Jul 7

SC EP:559 The Uninvited Guests

Spoke to the eyewitness and he said “I live near Washougal, Washington. I was teaching someone how to cold camp, no fire no lights. One night we ran into a group of them. They surrounded us but they were not aggressive. I had no idea what was going on that night or what these things were. They seem to watch from the treeline. We passed one going to our camp. It was dark and I remember thinking, I don’t remember a tree being next to that trail. I realized it wasn’t a tree. Long story short we left. I went back the next day to get all of my gear and there were tracks everywhere. I decided to follow some fresh tracks and that is when I ran into one.”






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49 Responses to “SC EP:559 The Uninvited Guests”

  1. Charles N

    The company Hecs, make wet suits and hunting gear that breaks up our electrical field so animals don’t sense us so easy. So I would say yes about us producing electrical field.

  2. Linda S

    Wes. You are right. These light things are spiritual and not in a good way. This guy was right too—we don’t know a lot about the spiritual world. But it is as real as our world. God created angels/spiritual beings. Some fell to earth with Satan to have limited authority until Christ returns. God gave them that authority for His eternal plans.
    The Bible tells us that even satan appears as a being of light. He fools many people. There are two things that exist. God and satan. Good and evil. What comes from God is good and what comes from satan is evil. No shades of gray with God. It’s black and white once you understand God’s character and His written word. So these things are either or- not some unknown life form that exists apart from what God made or satan mimicked. God made everything in existence. The fact that others have had scary encounters with these light balls or lost their memories is not good. God doesn’t do that to us. Satan is a liar, deceiver and murderer. He comes to deceive people and bring confusion. Look up Steve Quayle if you want a deep teaching on aliens and how satan will use this to deceive the world. These light things are along the same line.

  3. Denise F

    Oh, I didn’t realize you posted another show last night, thanks Wes.
    I was caught up watching a man on YouTube search for missing cam people in Gifford Pinchot. Beautiful scenery up there but spooky in that lava pit area.
    Anyways, look forward to the show today 🙂

  4. Maynard w

    I don’t know about the veracity of it but the reason I heard that Skamania County made them an endangered species is as follows. Following a rash of sightings in late 60’s, I think, there was an influx of hunters in the area looking to bag one. Fearing someone would get shot accidentally, the county protected them hoping the hunters,facing stiff penalties would leave.

  5. Denise F

    Wes, did anyone ever say the gray one’s scar was in the middle (of chest) by chance? Reminds me of a surgical scar from sternam to stomach.
    Could have died when you popped up and said ” I think you have to kill one to prove it……” {After he just said what he did } You’re a mess, Wes 🤗 and thanks for another great show.

  6. Debbie Chamberlin

    I love true stories about balls of light!
    Just my own thoughts here, I think orbs are from spirits.
    The light he witness doesn’t come from our planet.
    It comes from outer space-UFOs-aliens.
    I also enjoyed the bigfoot encounter.

  7. Cynthia W

    Great show! Wes, I just emailed you. After listening to Steve and thus man talk about the ball if light they seen. I had one in my house. I was living in Lapine Oregon. I lived next to the woods and there are BF in the area. The ball of light was a pale beautiful blue. I had been sitting on my bed reading and felt like I was being watched. It did not light up the room. It was the size of a soccer ball, maybe a little smaller. It seemed to have intelligence or was controlled by some kind of intelligence. This happen couple of years ago and have been trying to figure out what it was.
    Kind regards

    • jeff m

      Cynthia W, I hope to hear your encounter soon. These balls of light intrigue me but I would be very apprehensive to engage one. How did it make you feel by being in the presence of this ball of light?
      I’ll listen for your answer when Wes interviews you. 🙂

    • Steven K

      I told my mother about my story and she told me that she saw one that actually moved through the wall of my childhood home. She said it was much smaller about the size of of a tennis ball and moved close to both her and my sister before evaporating in a pop. She said she never talked about it because she thought no one would believe her.

  8. Richard F

    My guess on the ball of light is that it is some kind of probe. Just like in the movie war of the worlds were the Martians send out a probe from there ship, I suspect this could be the same sort of device only way more advanced. It’s just a guess, who knows what they really are.

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