Jun 29

SC EP:556 The Unexpected Sasquatch Encounter

Here is Sunday’s early release. I will be speaking to four guests tonight.


Our first guest, Sebastian, writes: “I’ve recently started tuning into your podcast. My dad told me about it Friday and today I’ve been able to listen to it. And I’ve been listening since 9 this morning. I wanted to share my experience/encounters with you. My name is Sebastian.

I have a couple experiences in Illinois and one in Idaho. The first instance took place when my brother and I were walking through the woods out by Staunton lake in Illinois. We went down the spillway and were walking the trails back behind the lake. We were about a mile into the woods and my little brother decided he wanted to stop and rest. So I went to walk a little farther ahead. I walked maybe 50 yards away from him before I realized it was dead silent. Which it wasn’t before. There were birds chirping and squirrels running around and just sounds of activity maybe 5 minutes prior to me realizing. After I realized it was quiet I slowed my pace. And took maybe fifteen more steps before I heard a branch break up the hill to my right. And right after I heard the break there was a low toned grunt that came afterwards. I was 13 at the time. And my little brother was 9. I heard the grunt and immediately took off running back towards my brother. I came barreling past him and all I could say was run. We ran all the way back to the road and made the mile walk back into town. He kept questioning me about why we ran. And I told him about the noise. He didn’t believe me. Well 3 or 4 weeks later we were at the same lake. It was about 9:30 to 10 at night. We were night fishing. We weren’t having any luck so we decided to throw rocks and sticks and anything else we could find across the little cove into the woods on the other side. We had a fairly bright lantern that lit up the other side of the cove, but just to the base of the tree line. We couldn’t see anything else past the tree line. Well maybe 20 minutes after we stopped throwing rocks and everything we heard some movement just out of eye sight on the other side of the cove. And then rocks started coming out of the tree line towards us. None made it to us, they all just hit the water in front of us. At the time I thought it was just people.

That’s still a possibility. It wasn’t super remote. I’m not sure what happened out at the lake. And I’ll never know for sure. But my experience in Idaho is a little different. I’m getting goose bumps just typing about it. In 2016 I moved to Idaho with the girl I was seeing at the time. I was 19. We moved to Idaho falls in south east Idaho. Well it was late September and my girlfriends parents and I got into a little argument and I wasn’t wanting to stay there that night. So I packed a blanket and pillow into our 2001 Honda Accord we had, and drove about 8 miles outside of town into the mountains. It was a bright moon and plenty of stars. No light pollution. So it was very well lit. I eventually found this rock road off the main road, and I took it for about another mile. And then a red dirt road came off of the rock road and went back further towards the mountains. I had never been there before so it was all new terrain. I decided to take that dirt road. And it was full of twists and turns and it eventually lead me down the side of the mountain on the backside from where I came in at. It lead down to a valley in between these two mountains. And it had a small river running through it. I got down there and decided that was where I was going to sleep for the night. I shut the car off and the lights. I didn’t have any service on my phone, so I was playing games and smoking cigarettes in the car to try to pass time. It was about midnight. Now from the front of my car to the creek bank was about 6 feet. And I could tell from looking that there was a small drop off from the bank down to the creek. Maybe 3 feet or so. And there were bushes along the bank. The creek itself was maybe 15 feet away. Well anyway something told me to look up from my phone. I’m not sure why I did it. Or what possessed me to look up. But something told me to look up. And when I did I seen this very large hairy man like looking thing standing with it’s back turned to me in the creek. Maybe 20 feet away. Just into the creek. It was a dark brown. Not quite black. Hair was maybe 2 inches in length. I didn’t see arms passed the elbow at first. Then I realized they were kinda bent up. Like it’s hands were by its mouth, so I couldn’t see the forearms. I’m not sure if it was eating fish or what it was doing. But I got terrified.



