May 26

SC EP:545 Shots FIRED!

A listener writes “I shot one in 1995 deer hunting in the area around Oregon caves out of cave junction where I live. Have had a few other encounters and photos of footprints while hunting wild mushrooms, let me know if you are interested…”

He said he was hunting and the night before they kept hearing someone or something around their camp. The next day he found a large boulder to sit on that over looked a clearing. He sat for awhile… then something stood up. The witness said “He was looking directly at me and I could see everything. I do not remember chambering a round. This thing started running so fast and I started shooting. I know I hit it 3 times in the back. It fell to its knees and got up and just ran off. I realized it was running in the direction of our camp and my friend was at the camp. I heard my friend start shooting. I ran back to the camp while it was leaving. The following night was a nightmare. Several of these things showed up and they were mad. I fired off almost all the ammo I had that night. The next morning we left. There are other things that happen.”


Our second guest writes, “June 2009, early summer here in West Virginia. I lived in Ohio County on the outskirts of Wheeling. Which I know is a major city, yet it’s surrounded by thick tree on top of tree strangling wilderness.

I lived approximately five miles outside of town back in the rural suburbs on a gravel road with two other neighbors. The property line of my house pressed right up against the Spidel Golf Course of Olgebay Park. I could see the 18th hole flag from my porch. There is a large tree in the middle of my yard, the yard itself slopes downward it’s some what of a hill. A few things happened leading up to this encounter, now I’m not gonna say I never believed in Sasquatch. I’m an open guy, I’ve had some run ins with the paranormal. From things that happened in my child hood to my early adult life. Yet I thought that this was a Pacific Northwest phenomenon, I had never heard of these creatures in Appalachia. If I knew now what I knew then, talk about going down the Rabbit Hole. All that opened up to me after seeing these things. I can’t rightly remember what day it was, all I know is it was around 10 pm. And my wife at the time, and I were about to leave the house and go to Blockbuster before it closed. I walked out onto the porch and let my cat out, he was a big ole tabby. And wasn’t afraid of damn near anything. As I walked down the three steps of the porch, I saw a flash of white and my cat had zipped back up the stairs and straight back into the house as I had left the door open.

I just shook my head and began walking the path around to go down the other stairs to where we parked the cars. I stopped in my tracks, this overwhelming feeling of being watched. I’m not gonna lie I was petrified, yet I lifted my head up and started scanning the barrier of thickets and bramble that marked my property line. I saw some eyes looking back at me, the light from my porch making these eyes shine an orange like color, almost red. I stared at it, as it stared at me. I was about forty feet from the creature. It stood leaning against a tree, not just leaning it had on arm wrapped around the tree itself and even as it stared at me it would slowly rock to the side. I myself couldn’t move, I was frozen in place and the fear that gripped me. Was unlike anything I had ever felt before. It didn’t make any threatening motions, nor did it purse it’s lips or any of that monkey stuff. It was ape like and yet humanlike. The stare down only lasted two minutes, but it felt like an eternity. My wife called out to me from inside the house, the creature took it’s eyes off of me and looked towards my doorway. I too looked back at the door way, and then my head snapped back to the creature. It was no longer standing there, it was now walking away up a rolling hill side. In the light of the moon I could make out it’s back muscles and butt. It was like a guy on steroids. It kept walking until it disappeared into the tree line at the top of the hill.

I tried to tell my wife about it, but she just thought I was trying to scare her. She would eventually believe me, as this wouldn’t be the last time we saw it or others. A few weeks would pass before we saw anything more, but upon seeing it. It opened my eyes up even more to the on goings around me. From the sounds I heard to things, I would notice. From something slapping the house in the middle of the night, to finding big rocks on the roof of my back porch. Blood curdling screams, that sounded like the came from not to far away. I’m not a hunter, but I do know the woods around me. I am however an avid fisherman, and I spend a lot of time down on the Ohio River and the creeks that bleed into it. I was a boy scout as a kid and we had to identify animals and their traits to gain badges. And I’m telling you there is no animal like this animal out there. I tried telling my family, my dad said no such thing. And my mom had a good chuckle. I apologize for not giving you more to go on. Hope to hear from you soon.”


