May 19

SC EP:543 Dogman In The Graveyard

“Hi Wes, Love the show I listen every night before bed and while I’m driving. I’ve had multiple weird encounters with things in the woods and paranormal activity. I’m 41 and grew up in Nova Scotia Canada and also lived in South Carolina and North Carolina.

Anyway my first encounter was when I was about 14. (1992) It was the beginning summer and a very dark night. My brother and his friends had a campfire in the field past our backyard. There are a ton of deer and coyotes. Anyway they left in a car to go to town and my mom sent me down there to clean up and get the left over food and condiments. Also to make sure the fire was out. I grew up in the woods and I wasn’t scared of anything until that night. I was picking up after my brother and friends and I heard a growling noise from the woods. It was so loud I felt it in my chest and body. I was thinking bear at the time. Which I’ve never seen around our yard or woods. I froze and looked into the woods it was pitch black. I started to run to the house (dropped everything) ran into the field behind my house and I could feel this thing chasing me. It felt big and on two feet running after me like a person. It growled and heavy breath the whole time behind me. I was a fast kid but it could have gotten me if it wanted. It stopped chasing me as soon as I reach the garage light.

I ran into the house in a panic and my mom asked what was wrong I said something was out there. She was going to tell my dad I told her no because he would have went out with a gun and I knew he’d be in trouble. My brother and his friends Were all gone. I made sure it wasn’t them playing a trick on me. I didn’t think of a Sasquatch until many years later when I heard there here and I heard other people’s encounters. I didn’t believe In Bigfoot back then. I’ll add I had a nightmare that very night that a lot wolves came into my house and we’re going around looking for me. Woke up in a sweat and panic. The next day my dad said the food was gone and everything Else by the campfire was spread all over the place in a mess. Anyway I’d love to tell you my other encounters if your interested. I’ve kept them to myself for years. If you look up Nova Scotia it’s very paranormal here.”

Spoke to witness and he opened up about seeing this werewolf walking on two legs coming out of the cemetery by his home, unfortunately his father was laid to rest there. He said he had never told anyone this before but looking back he said he felt like that creature chased him home a year before. He said he never understood why his nightmares consisted of wolves chasing him and breaking into his home. The witness will be sharing a lot of strange encounters.



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  1. Erin D

    :: AAAHAHAHAAHA The power of the pu… That kid literally chose to leave the safety of his house KNOWING there was a Samsquantch. So. Funny.

  2. Jay Carlsen

    MICHIGAN ! YES !!! ( …….. I just happen to live in Wexford County which is south east of Benzie County. )
    ! These things lay their Footprints down as if they were balancing on a Tightrope. One directly after the other. ! And depending on the Size of the Thing you had seen ? They are spaced further apart than Modern Human Footprints. So if their were more ? They could have been where you wouldn’t Expected them to be ?
    I have seen Footprints that were running Diagonally across the face of the Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes , and into the Woods on the north edge of the Parking Lot of the Gift Shop. I was puzzled at how Someone could Run wearing Snowshoes shaped like Human Feet , w/ such a Long Stride ? And the Prints across the undisturbed Sand were directly in line – one before the Other. And I imagined a Person wearing these Footprint Shaped Snowshoes Bounding by the Step with Incredible Balance. As it would require jumping with a 15 foot Stride ! I thought it was odd there was no stagger in the Steps ? Because they were directly inline.

    When the puzzling thing is the thought of Someone running wearing Snowshoes !
    Isn’t Fascinating the things we tell ourselves to avoid Reality ? it is Crazy.

    • m99

      … always like to read the thoughts you lay down Jay Carlson. And I enjoy the true experiences you’ve had. Thanks for sharing. Indeed. ” The things we tell ourselves to avoid reality. It is Crazy”. Makes you go UMMMMM…

  3. Richard P

    This show raises some interesting questions about the paranormal aspect of the criptid phenomena. Will these creatures show up on electronic equipment? And if they won’t, are they really biological? Or are they androids, advanced holograms, or something else?

    Some are clearly biological, but are they all? Before I attempt a meet and greet with one or more of them. I’d like some verification from screening equipment that what I’m dealing with exists in the same dimensional construct that I do. And if it doesn’t, I’d approach it with greater caution, or attempt to disengage.

    If I see it, but it doesn’t show up on camera or thermal. And I hear it, but a digital stereo recorder with a sound meter on the read out isn’t picking it up. Then those would be red flags indicating deception.

    My experience with ET/ED contact work is that there is a lot of deception involved. I’m fairly new to the criptid field. But I see a strong nexus between criptids, bigfoots in particular, and ufology.

    There are purportedly laws in the ET interstellar civilizations prohibiting interference with planet bound emerging civilizations. So what interaction does occur here may from a disproportionally high percentage of criminal elements. And this may apply to criptids as well.

  4. Debbie S

    I don’t even want to see Dogman. I have tried and tried to discount this as a mistaken perception….honestly mistaken but still a mistake. But good golly, there are just too many similar accounts. And way too many of them are SCARY! It’s like the stinking lights…I wanted to believe they were mistakes until they happened to me and then…uh oh! 🙁 All I can say is people better start paying attention because I do believe BF is just a small part of a bigger picture. And like Wes, I would give almost anything to think I am wrong but I don’t believe so.

    Loved the story with the kid climbing out his bedroom window. 15 and bullet proof huh? Made me chuckle as I am sure a lot of others did. LOL Thanks for sharing that….can’t remember his name…sorry. 🙂

    Great show! Thanks Wes!

  5. jade W

    When i started listening to the show i was absolutely petrified of Dogman, Now ive listen to every sasquatch chronicles Ive gotten to the point I take interest in them as well. But I still have no idea what i think these things are. One thing I know is they ARE no joke!! Thanks

  6. mescha m

    My bigfoot experience was near Vernonia too! When he said paved trail, I knew exactly where he was talking about. There are tons of elk in that area too. There are lots of people in that area, so that surprised me. My encounter was in the DNR land/logging roads behind gates.

  7. Dale M

    I remember risking my neck at 15 for a girl…my dad may not have been as big or as strong as a Sasquatch but if you disobeyed his house rules you’d THINK you got beat up by Sasquatch or two…I loved my father dearly but wouldn’t get ten feet near him either…? great episodes again tonight..

  8. D Bigs

    Regarding the last guy you interviewed who saw the “shadow man” in his house. I had the same experience many years ago in the house I grew up in. My grandfather, father and mother all died in that house and I never had anything strange happen until my ex-boyfriend moved in. Weird phenomenon started happening then. (I figured out later that he was into stuff that he shouldn’t have been). Anyways one night I saw a shadow man come thru the windows near my television. Long story short, I saw this “shadow man with the black top hat” for almost 2 months. Then an entity took up residence in my basement and started grabbing and pushing me every time I went up or down the stairs. I never did see what was doing it but I knew enough about the spiritual that if it was manifesting and physically grabbing me, I knew it had to go. I finally had enough and one day I prayed and commanded all the demonic spirits to leave my house. I advised them that my house was holy ground and that they were not welcomed there. I walked every room and commanded them to go in the name of Jesus. In the basement I placed a cd player and played the Bible for 24 hours straight for 3 days. My house has been free of any paranormal activity since then. The shadow man is real and can only be cast out by the mighty name of Jesus!

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