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SC EP:560 I Almost Shot It – William Roe

Here is some bonus content. I hope everyone enjoys the William Roe encounter from 1955.



I, W. Roe of the City of Edmonton, in the province of Alberta make oath and say,

(1) That the exhibit A attached to this, my affidavit, is absolutely true and correct in all details.

Sworn before me in the City of Edmonton, Province of Alberta, this 26th day of August, A.D. 1957.

(Signed) William Roe

(Signed) by W.H. Clark

Assistant Claims Agent

Number D.D. 2822


Ever since I was a small boy back in the forest of Michigan, I have studied the lives and habits of wild animals. Later, when I supported my family in Northern Alberta by hunting and trapping, I spent many hours just observing the wild things. They fascinated me. But the most incredible experience I ever had with a wild creature occurred near a little town called Tete Jaune Cache, British Columbia, about eighty miles west of Jasper, Alberta.

I had been working on the highway near Tete Jaune Cache for about two years. In October, 1955, I decided to climb five miles up Mica Mountain to an old deserted mine, just for something to do. I came in sight of the mine about three o’clock in the afternoon after an easy climb. I had just come out of a patch of low brush into a clearing when I saw what I thought was a grizzly bear, in the bush on the other side. I had shot a grizzly near that spot the year before. This one was only about 75 yards away, but I didn’t want to shoot it, for I had no way of getting it out. So I sat down on a small rock and watched, my rifle in my hands.

I could see part of the animal’s head and the top of one shoulder. A moment later it raised up and stepped out into the opening. Then I saw it was not a bear.

This, to the best of my recollection, is what the creature looked like and how it acted as it came across the clearing directly toward me. My first impression was of a huge man, about six feet tall, almost three feet wide, and probably weighing somewhere near three hundred pounds. It was covered from head to foot with dark brown silver-tipped hair. But as it came closer I saw by its breasts that it was female.

And yet, its torso was not curved like a female’s. Its broad frame was straight from shoulder to hip. Its arms were much thicker than a man’s arms, and longer, reaching almost to its knees. Its feet were broader proportionately than a man’s, about five inches wide at the front and tapering to much thinner heels. When it walked it placed the heel of its foot down first, and I could see the grey-brown skin or hide on the soles of its feet.

It came to the edge of the bush I was hiding in, within twenty feet of me, and squatted down on its haunches. Reaching out its hands it pulled the branches of bushes toward it and stripped the leaves with its teeth. Its lips curled flexibly around the leaves as it ate. I was close enough to see that its teeth were white and even.

The shape of this creature’s head somewhat resembled a Negro’s. The head was higher at the back than at the front. The nose was broad and flat. The lips and chin protruded farther than its nose. But the hair that covered it, leaving bare only the parts of its face around the mouth, nose and ears, made it resemble an animal as much as a human. None of this hair, even on the back of its head, was longer than an inch, and that on its face was much shorter. Its ears were shaped like a human’s ears. But its eyes were small and black like a bear’s. And its neck also was unhuman. Thicker and shorter than any man’s I had ever seen.

As I watched this creature, I wondered if some movie company was making a film at this place and that what I saw was an actor, made up to look partly human and partly animal. But as I observed it more, I decided it would be impossible to fake such a specimen. Anyway, I learned later there was no such company near that area. Nor, in fact, did anyone live up Mica Mountain, according to the people who lived in Tete Jaune Cache.

Finally the wild thing must have got my scent, for it looked directly at me through an opening in the brush. A look of amazement crossed its face. It looked so comical at the moment I had to grin. Still in a crouched position, it backed up three or four short steps, then straightened up to its full height and started to walk rapidly back the way it had come. For a moment it watched me over its shoulder as it went, not exactly afraid, but as though it wanted no contact with anything strange.

The thought came to me that if I shot it, I would possibly have a specimen of great interest to scientists the world over. I had heard stories of the Sasquatch, the giant hairy Indians that live in the legends of British Columbia Indians, and also many claim, are still in fact alive today. Maybe this was a Sasquatch, I told myself.

I levelled my rifle. The creature was still walking rapidly away, again turning its head to look in my direction. I lowered the rifle. Although I have called the creature “it”, I felt now that it was a human being and I knew I would never forgive myself if I killed it.

Just as it came to the other patch of brush it threw its head back and made a peculiar noise that seemed to be half laugh and half language, and which I can only describe as a kind of a whinny. Then it walked from the small brush into a stand of lodgepole pine.

