Jun 9

SC EP:549 The Stinky Homeless Man?

Tonight is going to be jammed pack with guests. We start off with Daniel Benoit who will be sharing information on his conference coming up in Virginia. Since it is the weekend I decided to bring Bingo on and see who knows more about Bigfoot. Will Daniel win or Sasquatch Chronicles prodigal son Bingo?

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Timothy Renner from the Strange Familiars podcast stops by to share some historical accounts of Sasquatch.

Check out the Strange Familiars podcast here.


We will wrap up with Jim who grew up in a military family and shares strange run ins with what he called a “stinky, hairy homeless man.” *Spoiler Alert* It was not a human.




111 Responses to “SC EP:549 The Stinky Homeless Man?”

    • Jay Carlsen

      It means that you got the First Comment , there is none other. From an Earlier Time – Before ” Member ” Shows. When People didn’t have anything better to do that ” Camp Out ” For the next Episode.
      Ect , ect , ect , ect no other comment has any weight.

      Now since I answered your Question ? will You Answer Mine ? – Is Spite a Sin ?
      1955 – Jerry Crew !

    • m99

      Yes Jim. I agree. Wes is a God Send. Not only for the terrorized people, but for such a time as this. We just appreciate you Wes.

  1. Peter B

    ?B…I…N..G….O……, B….I….N…G…..O, B….I…N….G…O.? And BINGO was his name ohh!? Thanks Wes, and you too Bingo. Also a special thanks to the guests….

  2. Sharity M

    I think this may be the very 1st time that I skip an episode. No offense to Bingo, he seems like a nice guy, but I enjoy listening to the more serious stuff, encounters, etc.

  3. TARYN L

    Loved the episode. The last guest really sounded like he had a lot of emotion with his encounters and needed to let it go. Thank you for being the listening ear for so many like him.

  4. brad b

    Timothy Renner and Jim were great guests. Sasquatch Jeopardy went on way too long and was rough to listen to. Two or three minutes of that kind of thing can be fun but it ran on and on.

  5. Larry R

    Jim my heart goes out to you. I ran into these creatures in San Diego too so I know what your going through. It gets better but for me it’s still difficult with what all happens. God Bless bud great encounter and thank you Wes.

    • Molly Hart L

      Larry, did you recently share your Lakeside (San Diego) encounters on the show? My husband and I live in SD and I would like to contact you. Seems like a So Cal gathering might be a possibility? Nice of you to reach out to Jim. The shock still resonates when relating these stories. I am editing Bobbie Short’s book and she was in Alpine (SD) Lots of good stuff on her bigfootencounters.com. Her book is posted there to be read without charge. I am still adding to it.
      Thank you Wes for bringing these encounters to us and the world. I agree with Jim – you are right where the Universe wants you to be! Hope YOU agree! God Bless you and all the good folks.

  6. Paul M

    Well them 2 contestants really kicked ass … And we a1lways appreciate the dingers update… and we just cant thank WES enough for having them both on… THANKS WES … YOR DA BESS x

  7. Anna K

    Bingo is back!!! Awesome! Great ? episode. Wes or anyone, whose the great lady singer at the end of the episode? Yet, another great piece of music introduced by Wes!! Please someone tell me.

    • Eve M

      U mean the- fabrik
      ‘Black lake’
      I know right
      This mofo
      Gottem taste, & continuously TOPS HIMSELF at just hitting the exact vibe with his picks
      Ur a man of many talents
      Now take ur swollen ego
      Cook me sum podcasts
      Over easy, minus the bingos
      AMD if it has to b
      Can I’ve my bingo as a side serve pls chef

      Yeh, I know ur amusing urself now personal level etc Wes
      I SWEAR TO U
      I’d probably rather listen to Bob Garrett snore

      No offence bingo
      AMD d’u no wot bro
      Mayb I’m cumin from a green eyed pasture down unda
      So don’t b disheartened

      Wes u had ur fun
      Cmon now

  8. Danny D

    Wes, love your show bro! It’s your show and you can have whoever you want on it..Let Bingo do all the free shows ( by himself) and let’s see what all the naysayers say about that..lol Keep up the good work bro.. Enjoyed all the episodes and all the guests.. You’re the best bro!

