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SC EP:547 Tree Jumping Creature

Our first guest writes, “Many years ago I worked on cell towers in remote locations. We were in Pennsylvania and I stepped away from the job site to use the bathroom. There are no bathrooms in these remote locations so we used a 5 gallon bucket and a plastic bag. I heard leaves moving around but could not tell where it was coming from.



I finished what I was doing and about 40 feet away this thing jumped from the tree, it didn’t fall, it jumped down.It was huge, I mean it was really huge.

This is during the day and this thing jumps from the tree and lands. It turned to look at me. This has upset me most of my life. I am not sure what to say, he looked like the ugliest human ever but much bigger and covered in hair. It turned and looked right at me. This thing snarled, growled and showed its teeth. It than turned and walked away. I was in shock. We had been hearing strange noises prior to that like whoops and knocks but we were so busy working we didn’t pay attention. After that day I never went back.”


The Rock Pile


Randy Harrington returns to the show to give us an update on a property he has been investigating with Shane Carpenter along with others. They are putting together evidence on what they have found so far. Randy is known for thinking outside of the box. I have had him on a few shows where he talked about setting up a fake campsite and watching it from a distance. Randy says, “The creatures sit on this ridge line above our camp and throw rocks at us almost every night. So we decided to give them ammunition to throw at us. We investigated the area during the day and found where they were throwing rocks, so we setup rock piles and marked the rocks with a black marker. Each pile we marked the rocks so we could tell exactly where they were and what pile of rocks they were using. The results were interesting to say the least.”


The Green Lights


A listener writes “Wes, I’ve been listening to the show for about 4 years and I have to say that I am really impressed with the platform you’ve built and the community you’ve brought together. I’m currently a desert rat living in Las Vegas, NV and I wanted to share my personal story of encountering orbs.

I have never had a Sasquatch encounter but I definitely believe there is something out there especially with some of the accounts that have been passed down through my family.

My encounter took place in Marietta, GA. I was 17 at the time and I had taken a late night flight into Atlanta to see my dad for Christmas. I landed around 9:30pm and it took about an hour to drive to my dad’s house. My dad lives at the end of a cul-de-sac with about 3 miles of forest behind his house. His home is 2 stories with a basement. The main floor overlooks the forest and sits about 30 ft off of the ground with large bay windows overlooking the back deck and the surrounding forest.

Once I settled in my dad went off to bed around 11:30pm. I was set up on the couch in the living room that overlooked the woods. Still on Vegas time(3 hours behind) I was wide awake and was sitting comfortably on the couch reading a book. I looked up from the pages and noticed a faint green glow way off in the trees. I thought at the time it was an insect or a lantern but that thought quickly changed. Over the next 15 minutes the light became more defined and appeared to wobble through the woods. As it got closer I could clearly see 3 distinct orbs all lightly bouncing and wobbling about 10ft off the forest floor. As they got closer I began to feel intense fear and the realization that I could not look away became very distinct. These three orbs floated closer until they got to the backyard gate to which they steadily floated up until they were eye level at the bay windows. They were roughly basketball sized, with a pale green luminescence with a slight haze coming off of them. They were lightly translucent and were frankly very beautiful. I felt mesmerized but gripped with fear. They began bobbing up and down in a random sequence slowly and then more vigorously. At this moment I passed out and have no recollection of anything else that night. I woke up with a significant pain on my left forearm and horrible migraine. I noticed a small metallic object a few centimeters under my skin that was blueish silver in color.

About 4 years later I was back in Vegas doing an evening hike at calico basin. I summited one of the small mountains and was admiring the night sky when I caught a faint green light in the darkened sky. I could see the rising constellation of Orion at the time and I observed this green light stay perfectly still for about 5 minutes. I became gripped with fear again and quickly got off the mountain and went home. I removed the metal object in my forearm and it was incredibly difficult to do so. I ended up making a small incision and using forceps had to pull it out as my flesh had grown around it. There were tissue fibers attached to it and it was incredibly difficult to break those fibers to remove it. I have attached a photo of the scar left behind by removing this object. The object itself was blueish silver but with almost a dark grey patina. It was hard and almost felt like steel or iron but typically the body will push those heavy metals out of the skin if they are embedded.

I am a skeptic and an atheist. I have no belief in most supernatural things as there is little physical evidence to support most claims. I cannot stress how little I actually believe as valid but this experience I cannot rationalize my experience and science tells us it is not only likely but it is statistically impossible for life to not exist outside of our planet. I am not sure if this was extraterrestrial in origin or perhaps a more rational terrestrial event but either way I am only left with questions and a mind grasping to connect the dots.

