Jun 29

SC EP:1068 The Journey To Belief

Tonight my guest is Stacy Brown, he will be discussing his new film The Journey To Belief. From thejourneytobelief.com/ “Bigfoot: The Journey to Belief” is a four-part documentary series where Bigfoot researcher Stacy Brown Jr. attempts to prove the existence of Bigfoot to his skeptical filmmaker friend Joseph Badia.

Joined by author Richard Laudenslager they hit the road as The journey begins with Stacy introducing Joey to thirteen credible witnesses who recount their harrowing encounters with the elusive creature. They then delve into the state of Florida’s documents, searching for references to Bigfoot sightings in the journals of past governors, as well as requesting emails and reports from state agencies hoping to link modern-day encounters to historical legends.

The series culminates in an expedition to a property with ongoing Bigfoot activity. “Bigfoot: The Journey to Belief” weaves firsthand accounts, document research, and fieldwork to explore whether these experiences and evidence can transform Joey from a skeptic into a believer.



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48 Responses to “SC EP:1068 The Journey To Belief”

  1. Michaela W

    the truth is the truth and you can’t fake it without giving it away. this is all real, from my own encounters with them and paranormal disasters, you can only be a skeptic for so long. Michaela

  2. Craig F

    I worry about the trail behind our house, nothing has been using it according to the regrowth of plants where it was stomped clearly last year. A neighbor had put up a fence on the road that runs through the woods and I am thinking the path through the blackberry bushes was a detour to get around that fence. I really don’t want to encounter them, yet I feel sad that there is no sense of them being present this year. Fingers crossed, the berries aren’t ripe yet. But it was still June last year when the non-dog mysterious barking and talking in my mind creature thanked me, and June is almost over.. Ima call that sound the bark of the Non-dog.

  3. James G

    Stacey has been at this a long time, his explanation of the “why” is WAY too simple for this phenomena. Whatever the why is, is something big. I have no idea what it is, but whatever it is, my opinion is it would upset everything we have ever been taught about the world and human history

  4. Rebecca A

    Well, the devil loves to mock God and copy what he does in a perverted fashion. Some sasquatch might be flesh and blood creatures and others may be demons trying to copy them. 🤔

  5. Russell B

    Again I will say Mr Stacy there never was a Neanderthal man, Darwin’s evolution was a theory never proven. I studied science in the 7th grade in the sixties. It was a theory then.
    Bigfoot is not a man it is creature from way back in the early days from the biblical creature nephalum. Human were created by God. This earth was created for humans. We are supposed to rule over this earth. Bigfoot is a creature from inbreeding with angels. They are not human.

  6. James H

    @Russll B

    i agree with you on the fallacy of evolution. I’m not convinced completely about BF being Nephalim, but I’m sure it was either DNA manipulation (most likely), possible breeding/inbreeding as you postulate, or both.

    People who have been duped concerning evolution and an aged earth usually end up chasing shadows ultimately resulting in dead ends and erroneous conclusions. Thanks for your intelligent comment here in the forum.

  7. Mindie P

    Thank you So Much Wes and Stacy Ron Moorehead has a book quantum Bigfoot. There’s something to it. Definitely after Stacy research and viewing it. Wow. Thanks you two.

  8. Dave M

    Been following Stacy since his video came out. Can’t wait for this documentary.. Thanks to Wes and Stacy for this episode. Keep on pushin boys

  9. theresa m

    Its very discouraging to hear over and over that all we need is a body. There are reports of the government sending out kill squads to clear out a bunch of sasquatch in a particular area that are being reported as a problem. There is the story of one man who was a delivery guy for one of the FedEx or UPS, etc. to a friend’s taxidermy shop and since the owner was not answering the door, he went into the shop and into the back room were a dead sasquatch was being ‘processed’ on the table. He left the package and never let his friend know what he saw. We all know they are real and that they have extraordinary abilities. Thanks, Wes for tonight’s show. Thanks, Stacy.

    • John XZ

      We do not need a body. What we need is knowledge and understanding. This whole process appears to be very personal- if you have seen one, it is because you were supposed to see one, so you can understand the big picture. People should understand that. It’s. personal. Respect it.

