Jun 9

SC EP:1063 The Clicking Sound Surrounded Me

Tonight I will be speaking to Kelly and Zach. Kelly writes “I’m an avid outdoors person and have had multiple jobs which required me to work in remote locations, sleeping out under the stars and having experiences I can’t explain.

My brother turned me on to your podcast about a year ago after I had an encounter myself. I called and told him about it and he told me to listen to your podcast. After hearing some other stories I realized I had more encounters that I had never shared because I didn’t know how to explain them. I’ll just share some of them here and see if you would like more info.

The encounter I told my brother about that had him recommend your show took place in western North Carolina near the town of Hot Springs. I was out exploring on my own, which I do a lot and found this abandoned road. I began following it and maybe a mile down the road I saw some skid marks. Being curious about the marks because the road was not accessible, I wandered off the road near the skid. About 300 yards away I found a small teepee type structure built that was about the size of a small tent. I kind of assumed it was built as a blind by hunters. There was no trail or anything. As I looked closer at the structure I could tell the branches had been snapped off to make this structure, not cut with a saw. Not knowing anything about sasquatch or the huts people have reported I looked at this thing a long time trying to figure out how a human would have made it. The other curious thing was the leaves on the inside of the hut were not disturbed, like the structure had been there a while without anyone going inside of it. I began looking around the area more and found two smaller, similar structures. At this point I thought it was a boy scout camp or something where they had built these. I looked around further and started noticing that small saplings had been snapped all around these huts. The only thing I could think is that a vehicle had driven over them but there was no way a vehicle could access this area without leaving a massive sign. I’m about 6’2 220 and I tried snapping them and couldn’t get anywhere near being able to snap them. As I began to look around the area further I noticed all the birds stopped chirping and there was a weird chill in the air. I became pretty uncomfortable and then I started hearing what sounded like someone clicking their tongue extremely loud and occasionally a high pitched whistle. At this point I decided I must have stumbled into someone’s property or drug area and started to move away. The clicking began to surround me and scared the shit out of me so I started moving quickly to get out. I then heard what sounded like rocks were being thrown. I never stopped to look back but just got to my vehicle as quickly as possible and drove to the nearest bar where I wrote down my encounter.

After listening to other episodes I was reminded about a time I worked out at a hunting and fishing lodge in northern New Mexico. I used to get up at 4am every morning and drive around the ranch to make sure all the boats were cleaned and dried out for the guests. This was a gigantic ranch (they say it was bigger than Rhode Island) so you could easily go days without seeing another human. I drove to this remote area in the high country and came around a turn right around sunrise. I spooked this massive creature, which I assumed initially was a bear, it went from being on two legs down to all fours and ran like a wolf. The area it ran was through this open meadow that was probably about 1-2 miles long (if not further) downhill. Its hard to explain but the vantage point I had was from up above and the animal ran down towards a lake. This thing ran those 2 miles in under 10 seconds. It ran with long strides like a wolf but the ground it covered was insane. I told people about it at the ranch and they all made fun of me and said I was seeing things.

I have a couple of other stories that are similar if you’d like to hear more. Thanks for taking the time to read this.”


Zach writes “I emailed you about 2 years ago regarding the footprints my uncle and I found in Schuylkill county, Pennsylvania. After taking some time to think about my own sighting and some other encounters and stories told to me by family, friends and coworkers…..I’ve decided to finally type up an email.

My sighting: In April of 2014, I was in my last few months of high school and had been working at a nursing home in Pottsville, PA in the kitchen. My mother at the time was the supervisor of the the place and I was getting a ride home with her after working 0700-1500. We were driving south towards my hometown, which is only about 4 miles from this sighting. I was in the passenger seat looking out the window, down towards the Schuylkill River and railroad tracks that run along the same route. The train tracks are about 75 yards from the road on a 45 degree angle. The leaves were not on the trees yet because it was right before spring, so I can see the tracks pretty good. Next thing, I see this tall and lengthy…..creature. It almost had the look of Treebeard from the Lord of the Rings Movie. Very tall, long, thin appendages and I could see dark brown/black hair. This creature was standing on the side of the railroad closest to me, looking down at the ground. Not sure why, but it was so eerie and just didn’t register in my head until we got home. I told my Mom and she really didn’t react. Totally didn’t think it could be a sasquatch until you described the different types.







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51 Responses to “SC EP:1063 The Clicking Sound Surrounded Me”

  1. Nolebez

    Remember when Google had those signs throughout their sites? “Don’t Be Evil” Remember when the Internet sites would show the dislikes too? They had to get rid of them. Not because you can instantly tell. That your opinion is in the extreme minority but because it was causing “harm”. Simultaneously there is no need to ban TicToc. Definitely no reason to keep teenagers off Social Media. Plus since every opinion outside the mainstream is disinformation. There is absolutely no reason to bring back the dislikes.

  2. Melissa P

    Hiya Wes & all you SC fans! Its been a minute. I’m finally back after a long dark road traveled alone. I have to say how much I’ve missed your channel, I think your voice has healing qualities in its Chief. Can’t wait to listen.

  3. Dana B

    Happy Sasquatch Chronicles night! Time to close my eyes and just listen. Thanks for your efforts for us androids. πŸ™‚ Have a great Father’s Day week πŸ’™

  4. Robin D

    Another awesome episode with really interesting witnesses…batting a thousand this weekend with guests AND music – setting the bar dang high Wes. Thanks so much!!

  5. Charles R

    This has to be the skinniest alledged Bigfoot track I have ever seen. I guess it shows, like humans, some just do not fit the standard pattern. Nice pics Zack. I like the Flock os Seegulls remake of I Ran. Who is the female singer?

  6. M B

    I know the clicking sounds he is referring too. I thought in my encounter it was a bird. I have it on video/audio because I was in the field for research and was checking my fob for the time and was video taping the area. I had no idea I was just about to encounter whatever it was that was clicking.

  7. Shalm M

    *fter EP 850 and below i needed more and became a member… I was saying i stopped listening to local and national news and needed something more real. i am a believer but i dont think there are too many in Delaware….Love this site

  8. Kari L

    Great episode, thanks Wes and guests!! New member, listener for years…πŸ‘£β€οΈ

    Anyone else having issues with the SC app for Android? I have Samsung S21. It is not saving my episodes where I left off, it’s refreshing and starting them over as I click away or open something else. Also the search function (entering exact episode number), is bringing up a long list of random episodes, but the one I wanted is mixed in there, so it works. Lastly, my Amazon Music app automatically plays the next episode which I like, is there a setting here to do the same?

  9. