May 19

SC EP:1057 I Believe in Bigfoot Project

I will be interviewing Kelley Lockman. Kelley is an American actor, director and screenwriter. Born and raised in Georgia, Kelley’s passion for film eventually led him to film school and then to acting. Kelley has appeared in various TV shows and films, including Tyler Perry’s “A Fall From Grace.” He has written and directed his own work and recently completed “A Sunset in Winter,” in which he wrote, directed and starred.

He started a new project called I Believe in Bigfoot Project. You can watch the episodes on YouTube. Check it out here:

Kelley writes “We spoke a few years ago briefly. The Squatchwatchers made an introduction for me. At that time I was beginning the process of working on a documentary about Bigfoot. But since then things have gone a bit crazy! The path I started to go down led me into places I never expected and I’ve been able to document some truly amazing stuff! The story became so huge that its just too much for a movie. I am now releasing it as a series on YouTube and Rumble.”



















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42 Responses to “SC EP:1057 I Believe in Bigfoot Project”

    • Karla Amber G

      The property owner, Rex, which anybody who watches the squatch watchers already knows who he is, I’ve had some really weird experiences near his property myself. Stuff I still can’t believe.

      • Tara B

        Hello . Is there anyone in the chat here from Nova Scotia?
        I would love to know if there is anyone wanting to investigate a area that has changed my life with these things.
        I seen a dogman in a grave yard me and 3 others for @ prox 10 miss a sippy clear no way in the world could it have been anything but a 7~8 foot tall beast thick and scary as hell and half way across the path~rd in graveyard it turned its head and swear it looked deep into our soul. No one said a word till we were 5 min away in a large public parking lot
        Best friend turned to me and said “BUDDY THAT WAS A F@#$$ WEARWOLF” 2 GIRLS in back seat cause we were sitting in my car were going crazy saying it was the devil!!! crying and major anxiety and fear filled the inside of my car.
        I did not drive on the road that parallel the graveyard for years when I was by myself. This was the first encounter and only encounter of a dogman sighting. “”BUT””
        BECAUSE these Woods are the same woods I lived, hunted, built camps and grew up in and still do this day I remember a lot of crazy things.
        Unfortunately it wasn’t till 20 yrs later I am 40 now that I was gonna have the worst 2 yrs of my life and changed my life my wife and my family.
        Well I wrote a lot already but I would love to have someone to try and figure out what it was that hunted my home and me for 2 yrs and to this day I have something maybe every month or so let me know it’s still watching us. This scares me to the point I cannot hunt camp or ever be by myself in these wood . Anyone have any suggestions? Or like I said if you live in Nova Scotia please contact me. Thank you sorry for the long mesg .

  1. Brian L

    I’m gonna listen to the episode now…..
    but pictures of flood debris in trees ain’t the same as a 700 lb. tree plowed into the muskeg upside down in the wilderness….with dirt still clinging to the roots…. and No excavator tracks in sight….

  2. Ramon S

    the Bible and Hebrew history talks about the behemoth (land) leviathan (sea) and the Ziz (air) all believed to historical animals that did exist. I wonder if the stone u found depicts any of these creatures.


    How can anything thats warm blooded, hundreds of pounds of flesh and hair toss a rock, then magically not show up on a thermal camera or FLIR. That just boggles me. They have to be inner dimensional. have to

  4. Mark R

    I enjoyed this interview immensely. What a great weekend of SC shows. I always like listening but this weekend’s shows were especially good.

  5. Kimberly M

    As far as the rocks, L.A. Marzulli has examined those structures in Peru that he thinks these rocks look like. He would be a great resource to take a look at these rocks. He has archeologist that he works with and they would be very interested in these things! L.A. has a lot of experience with those structures and the mound builders. He has a 9 part series regarding these. They also have a Nephilim tie to them. Also the elongated skulls have correlation with the structures. There is a dark side to all this definitely, because these things are dark, evil, sinister. As far as the rock coming out of nowhere, I’ve seen another person state that he had rocks hit him out ina field. He also has it on film! I can’t remember who it was, but I saw the video on YouTube. The gifting thing is WORSHIP!!! NOT GOOD! Opening up yourself to be possessed by demonic spirits! Or get an attachment you can’t get rid of. This will destroy your life! The cry you heard was demonic, don’t feel sorry for IT! Wes is absolutely right, feeding, gifting these things is not good. Thanks Kelly for this!

