SC EP:1008 The Eyes

Tonight we will be speaking to Roland. Roland said “In 1996 I was 16 years old and was a brat. My uncle took me with him, he was a truck driver. He took me under his wing and was the closest thing I had to a father. One night we had this creature cross right… Read more »

SC EP:1006 Big Bay-Ty Reloaded

I am posting a reloaded episode due to illness. I am still fighting a fever and this cold. Forgive me, I will see everyone next week. Scott shares an encounter he had with his cousin in Louisiana. Scott said I was 8 or 9 years old and I was fishing with my cousin who was… Read more »

SC EP:1004 A Tall White Shaggy Bigfoot

Luanna writes “About October 1983-84, It was a Friday evening, sister Lisa, her fiance Randy & myself went out, we lived in a small town. Nothing to do. So the normal thing to do was ride the back roads & have our beer. We went down Pebawma road, it was a road with no houses… Read more »

SC EP:1002 Sasquatch, Dogman And A Mouse

Tonight I will be speaking to Harley who had an encounter in 2020 in Virginia. We will also be speaking to Brandon who had a very strange night of running into this werewolf type creature. Harley writes “I have a encounter I’d like to share with you. I have pictures of footprints, the creature, I… Read more »

SC EP:998 Get In The F****** Truck

Ben writes “Well I finally got up the nerves to send this, back in 2015 I was a Jr in high school. My buddy had called me to see if I wanted to hangout and see his new toy. The toy was a Jeep Wrangler YJ that was abandoned. Even more interesting it was abandoned… Read more »

SC EP:996 That Overwhelming Fear

Brian writes “I live in Washington, in 2009 I took a friend turkey hunting. We drove up to MT Adam’s to a camp spot I selected while scouting we set up camp and went to sleep. Around 230 am I woke up in my sleeping bag with overwhelming fear I knew that something was looking… Read more »

SC EP:995 Creature Of West Virginia

Tonight I will be speaking to Kara who is from Maryland. She recently moved to West Virginia and describes seeing this upright canine. Kara said “I was frozen in fear.” Then we will will wrap up with Tony Merkel from the Confessionals Podcast. While filming his new film we came across a missing man. Tony… Read more »

SC EP:992 The Baba Yaga

Tracy will be my guest on an upcoming show. In 1991 in North Carolina Tracy had an encounter with something. Tracy said “I was told about this strange creature on our hunting property.” Tracy didn’t believe his uncle and other family members, he thought they were just messing with him until he ran into it…. Read more »

Sasquatch Chronicles Will Return

As I told the members tonight I have surgery in the morning and I have been advised I will be down for the count till at least October 1st….but they don’t know who they are dealing with, don’t be surprised if you see me this weekend. Haha