Jun 23

SC EP:554 Sasquatch In The Desert

Ann writes, “Last year, in spring I had an experience that has significantly and profoundly affected my life in such a way that I am no longer able to enjoy the past times that I have been so deeply in love with since a child. In place of the lengthy carefree and joyful, stress free experience that our mountains have been my visits are now anxious and brief. I am frightened almost to the point of giving into a need to flee. Never do I go exploring outside of eyesight and its so bad that I feel no joy or peace there anymore. It just feels like I dont want to go there, to stay away.

I believe I was stalked and followed by a creature. This has left me pretty much paralyzed with fear. I am an outdoors woman deluxe…reduced to being afraid to venture out beyond the confines of my own yard. I know it was a Sasquatch. All the way down to my soul I know what it was.”


We will also be speaking to Jim who is a Bigfoot Researcher, and he will be sharing his encounters with us. Jim said, “We experience a lot of strange things but the area we go to is known to be haunted but things got really strange when I went on a ghost hunt in Tombstone, Arizona…”



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  1. Blobsquatch

    Thank you sir. Just drove from Dallas to Waco and back. My eyes are tired. I thought it said Sasquatch in Detroit at first. Haha….And now I want to hear a show about that darn it. Ha.

    • Gabriel H

      Oh, you WILL be soon! I’m a SE Michigan bigfooter, and I’m usually within 40 miles of Detroit. There has been a sighting in an abandoned house in SW Detroit, and Belle Isle is one of my research areas. I’ve got Dogman encounters told to me from Wayne and New Boston,Michigan, too.

  2. Denise F

    Oh my God Wes when he first said “they don’t mean harm…” I covered my eyes and thought uh-oh….lol.
    I admit to going weekly to the woods to ‘look around’ but I’m honest about what this creature is….an unknown.

    HELLO *in a deep voice*
    I picture too many times that these things have made weird noises and heard people yelling out “hello, hello” as in is anyone there? I think I just creeped myself out.

  3. Melissa K

    Sorry, had to bow out on second guest right after he said the Foots help children. Some may, but that and some other things he said felt wrong. Could be me but,
    Ann was so right, Wes, you’ve become an expert. ?

    • Sarah J T

      I did, too. Wes is a very patient man to listen to that know it all bounce all over the place. Hope nobody is letting their children go out with this person on their little expeditions.

    • Asheim

      I didn’t bow out but there was a lot he said that didn’t feel right. As far as ghosts go, tread carefully there too. Many incidences where people have gone looking and an entity attaches themselves to that person. But what a great weekend it was, 3 shows! Fantastic and thank you so much Wes.

    • adrian c

      That guy was annoying. You can tell he loves the sound of his own voice. Wes couldnt even get a word in. But what made me really not like him was when mentioned the lady in Tombstone telling him about her parents encounter and him saying he dosent care about peoples encounters.

    • John G

      When people start talking like that I just shut it off too. When people start talking as if their fantasy of these unknowns is somehow fact And that they are the gentle loving hippie uncle of the woods with magic powers …..and a soul for charity I cant help but crack up. Not only at the pathetic imagery, but at their willingness to believe in the tooth fairy in an open forum. Is something out there? YES…without a doubt. Does it want to be your friend and make up for a lifetime of antisocial behavior so u two can frolic in the woods hand in hand? Hell no.

  4. Cindy S

    Wow… I was cringing at some of the statements that this guest was saying!! Some Bad things can happen to people that think these Creatures won’t hurt them! If you take risks, taunt them, or run back so you can get “ growled” at again, you may pay a Huge Price!!
    Not all of them will attack you, but some of them might rip your head off! You are playing games with your life!

  5. Steve W

    Wes. If u won’t accept u r an “expert”, (which there is no such thing) you can be assured u r the best interviewer out there. Thanks. U r a natural !!!

  6. Paul M

    Wes . Your gona need to get Jonny Carsons = Carnac the magnificent head rap NOW that your a PROFIT !!! WES = your not doin the AKA. TAYLOR W again ARE YOU !!! AHHAHAHAHA funny pal… thanks

  7. Paul M

    I dont think the. BF are REALLY to upset with us… l think if we put them up in a 5 bedroom old farm house = with FOOD. = HEAT = AC = they be downright GRATEFUL… .