So I flipped the headlights of the car on. When I did that it instantly dropped to the ground. Quicker than I’ve ever seen. It was there then it wasn’t. And in a matter of maybe 2 seconds it went from 20 feet to peeking at me through the bushes right at the edge of the bank. 6 foot away from the front of my car. I could see it’s eyes, and the skin around the eyes. But nothing else. Massive eyes. Almost like baseballs, but just a little smaller. And we locked eyes for what felt like an eternity. But in reality probably no more than 3 or 4 seconds. After those few seconds went by I started the car and slowly started to reverse. When I did it didn’t move, flinch or nothing. Just kept my face in its sight. I backed up a little bit to where I’d be able to drive off and floored it. Sped up the mountain. Almost rolling off in the process of trying to get away. Now I’m a big guy. I’m 6’5 and 280 lbs. I’ve been training in martial arts for the last 9 years now. I know I can hold my own against certain things. I was the same size at 19. I’m 22 now. And I felt helpless. Like I could have fought with everything I had, and it not even register on this things scale, not even faze it. It was immense. I’ve been 15 feet away from a grizzly before while in a vehicle. And I though that was massive. But the grizzly had nothing on what I saw. My shoulder width is just a little over 2 feet. The shoulder width of this was easily two to three times mine. And it was easily a foot and a half to two feet taller than I was if I had to judge it. The back wasn’t necessarily like cut and lean, but I could tell there was a fair amount of muscle in the back. And the back of the arms looked muscular. And it had the cone shaped head. I’ve shared my Illinois encounters with other people. But never my Idaho encounter. And your show made me want to reach out.”


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75 Responses to “SC EP:556 The Unexpected Sasquatch Encounter”

  1. Lisa B

    Wes! Wes Wes Wes…c’mon! You can’t pronounce Illinois like Illi-noise! The “s” is silent. Sebastian caught it I’m sure but was polite and didn’t say anything. I live in Virginia now but I’m originally from central Illinois. Corn fields and Amish folks. I couldn’t let it slip by and not say anything lol! I’m from Illinois! Lol!! Ok, I’m done, back to the show ?

    • joeydeveever

      I don’t mind him saying “Illinoise”; I like Wes’s pronunciations. My personal favorite: “acrost” (‘across” with a ‘t’ on the end.)

      “We like people for their virtues, but we love them for their faults.”
      – famous quote, I forget who said it and am too lazy to google it.

      And… great show tonight, thanks for the early release. Another SC high water mark.

    • Melinda J

      Lisa B. Why front Wes off in for not pronouncing Illinois your way? That’s embarrassing to Wes who is such a nice man? I’m sure you don t pronounce every country or state correctly. Think about it. Throwing in your lol’s does not make it okay either. just saying!

      • Melinda J

        Lisa B. Why front Wes off for not pronouncing Illinois your way? That’s embarrassing to Wes who is such a nice man? I’m sure you don t pronounce every country or state correctly. Think about it. Throwing in your lol’s does not make it okay either. Even you said Sebastian was being polite not mentioning it. Oops Lisa B.

    • Jay Carlsen

      In the summer of 2000 after my 2nd DUI in Effingham Illinois I seen a 10 foot Tall Gorilla in Northern Michigan one morning after it had escorted me down a mile Stretch of dirt road the Night before !
      It was 200 feet away ! And it did not move a Muscle ! ( as I think I caught it off guard when I turned in it’s Direction ; to lite my Cigarette ) I stared at it long enough to ask myself ‘ How can Something be that Big ? ‘
      When a Stick snapped in 2 Pieces right behind me ! When I turned to see who was Sneaking up on me there was nothing there!
      But when I turned back to get a better look at this Gorilla ? It was GONE without a Sound ! And I ran like a Terrified Child out to the Pavement and walked home looking over my Shoulders the whole Way.

      I also worked in Big Stone Gap Virginia earlier that same year ( January to be exact ! ) I had a Blue Mohawk – White Eyebrows – and a Fire Engine Red Go ‘T’ beard ( Red – White – & Blue Baby ! ) I had just seen Ted Nugent’s Whiplash Bash at the Pontiac Silverdome in Pontiac Michigan ! And after 3 Days of being in town to work in the Oilfield doing Seismic Survey – Everyone in Big Stone Gap va – knew me by my First Name ! ( Friendly People down there ! I LOVED IT ! )
      I liked Effingham as well …….. but the Police didn’t like me. ( BUT THEY NEVER BEAT MY ASS ! Like Dickinson North Dakota did )

      • Lisa B

        Wow Jay! Not too far from where I’m from. My fathers from Mowequa and moms from Atwood. That whole area is a strange place! I always feel like I’m in a different world when I go home to visit. Do you know of Route 36? It runs straight east out of Decatur to Indianapolis. I had a terrifying paranormal encounter on that road! I’ve been looking for years for someone who can tell me what happened to me.

