Jul 7

SC EP:1071 Caught With Your Pants Down

Tonight I will be speaking to Jeremy. In 1984 he was on vacation with his family. The family stopped in Colorado to take a break from their road trip. Jeremy stepped out of the camper to pee and was face to face with a creature. I will also be speaking to Pete. Pete owns a home in rural New Hampshire. Recently he has noticed a lot of strange activity on his property.






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40 Responses to “SC EP:1071 Caught With Your Pants Down”

  1. James G

    Their unnatural ability to read us inside a structure is amazing. In this one, every time he was almost asleep it would wake him up, like it knew. Same way they can slap a house on the wall right behind your bed where you’re sleeping.


      Its like they know what we are thinking. And our intentions Wheather the individual realizes it or not. Most don’t believe in mindspeak but most don’t have the ability either. It’s one-way I believe most often

  2. Dana B

    Yay! Sunday night is here! I have been listening to the Confessionals on my road trip just to hear your voice on ‘new to me’ episode. HaHa, Thank you Wes! I have a SC new to me tonight! Have a great week SC tribe!

  3. Jayne H

    Thank you for another great episode Wes! So good people are sharing encounters no matter how many years have passed. Thanks Pete and Jeremy. 🙏

  4. william Y

    Great show I went on vacation had a nice chat with a guy from Colorado about big foot right in the tour bus . Another guy piped in and said oh that’s such bullcrap. . ,I don’t care I love it thanks Wes for helping so many people:

    • Linda B

      Just got back last night from a wonderful Colorado vacation at our friend’s home in squatchy park county. Our dear friend runs the sasquatch outpost up there. It’s all good.

  5. Eric K

    Teddy was keeping the Bigfoot out of the area, which made the deer and bear feel safe in that area. Now the bear and deer are gone and the Bigfoot has full range without Teddy there to keep them away!

  6. Jayne H

    Darkness turns into light when I listen here. When I was young I saw and experienced the paranormal to the point I thought everyone did. I didn’t realise I was so alone. I’ve never seen sasquatch (yowie) but I’m a believer because I hear such angst and pain in the voices of people. Both my parents have passed away now but they were the only ones who acknowledged my witness and fear! There is so much we need to question

  7. Mark H

    Hi Pete,
    If it were me, I’d come home with an arm full of cheap game cams and solar LED lights, etc. When your wife asks “What are you doing?”… Set her down and tell her the truth.
    She needs to know about the danger. These things do sometimes take women and children. It’s common among Native Americans to keep women and children inside at night because of the Sasquatch.
    Whatever you do, do NOT feed them! That’s a HUGE mistake! They have been known to go on a rampage after people feed them and then stop feeding them for some reason.
    If you want to hear my encounters, listen to SC EP:807 – The Little Monkey
    Mark Hillen

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