And our final guest writes, “We have had several strange occurrences during the past two years. The following have been occurring:Our dogs in our kennel have been barking non-stop all night, every night for the past year up to about 3 weeks ago (see below).

On one occasion, one dog kennel (chain link fencing) was smashed in as if a bear or other large creature had tried to get at the dogs. We have had bear sightings in the past two years. However, that bear was shot and killed by a local farmer about 1 1/2 years ago (prior to this incident). No other bear activity since that time to our knowledge.

Our next door neighbors have also heard whoops and other odd noises. The gentleman that lives there is a true frontier-style woodsman and has lived on the land all his life. As an avid hunter and outdoorsman, he is extremely familiar with the land and surrounding properties. These are noises he is unfamiliar with and has never heard on the property before.

My wife and I have heard whistles, whoops, grunts, and tree knocking. Upon arriving home one evening, there was a very loud tree knock as we exited our vehicle. We have heard what sounds like two men having a muffled conversation behind our home a few times. Often, after dark specifically, there is an occasional wet dog/skunky smell in the air and noises in the surrounding woods.

Our motion sensor lights have been tripping almost nightly (until 3 weeks ago). On the property and surrounding properties, there are large rock formations that are tall and deep enough for animal dens.”







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    • Dan H

      Wes bubby you know some people are misrable in their life so they want everyone to be i liked bingo so who gives a shit what everyone else thinks as long as you and i like him just kidding buddy keep up good work helping people

    • David L

      ULF being used in the revolver feed. I bothers me bad. I have to use the old player. I don’t think ULF is safe for some people. I’m sensitive to it and it’s used on some other channels other than this one. If I want to hear the story I’ll have to take breaks and watch something different for a while, it starts messing with my heart beat after a while.

    • Kelly C

      Hi Gerardo, At first look I would totally agree with you. However, there were several other depressed areas that looked like tracks that didn’t translate well in the photographs. The photo above isn’t the greatest photo either. Looking at it in person, we could see what appeared to be toe indentations. I’m not 100% convinced it’s a bigfoot print, but in the context of the other “prints” that lined up with this “print” with reasonable strides between (I didn’t have a tape measure, but it was longer than my 6’1″ hubby could stride), it was worth taking a picture of to get feedback from folks. There had been a great deal of rain the day before and the day we took the picture, so no idea why there is no grass. We were with a group of folks that day and the lady that took the picture did remove a couple of leaves out of the track before I got there. So really, no idea 100%. Thanks for your feedback.

      • Jay Carlsen

        Hello Kelly C !
        I can Totally see someone removing the Leaf Litter from the Print before Casting , or even Photographing the Print. Since there is no short way to tell the Story , please bare w/ me.
        In 1978 after my Parents relocated 6 hours northwest from Detroit Michigan I held a 17 x 8 inch Plaster Cast of a Human looking Footprint that was cast 6 yrs prior …… But from only 10 miles North of the House we had just rented ! ( as it was owned by our first Neighbors )
        After moving 8 miles south to the next small Northern Michigan Town I remember watching television one night when they showed the Gimlin / Patterson Film , and my Mother sat up Straight from the Book she was reading and said ” THAT is what made that Footprint that you held !” ( So THAT is what I expected to see if I was so lucky ?)
        When we moved to this small Town I happened to be in the second Grade. And the First Class Trip that was at the Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes I attended I seen some Footprints that I took at the Time to be Someone wearing Snowshoes ? (Because they were SO Large – I couldn’t imagine a Person being the cause )
        The other thing that Stuck Out about this Track Line that ran diagonally across the Sand Dune & into the Woods to the North of the Parking Area. The Striking thing about that Track Line was it was as if the Person was running on a Tightrope ! Because the Prints were exactly in line , One before the Other. Not Staggered like a Modern Human Persons footsteps.
        Were the Footsteps Staggered ? or In Line ? or do you recall ?

        • Kelly C

          Sorry Jay, just saw your message. There were at least 7 footprints, but the muddy one was the only one that really showed up well in the pictures. From the stride, I honestly couldn’t say. they seemed in a line, running diagonally from the big deer trail to the spot we found the muddy track, then back to the creek. There were two footprints side by side like he had been standing in one spot. They were deep, but again, the pictures didn’t turn out. My friends did a plaster cast and there appears to be hair in the plaster. I don’t have a way to get a DNA test on it, so a dog could have rolled there for all I know. But the hair is a light color and very fine and looks, in my VERY layman’s opinion to be hair and not fur.

      • Cynthia W

        Hi Kelly,
        I see a foot print and appreciate you sharing the photos with us. I am from Oregon, relocated to Texas last year. When I lived in Oregon, I heard Sasquatch mimicking owl sounds. It was either an owl or a 800 pound owl, lol. I lived in a rural area in Lapine Oregon. My neighbors thought people were parting in the woods surrounding our homes. I believe it was Sasquatch, I never seen any signs of people and during the winter there was 2 – 3 feet of snow and freezing, not the ideal weather to be in the woods in the middle of the night. I would hear what seemed to be people talking, but never could understand what was being said. One night, I believe a Sasquatch hit the outside light on my place and broke the light. The light was about 8 feet from the ground. Many of nights I would hear what sounded like Sasquatch screams, etc. I seen some foot prints, not good enough to cast. I also hear loud running , like a large bipedal creature was running towards my place. I do believe you and your experiences. I appreciate you sharing them with Wes. Kind regards.

      • James M

        Gotcha, by the way be careful. My experience with these things aren’t very warm and fuzzy and I have not threatened them in any way. They just plain and simple dont want me on my land.

        • Jay Carlsen

          May I ask if you are a Man of Faith ? Episode 237 ( I think ? The one with the 2 Brothers …. ) The 2 Brothers told Wess that the word of GOD will ” Turn ” These things like the Undead.
          Episode 478 ( Surrounded by Them ) where the Young Man from Wales said that the Thought of GOD drove these things Crazy !
          [ Is this why they are pushed into the realm of Hoaxes & Myth ? Because of their reaction to the Good Word ? ]

          …………… When I seen that Gorilla in the Summer of 2000 ? I was a Devout Unbeliever , and a Long Time parishioner of the Evolution Religion. And when I had seen that Gorilla , Someone could have told me it was a Gigantopithecus ? And I would have been Down with that.