        I live on the east coast of Virginia now. Not too far from Williamsburg. Virginia is a beautiful state! Congrats on you giving up the alcohol! That’s a major accomplishment and you should be proud! ????

        • Jay Carlsen

          Well , after my 2nd DUI & wrecking my Brothers 1996 Honda Prelude ? The only thing my brother said was ” Well ? Maybe this will show you that You have a Problem ” ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

          And since July 27 of 2000 I will never again allow my Younger Brother ( by 4 yrs ) the opportunity to use my Fathers lines on me – Ever Again ! ( So it is actually a Sibling Rivalry thing.)

    • Jay Carlsen

      And Effingham Illinois was when I quit Drinking ( being sick of sitting in Jail )
      I haven’t drank Alcohol since July 27 of 2000 ( because I do not like Jail & other reasons )

    • Gabriel H

      Yeah, I left a similar comment on YouTube from a past episode, but I doubt Wes saw it. It’s like when peeps pronounce the ‘s’ in Livernois here in Detroit. They must really like the way we pronounce Oregon (phonetically) on the West Coast

    • Cynthia W

      I am from Oregon, People pronounce Oregon wrong sometimes, it does not bother me. We are all human and make mistakes.
      Wes, I appreciate the time and effort you put into producing the podcast for us. I really enjoyed listening to Ron’s Sasquatch sounds. Happy 4thof July.

    • m99

      Yeah, my experience has been that people who are originally from Illinois absolutely speak up to address the pronunciation. Years ago a friend from there corrected me, so I knew better. Nothing wrong with telling people whats up, and it even shows you care, rather than letting someone go around pronouncing something incorrectly. Once someone knows something it’s up to them to use it. Just saying. Thanks Lisa B.

  2. Melissa S

    Wow, Steven I live in Alpena, a stones throw away from Posen!!! I also grew up camping at Sunken Lake!!! It brings back memories of things I’ve heard and seen there!!! We would go through the trails as kids back then and we would all get a really scary feeling in the middle of these trails and I would turn and run, it was a physical response, stomach ache, feeling like I was going to get sick, my heart beating out of my chest ect… And the funny thing is my brother is actually camping out at Sunken Lake this weekend!!! I’ll have to call him tomorrow and see if he heard or seen anything… Anyway, great accounts as always!!!

  3. Paul M

    Wow the first guy all bummed about bein called a thief… He just thinks , man I need to get away from this , takes off and goes into the mountains for some alone time…. Settles in to a nice spot by a stream , just cooling it and calming down…. NOTT !!! Hears a BIGFOOT in a stream, he gets the hebe = jeeves and spots this monster…. NOW hes not MAD ANYMORE… Hes FREAKING SCARED XXXX LESS… I like the fact we can have all these different EMOTIONS , And Still keep our XXXX TOGETHER…. ITS A WONDERFUL THING…

  4. Paul M


    • m99

      Hey Paul M ~ I don’t know if you are aware or not, but using all caps is the same as yelling in someones face when it’s read online and most people won’t bother reading an all caps entry. Just wanted to mention that. Personally I read most of the entries and sometimes yours too. Just saying.

  5. Kris T

    One of our former presidents prounced the word nuclear as nuke you ler. Used to drive me nuts.
    You are the head of State, retard. Learn to annunciate.

  6. Alexandra H

    It’s my first time commenting after listening for about two years or more. I finally treated myself to a membership a few months ago so I have something to listen to while settling baby. This is a great episode so many quality guests with fabulous accounts. Thanks for keeping up the energy sir. Fine job!

    • Denise F

      Welcome, Alexandra ?
      I also thought the guests were great and would like to thank them.

      A little nervous when I hear about the families that have them SO close with kids but hopefully things continue to go peacefully.

  7. Lisa B

    Wow, I thought my humor would be picked up on my comment to Wes about pronouncing Illinois. I hope Wes picked up on it at least because some of y’all didn’t. I think Wes has a great sense of humor and knows I wasn’t actually attacking him. I’ve been with him since Day One!