  10. Andy D

    We need laws to protect these creatures and their habitat.
    So anyway, they turn into balls of light and can travel vast distances that way.


  11. Rodger f

    Thanks Wes for putting the show together and thanks Stacy for coming on. RIP to your father! I bet he arrived and learned everything we are trying to figure out and he’s waiting to see you again!

  12. Cortez S

    if you get into horror movies can you make a real Sasquatch movie and not this Hollywood bs like “Sasquatch sunset”. it would be nice to see a horror movie where the creature was actually depicted as scary and not a joke. good episode

  13. Dovie D

    I don’t believe these creatures are humans. One I saw had red glowing eyes looking at me through the window. No way. I think there is so much more to these creatures. Maybe some are flesh and blood but many are supernatural. I think demonic

  14. deborah f

    I cannot praise Stacy enough. Since his thermal image video I have studied his career and has tremendous respect for his determination and ingenuity in researching this topic. Calling up the lights is crazily NOT unusual and it is happening all over the world. So much in this world we dont understand and have to wait until we gain understanding. Awesome episode Wes thank you .

  15. Tracey B

    No relation to Shane, very good podcast, being here I. Florida I have several friends that have had encounters in the black creek area. Would like to meet Shane and understand the lights as it sounds so similar to the Disclosure Project. Though my encounters were In Oklahoma, my Grandmother and older cousin , as I grew up always mentioned “ ufo” activity from the sixties until the late seventies right at there house. However none would fit in in the palm of your hand. The last one my grand mother told me about, I was at least 14 teen years old and the oval shaped ball of light was about 30 foot in diameter.. she stepped outside which would have put her 70 feet from it. She said she went to move closer to it, the swirling ball of light that had to be 30 to 50 foot off the ground. She stated she was overcome with a sense of dread and fear, so she went back in the house and watched from her window for a short while. She tried to wake up Grandpa, but by the time he had woke up and got dressed it was gone.

  16. Ron S

    Sasquatch disclosure could be comparably considered and studied by certain powers much like remote viewing. If a certain thing is beyond one’s understanding, someone will want it and want to figure out how it works to harness the power or ability to be used against others and for personal gain. Sadly this greed for dominance comes with its own slippery slopes and consequences. Life or God will constantly test your will but also your intentions among other things. You could almost say that some phenomena are the proverbial apple in the garden of Eden and are maybe better left alone.

    If Sasquatch or any phenomenon is still being researched or even if it isn’t understood by every country, well, that’s likely considered an ace in the hole and you can forget about full disclosure I’m guessing. It’s more than just about a logging or tourism industry, I can bet you that much.

    It’s probably more about the continuing allowance for people to be driven or make choices as a result of fear. Fear equals money, power and control. The only thing I know of (in my experience) that eliminates much of the fear of things that go bump in the night, fear of evil or fear of death is the only thing that is truly to be feared and also most powerful. So powerful even evil hides from it.

    If people opened their eyes and started to realize how many blessings they they already have in their lives and on this Earth, and started to count those blessings, you’d be too busy let fear rule you, and too happy to think about things like war or greed, which stock is going up or down etc.

    Having faith eliminates most fear, makes you content with what you are given and where your going when your work here is done. With realizing the more supernatural but quite possibly natural potential aspects to full reality you realize the power of faith. Faith would simply have a drastic impact on everything from how money flows in big business to how some people have brainwashed themselves into thinking they are the end all be to control and power and that is something of value in our short time here (in the grand scheme of things)… This timeframe could be completely forgotten in the not so distant future just as the many civilizations have that came before us, ones that we never heard of or know little about. These former rulers that have dissipated from memory like a wisp of smoke, all for nothing. Life is to be experienced and enjoyed, appreciated.

    Sometimes you really do need to get outside and explore the outdoors and see for yourself what was has been “more than enough” for mankind for thousands of years… And then find yourself an area that speaks to you, where you can start counting.

    The Lord giveth but you can bet your arse if you don’t respect it or take care of it, kiss it goodbye… This includes people.
    God bless 🙏🏼🌞

  17. Charles R

    This is the most amazing Orb, floating lights, experiences I have ever heard. Really liked hearing from Stacy Brown again. His Fathers thermal of one still stands as one of the best.

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