          ….. But sometime in the month of August of 2001 ( do you remember the Time Frame ? ) I had a CRAZY DREAM after working in the Oilfield ; one night back at the Motel.
          When I had this Crazy Dream I was much Older that I was at the Time that I had it. I had different aches & pains that I couldn’t account for right off hand at the Time ( & wish I couldn’t account for them Now )
          Where I was picked up from the Ground – like by my Shoulder Blades ?
          When Someone was Speaking to me inside my Head ( NOT the Sasquatch )
          Where I was shown my Childrens Before they were even conceived yet
          Where I was picked up and stood upon my Feet on top of the Ozone
          That very Instant I was Startled by the Fact that my Head Injury was GONE ( that I have had since 2 weeks after I turned 16 yrs old , in 1987 )
          Where I triangulate where I am Standing on top of the Ozone as above the Gulf of Mexico ( I lose Michigan to the Curve of the Earth )
          Where it was announced ” ON YOUR KNEES , YOU ARE IN THE PRESENCE OF THE SON OF MAN ” and I fell flat on my Face , looking down.
          Where I heard HIM say 4 words.
          ……….. and I woke up a Christian. And I have been telling anyone who will listen ever since a week prior to 9/11. And I must warn you , it IS Crazy. And ever since I have tried & Tried to Cheat this thing. But when I look back , I can see that which I have tried to avoid …….. Has already come to pass. I have watched this Crazy Dream manifest itself into Reality to this very day. If you care to hear about this Crazy Dream please get ahold of me @ and I will gladly write it out for your review. ( what I am driving at is Everything is REAL )
          Since I have heard of the ‘ Esau ‘ Theory , I never really looked into it ? Until I was flipping to the Story of Isaac’s Twin Sons , and opened into it where Isaac was giving Esau that empty blessing. When Isaac got to the part that He said ” and you will live by the Fat of the Earth & drink from the dew of the Heavens from above ” I asked myself when was the last Time I had seen Bigfoot standing in Line at Mcdonalds ?
          I went backward in the Story to where Rebekah was pregnant for the Twins , and they struggled together inside of her. And She went before the Lord to inquire ‘ Why am I thus ? ‘ When she was Told by the Lord Himself ” 2 Nations grow within you now , And 2 Manner of People will be separated from your Bowles. And the One People will be the Stronger than the other People are. And the Elder will serve the Younger. ”
          These are the ” Other Manner ” of People. The Sloping Forehead People. Compared to us Modern Humans.

          And if this is the Case ? Would this explain their Hatred for Modern Humans. ( But raises the Question what was that “GOD’S Blessing” that Jacob stole ? )
          Would they Remember that ? As I think that they lack the ALL ON TOP – Right NOW Processing – Abstract Capable part of our Modern Human Brains that makes us Different ? Who KNOWS ? Maybe it is ALL Crazy ?

  1. Maria D

    What a GREAT show.! Thanks for sharing your amazing encounters.
    I to remember renting movies at Blockbuster Video.!
    God bless all of our fallen warriors, they are all our nations heros.!

    • F S

      The “”10 % Myth” has been discredited for some time. It’s like the “Junk DNA Myth”.

      “Though an alluring idea, the “10 percent myth” is so wrong it is almost laughable, says neurologist Barry Gordon at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine in Baltimore. Although there’s no definitive culprit to pin the blame on for starting this legend, the notion has been linked to the American psychologist and author William James, who argued in The Energies of Men that “We are making use of only a small part of our possible mental and physical resources.” It’s also been associated with Albert Einstein, who supposedly used it to explain his cosmic towering intellect.”

  2. Steve M

    This isn’t far from my place. I hunt about 5 miles away and we go to Oglebay Park to see the Christmas lights every year. West Virginia has more remote areas than any other eastern state. I’ve hunted in Philippi, WV for many years. I’ve heard odd sounds and caught a musky, sweaty like smell once. I dismissed that as a bear, but who knows…..

  3. MAL S

    Hey all, what episode has the two brothers? I’ve been a member for over a year and I can’t find it… thank you and Wes nice meeting you in Dallas!

  4. Bob B

    7.62x39mm 123 grain hollow points: A real world description of ballistic effect: I have a milled receiver SKS, milled means it is of superior quality as opposed to stamped metal. This rifle has harvested no less than 17 whitetail deer. Each deer was harvested with the 123 grain hollow point Russian hunting rounds. Every deer hit in the rib cage, the bullet “looped” inside the rib cage and did NOT exit. The round performed as designed. But beware, it is not suited for large, big boned, heavy animals. It is designed to kill your fellow man, weighing between 100 and 220 pounds. It would be an anemic black bear, much less a brown bear, round.

    Just saying!

    • Shannon C

      I agree, you won’t get near the penetration with a hollow point round, if these things are as massive as they say they are I doubt that 7.62 hollow point probably didn’t do much damage.