    • Robert B

      Lisa B, just curious… is it really loud there in Illi-noise? Just kidding. I used to live there many decades ago in Greenview in central Illinois. about 30-40 miles north of Springfield. However, I was originally from Commiefornia, and for the first year I lived there, I continually called it Illi-noise too. The one word that confused me most when I was there, was the label for someone that is from there. Illini (sp?) instead of Illinoisian or something similar. Bizarre word. lol
      Anyway, Lisa B, take care. Bob stuck in Germany

      • Lisa B

        Yeah the “Illini” gets me too! I think all of the words pertaining to Illinois are from Native American. I’ve not heard of Greenview. I think Decatur is about 28 miles ENE of Springfield. I sure do miss those roadside trucks selling sweet corn! Oh yummy! How do you go from Commiefornia to Illinois then Germany? My stepmom is from Germany!

  8. Robert B

    I know the area where Sebastian had his sighting in Idaho. Before moving here in Germany in 2014, I lived in south central Idaho in Twin Falls. But in 2011, my dad and I, and 2 of his friends went elk hunting in this area. I know the valley he’s talking about and we set up camp in that range on the right, while we mostly hunted in the range on the left. We were staying in two tiny travel trailers (thank God) and on our last night there, we had at least a 9-10 footer come through our camp. He messed around with the stuff on our camp table, and then walked off into the forest between the two trailers. I had woke up for some reason, prior to him messing with the stuff on the table. Did he make a loud noise and maybe that’s what woke me up? I don’t know. Whatever woke me up, I snapped awake fully. Looks around the inside of the trailer for about 30 seconds, and then heard the first tinkling of stuff on the table being messed with. I looked out the window curtain, just as he was walking between the two trailers. I had a 500 magnum that was still in my pack. That became my pillow for the rest of the night. He was a massive Bf and was the biggest I had seen up to that time. Until today, he’s still the 3rd biggest I’ve seen. Massive dude!! Bob in Germany

  9. Joshua L

    That’s my son Sabastian!! Such a proud daddy moment. I’ve been listening to Sasquatch Chronicles daily since 2014-15. Very therapeutic for me, not for an encounter cause I’ve never had one, but for the regular stress and anxieties of life. Wes your show has carried me through a divorce and other troublesome times. Thank you for what you and your guests do. Sabastian never told me about his and his brothers, my other son, Illinois’s’ lol, experiences and has only recently mentioned his sighting. He mentioned it when I turned him on to this podcast. Good job Sabastian I’m proud of you!!

  10. Joshua C

    Nevermind, Robert b answered the question. Twin falls area. 1 1/2 hour from Pocatello. Handful of stories in and around the this area!! So awesome yet scary. It’s a terrible that I don’t want my daughter in the mountains… I grew up in these mountains. In hind sight…. I think I’ve heard them randomly through the years. The distant voices where voices should NOT be. My cousin saw “monkeys” in the garden creek gap area… He’s a life long hunter and a religious man. He knows there ain’t no monkeys here… Anyhoo great story!!

  11. devon c

    Regarding your first guest, Wes: The creature HAD to know he was there. Your guest was in his car playing on his phone and smoking (he also described it as chain smoking).. As a non-smoker, I can smell someone actively smoking within 50 ft. Most non-smokers can smell lit cigarettes from quite a distance. The creature has to have a better sense of smell than a human. I grew up with both parents as smokers as well as their friends and other adult relatives. I’ve never seen someone smoke in their car w/o cracking a window – but maybe he sat in a thick fog of smoke. as unlikely as that seems. Even then, the creature would have had an inkling of an idea he was there. Cigarette smoke is pervasive. It will seep out of any container that is not completely sealed. And he sat there smoking for 30-45 minutes. Add to that the light emitted from the phone while he was playing the games and there’s no way he was undetected by the creature until the headlights were used.

    Whatever they are, these creatures are super attuned to their environment. We can’t enter into it, smoking and playing with devices and remain undetected by them.

    Just my two cents.

  12. jade W

    So ….. here i am home way out in the country (northern Minnesota) windows open listening to SC. extra loud on BT speaker because nobody else is home … and the recordings come on… there I am sound blasting ? ….. Wes, think you definitely got something going here… keep it up and you’ll have yourself all kinds of encounters!! ?❤?

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