May 26

SC EP:1059 They Were Not Bears

Randy writes “I’m from prince Edward island, Canada I’d like to tell you about my story that I had. When I was open Alberta, Canada, I was up Norris for appointment.

My first encounter took place in 2012. I was driving a water truck and had to stop because a bunch of Caribou were crossing. I saw what I thought was a black bear and a brown bear crossing up ahead. I yelled “Hey Bear!” and they both stood up on two legs like a man.”

About two years later, I was on cold lake weapons range. It was either a male and a female or 2 I just seen the eyes.


July 5th, After Dark launches







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56 Responses to “SC EP:1059 They Were Not Bears”

  1. Mark R

    Hi all. I’m also looking forward to After Dark. Love the name and the concept.

    Wes I hope all is well with your dental health. I’m sorry you’ve had to go through trouble with your implants. On a positive note your experience has prompted me to do more research on implants and to decide against getting them.

    Remember those who have given it all so the rest of us can live freely and stay safe.

  2. Brian L

    Spent most of today listening to older episodes….
    EP’s 70…71..72…John, Jack, Bob G….
    Hey Wes….Is Episode 68 Part 1 still out there…
    Doesn’t seem to be available to listen to….
    Kinda like Episode 1000…..

  3. Brian L

    Yeah…. Great show….
    Gotta say…. With drone technology….
    combined with Infrared camera technology….
    I really think proof….. minus a body…
    might be coming soon…..
    As John Green said…and I para-quote….
    ‘Either these creatures exist or don’t exist….
    If these creatures don’t exist….then everyone who’s claimed to see one is either lying, hoaxing, hallucinating, or misidentifying…..
    If these creatures Do exist…. Then there is No reason to deny the Thousands of reports from Credible people who state that they have witnessed these creatures”……

  4. Russell B

    Neanderthal man never existed, just a face somebody drew in a book. Evolution-theory that was never proven. I’m 73 and I remember seeing the picture in 9th grade science books. It was taught as a theory. But I am a Christian I believe God created everything on earth and in the Heavens. The Bible explains a lot of these mysteries.

  5. Blanche D

    Excellent ep. Will go down as one of my favourites. Amazing to experience; a 12 footer carrying a caraboo (not sure of spelling), 9ft female and a young male. Seeing such a large female would be something extraordinary but the group, the caraboo and the charge. Terrifying. Thanks to guest for sharing.

  6. Chad W

    A great episode. The guest’s first experience was one of the scarier roadside crossing sightings you’ll hear. Thank you Randy, and as always, thank you Wes.

  7. Bryan G

    I’m Canadian and born and raised in BC. ive worked in fort Mac and know a lot of guys that work up there that have seen a lot of strange creatures, lights and government authorities doing some odd things. don’t doubt randy for one minute! thanks randy and as always class act, Wes!👍🏼

  8. Jennifer V

    I am super stoked about “After Dark”! , also I rented “Beast of Boggy Creek” (for 3.99) the other night, because of how many times people comment positively about it, and if I could’ve gotten my $3.99 back I would have. I know, totally unrelated to this episode, but I needed to state that “out loud” regardless.

  9. william Y

    Oh my God, that was incredible incredible encounter. When he said the one was 12 foot tall all I could think about was the.Spookums The ones that eat people. I used to watch ice Road truckers that was one of my favorite show . Oh man that is a thankless job driving a big rig on those shitty roads now you gotta worry about these things jumping out at you. . It’s almost better to not know anything about Bigfoot. Drove my daughter to Pennsylvania. I wanted to pull over and play the Ohio howl so bad. But I thought what if this thing rips are out of the passenger seat. Really enjoyed tonight

  10. Scott B

    A.J. from “The Why Files” does not believe in Sasquatch and has said as much. on an episode of the “The Afterfiles”, said Ron Morehead was the one making the Sierra sounds. To each their own

  11. LISA C

    Wow! What an Episode, Wes 🙂 One of the Best Sasquatch descriptions ever; including the caribu’s condition, over the male sasquatch’s shoulder. I can ‘kind of’ imagine an 8 foot male sasquatch, but 12 Feet! Insane!

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