  8. Paul M

    The last guy deals with things that are not BIGFOOT…. TO MUCH SPIRIT INVESTIGATION = WHO was really doing the talking in TOMBSTONE into the spirit box… l dont play with Wigi boards…. And I believe these spirits can follow you… Not a good thing..

  9. Paul M

    Sounds like he believes this sicick , Its his guru… so if they tell you things that are true = Does it mean its good… I DONT CARE ,

  10. Blair D

    Thanks for the long episode Prophet Wes!!! ??? we need to get you a gandolf cloak, and maybe a staff to walk around with…… grow that beard out. Interesting content from the second guest. ?????

  11. joeydeveever

    What I like best about the encounters related by hunters is how the hunters sound like they are just relating a story of something out of the ordinary that happened to them. They never sound like they are in love with hearing themselves tell the story.

  12. Milik S

    Thanks Wes for reminding everyone to check the batteries in our BS meters. I loved your first guest & there’s even a purpose for the (in my opinion) fanciful second guest. I was hanging in there like a champ Until “hey mr. big guy looking in my camper” ….I couldn’t believe it but the next 60 seconds was even more fantastic. This truly sharpened my listening skills for sure. I have a profound respect for your show, those whom have encountered these creatures, researchers and the listeners. Keep up the good work brutha.

  13. Charles C

    I know Wes was thinking this guy is really stupid. Some of the things he say he did and some of the things he said was just crazy at best and some of his ideas was way out there. I wouldn’t ever go out squatching with this guy and his team

  14. Cary O

    I’m sorry Wes, but the second guy is NOT believable. Why are so many “researchers” like this??? It’s so frustrating to hear them talk as though they are authoritative genius’s concerning everything from Bigfoot to Spirits. Sorry, but I DOWN-vote this guy. I bet if you asked him, he has also exorcised demons and personally knows how to build a time machine.

    The longer I listened, the more I laughed (sadly). Some people are great story tellers. You found one.

  15. Katie F

    I agree with Sarah that the second guest sounded like a know it all.
    He never told us one thing that we didn’t already know from listening to years of SC!
    The “spirits” he was “talking” to were either fake ( meaning she was the one to answer) or they were demons, which are fallen angles. The Bible clearly teaches that man is appointed once to die and then the judgment. We do not come back as spirits of dead loved ones. Demons roam the earth looking to devour whom they will. They are fallen angels who followed Satan in rebellion against God. They copy their leader, Satan, and masquerade as angels of light. They come to destroy and deceive. They can take whatever form they want in order to further their deception. Demons can posses a person, but cannot possess a person who has received Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior because the Holy Spirit lives in the heart of the believer. We are warned to have nothing to do with divination.
    Don’t be led astray by the spirit world. It is a very dangerous road to follow and nothing good can come from it.

