SC EP:955 Hunters Encountering Cryptids

Trevor writes “Wes, I hope all is well. I’ve been carrying around this experience 20 years now hoping that what I saw in the woods while turkey hunting in southern Indiana. While sitting beside a huge poplar tree on top of a ridge in the Hoosier national forest area of Martin county, that was blocking… Read more »

SC EP:953 I Think We Snuck Up On It

Benny writes “Me and my buddy, Joe, where south of Bradshaw TX. This will be in the fall, 1989. We were crossing the creek in the truck with the headlights off . Had the dogs in the back trying to catch the scent of a coon crossing the road because the wind was up. Joe… Read more »

SC EP:951 A F***ing Kangaroo?

Tonight I will be speaking to Tim. Tim writes “The first actual encounter I experienced was in the fall of 2020. It was a nice night. I had been working late which is often the case in my line of work. My wife and I have two pet rabbits who are fed a diet of… Read more »

SC EP:950 American Werewolf

Tonight I will be speaking to Dave. Dave writes “I’m 57 years old and my first encounter was when I was 16 years old. The thing is, it wasn’t a bigfoot, it was what I learned everyone is calling a dogman about 7 years ago. At the time I didn’t know what it was and… Read more »

SC EP:948 Remembering Scott, ARK! ARK! Who Goes There!

I got an email last night. Dave writes “Hey Wes, this is Dave from episode 735 Ark Ark. It’s with a great sadness to tell you my brother Scott passed away from heart complications on April 12th. I just wanted to thank you again for being such a great host and let us tell our… Read more »

SC EP:946 I Could See The Wrinkles In Its Face

Pat writes “On my bachelor party, Friday the 13 august 2021 after we all were drinking, a Bigfoot stormed through our camp and growling and stomping in an absolute territorial display. It was probably more like the early hours of the 14th. This f—-r was stomping and growling At the same time. I could feel… Read more »

SC EP:944 The Confessions Of Tony Merkel

Tonight my guest is Tony Merkel from The Confessionals Podcast. Tony talks about his recent film that is soon to be released called The Shape of Shadows. Tony talks about a new film he is working on focused on Sasquatch and his experiences while here in the Pacific NW. Check out The Confessionals here:… Read more »

SC EP:941 Something Out Of A Nightmare

Come hang out with us. Merkel Media is heading to Washington state in a couple weeks to shoot our next fill investigating bigfoot encounter locations! While we are out there we are going to do an advanced screening of our next film “The Shape of Shadows” at Battle Ground Cinema on April 6th at 6:30pm… Read more »

SC EP:939 Salish Sasquatch – The Browns Property

Jonathan Brown returns to the show. I have talked about the Browns property on many shows. For newer listeners, I asked Jonathan to give us a history on his property. We will be discussing ongoing activity on the property. I will share some stories of when I was on the property and what Jonathan recalls… Read more »

SC EP:937 The Helicopter Incident

Tonight we will be speaking to Joy. Joy had an encounter in the mid 70’s, in Michigan. Joy and her sister were walking their dogs when a large creature covered in hair crossed right in front of them. Joy said “We didn’t know what to call it besides a monster. I was seven years old… Read more »