  6. James G

    I’ve also wondered about rock throwing. What can throw a tiny pebble 70 yards and with precision accuracy? Nothing can. Also where do they find so many rocks in areas without a plentiful supply?

  7. Dana B

    Kelly spoke about Mesoamerica, the mound builders, Giants. Pre and/or Co Mississippiean cultures based on Corn agriculture with human sacrifice. Similar or precursor to Central&South American Aztec cultures have evidence in the US notably in Ohio across central US down the Mississippi River. In Ohio, the Serpent Mound has been associated with the “Corn people” culture who were thought to be pushed out by Native American tribes. Scott Wolter, forensic geologist from “America Unearthed” made several interesting discoveries connecting Aztec/Incan/Mayan civilizations to locations in the US. He might be very interested in the rocks.
    He won’t go down the Bigfoot path but as far as dating rocks and using scientific methods to reveal purpose or carvings is his specialty.
    The show was on Travel Channel and very good science however unpopular with mainstream as he boldly challenges “history we were taught” versus scientific evidence.
    Might be valuable review. His theories might provide some insight to an alternative historical narrative which correlate with Kelly’s theory, about the Quetzelcoatus carving in the rocks.

    Thanks for the story, …”There’s something going on in them hills.”

  8. william Y

    Wow, great show, I felt the same way , about Bigfoot, it was kinda interesting, but it didn’t make any sense the way it was portrayed on television and to the public.. And then I put together that IKEA furniture and I listen to your show Wes for two hours straight and I was hooked. Went to Pennsylvania this weekend with my daughter, this field hockey traveling team and we drove all the way near Lancaster and we were near some remote areas. I wanted to pull over and play the Ohio howl, but she didn’t want me to do it, and then I thought about it. What if this thing rips her out of the truck through the window. .

  9. Daniel M

    This was a really good interview. This is the first time I’ve heard the cattle mutilation phenomenon attached to bigfoot. This really shows most of the weird stuff is connected in my mind.

  10. Karla Amber G

    Same old story. Somebody who delves into the Bigfoot subject as a lark, ends up realizing that it’s no joke and that there’s something to it, and becomes obsessed. I’m kind of torn, because on one hand I want to tell people who are doubtful to just give it a week. Look into it for a week and then you’ll see that there’s something to it, but at the same time I don’t want these beings discovered, because it will not only take away the mystery and enjoyment, but it will undoubtedly endanger the species, because as we all know, humans destroy everything that they touch. So as much as I want to be able to say I told you so, I’ve kind of transitioned into not wanting to out this subject as being legitimate. I would love to know what they are and what they’re all about, but not at the cost of decimating their population or killing the mystery in a world where there’s not a lot of mystery left. Have gone from wanting to prove it to the world just so I can have my own personal satisfaction of saying I told you so, to wanting to keep this whole thing under wraps for forever if possible. SHHHHHH.

  11. Jane S

    I am fascinated by witness testimony and as a social scientist there are certainly common themes I’ve picked out across the Chronicles. So much of it is classic trauma response. The forgetting, sensory weirdness before, during after, fight, flight freeze etc. I am most certainly a flesh and blood campist but a lot of “the woo” stuff could be explained by cognitive psychology. Obviously not portals and such but many of the feelings and senses.

    Whilst not having had an encounter (I am in the UK) I have encountered rogue black leopards where they certainly shouldn’t be and can relate to how your world view is shifted entirely. I will no longer walk alone on certain trails. But just wanted to say I believe everyone’s testimony but understand the trauma response and how our bodies can respond to such big unexpected events.

    I know its the wrong place to post. I came on here to mention this episode, and the guy talked of forgetting elements until looking back at footage. Classic signs. I have a lot of respect for this community. However, this guy “pissing on evidence” is pretty discrediting. I am somewhat disappointed by his attitude. Also, could have sampled the evidence????

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