    • Linda S

      Yes Katie

      My thoughts as well. These are not spirits but demons. This guy so confused and messed up. There are two forces God and evil. The Bible is clear. Witchcraft is an abomination to God and He says He hates it. Mediums. psychics, taking to the dead are all things God says do not participate. So when people dabble with this stuff you are asking for trouble and harrassment. Demons lie and trick people. Even kill. If people would put as much time into researching God or studying the Creator they would find the truth, find peace, and eternal life. These balls of light seem to be a huge deception that are getting people obsessed. From the sounds of the reports they are evil and not to be fascinated by. Demons take on forms and people are so deceived to think that these spirits entities are anything other than wicked. Not “energy” balls. Of course they give off energy. Sasquatch is not normal. Dogman not normal. These are not natural beings. But it’s very appalling to hear people like this guy who is devoting a big part of his life getting involved with demons and thinking it’s all this other mumbo jumbo. And I got news for this guy— the “spirits” don’t like any human. Demons hate people. Tombstone is nothing more than a place of high demonic activity.
      The “veil” means —- read the Bible people —when Jesus hung on the cross for our sins to die for us to be saved who believe in Him —the veil in the Jewish temple was torn down the middle. It was a veil that separated the priests from the inner court that the ark of the covenant sat in which God’s glory sat on the mercy seat. No man was allowed to see God in our flesh and live. He is so bright and His presence so holy that our mortal flesh can’t look on Him and live. But when Christ hung in the cross the veil was torn. It was a thick curtain made of heavy material. Not humanely possible to split it without some sharp instruments I would imagine. So when it tore it was recorded as a supernatural event. It symbolizes that now through Christ we have access into God’s presence. We are no longer separated from Him in our sins. Christ reconciled us to the Father through His sacrifice.
      So if this witch or “psychic” or demonic spirit said there is a veil and that’s why it is not in heaven—it means it is not allowed in God’s presence because it is not saved through Christ.
      This is nothing more than evidence of heaven and hell. The Bible says that even demons believe in God with fear and trembling. But they are not saved or allowed in God’s kingdom. So obviously it is not enough just to believe in a God but to have a relationship with Christ and to obey God’s commandments. This guy is messed up in his thinking. “There are ways that seem right to a man but in the end lead to destruction”. He is putting himself and his own son in harms way. If you want to learn something don’t start with him. Start by reading the Bible and asking God Himself for truth and answers. There are many resources historically and biblically about all these creatures and events happening that will help you understand what is going on. I don’t want to find these creatures or see one in person. But I do believe they exist. I come to this forum to learn about behavior and where they reside. I know giants exist and will emerge again. But I also know these creatures and entities are wicked and have existed for centuries since the beginning of man. They are nothing new. The more you delve into finding them and becoming obsessed the more questions you have than answers. Be careful and grounded in God before you try to understand the evil of this world.

  16. Aaron B

    I am not trying to be to judgey here but people have been out in there woods see this thing disappear and Jim has got his Young teenage son out there and he thinks it’s no big deal a so called researcher in Canda was doing the same thing sitting in a chair a guy found part of his remains with a 4in diameter shit sitting right beside the chair just saying you you do that with a grizzly because BF kill them

  17. Joseph E

    Great show, but with all respect, I had to take the 2nd guest with a grain of salt. I do appreciate that you give people a judgement free platform, but are willing to politely challenge some things that could be misunderstood or downright dangerous. These things are unpredictable at best, and even if you have the best intentions and have no fear of them, they can seriously hurt or kill you – Even Siegfried and Roy learned that with their beloved Tigers that they raised from birth.

  18. Dina C

    Great show as always! But that second guy…… hmmm……. Wes, the First Lady on the show is correct. Your opinion REALLY holds weight with your SC followers!! Your not just a “hillbilly” from Washington State! I dislike it when you put yourself down. Have a great week Wes! ?

  19. Joshua P

    It makes alot of sense that the young ones practice moving people out of an area. Its a skill they will need as an adult and who knows if the adults are letting them practice on lone people and even watching them to kinda supervise. I mean what would we do, we teach by example and a ton of practice. They must be similar in that regard.

  20. rosalyn b

    Wes, you have the patience of a saint. If this SC thing doesn’t work out for you (I hope it always does) you could hang a therapy/psychology shingle on your door.

  21. Cindy S

    I gasped when Jim( the second guest) said that he saw a Huge Sasquatch eyeing his Research partner’s daughter while she was sitting in the truck on her tablet… and that it was SO close!
    Didn’t sound like he was concerned at all about that…or having his Young son wandering around in the woods while these creatures were clearly present!!
    In my humble opinion, both of these “ researchers” are
    Lucky that they still have their children in one piece.
    It’s terrifying when people are so “ All knowing” about the
    “ culture” of these creatures… it’s Dangerous and incredibly naive !! This guy is fortunate to still be breathing!!

    • Christian L

      Concur…either he was lying cuz he’s a nut bar or he’s a negligent parent and friend….I’m sorry I’m not going to watch a lion eyeball my friends daughter and then some time LATER tell the parent…”Oh by the way a lion is eyeballing your child”….not to mention send my 120 pound kid into the woods at night to cut off a Bigfoot as it walks away….another brilliant act of parenting….and then the camper events…uugh…im over it….but he did say he was blonde soooo.

  22. Denise F

    I honestly believe that some researchers have to go with the ‘ friendly forest people’ because they go out in the dark, with their children and friends to get info and have to tell themselves, that.

    How many people would do it if they came out and admitted ‘this is really ify people, they could be nice or hand you your head….we are hoping for the best!” ???!
    *Reality check* i guess a few crazy people like myself would ?

