Jul 14

SC EP:562 The Rock Throwing Howler Monkeys?

Spoke to the eyewitness and he said “I live in Tennessee near the Smoky Mountains. A good friend of mine lived out in the country and asked me to come over because he was sure there was howler monkeys in the woods behind his home.

I was curious so I went to see if I could hear these “howler monkeys” that he was talking about. After several nights of being out there we heard strange vocalizations but never saw anything until the last couple of nights. We have rocks thrown at us and we saw two of them. One of them was huge, biggest thing I have ever seen and it reminded me of a human covered in hair but it was a really big human. There was one night we saw something, I think unrelated and it was so strange I don’t know what to think. It is so odd I am not sure if I want to discuss it, stranger than Bigfoot.”

The eyewitness has agreed to come on the show and share his encounter.



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  1. Denise F

    Person 1: How do you take that rock throwing behavior?
    Person 2: Usually pretty hard to the head
    It’s all fun and games until you run into one-

    Enjoyed show, ty Wes and guest

  2. Cristina J

    Just started the episode and probably won’t finish it because I keep listening to the bloopers and cracking up!!! I love the chips sound. I love the story in a story, please, please do more! I would listen to anything with you and Tony!

  3. Ian H

    This is a great episode1 I don’t donate to political campaigns, I don’t support anyone on patreon, I don’t make much money…but these podcasts are worth every penny, and some…I am lmao at the “mess with one bean you get the whole burrito” line. Thanks Wes, I appreciate your work.

  4. Richard P

    This is similar to the unidentified bear sized fur covered lifeform that I saw as I was driving at night twenty miles into the forest a month ago during an ET/ED contact op. It was running down the side of the road at approximately 20 to 30 miles per hour.

    I have a dash clamp mount for my GoPro action cam. But I unfortunately I didn’t have the GoPro with me. And it happened so fast that I didn’t have time to take a picture or video of it with my smartphone on the winding mountain roads as I was driving.

    Later that evening I found a bigfoot trackline 27 miles into the forest in the snow at elevation while I was riding my folding electric bike. Because I couldn’t safely get past a damaged section of single lane dirt road in the rental SUV that I was driving.


    I drove about 75 miles in the forest Friday night and early Saturday morning this weekend and visited a 14′ x 14′ mountaintop lookout that would be suitable for an overnight stay in something more secure than a tent.

  5. Richard P

    This weekend I brought my 18.5 inch barrel 12 guage pump loaded with Brenneke 3,000 ft/lbs of energy 600 grain 3 inch magnum large dangerous game hard cast slugs. That is equipped with a 650 lumen Coast focusing beam flashlight that has excellent flood light illumination. I also brought a stainless steel katana, a couple of pistols and my semi auto magazine feed 30-06 with a 200 meter beam tactical light loaded with 180 grain Barnes ballistic tip copper expanding rounds. Along with 25 rounds of black tip steel core armor piercing ammunition.

    I bought a pistol grip recoil reduction stock and a class 3 target laser for the 12 gauge that I’m going to have the gunsmith install. Along with a 2 shell extension for the magazine. My intention is to get along with the bigfoots and avoid anyone getting hurt or killed if I can. And if I can’t, well that’s their call.

  6. Linda S

    Is it just me taking these encounters too seriously? Because this guy sounds like another foolish person who is taking his life in his hands with his “Forest brothers”. Is he encountering the same unnatural probable demonic beings as others who are lucky to be alive? Maybe I misunderstood his level of expertise in the woods with these mentally deranged unpredictable creatures. I sure as hell would not be sitting in the dark throwing rocks back. Considering how many guests have almost been killed by rocks thrown at them. And injured.
    Okay so maybe this group didn’t mind playing footsie in the woods with these good ole boys and the rocks missed. Just hope he never runs into a horny one and gets raped like that 13 year old girl who was admitted to a mental hospital. Or his head twisted and popped off just for kicks by some bad tempered alpha male. Or his back broken and stuffed in a tree by a hormonal female. These unnatural bizarre creatures are not my forest brothers. I understand the entertainment value of some of the shows. But I don’t understand the carelessness of people nor the naïveté of what are these things. I sure as hell am not descended from these damn dirty apes. What an insult to a powerful Heavenly Creator who made us in His image.

    • Cory M

      They’re not demonic and, tbh, we’re MUCH more violent than they are. Hence the reason why they try their best to hide and stay away from us.

    • Richard P

      Throwing rocks at me would be a mistake depending on the size and velocity. With the 1,800 foot range thermal that I’m running it could be tough to hide.