  9. Guy B

    The Haters are gonna hate. Ignore them. They say they’ll quit listening but you know they still listen.
    Your the best man and show out there . Do what you want . Your humility and sincerity make you the best ” exspert” out there. I enjoy everything you produce. God bless.

    • Darren H

      Hey Guy B relax. Nobody is hating just because they’re giving Wes some feed back (I think it’s a good thing). Didn’t see any comments that were disrespectful or saying they were going to cancel. Wes is a sharp guy…he can chew the meat and spit out the bones!
      By the way been a member since 2014 and don’t plan on going anywhere !
      Keep up the Great work Wes. ???

  10. Julian A

    Hi Wes. I really like your show. Ever since I heard your encounter. I am a long time subscriber. But this show had a little too much intro. I was Bored listening to this. I’m a big fan and I hope you keep doing your show, but people want to hear about the encounters.

  11. Cristina J

    I loved the trivia!!! I missed that. I enjoyed Bingo too. Makes me sad so many people are being so rude to him. Nice guy who is thrilled to talk to his hero. Wes still makes sure we have a lot of content. Love the show Wes! Thanks for all you do

  12. Debbie S

    Great show. Not getting why Bingo has so many upset but to each their own. Skip him then. I truly wish I could get to the ECBRO conference…probably as close as I will ever get to being able to go to one and I would really love to “pick the brains” of some of those guys but I know there is no way possible for me to get there. 🙁 My heart went out to Jim….I was on the edge of my seat listening to him. Some pretty intense situations. As far as him letting it go…I think that is an ongoing process and every time you tell it whether you want it or not…the emotions come back. Thanks Wes…

  13. Cristina J

    I second what Jim said at the end. I always get frustrated when Wes makes the comment that nobody cares what he thinks!! I DO LOL I have learned so much about different topics, not just Sasquatch since I started this amazing journey of Sasquatch chronicles. THANK YOU WES!

  14. Curtis R

    Nothing personal against Bingo, but I can think of better segment ideas. The rest of the show was great though. It might have been more interesting to ask the ECBRO guy more questions about what experiences they have had.
    I fo miss some of your former guests, like the Native American guy from Vancouver, cant remember his name.

  15. Jay Carlsen

    Yes another Great Episode ! I was contemplating today …… is it something that these Sasquatch are doing ? That makes people lose control ? We have heard a few who have messed their Britches. ( and would this go hand in hand with the Missing Pants off of Victims found in the National Parks ? )
    Maybe the Guest was lucky he didn’t eat Dinner yet ?
    And ALL the Other Questions that go along with such Ideas.
    What other Animal can do such as this ?
    Is it connected to this Infrasound ?
    Who’s to Say ? But it is something to Consider.

  16. Elaine L

    Really good show tonight! I have to say that Jim’s story touched my heart and really moved me. The part about the smelly hairy man was so interesting but what really affected me was Jim’s personal story of his childhood and family dynamics. I really related to his pain as I too went through a similar upbringing surviving abuse and neglect and like Jim, I eventually left home when I was a senior in high school. Having to go to school and work nights to make ends meet was one of the hardest things I ever did. I’m glad he eventually made up with his father before the end. I know it’s very hard to do but forgiveness is the key to moving on from so much of the painful memories that haunt you. I wish him all the best in his life. Prayers and blessings ~

  17. David J

    Jim, I really respect you coming to the “Wilderness Man” conclusion on your own, without mentioning Zechariah Sitchen or Lloyd Pye. That speaks of a high intellect and a lot of time spent thinking about it. I agree with you; these people/creatures are obviously perfectly evolved for their environment.

  18. Ann B

    This was one of the best stories I’ve heard about these encounters! It was so well told, raw and real. I also relate to the childhood challenges of sibling and parent, as well as becoming independent at 16. The pain is real but when reconciling is possible it is a beautiful thing. Unlike most other stories I’ve heard, these brought a new compassion in me for the various types of creatures and their daily grind, scary though they are. Doesn’t seem very satisfying to be left with stone throwing and waiting to steal others food.

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