    • Todd T

      agree with that one wholeheartedly. If you are not crazy, you have to lie to yourself and constantly reassure yourself they are friendly or you’d never go back. I haven’t and wouldn’t

  23. m99

    Thanks Wes. This is the first episode my granddaughter has ever heard with me. Before now I wouldn’t share this because I didn’t want her to be scared. She older now, so I felt it’s okay and she’ll be more prepared in the woods. You are saving lives. Bless you dear Wesipoo. ?

  24. Dawn R

    Hey Wes-
    Ann and her sighting in Whitman, AZ makes sense since just south of there is the white tank mountains, which has many sightings. North of there is very rugged mountains which continues toward Bradshaw’s. I have a few people that also say that they see them on Mingus mountain between Prescott and cottonwood/ Jerome.

  25. Terri C

    I usually enjoy listening to your guests. This second guy, I’m very suspicious of his attitude and his inclinations to believe what sasquatch culture is all about . Not liking the bravado or something I can’t put words to.

  26. Anthony J

    Second guest…. left a lot to be desired…almost stopped listening almost… but didn’t… don’t usually comment but don’t have to because Wes doesn’t usually have kooks… on his show..??

  27. Joe K

    The 1st guest was goid but Yep the second guy came across a bit arrogant and he blew it for me within the first few minutes after he abruptly cut Wes off saying it wasn’t terrifying it was fun, I was thinking, oh we’ve got one here! When you make a bad first impression it’s hard to recover but Wes handled it very professionally keeping the flow without getting to P.O’d

  28. Korey C

    I have a theory, Certain people in this word have median abilities. Being native american, I have been around alot of people who have these powers. My Ex use to have these powers, she would see things that i couldn’t. I have heard you talk about Skin walkers, my ex use to see these all the time. Even if we were both looking the same way. She would say ‘Did you see that?’ I wouldn’t see anything. With that said, I have to believe that these certain people would see these. Weather it be Sasquatch, skin walkers or ghost. May you should start asking the people on your shows, if they ever seen a ghost or anything odd. I would be willing to be they have…. Also talking about skin walkers, the elders have said this power was given to the natives to aid us in time of need. It was just a matter of time this power was used for evil. It was always said that skin walkers cant bee seen, that if they are seen they would get sick or die. What if natives got this power from the wood people? What if the bigfoot are using this same power to change shapes in to a wolf, thus your Dog man. Almost every animal be used to transformed into. My knowledge of this comes from centuries of stories passed down. Just thought I would throw that out. What do you think?

  29. Bob C

    Great show as usual Wes. I’m no expert, never even seen one. However your second guest alarmed me. There is no way I would take my child out in to the woods unarmed looking for these creatures. I think they’re closer to human than ape, and just like humans I believe they run the gamete from totally peaceful to raging maniac.. Another great show Wes, keep em coming buddy!

  30. brad b

    To say “foots” aren’t dangerous is both irresponsible and inaccurate. These are gigantic, unbelievably powerful creatures with, by all accounts, near human level intelligence. That doesn’t mean they are naturally malicious or out to harm any person they might encounter. But the very nature of their being makes them dangerous because of the potential for destruction they’re capable of inflicting. Again, that doesn’t mean they have to be treated as a menace to be eradicated, but at the same time assuming they are all friendly and harmless could be a mistake that you don’t make twice.

  31. Bonnie I

    I thought Ann was very believable. Have to wonder if miners in Az have more sightings because the Sasquatch shelter themselves in those mines at night time. Also, perhaps not a coincidence that Arizona has one of the highest numbers of missing persons in the U.S. Thanks Wes for another fantastic interview!

  32. Richard P

    Jim was an interesting interview. It provides a perspective that provides possible extre dimensional explanations for bigfoot’s non conventional behavior.

    My thoughts on some of his material is that I’d approach it with caution. Because one thing that I’ve learned from experience with the ET/ED field is that there’s quite a bit of deception involved. I’m not saying that Jim is misrepresenting what he’s experienced. But that what he’s being presented with may be deliberately misleading.

    It would be interesting to know if he’s running thermal. And if he is, what kind of results is he getting. Because if what you’re seeing looks like a large warm blooded mammal. But you’re not getting that type of reading from the imager. Then bigfoots may be something entirely different from what we assume that they are at first impression. Or else some type of counter measures are being used to mask what they really are.

