SC EP:260 It’s eyes were real real evil, real sinister looking

Mike Wooley will be my guest tonight and he will be talking about his movie that is now available and retelling his terrifying encounter with two Sasquatch creatures while he was hunting. That day changed his life and Mike opens up how the encounter had a negative impact on his life. I will also be… Read more »

SC EP:258 Logger has encounter in Oregon

A listener writes “I have been a logger for the past 34 years, and on this day in January of 2002 I was driving into one of our logging jobs on the Oregon Coast. There were two empty log trucks sitting on the landing and one loaded on heading out so I needed to find… Read more »

SC EP:256 I ran so far away

I spoke with the witness and he was out in the forest late one night and had an encounter, Here is a small portion of the encounter: “So I start walking down the mountain to where I was sure our campsite was, I started to feel like I was being followed and watched. I started… Read more »

SC EP:252 Hear nothing, see nothing, know nothing

I will be speaking with two brothers. One of the brothers says “Over the years we hunted this property in Indiana, it was a great place to hunt. The only downside to hunting this land is you would feel like you were being watched all of the time. After killing a deer we would get… Read more »

SC EP:249 It had a look like “I’m going to kill you”

Steve writes “I was completely frozen with fear I was 20 feet from the shoreline and this thing was about 10 feet in the tree line… I could not do anything except sit there and stare…. I watched it for what seemed to be forever but it was prob a minute as this thing was… Read more »

SC EP:248 Be careful what you wish for…

A couple of college kids take off to the woods to look for Sasquatch. After several hours of having fun, making calls and hitting tree’s a visitor shows up. I speak with Justin and he was with the group the night of the encounter. Justin was not sure if he wanted to come on the… Read more »

SC EP:246 Law Enforcement Night

A Law Enforcement Officer writes “Hey Wes, I will make this as short as possible. I have a video form a trail cam. The video is not conclusive as it doesn’t show the face. Here is the history of the video. I am a 20+ year Law Enforcement Officer, three of which were done as… Read more »

Webcast: Mysteries To Search

I interviewed Brenton Sawin from the YouTube channel “Mysteries To Search”. Brenton will be sharing with us his own personal encounter as well as Sasquatch encounters you have not heard before. This is a video interview. Mysteries To Search” is a channel for searching out mysteries and sharing with one another our encounters, stories and… Read more »

SC EP:243 The Big Thicket Saga

I am releasing this as Sundays show, I have a show I am working on for members I will be posting tomorrow night. I think it is important everyone hear this show. What happened to the big thicket team in Texas? Why is Sasquatch being covered up? Bob Garrett and Tim Sermons will be my… Read more »

SC EP:242 The Navajo Nation and Sasquatch

Duke and I sit down with a tribal member of the Navajo Nation. He shares with us his own encounters as well as encounters around the reservation that he has looked into. My guest also shares how the Native American’s view these creatures. I will also be speaking to a witness who now lives in… Read more »