      A bluff charge could easily be fatal. What I’m carrying now has one shot stopping power. Even on a large mammal over 1,000 pounds with decent shot placement at close range. Which may be why there wasn’t any activity this weekend. Because as soon as I entered the forest. The long guns came out of the cases and the lights and sights were field tested for night use and they were deployed ready for use. And would have been used if necessary.

        • Richard P

          I was surrounded by probably 3, maybe more 3 summers ago screaming at me. 1 month ago I had a sighting of an unidentified bear sized lifeform at 75 to 100 feet running at 15 to 25 miles per hour. Later that night I found a bigfoot trackline twice my gate. I’M 5’10” 165 pounds of pretty much all muscle.

          I never said that I was scared, let alone terrified. When I was surrounded. The was some shock and bewilderment from the unexpected explosion of sound within 150 to 250 feet from me echoing through the mountains.

          I’m running ET/ED contact ops, not looking for bigfoot. They’ve become a factor in this area that I’m addressing. My preference would be that they either not bother me or get along with me. I haven’t done anything to them. Not even raised my voice. There’s been no aggression on my part. Yes I’ve displayed weapons. But it’s been done in a calm and non threatening manner. To the extent that it can be.

  7. Eva B

    Thank you, please don’t leave. I know, I’d miss ya tons!!! Not that I matter, but your fan base would really miss you. You always put on a helluva show!!! 👣 Thank you for another great encounter! Would you consider a paranormal encounter? Along with a Sasquatch encounter? It’s very hard to discuss what happened and why. More questions than answers. Take care!

  8. m99

    ” …it was just monstrously huge…” And it didn’t SCARE you?!

    I have to say, it must be the Ninja of the woods. I believe the guest, but can hardly believe the bravery of he and his friend. And yes, we as humans can eat acorns; possibly this clan has seen people foraging the acorns. I mean, who knows how long this species lives? Could they have been around to trade with the original natives on this property?

    Very interesting episode. T/Y Wesipoo. Great job as usual (Om-goodness, is that too gushy?).

  9. Rebekah C

    This guy wasn’t credible at all IMO. He could see them but his friend couldn’t? His friend’s girlfriend wears glasses so she probably can’t see them if they come up to the house? Being surrounded and bluff charged doesn’t scare him or even make him nervous? I’m sorry, but he’s out in the woods with his own imagination and feeling very brave about it if he does say so himself. No one who has ever been in an actual situation with these beings is going to believe this fool. This story belongs on a dang T.V. show, not this usually excellent podcast. Love ya, Wes. Just didn’t buy this guy’s story.

  10. Ronald M

    Their rock throwing skills are quite impressive! Traveling horizontal through branches and leaves for over a hundred yards and still not hit you. The guy from Tennessee is brave with a good attitude, he’ll be fine. I do think that intent matters.

  11. Kelly S

    No Talbot G you are the only one appearing to be stupid. Go think about what you just wrote then come back with an apology and some manners.
    Wes your show sets the industry standard no other cryptid podcast or blog etc can even come close to replicating. You are humble, respectful and your interview techniques are better than most seasoned detectives. Don’t even acknoledge the bitchers and complainers. You could hand out $100 bills and the same 10% would bitch about it. Press forward sir, your loyal listeners are on your left and your right.

  12. Kris G

    ..well… I luv Tony as much as you, Wes. ..and would say you guys have excellent rapport. Fun to listen to. Makes me smile to think of sitting down at a table with you 2 and Jack on the rocks for all around…I’m paying!

  13. Dovie D

    Every time I hear accounts of these creatures I am more and more convinced of my second encounter as a teenager at a rest stop between California and Oregon.
    I enjoyed hearing your guests experience but he is either courageous or crazy. 🤷‍♂️

  14. Trey

    Wes he is right down the road from where all my sightings have been reported and where i had my own sighting. The Smoky Mountains strike again. great episode love to hear from other people in my area

  15. Bonnie I

    A very insightful interview, thanks Wes! I really do believe though that your guests who truly think they have these things completely figured out are fooling themselves. Two things seem quite apparent though 1: They like to surround a man if ticked off and 2: They get ticked off a lot. Was great to hear the humor too in your podcast Wes, gives us all a break from the seriousness of this subject. Had to laugh at the background sounds from the Willaim Roe report especially when the female Sasquatch was stripping the berries off the branch with her teeth. She must have been eating Kellogg’s Crunch Berries!

  16. Zina C

    This guy is in my area!! Wow! Interesting! I’ve wondered about this area as to whether or not we have Sasquatch here in S.E. Tennessee. Good show!

  17. Scott J

    I had to stop listening to this character. Good grief! Wes, your shows are generally the only ones I pay any attention to because your content is generally pretty good, the cheese is off this cats cracker! Moving on!

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