    • Richard P

      Black bear and alligators have been killed with .22 LR. People have been mauled to death after shooting bear with more powerful ammunition. A fmj or solid lead .22 LR might miss bone and penetrate 24 inches to hit vital organs.

      The minimum that I’d go with for show stopper bigfoot ammo would be 9mm woods rounds. I was carrying 9mm fmj in a Kel-tec PF9 with the 8 round mag in the well which provides a full length hand grip.

      After that I changed the ammo to flat nosed +p woods rounds. And added an 80 lumen tactical light/green target laser on the front picitinny rail. And also started carrying a folded sub 2000 in .40 S&W in a soft case in my light back pack.

      I added a 500 lumen/red target laser to the Sub 2000 and loaded the 10 round mags with 200 grain flat nose hard cast lead woods rounds. And bought 4 30 round mags and a mag clip for joining 2 together.

      If I buy new guns for criptid protection it will be something like an EAA 10mm pistol with 15 round mags. And a RIA VR 60 12 gauge pistol grip detachable magazine semi auto. And add a muzzle brake. And run it with 600 grain Brenneke special forces maximum barrier penetration slugs. And use 230 grain hard cast lead woods rounds in the 10mm.

      Another option would be a semi auto take down carbine that will fit in a pack, and a pistol. Both in 460 Rowland running 255 grain hard cast lead woods round. Kind of like 45-70 light.

  5. Tedd

    Fight or flight from something running away from you ? Ok, I wasn’t there but sounds like a choice was made to leave and you shot it in the back. Oh well, wonder why they act strange or aggressive toward us.

    • Jan F

      Am from Denmark.
      USA have always been in a war,and the Irak war whit mass destruction wepon was a Lie.
      USA have used nukes twice,no other country have.
      Since the birth of Amreica war forlowed.
      Its Young boys who fight and not men,and thats sad.
      SHAME on those Presidents who wanted war.

      What country have USA been in war whit?
      And what country are next on the list in history?

      • James M

        Jan F. Oh, you must have wanted Hitler and his Japanese pals to take over the world. You want to hate on this country go watch CNN . You are ignorant and pathetic to make a comment like that when people are remembering their fallen.

          • James M

            Your welcome, thank you too. In my best John Belushi imitation: I hate Denmark Nazi’s. Especially when they run down your country in broken English.

        • Jay Carlsen

          You can not call the Danes Nazi’s. Denmark was Neutral in WW2 – and the Only Country to tell the SS that there were no Jews in Denmark. …………………..Only Danes lived in Denmark.

          • Jay Carlsen

            Jan F I understand. But when the King of Danmark at the time was asked how many Jews lived in Danmark He told them there were NO Jews living in Danmark. Only Danes lived in Danmark.
            ( ……….. did you recognize the way my Name is Spelled ? Not – Carlson – like some wood headed Swede. )

          • Jan F

            Sure Jay Carlsen. Your lastname i lastname is Andersen and if you want to know why your name spelling Carlsen.
            Thats becoz in the old times a father…lets say Frederik had a son,so his called his son Frederiksen .
            And about the jews if the Danish King Said that there was no jews in Denmark..then it was to Lie to the germans.
            Sry for my bad spelling.

      • Connie O

        @Jan F… Of all days you chose to spew your hate for America today, knowing we are remembering all those who died so we can be free. You don’t even respect the fallen enough to remain silent today. We have freedom more than any other country because of our heroes in the military. Thank God, I live in America. You can do the blame game all you want. I live in the greatest country in the world, you live in Denmark.

  6. Shannon C

    What an awesome show, Wes! Really enjoyed Kelly’s encounter, she seems like a very intelligent, articulate lady. The shoot out encounter was very interesting as well! Now you’ve got Duke Cannon sponsoring…it just doesn’t get any better, I’ve been using their products for a while now…good stuff! Have a great Memorial Day!!! All gave some, some gave all!!!????????

