday at 5pm PST.  

SC EP:22 Anthropologist Erik Garcia

Join us Saturday night at 7pm PST for a special show this week. We will be talking to Anthropologist Erik Garcia. Erik Garcia is an Anthropologist who has studied Primatology in great depth and we will be having a round table discussion with everything related Sasquatch and their behaviors. Erik will be sharing his insight… Read more »

SC EP:21 Sykesville Monster

My Bigfoot Encounter – Lon Strickler I was fly-fishing for redeye and smallmouth bass on the south branch of the Patapsco River approximately 1 mile downstream from Rt.32 near Sykesville, Maryland. After a few minutes or so, I heard the dog barking and growling. I figured that he stirred up a deer, but when I… Read more »

SC EP:20 Finding Sasquatch Tracks

Tonight we talk with a witness who had a roadside crossing sighting and found tracks in the snow. We will also be discussing another bigfoot encounter that appears the government tried to coverup.  

SC EP:19 Bigfoot Stories with Tim “Coonbo” Baker

Tim “Coonbo” Baker is one that is never short on stories when it comes to this subject. Tim has had our friends on his property and researched in numerous states as well. Tim has been studying this phenomenon nearly all his life, bringing some truly amazing stories to the show.  

SC EP:18 Sasquatch Stories with Jim Grant AKA Bear

On Sunday we welcome researcher Bobby Woods and Jim Grant aka Bear to the show. Most in the Bigfoot community know me as Bear, but my real name is Jim Grant. I was raised as a country boy in Montgomery County, Mississippi. Now, I find myself spread out all over the South. I have personally… Read more »

SC EP:17 Ten feet away from a Sasquatch

Vic, former cohost of Campfire Shadows shares audio with us. As Shane and Bear are live from expedition they hope to encounter a Sasquatch but got more than they had hoped for. Join us every Sunday night at 5pm PST as we discuss recent Sasquatch sightings, encounters and talk to Bigfoot eye witnesses. People are… Read more »

SC EP:16 Bigfoot/Sasquatch Government Coverup

Possible Government Conspiracy to Cover Up Bigfoot’s Existence. Why Would Government Officials Want to Keep Bigfoot/Sasquatch a Secret? I do not think much of most conspiracy theory, but after studying Bigfoot for a while, I believe that the government is covering up the existence of this creature. In this episode we will discuss possible government… Read more »

SC EP:15 Sasquatch Paced My Vehicle

This week we bring you an eye witness who shares her scary encounter with Sasquatch-.A listener wrote into the show – “I have had two experiences. One sighting and one crazy night of noises, both occurred in the northern part of the southern peninsula of Michigan. It is SO hard to explain to someone how… Read more »

SC EP:14 Bigfoot Hunt Gone Wrong & a Hunters Encounter

This week we bring you the – ‘Bigfoot Hunt’ Goes Wrong, Ends With Man Shot, Three Arrested. We also bring you Danny, Danny wrote the show and said “hi wes and woody i listen to your shows everynight at work and it gets me by the night my granfather and i had taken a trip… Read more »

SC EP:13 Class B Sasquatch Encounter

A listener wrote the show saying – “I went out actively trying to elicit activity bye making what I thought was a distress call. The thing is I’m from Fl and if I want to call a gator in make a baby call but!! Momma gonna come mad ready to protect and the big bull… Read more »

SC EP:12 Class A Encounter Witness Interview

A listener contacted the show and wanted to share his encounter with us. He contacted us and wrote “I am so relieved to finally hear someone talk sensible about these animals. They are not furry,giant, hippy brothers of the forest. I have seen one at very close range and when it did it’s roar/scream within… Read more »

SC EP:11 The ‘Siege’ at Honobia

Bigfoots had been harassing a family who lived deep in the sticks in Honobia, Oklahoma for some time. The family had planted a lot of Austrian snow peas, a crop that deer loved to eat, so deer congregated on their property. The family then hunted the deer for food, mostly by spotlighting at night. They… Read more »

SC EP:10 A hunter’s encounter with Bigfoot

In EP:10 we bring you a hunters encounter with Sasquatch. A listener contacted the show and wanted to share his encounter with Sasquatch. The listener wrote us saying “I had an encounter years ago (1987) in Eastern Washington. It was a three day ordeal with a couple of witnesses. I didn’t see them by choice,… Read more »

SC EP:9 A look back at 2013 in the Bigfoot world

In this episode we take a look back at the some of the things that have happened in the bigfoot world in 2013. Join us as we will be discussing Bigfoot encounters and Bigfoot stories. William Jevning Woody and Wes will also be discussing Sasquatch behavior and encounters. As always we will be playing some… Read more »

SC EP:8 Bigfoot Research 101 with John Green

In this episode we bring you answers to some of the most asked questions regarding Bigfoot. We have a very special interview with John Green that we will be discussing. What is Sasquatch? Kill vs No Kill according to John Green and as always we will have encounters of the week!  

SC EP:7 Sasquatch Sounds vs Known Animal Sounds

In this episode we bring you some of the best Bigfoot stories, sounds and news topics. We will also be answering questions from our listeners. Do you know the difference between a reported Bigfoot sound and a known animal like a fox?  

SC EP:6 Witness Encounter: Face to Face with Sasquatch

In this episode we bring you one of the best Class A Bigfoot Encounter: Rebecca has had a couple scary encounters with Bigfoot including a very traumatic experience where she was face to face with Sasquatch. Rebecca will also be sharing some recent encounters and sharing her experience with Bigfoot and how her attitude has… Read more »

SC EP:5 Bigfoot Stories and Encounters

In this episode we bring you some of the best Bigfoot stories. Join us as we will be discussing Bigfoot encounters and Bigfoot stories. William Jevning, Woody, and Wes will also be discussing Sasquatch behavior and encounters. We will be discussing recent encounters and older encounters including: -Tim Hall Bigfoot encounter in the Smoky Mountains… Read more »

SC EP:4 Infrasound and Bigfoot Researcher-Brenda Harris

Infrasound, sometimes referred to as low-frequency sound, is sound that is lower in frequency than 20 Hz (Hertz) or cycles per second, the “normal” limit of human hearing. Hearing becomes gradually less sensitive as frequency decreases, so for humans to perceive infrasound, the sound pressure must be sufficiently high. The ear is the primary organ… Read more »