Jun 15

SC EP:1064 The Tip-Toeing Sasquatch

Frank was hunting in 2010 with a friend of his in Georgia. Frank later found his friend in his truck shaking and he looked like he was in shock. He explained to Frank what he had seen that day. Many years later Frank would see a creature and he describes it tip-toeing up to a deer before grabbing it and running off into the woods.





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68 Responses to “SC EP:1064 The Tip-Toeing Sasquatch”

    • Donald C

      His theory is completely unrealistic. Never mind the fact that thats NOT how genetics work between the generations. But there’s still inbreeding today, and if his claim is true, then there would have to be modern Sasquatch/humans still being born today. Good luck keeping that a secret in this age, especially with social media etc.

  1. Nolebez

    I used to have a more simple list of possibilities. Witness is lying, witness mistaken, Aliens and bonified sighting ect….now I have to add inbred abandoned feral humans. Great… lolol 🤣😂🤣

  2. Mario G

    His theory is impossible. You’d have to have so many breeding pairs of birth defected brothers and sisters the chances of that are impossible. But at least he gave a different perspective. Well done.

  3. Tom C

    You know nothing about down syndrome, dude? Nothing because your sister would have had a shaping head of a football would not cause her to have down syndrome. That’s not how it works.

  4. Jeff K

    Really interesting theories from the guest, Frank.

    Thank You Frank, for having the courage to share your experience.

    People underestimate the immense value of data from eyewitness reports.

  5. Sarah G

    This guy was hilarious with his theories. I loved it, I mean give the guy a break, nobody knows what these things are (cough cough Nephilim or Elioud is my guess). Read the bible people, it is all there!

  6. Jeff J

    I’ve heard some wild opinions but this one just floors me. They were hairy kids so the parents took them to the woods and abandoned them. That certainly explains the multitude of sighting, not only across this nation, but all across the world. More hairy kids being born and abandoned than the world could even consider.
    The Indian Chiefs were the strongest. Really? Why were so many of the Chiefs old men? Why wouldn’t some young kid just overtake the old Chief and assume the role? I imagine it could have and quite possibly even did happen every now and again. But the wise old men were revered and honored. I doubt the young thug’s reign lasted long as the tribe would probably revolted and taken that youngen’s life.
    So many things this Good Ole boy said just didn’t add up. The whole Down Syndrome thing…..that’s a birth defect right? He alluded that doctors can control that by keeping the soft tissue on the head open longer if the skull is closing to fast.
    Way to many head scratchers here for me. Good on Wes to keep his cool and not go “what are you talking about?” on this guy.

    • Shalene C

      Exactly. Lol I’m full Navajo, i.e., both of my parents are Navajo. We learn about our clans as children/teens, or at least I did from my high school (Navajo Preparatory School in Farmington, NM). Anyway, the reason we have a clan system is to avoid incest. So, his whole theory for Native tribes cracked me up. I’m pretty sure most tribes in North America (including Canada) had similar morals, don’t marry/have a family with your relative.

  7. Cindy U

    I’m 53, grew up in St.Cloud on 10 acres from ’78 to 2010 and I live in Kissimmee now. Been down that road loads of times, know EXACTLY what area he’s talking about! Also if your going the other way to Cocoa Beach on Nova Rd, your going through the Deseret Ranch area ,1000’s of acres, that has never been built up, oh hell yeah, there’s stuff out there. We had some activity on our property a few times over the years. He’s right!!

  8. Cindy U

    I’m 53, grew up in St.Cloud on 10 acres from ’78 to 2010 and I live in Kissimmee now. Been down that road loads of times, know EXACTLY what area he’s talking about! Also if your going the other way to Cocoa Beach on Nova Rd, your going through the Deseret Ranch area ,1000’s of acres, that has never been built up, oh hell yeah, there’s stuff out there. Ocala Forest driving through there you get the heebie-jeebies big time! We had some activity on our property a few times over the years. He’s right!!

  9. Stacy C

    Joseph G.. I’d suggest that John can say what he wants. he didn’t cuss, he didn’t insult anyone or call them names. it’s a free country and I’m pretty sure he’s allowed to have an opinion. even if you don’t agree with it.

  10. Laura K

    I have to say soon I will have heard it all. I think they are the hidden army for Armagedón. but I’ve never seen one or met anyone in person who has seen one. I choose to continue listening. Thanks, Wes!

  11. michael

    bigfoot has a metatarsal break in the foot , longer arms than humans. Different body proportions , Glowing eyes the bad smell, what about the speed ? no mutation will make a human run as fast as a deer. Hes combining too many mutations to show up all the time in every birth to be plausible .

  12. Matthew C

    I will take into account any theory about Sasquatch but I have to respectfully disagree with this guests theory. To many mutations would have to line up perfectly plus Bigfoot has completely different physical attributes that has never been found in humans. People try really hard to put these creatures into a category that makes logical sense but there is in my opinion nothing logical about them.

  13. Joe G

    Without getting into what or where these beings have originated, but knowing that the government is managing their existence through programs that are basically protecting them, given the fact that they will not admit their existence, let me put out there a speculation that some believers in Bigfoot, even die-hard believers may at first glance, adopt the position of the Bigfoot naysayers and balk at what I am about to say….so keep an open mind. If you are familiar with the Agenda 30 goals, this will sound plausible. If you aren’t then Google it, but a quick synopsis is this: Every city in the U.S. has already accepted this agenda and already have programs in place to implement and achieve these goals, one of which is 15-minute cities (Google this)…and have already broken ground as well to move as many people as possible into suburban and city environments…why? Because in their social engineering minds, human beings need to be managed, told what to do, given instructions on how to live and then MANAGED. But a big problem is that most people detest this idea and want to do the opposite – live free and independent out in the country. So, this is a big problem. What if there were monsters out in country, out in the woods. That would change everything just the way it does for 95% of people who run into these monsters – they won’t go back in there. This could be an answer to why in just the past 25 years has the appearance of these creatures increased exponentially. Why does the government do everything in its power to cover them up? If they come out and confirm their existence, then they would have to do something to deter and discourage Sasquatch and Dogman from encroaching in civilization. They would lose their “herding”utility as instruments to discourage people from moving away from high population centers and their 15 minute cities…..Too conspiratorial?

  14. Aimee B

    That’s actually a super interesting theory. Every reported characteristic of sasquatch is achievable thru existing human genetics. Like if a while bunch of stuff went horribly wrong or if someone had the capability to tinker with a human at the right points in “its” development they could essentially engineer a sasquatch. Like when the scientists denied a protein to a chicken embryo and it developed scales like a dinosaur. I’m intrigued.

  15. M B

    I applaud Frank for his sharing his encounter and the research he did as to what he felt he encountered. His theory does look at some of the attributes of the Sasquatch. However, I believe what he encountered may be a Sasquatch with either a defect or a Sasquatch that’s displaying more human aspects. Interesting of dumping childrenin the woods, causing feral behaviors. Hmmm?

  16. Thomas R

    This guy had great stories, but terrible theories. As a Native person, I was offended by everything he said about my people. Not only was virtually every word of it incorrect, but it was also full of racist assumptions.

  17. Lena T

    Being native american, this gentleman knows nothing of native american tribes. We were called something else at one time now we have incest beings with disabilities in our tribes? Maybe in your genealogy you have some but never ever seeing a big foot I can safely say we do not!

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