Thank you for reading and for everything you do Wes!”







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        • Jeffrey H

          Avril F.: I like your name. I know of a girl from AUS with the same first name and since then I thought it’s a great and unique name. He is going to the UC at Los Angeles(UCLA)? That’s a really good school. I’m closer to another UC school. There also is California State University of Los Angels too(CSULA). There are a ton of colleges in LA. I wish him all the best in his studies! I wish you all the best too!

  1. Maria D

    Maybe instead of marking rocks with Sharpies and waiting for the creatures to throw them back, they should leave the creatures a bunch of Sharpies and see if they will figure out that they can write on rocks themselves.? Lol.

    • m99

      That’s funny. Actually, I was wondering what might happen if they left some loose skittles around, or under one of the last of the marked rocks.

  2. steve s

    On a side note: It takes a really good person to take the anger and distain that you had for Bingo and turn it into a friendship. The world could learn a lot from you in that regard. Good man.

  3. Thomas W

    Is it just me or is Bingo a good addition? He was on his best behavior and kind of funny. Fabrik is awesome and those MO dudes are North American Jane Goodall’s! Great show. The UFO stuff especially the light balls have some kind of overlap with the Big guy….wouldn’t speculate what that connection is other than to point out the many times both are in the same area.

  4. Oliver R

    Hey Wes here’s a idea to pass on to Randy and Shane to try.
    If it’s been suggested or tried before and I missed it my bad.

    Randy seems to really believe the rock throwing it a curiosity/entertainment type thing for them. At least some of them some of the time.
    They might try two of them bringing along a pair of baseball gloves and a bag of baseballs. Get camo set up early and have them spend About an hour before sunset playing catch back and forth.
    Then when the rock tossing starts they might try lobbing a few balls in their general area and see what happens.
    Talk about a huge behavior clue if they play ball, (pun definitely intended).
    Just a thought.

    Also regarding bluff charges, this behavior isn’t isolated just with wild animals. We call it another name but it is identical to bluff charges – counting coup”.
    It’s a way for people groups / animals to establish dominance and esteem in the tribe while minimizing loss of life where every member of the family / tribe is important.
    Unfortunately old world civilizations have forgotten this conflict resolution tool. Total war and fight to the death and dying gloriously are measures of bravery and rank for old world peoples.

  5. Cindy S

    Were you talking about the Marfa Lights? I’ve actually been down there in that area and everyone was talking about those lights! We didn’t have time to go… had to leave to get to another destination.

  6. joeydeveever

    Wes (and everyone else) the author of this book took a very similar approach to UFOs that you take on this show with sasquatch. Great stories, and she delves pretty deep into the societal “taboo” of talking about UFO’s. She might be fun to have on the show to talk about the similarities of sasquatch and UFO social “taboos” Great read, no nonsensical speculation, just straight talk with reputable sources.

  7. Terry R

    Marking the rocks and the thought of the creatures throwing them for amusement or to trigger a response from humans kind of makes me wonder what would happen if the creatures saw the Randy gathering up the rocks and building stacks of them on the table as the rocks landed within the camp. There was another episode where the homeowner thought the creatures were doing things to get attention because he felt that they wanted to see a reaction from the homeowner. In that case I wondered what would happen if the homeowner put up a large flat-screen outside with a video of him on it and then turned it on rather than go outside himself… Dunno, just more outside the box stuff. Keep it up, be safe, and have fun.

  8. Eva B

    Wes, I think you have a heart of gold. I think your a jokester about “Bingo” just to get a rise out of everyone.!!! I don’t know you at all, but that’s hilarious!!! Smart thinking!!! Busy savvy!!! ? ya, my friend! I think I’ve been a member too long!!! Lmao!!! Good one! ✌?

  9. Paul M

    Have had 30 To 40 pebbles thrown a night 5 or 6 times… have had a few boulders throw in the river near by… huge splashes…. had tree limb thrown in river 20 ft from me… my son been hit by pebbles… never FelT threatened by the bigger objects that were thrown because it’s never real close… and they can be very accurate…. they are so curious …. lt drives them nuts to just watch Us…l

  10. Doug K

    Hey Wes…..awesome show tonight.! Big shout out to all the guests tonight…..Will, Bingo, Taz and Shane. Thanks guys!! YEEEEEEEEEE HAWWWWWWW!!!!!!