  33. Antonio C

    So I don’t comment much. I got triggered by the first guest saying people do things to piss this animals off. The lack of respect for this Apex predators is making me question him. To put my son in danger of being killed by this animal is something I’d never do. Yet he is sitting on the genius chair calling it like it should be done. Please don’t have the first guest ever again.

  34. Cary O

    LOL… I think all the comments about the second guest has probably helped Wes (re)define a boundary in what his subscribers like and dislike. I see now why in the last episode before this one, Wes implied he was wary about releasing this episode. His gut was right, as it always is.

    Enthusiasm in this subject is cool and helpful, but it is only as helpful as it is factually accurate.

    Jim, if you’re reading this, you deserve to be heard – but your experiences don’t add up. It’s like you claim to be a heart surgeon, scuba diver, sky diver, work for NASA, served as an astronaut, pilot fighter jets, defuse bombs, was once a Pope and have personally seen Christ. It just feels impossible and people’s BS-meter’s start ticking upward each time some new fantastic claim is made. Maybe you really have experienced all of these things. That would be super-incredible if it’s true. But the way you presented your story lacked sufficient evidence to be believed. And some of what you claim to be fact is unknowable. For example, the way you spoke made it seem like you KNEW that Sasquatch have “culture.” That isn’t possible for anyone to know. It took Jane Goodall YEARS of living with primates to glean enough information to form some of the claims she claimed. Know one we know of is capable of even locating these animals, let alone studying them for such a length of time that we could determine they were intelligent enough to have a “culture.” So what you claimed as fact is NOT fact, in this instance. If you would have been less certain and more careful in your answers, you would have been more believable. Please don’t let this dampen your enthusiasm. We value everyone’s opinion.

  35. Debbie S

    Enjoyed Ann and her story and I greatly sympathize with her. You can never look at the woods or any wooded area the same way ever again once you know. The second witness… hmmm. I think we shouldn’t pick and chose which story we want to hear if we are to remain open minded. That said, I had to listen to his story in parts. It was very triggering. After my experiences I met a group of ladies and a couple gentlemen who believed that whole mindspeak stuff and engaged in it regularly. Strangely enough they referred to them as “foots” too. Until now I had never heard anyone else use that term so consistently. I had to cut off contact with them because it took things to a level that I was not willing to “play on”. The spirit world is very, very real and if you seek it out you are literally opening Pandora’s box.

    I don’t think sasquatch is a spirit, I think it is flesh and blood but anything living and breathing can get caught up with and be used by the spirit world. He is literally playing with fire and doesn’t even realize it. He showed me how deep into it he is when Wes asked him if it couldn’t be the demons/spirits that knew so much and how to answer questions and he just kept insisting there was no way it was a scam. Very sad. First “they” convince you that they are real by knowing so much and then they delude you into believing all is well. The group I use to chat with tried to tell me the squatch were my friends. Well….that just set my teeth on edge. I told them, “My friends don’t hide out in the woods and play tricks on me and do annoying stuff all the time. MY friends present themselves and have a relationship. If any of them acted like this, they wouldn’t be my friends for long.” They didn’t have a comeback for that. And they themselves didn’t remain my “friends” for long.

    When Jim talked about being able to see demons walking back and forth, his nonchalance at allowing the kids to be in potential danger, etc. I was a bit stunned. I am glad I listened to the whole thing though. Not gonna call him names, he seemed to be a nice guy but I have come to the conclusion that he is either living in a strong delusion or mixing the real world and the spirit world together in a way that could end up biting him hard right in the backside. I hope not….just my opinion. And we all have one, right or wrong.

    Thanks Wes….this unburied things I had tried to bury….but that is a good thing. We should be pushing the parameters in our search for understanding. And no matter how hard it was to listen to or what my opinions were as I listened, in the end I believe it was pretty helpful.