  7. mike b

    Sorry for the tangent, but i gotta know. R u kidding me? Im trying for the life of me to place that song used during Bingo’s intro story. Is that the theme song for the old peoples court with special announcer Doug Louellen? Got dang, that song rocks today! Rocks as much as Dougs hair. Those bongos seem to impart some kind of special power or immediate happy mood. Damn i love that song. The Bingo song. Id pay ten bucks to download that song. Great choice Wes!

  8. Katie F

    Your intro is GREAT! I cracked up with the Judge Judy and Top Gun theme songs. I thought the “Bingo” show was hilarious!
    Good show tonight! Thanks for the laughter!

  9. Davon D

    This guys tells his friend “done shoot, I don’t wanna get shot in the back” then he goes and shoots this Non Threatening Bigfoot. The other friend doesn’t even know what it is and just keeps shooting at it. Can’t stand people like that. Those Bigfoot should have done more then throw rocks while these 2 idiots are shooting up a storm. Sorry for the rant

  10. Bingo M

    Whether its good or bad at least yall talking about me. Thanks for the love Wes. Im very loyal. Im almost too loyal. Sometimes Im loyal to folks who don’t deserve my loyalty. No matter how it started you will always have a friend in me and in you ever need anything, I will bust my ass to make it happen. Thanks again Wes. To all Wes’s loyal fans, whether you loving or hating on me, I love each and every one of yall. :). Bingo

  11. James B

    Your right about Wv and Kentucky, we don’t talk about it. Our moms taught us at early age and also if we didn’t the buger man would get us !!!

    • James M

      Kentucky born and bred and I have no one to talk to about it. I think its something to do with it being the bible belt. They relate something like this to the devil and its just to terrifying for them.

  12. James C

    Ya wes, u never got ur apology from bingo !!! Just kept saying how much he loved u , lol . I dont if he didn’t want to give an apology or if he was just too dumb to get it ?? But either way still hilarious!!

  13. Danny G

    Why don’t they drop when you shoot them? The only story I recall where one drops is the siege of hanobia.

    I refuse to believe they’re terminators.

  14. DALYNN P

    I love the stories, especially the guy who shot at it. But as a hunter who has hunted all over, I am curious why so many semi-auto weapons and ammo for a deer hunt? I also own every type of weapon he mentioned (AK, SKS, AR-15,etc,etc) but, when I am hunting, even when I trek out of state, I take a maximum of 3 (2 rifles (in case of a breakage or scope bump on one of them), 1 sidearm (only when I am in an area of predators)) so I am curious why he had so many with him? I am not dissing him or trying to be critical but that doesn’t make alot of sense, unless he was going to do a lot of shooting at targets while hunting (though it would tell me if that was the case, he was not a serious hunter but so be it, to each their own). Anyway, shooting from the hip is not going to get it done but I have never been in a situation where my life was in eminent danger so who knows how I would react. Of course, 95% of the time I would of had a large .30 caliber scoped rifle with only four rounds so I would have to aim carefully knowing my limited amount of shots.

  15. Joshua P

    I think alot of people automatically associate things that are bipedal, with having human qualities. These things are animals, smart animals but animals all the same.

  16. Jay Carlsen

    The photo of the Footprint above has clearly been Groomed for Casting. Who ever took the Photo picked every piece of Plant Matter from the Footprint before casting it w/ Plaster.

  17. Elaine L

    Thanks, Wes … another awesome episode! Kudos too to Jeff for sharing his encounter I really appreciated how he related his story. I can only imagine the terror of what he and his friend went through on that long night!

  18. Robert B

    Whoa!! My daughter’s town got a shout out by Wes Germer!! Woot Woot Battle Ground, Wa. hahaha She lives in the woods about 2 miles outside of B.G. and her backyard opens up into National Forest. She hikes out there all the time. I have cautioned her, because I dont want her to be part of the Missing 411 stats either. Instead of packing heat, she got a Rottweiler and a German Shepherd. I told her to pay extremely close attention to their behavior and leave if they start getting freaked out.

