Jul 6

SC EP:558 Weekend Campfire Chat

Bonus Episode: I am working on a round table show with Tony Merkel from The Confessionals and Brent Thomas from The Paranormal Portal. We have several topics we are going to cover in an open discussion. Do you have any questions or comments I will read on the air? You can ask any question you want for the podcasters. I will see everyone tomorrow night!





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79 Responses to “SC EP:558 Weekend Campfire Chat”

  1. Rob P

    Your thoughts on people having multiple “paranormal” events throughout their lives? Like sasquatch, dogman, ufos, OBEs.. Is it just luck? Is it some sort of cursed attraction? Makes me wonder how much it is all connected. Maybe we focus in too much on individual topics and not look at the totality of circumstances and events witnessed? I dunno but i think about it a lot.

    • Lisa B

      I’ve had several encounters and often wondered if they’re connected, am I beacon that draws it in? Or is it just that things happened to me? Wish I could find the answers or who to talk to.

      • Rob P

        Anytime you want someone to talk to about it all I would be absolutely happy to. Ive had them all too throughout my life and its very lonely lol. I also wish i knew someone who had more knowledge to talk to.

    • Dave W.

      I believe that thosw who see are already open to the existence of what they encounter. I believe that once they encounter an “entity” be it a cryptid, a ghost or an alien being, they are “marked” and that this mark draws more experiences. I have talked to a bunch of people who believe this, and it seems less uncommon than I once thought. Just a personal belief, I have nothing solid to prove it.

  2. bikridr

    From any of you or all of you, how about the absolute scariest stories you’ve heard or experienced, any dejavu experiences, and your take on dejavu in general, and your most inspirational influences that have steered each of you along the way.
    Been along since blog talk, love the show and Tony’s as well, thank you for all your hard work.

  3. Kyle M

    Besides the fact that youve seen one, what info do you use towards non-believers or skeptics to open their minds more?

    Also…when is the app dropping!?

    • Dave W.

      Kyle, I personally dont try to get people to believe. I have shared my encounter with less than 5 people until I shared it with Wes. If the topic comes up, I dont run from it and I am very upfront about what I saw, but I dont waste my time in trying to convince people. I simply state that with the sheer numbers of encounters and sightings, SOMETHING is out there. Its up to them to look for it or not. I know what I experienced.

  4. Sion L

    I think people should put sexual dolls in the activity locations with container inside to catch the sasquatch sperm when it satisfies its urges

  5. Debbie S

    Loved this show! Interesting stuff. So…all these narrated encounters on YouTube are made up stories? I should have expected that I guess. Just recently started listening to a few and while several seem about average, there are some that are out there. What jerks! 🙁 Thanks Wes! Good show…enjoyed Tony and his “rambling” as he called it….still good.

  6. joeydeveever

    Wes – you gotta get Anthony from episode 419 back to tell about the “star people”. Remember, how the teenage sasquatches leave for a while with the star people? The topic kind of got dropped over the cliff….

  7. Denise F

    The best line I’ve heard in awhile is when you said that the paranormal and UFO world had more sane people than the Bigfoot…. stop for a moment and appreciate that, lmao.

  8. Kimberly S

    I appreciate the discussion even if it seems like someone “talks a lot.” That’s a matter of opinion. But as for mine, the so called tangents, or rabbit trails, or rants if that’s what you call them are VERY interesting! A lot of times these tangents present new ideas and connections and mirror my own thoughts! So Tony Merkel- good job!!! It’s ALL GOOD. Thank you Wes for the round table discussion – we look forward for more , and hopefully more “Conspiracy Corners!”

  9. Diane M

    Don says he is a skeptical believer then says he is kind of an empath? Strange contradiction to say the least. He really has no idea what an empath really is.

  10. Dan S

    So this other dude has never encountered nor dealt with a demonic presence, but he knows exactly what it should and shouldn’t be like, to the point where he feels he can chastise or be pedantic towards someone who has had an encounter of some sorts?
    Its because of ppl like him that folks who have had encounters w demonic oppression, affliction, or possession will not come forward.
    They are not the same every single time, just like not every single sasquatch encounter is the same.
    And he honestly thinks that just because HE doesnt think they are prevalent, that it must be the truth. The buggest and best

    • Dan S

      Gotta love glitches in the middle of a thought.
      The final thing would be the biggest and best lie that evil or the devil has perpetrated upon man is to make them believe he doesnt exist.

  11. Troy B

    Wes, just a suggestion. I would like to hear Gary Wayne on your show. He could talk about the Book of Enoch/Bible and demons/cryptids without turning people off. Easy two hours.

  12. Aaron B

    Any possession is a demonic possession these are unclean spirits they can tell you things that have happened in your life pretending that they are friends that have passed away but make no mistake they are unclean spirits play with fire and you will get burned you can cast something out but if you don’t put something back in they will come back seven fold

    • Dave W.

      Not all posessions are demonic. To understand what a DEMONIC posession truly is, you first have to know what a DEMON is.
      All a Demon is, is a spirit that has never walked the earth in human form. Clean and unclean has little bearing on it. This is why true Demonic possession is so very RARE. A spirit can posess, or take over ones body for a period of time, but it doesnt have to be a demon.

  13. Aaron B

    Wes if you want to do a show on the topic demons in the Bible not really have it be a Bible podcast a great gas to have on that goes into the extra biblical text and has different spins on things would be Zen Garcia tell you what right now at being awesome show

  14. Sharity M

    Why does my username always show up as my boyfriend’s? It should say Sharity M. Anyways, was intro music lost on everyone?? It’s called, “Hate It or Love It”, by The Game with 50 Cent. Great choice, Wes! I guess ppl were either gonna love or hate the chat, per usual, and Wes is gonna continue to shine anyways, as the song succinctly says.

  15. Ulrike H

    I enjoyed the campfire chat very much. It’s interesting to hear about all the different experiences/encounters that others have had and what you Pod Masters have to deal with!

  16. LaVonne J

    I loved the show Wes! I finally got caught up tonight. Don’t know what’s wrong with me….fallen 3 times in a little over a week and I don’t even imbibe! 🤔😀 And that’s not even the worse of it. One of those falls I was squatchin’…..alone as usual. BUT, I loved the format…..the CAMPFIRE CHAT and therefore I loved the background! When I’m not out in the woods, I have to play “white noise” to help me sleep, (Insomnia) so I always choose campfire, rain, storms or Cherokee flute.

  17. pam

    I really like this genre` of show!! On the multiple experiences thought: Is it like when you buy a certain model of car then you start seeing that same model all over the place? Is it that you became a “magnet” for these sorts of experiences? I think we just are maore aware; ope; and therefore you are more likely to SEE the extraordinary.

  18. Josh R

    You talked about episode 419 being your favorite so I went back to listen to it and it was the one episode I will never forget. I just forgot that it was 419. I call it the sponge Bob episode.. So good 👍

  19. Bonnie I

    Loved the ambient background sounds, made it seem more like a real fireside chat! Tony’s mention of Sasquatch being possibly a remnant left by the manipulation of species by the Nephilim made sense – Not that they are directly descended from the Nephilim race itself.

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