Jun 14

SC EP:550 The Little Green Man

Tonight I will be speaking to Kevin who is originally from Ireland. He shares some Irish folklore, along with an encounter he had with a little green man. What we might first assume in a America to be a little man in a green suit or a leprechaun, Kevin explains that something is lost in translation because what he saw was what most would consider to be a 2-3 foot tall little grayish/green alien. Not only did he see it but his family saw it. Kevin said “In our culture we would leave it gifts to leave us alone. My aunt said it had the head of a porcelain doll because it was so smooth and the face did not move.”

Kevin goes on to say, “I came to America and joined the Marines. I served this country but my strange experiences did not stop in Ireland I have also seen a Sasquatch.”





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68 Responses to “SC EP:550 The Little Green Man”

  1. m99

    Well okay then! But, still working and waiting for the other half to get home. Gonna cook now, then after he’s home listen to this early episode with din-din…. Thanks so much Mr. Wesipoo! 🙂

  2. m99

    Hey Kevin. I live in the area you were speaking of, but not on the loop. Wondering, do you still frequent the area? We are disappointed with the way it’s (the National Park) is NOT being cared for. It’s such a bummer. We thought we had found our forever home, but now don’t think so. I really enjoyed your episode. I appreciate your candor, your descriptions, your manner with Wes. Just great. Thanks so much!

  3. Renee S

    Great show. Although Kevin covered a lot of ground, his deliverance of info was quite fluid. His background as an educator stands out. Enjoyed the conversation. It would be nice to hear from him again. Thx, as always, Wes! Hope you have an enjoyable weekend ?

  4. Oliver R

    Fairy circle or ring I learned were caused by fungi in the soil that continually grows out in a circular pattern year after year. the fungus is uptaking nutrients from outside of the ring and feeds those on to the grass or plant life. The fungus gets glucose from photosynthesis in the plants they interact with.
    One grew on my grandfather lawn on a hilside. I noticed as a young boy about five feet in diameter. Watched it grow for forty years to be about 15 yards across.
    It’s one genetically identical organism. Largest one ever discovered about seventy miles divergent and biologist estimated it might have been the largest genetically identical organism living on the earth.
    Most plants can’t take up the nutrients they need from the soil just with their roots. They have to have a symbiotic relationship with fungus. Trees and orchids especially.
    Hope I didn’t come off like cliff claven but I probably did. He had said he was looking for scientific reason for fairy rings or circles.

  5. Guy B

    Listening to this episode as I drive up hwy 410 to bumping lake, where I intend to hike off trail and spend the weekend. ” careful for what you wish for” running through my mind……..

  6. Randy M

    Thar has been a bigfoot body discovered in northen calf. In the town of orick it was located on the shore big lagoon it was found by a pwrson from Phoenix Az.the military has taken over and taken the bigfoot body it said that the bigfoot has a compound fracture to its leg and that was more than likely tje cause of death the bigfoot is said to be 8 to 8 and half feet tall tbis is right up the road from wher i live

    • Asheim

      There is one episode I could never find again. Two boys I think were at camp and snuck off by themselves and ran smack dab into a Sasquatch holding a dog’s head. It was so dang scary. Anyone know what episode that might be?

    • Asheim

      It is a SC episode. The one boy ran off leaving his friend standing there too scared to move. They were at some kind of camp, snuck off to smoke I think. It followed them.

  7. Mary D

    I read the description of the episode and I was like “Really?….Little green men?….Damn, I have no interest in that stuff?” So, I just took the Bluetooth speaker out into the garden so that I could have some sounds while I worked. But I was surprised at how much I enjoyed this presentation–very though-provoking. And it’s true how so many very different cultures can identify the same mysticism and oddities, they just address them differently and give them different names.

  8. charlene s

    hi wes,, I can’t go with the fairy , leprechaun , connection at all with ET ,, fairies are tiny fly and have wings,,, and leprechaun s are fully dread hates and shoes red hair …at least that is what the old stories about them sy,, far cry from more or less naked bed giant eyed ET,,, not to say ET was not around ,, but his could you mix them up ? while I am thinking about it , do you get calls from the little people fans that are sure they are real. love to have one of them on.. I want to know , where they get the tiny clothes, down to eye glasses for gods sake ,, is it common for people in Ireland to get laundry stolen and their children eye glasses ? lol, wish I had the answers for all these things,, love the show

  9. James M

    I’m putting that one down as one of my favorite episodes, I can tell Kevin is very intelligent, informed and sounds very honest and truthful. Great show!

  10. Jennie R

    Loved the show! Kevin was awesome and a great speaker. My kids grandad saw a leprechaun once. I went back and asked him about the possibility that it was an alien and he could confirm that it most definitely was not an alien..well, not an alien, alien, whatever that is! He said that he was small, had very, very old skin but the youngest, brightest eyes and he looked kind. He said he felt as though he were paralyzed until the leprechaun dissappeared, then everything worked as normal! This guy is anything but a joker! In fact, I was surprised he even let us know this story! The crazyness is alive and well here in ireland! We still have a very healthy respect for the little, mostly unseen mischeif makers! For anyone who wants to have a look. Its an oldie but a good article. God bless xx

  11. Luis G

    Is it me or does this guy sound like he’s lying about the little green man? when West asked him what his mother said or what was his mother’s reaction, he avoided the question. Just saying.

  12. Jan D

    I agree with Kevin’s speculation on what this creature is. A Denisovan or Heidelbergensis would have the body mass, stature and bone density to be a strong candidate. All of these hominids cross-bred. All were found in the Altai Mountains in Siberia, very close to where the Bering land bridge would have been. It is reasonable to suppose that we have the evidence, we just don’t know it. Anyhow, good interview. Thanks.

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