  11. Aaron B

    William dude you straight-up in denial man you don’t believe in the Supernatural you’re an atheist but yet you see these lights you blackout when you wake up you have a metallic object in your hand that was never there before in several years later you cut it out and it’s the hottest thing you’ve ever took it out of your hand put two and two together again it might be time to change your opinion on a few things in life

  12. Dan M

    Great show Wes!! I too would love to see the cam pics and bluff charge. Or are they saving that for the doc? In regards to William, I too live in Marietta, GA and love to know here exactly in Marietta this happened.

  13. Bryan G

    The SQ eagle cam video, to me, illustrates the jump without bending the knees. It is tough to see in the video, but when the figure lands on the first ledge it immediately jumps again to the ground. The height of each ledge or jump is at least the body length of the figure.

    I challenge your average person to jump down two ledges equal to their height, in the same amount of time the figure in the SQ eagle cam video does. To me, this illustrates their athletic ability to jump out of a tree without bending their knees to absorb their weight.

  14. Tracy L

    The lights in Texas are called the Marfa Lights and are in Marfa, Texas, which is near Big Bend Nat’l Park and Alpin, Texas. It is also down the road from Ft. Davis which houses the UT Austin telescope, which has weekly public viewings.

  15. Joan P

    Wes , GREAT show.
    Randy, please save the marked rocks that have been thrown at you and test for DNA!!!!!! All creatures shed skin cells and oils on contact with objects

  16. Terri C

    You said the name of your next or another podcast, Beyond Bigfoot. You are definitely intrigued with the peripheral almost paranormal seeming events and circumstances surrounding the sasquatch, and I think a lot of your fans might appreciate a program dedicated to that subject matter?? Nice show, as always.

  17. Evelyn L

    Throwing rocks is not aggressive? I do not agree. You can bet that those things are watching those guys day and night. If these guys are entertainment for the creatures then they certainly are giving them plenty to enjoy. We throw a ball for our dog to chase and these guys chase rocks for the creatures! It is totally incredible to me that these supposedly wild animals know more about what is going on than the humans do! The creatures have managed to make everything upside down. If any other animal was being “studied” the people would have the info and the animals would know nothing! Those creatures are probably sleep deprived from laughing so much at the humans that they have chasing rocks! I do not however, think that those humans are learning anything significant by marking rocks. They are not learning about where the creatures stay. They do not even know how many of them there are. All they know is where these things picked up the rocks from. How is that helpful? These creatures know exactly how many humans are out there and exactly where they all are at all times while the people know NOTHING about the creatures except where they picked up the rocks. I would say that there is a great imbalance of knowledge.
    The human race has dominated every species of animal. Many species are now extinct thanks to the Romans and others who have hunted animals to extinction. This particular type of cryptid creature, however, knows more about humans than humans know about them. Why is that? Something is not right. This is not an animal and not a human.
    If these things have babies then they have a place where they stay. There is no getting around that fact. The young require special care unless they are born totally adult which I doubt. A female that is birthing requires at least a temporary shelter. They do not just wander the wilderness all the time. They have a central meeting place but very few have figured out where. But we DO know that they pick up rocks!
    Because of the size and the number of these things they would have to migrate from time to time because they can decimate the wildlife population if they stay in one small area any period of time. Just one of these things that would weigh over 200 pounds would require a huge amount of protein just to maintain it’s body weight. The reports have been that these things weigh up to 800 pounds or more! There is just no way that they could live as a group in one area and not deplete the food sources.
    In order for a species to survive there has to be a large enough gene pool that will cause the species to continue to thrive. That means that if these things exist there has to be a lot of them and they have to travel UNLESS they are something other than a normal wildlife species or human.

  18. Marc C

    RE: Rock Throwing, Is It Aggression? I’ve said it before, and I’ll more’n likely say it again. There is a HUGE difference between lobbing a rock in your direction and throwing a rock AT a target (I.E.: YOU). Lobbing small stones (ping pong ball sized?) into a camp OR in a person’s general direction is NOT the same as having a softball, or bigger, sized rock hurled with force directly at you. Curious behavior, intimidation, and hunting behaviors all are quite different. IMNSHO. If these folks wanted you dead, you would be dead. If they want you out of an area, you WILL get the message. If they want you to come back out of whatever you disappeared into, be it tent, trailer, or house, they will do little things to get your attention. Blessings… Squatch safely, my Friends

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