I stepped out into the opening and looked across a small ridge just beyond the pine to see if I could see it again. It came out on the ridge a couple of hundred yards away from me, tipped its head back again, and again emitted the only sound I had heard it make, but what this half- laugh, half-language was meant to convey, I do not know. It disappeared then, and I never saw it again.

I wanted to find out if it lived on vegetation entirely or ate meat as well, so I went down and looked for signs. I found it in five different places, and although I examined it thoroughly, could find no hair or shells of bugs or insects. So I believe it was strictly a vegetarian.

I found one place where it had slept for a couple of nights under a tree. Now, the nights were cool up the mountain, at this time of year especially, and yet it had not used a fire. I found no sign that it possessed even the simplest of tools. Nor a single companion while in this place.

Whether this was a Sasquatch I do not know. It will always remain a mystery to me, unless another one is found.

I hereby declare the above statement to be in every part true, to the best of my powers of observation and recollection.

(Signed) William Roe



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  1. NHSquatcher

    Was very surprised that tonight’s episode of America Unearthed had Scott Wolter investigating the Honey Island Swamp monster. It’s season four episode eight if you want to look it up on the Travel Channel !!!

    • Charles R

      I also watched this. Been a fan of Scott’s and his theory that North and South America were visited by other cultures long before Columbus, and his fascination with the Knights Templars. He goes straight to the low hanging fruit that the modern day Bigfoots and their relatives around the world are descendants of Gigantopiticus, something I lean toward also.

    • m99

      ~ Hey NHS’er, we saw that. It was pretty good too. I got a kick outta one of the last part of it when he was telling the lady about smelly swamp gas, like it was a revelation to the bayou folks. She kinda smiled and said she heard of it. She even had a sign saying ‘Swamp Gas Burgers’ on the door. LOL. He better be thankful the rougarou didn’t nab him while he was out in the swamp!

  2. Lee

    Really well done Wes enjoyed that encounter and please don’t stop hanging crap on Tony Merkel. funny stuff he may well be planning some return fire😂 Whaat

  3. LaVonne J

    That was perfect! ❤ Loved the story telling…..ragging on poor Tony. 😜 And Steppenwolf….my 1st concert as a teen. I was the youngest there of my friends and found out (standing right at the stage)…..you CAN get high off thick secondhand smoke.

    • m99

      Mine too! My two girlfriend’s dad dropped us off at the college parking lot and picked us up after. LOL. I thought we were something! Yep, when they didn’t bogart I just passed it down the line, but sniffed as it went.

  4. Randel S

    Hey Wes that was really great I must say as a professional your sense of timing editing postproduction is really great. It’s especially hard to do comedy that your subtle low-key way of approaching it is just excellent and I know how much time it takes to produce this sort of thing! Thank you for all your hard work and inspiration I’m sure everyone here appreciated.

  5. Randel S

    Hey Wes that was really great I must say as a professional your sense of timing editing postproduction is really great. It’s especially hard to do comedy that your subtle low-key way of approaching it is just excellent and I know how much time it takes to produce this sort of thing! Thank you for all your hard work and inspiration I’m sure everyone here appreciates it too.

    By the way I burst out laughing when you dropped in the sound effect of her chewing on the whatever it was she was eating! That was priceless ha ha ha ha ha

  6. Evelyn L

    I love your narrated historical accounts. Steppenwolf? Really? How old are you? No, really it’s a great classic. The acid heads used to burn their brains out on Magic Carpet Ride.

  7. william k

    Unpredictable creatures. Its behavior, when humans move in to areas which these beasts treat as their private enclave, can be anything from murder and cannabalism to fear and running away. Sworn testimonies have been made stating these creatures attacked without provocation, using weapons of deadly force.
    The proper outfitting of those exploring our human territories should be powerful weapons equal to the task of killing creatures of the power and characteristics of an elephant, a buffalo, a 25 foot tall gorilla et al. Watch the Mighty Joe Young movie. Watch every video of this creature available to the public. Desensitize yourself to seeing a hideous monster whose face induces adrenaline overload. These creatures may have evolved with characteristics which can induce emotional or mental states of helplessness.
    Proper self defense should be shoot first, head shot and be satisfied you’ve saved your life. These creatures are like prehistoric tribes of people who kill any other human who enters their territory. These beasts have zero right to cause millions of acres of park and primitive forest land to be put off limits because of a group of insane animal worshippers with psychotic romantic ideas of which species have what priorities. If these monsters routinely murder humans they need to be made extinct. No place on earth to play toady to a species which has unreasoned hatred towards humans who explore our human owned land. No more fairy shrimp “sacred territories”. The earth is for humans first.

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