  36. Jo M

    Hey Jim – I bet you’re reading the comments, right?!
    I just kept thinking – Timothy Treadwell – Timothy Treadwell –
    What bothers me the most, Jim, is not that you seem to see Sasquatch more than any other human being ever (wow!!), but when you say “I’ve never had a bad encounter because I’m respectful . . ” you’re giving yourself undue credit. That’s so terribly unfair to the many, many folks who have been doing nothing but walking along minding their business and been terrorized by one of these. Just like Ann on the show before you – what did she do that would be seen as disrespectful? Or Wes’s. Or pretty much anyone who isn’t purposely searching for them. II think the real difference is that you DON’T actually respect them (First Nations people don’t call them “Foot”) much like Timothy Treadwell didn’t . . .

  37. Jo M

    And ugh! Why do my replies always sound so mean?! In my head that was not meant to be as rude as it reads back to me. Geez. Sorry all and Jim.

  38. Pat T

    ……..and Jimbo was his name ohh……….hey big guy, why not wear your iPhone around your neck and every time you see one of these fellers you snap a pic and send it to Wes. You seem to have had the most encounters with the least amount of evidence. Just a suggestion.

  39. Stephen W

    Wes exactly told by who , Jim you do need to be armed the biggest reason there’s Bigfoot out there ,I’m afraid Jim fear and intelligence are on the same level for me , a couple of 45-70 marlin lever guns is a good start ,be careful Jim don’t want too see you in the new 411 books

  40. Jennie R

    Great show!! My heart went out to that lady, the poor thing ? and those lovely things she said to wes ??
    Jim! Now he’s a different kettle if fish all together! If I asked my boys dad what he did with them at weekend, and he told me, ” oh hunted for bigfoot or “foot”, or ” oh just spent time hunting ghosts and messing with the paranormal”! I think I’d slap a restraining order on.his ass! I mean, I’m all for male bonding, but keep homicidal maniacs and crazy demons away from my babies!! Nut! But hey, “it was all great fun”!…till your pulling your kids limbs down from a tree! Eh, no offence though! Peace, love and daisy chains! ?

  41. Gabriel H

    I could be mistaken about which Jim this is. Dansville IS in the Lansing area and the caller said he is a big guy. Jim S is big for a little guy and doesn’t drive for a living.

  42. James W

    Isaiah 25:7
    “And he will destroy in this mountain the face of the covering cast over all people, and the veil that is spread over all nations.”

    The VEIL!

  43. Kris T

    Loved Ann, was pushing the envelope of my BS meter with Jim. The thing I saw would NEVER be a subject I’d let my kid (teen or adult) go mess around with. In fact I do not talk about it to my kid at all. It’s nightmare fuel.

    Unarmed, respectful huh?

    Good luck with that.

  44. Lee

    Despite the many many many encounters this bloke has had which he seemed to describe as if he lived and breathed their company but … Foots ? Never heard that one . I got lost towards the end but I wanted Wes to ask him how many Boy Scouts did him and his group run into? How come he said he thought they better not tell them what’s in the woods let them have their own experience .. How many kids and also could he explain their reaction to the light they saw . He basically talked so much insane detail at some point you give up asking questions while you listen . A more regular run of the mill encounter with an eye witness we sometimes know when Wes asks a quick question but researchers not so . He also didn’t have any fear in his voice which seemed bizarre . Good job Wes

  45. Steve K

    I read everyone’s comments before listening. I was expecting an obnoxious know it all who was putting him and his family in mortal danger every time he investigated. That’s not what I heard at all. He was well spoken and very matter of fact. I detected no arrogance in his attitude at all. I really hope that Wes has him back on since I believe he is really on to something that we all can learn from and as Wes says there is much more to this phenomenon than a damn dirty ape.

  46. Elaine L

    Good show Wes, thanks. Ann’s experience was very interesting and I enjoyed her telling her story. As for Jim …IMO he’s sadly deluded about “squatching” add to that he seems to enjoy telling embellished tall, tall tales… The BS meter was off the charts with him. Fortunately, he does redeem himself a bit because he really seems to care for the environment by not littering or damaging trees with tree knocks…Really?! LOL

  47. Tim F

    Thanks Wes, for bringing us a professionally produced product. No one has asked…what is the name of that song that closes this episode?? Awesome yet haunting. Look to purchase it.
    Happy hunting from NE Tx.