    • m99

      My brother lived in BG. He died from cancer a few years ago.

      We’ve walked in the state park near his house out in the boonies. A very beautiful part of Washington State. Your girl could have been one of his neighbors. At the time I was more concerned with bears, cats, other animals (2001, when we first moved to Washington) especially since we were walking along a swift creek with spawning salmon. Now I think I understand a little more about the truth of Sasquatch (thanks to Wes). My brother said he had had an encounter in Michigan, but, later said he was not sure. He tried to tell me there’s no such thing as SQ. I told him I keep an open mind. He said if they exist they have to be primates. Animals. And primates only exist in warmer climates. I disagreed. How about those mountain baboons in China that take a dip in hot springs? Plus, humans are primates. And animals. Just saying..

      Anyway hello to Sasquatch Chronicles friend in Battle Ground… 🙂

      • Gabriel H

        Those snow monkeys in Japan are Macaques which are probably the most widespread monkey/primate !besides humans) in the world. They’re on at least three continents (and the Indian sub-continent): Africa, Europe (Rock of Gibralter in Spain), and Asia (Japan, etc). They are related to baboons in that both they and macaques are Old World Monkeys.
        Which leads me into bringing this up again WES. I love your show and respect you immensely, but I think you have meant chimp and said “monkey” in several episodes. This offends me as much as it does the characters in Planet of the Apes (NOT “Planet of the Monkeys”!). Monkeys have tails, bro…

  19. Richard P

    I’m somewhat familiar with the area that the recording is describing. 800 rounds from hand and long guns is a lot of shots fired. I can see a few shots going unheard and unreported to law enforcement without an investigation. But not 800 over the course of a single night.

  20. Evelyn L

    I can understand why this guy that was attacked by the Sasquatch would believe that those creatures are simply an animal but animals do not organize full scale attacks on people. Those creatures got together and attacked those guys out of vengeance. Only one of them was shot at but a group attacked. A bear does not get his buddies and go attack someone that shot at him! No Ape would either. Apes might attack you if you were trying to enter their territory but not on that scale. They will defend against someone getting too close. That is entirely different than what these things do. The Sasquatch has something more than an animal instinct. It has reasoning abilities far beyond that of a primate. I do agree that they are deadly dangerous.

    • Hawk

      Kinda thinking he may have talked himself into “they’re only an animal” to ease his guilt and to justify his initial response to start blasting the creature. If he’d said it was REALLY HUMAN in nature ……. would prbly feel even worse about his actions.

  21. Blair D

    Save Bingo for your private conversations. Probably a great guy, but we want encounters!!! ??? all killer, no filler. That’s what sets your podcast appart. Hate wading through Tony’s nonsense at the start of his show. Thanks Wes

  22. Hawk

    Sorry – just my opinion – but the man who shot one is an idiot. And I, for one, DO blame him.

    Maybe…… perhaps……..any intelligent person would prbly agree – his type of “panic” shooting contributes greatly to Sasquatch being aggressive in some instances. Sounds like the most irresponsible hunting response I’ve ever heard. At least he knew his actions, and those of his buddy, caused the all night assault. I was very pleased to hear him say he no longer hunts and that he felt guilty. He should.

    Luck as all Hell he wasn’t killed. I’d venture a guess the attacking group may have been younger and not had the experience of a more thought out assault.

  23. Miss Kendall S

    Some people wonder why there are ones that seem to have hatred in their hearts towards us …
    I think he realized It was a BF and wanted to be the one Who was able to kill and bring it back to finally show The non-believers but instead he came back with others and with vengeance ..
    Just my opinion…

  24. John R

    Who was the animal? Who started this whole thing?? Kinda calling the kettle black, huh? It would have been different had it tried to attack, but the sasquatch was trying to leave the whole time he was being shot at.

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