  48. Jan F


  49. Cathy S

    I believe when you consult spirits they are demons imitating a spirit. Be careful. The Bible forbids consulting a psychic for that reason. The veil is what keeps someone from seeing the truth. The Bible says their minds are veiled from seeing the truth. Seek God through Jesus Christ. He’s the answer. I believe in ufos, dog man and I’ve seen bigfoot. We live in a spiritual world and in the last days will be like the days of Noah. Bible says in the last days men’s hearts will fail them in fear. But Jesus says fear not because I’ve overcome the world. This is spiritual warfare we are facing. Read Ephesians 6 and put on the armor.

  50. Anita S

    I agree Cathy S..mentioning about the veil was the most ‘truthful’ statement. I have had many experiences in my lifetime, not all together, but spread out. I try to stay away from ‘ghost stories’ but something about that is fascinating. CS Lewis says it best, paraphrased, people fall into 2 camps about the devil. 1) he doesn’t exist or 2) develop an unhealthy interest in them. It’s all ‘interesting’ but is it life saving? Encouraging? Helping me grow in my walk? No.

  51. SCOTT O

    Ok…… Who the f**k chases a 9 1/2 tall “foot” for a better look ?
    Everyone else craps their pants but Jimbo sits around the campfire and plays parcheezi with these things. ” Gee… Can I get you another Smores big guy ? ” Hey Jim, did you ever see sponge Bob out there in the Woods ? ” oh hell yeah ! , multiple times. Patrick and Sandy too ”
    Super ! Hey look at the time…. ( coo-coo…. coo-coo…. )

  52. Randal R

    This is the first time I have turned off an episode midway through. Some recent guests’ stories strain credulity, but this guy takes the cake. Would have rather heard more detail from the first guest – especially about the recent Highway 60 encounter which happened away from the mountains and very close to suburban Northwest Phoenix.

  53. Marc C

    Steve K, you got it right.
    I’m really “fascinated” that so many “open minded” people sounded off so negatively about “Jim”. Sorry, but ya’all are sounding like a blather of democrats. As our good friend, Deepak Chopra likes to say,”within the real of all possibilities….”
    Blessings to ALL

  54. Danielle Z

    Jim is the worst kind of idiot–the kind that loves the sound of his voice so much that he’s completely oblivious to nonsense he’s spewing. He preaches about being careful with kids playing near sasquatch areas, yet ignores the danger he put his own 13-year old son and the daughter of his friend in. Absolutely no concern for their welfare, he’s just super pumped to add another “Foot” (ugh) sighting to his collection. Please don’t take this man’s theories as fact–he should talk less about himself and learn more about the experiences of others before lecturing someone like Wes (who does the exact opposite)!

  55. Dina S

    Dear Jim– I loved your stories and encounters. You may be a little too trusting, but it may be that your respect and good intentions bring these things to you. And all of you bible people, please take it somewhere else. You have been brainwashed. Don’t use it to lash out at others. I used to be psychic, talked to dead people, and they talked to me. And then I was warned by my spirit guide that I should stop because, as she said “for you, the veil is too thin.” I’ve been trying to understand that for years, with no success. Not that I don’t believe in good and evil or in the possibility of demons, but don’t presume to know what they are or what they do. I believe (and it is just that–a belief) that we are not equipped to KNOW these things. The bible is a collection of ancient myths, some recorded by spiritual people, but that doesn’t make them true. As it happens, I do believe in Jesus and that he protects me from evil, but, once again, this is Belief., not verifiable fact.. I do hope you are careful, Jim, and I hope to hear you again. Wes, please bring him back for another episode, regardless of what all the know-it-all commenters have written above. I love the show and listen to it every day–some episodes more than once. I’m sure that many other listeners also enjoyed hearing about Jim’s experiences. I suspect he is a very special spiritual person. Thank you for being open minded, Wes, and for providing a platform where everyone can feel safe from ridicule and can speak openly about their experiences.

  56. Farva

    First guest Amazing encounters. Second guest….I found myself not buying what he is selling as he kept telling his stories. It seems to me that he has seen a Bigfoot at every turn. Where ever he goes he has his own personal Bigfoot that just pops up. I cant say yes or no if this guy has had all these encounters because I don’t know him. Nice Stories though.

  57. Greg B

    Sasquatch looking at these guys in the wood, looking into the camper, talking from voice boxes, saying hello, leaving prints….. not one photo, not one video, no one recording… thats frustrating

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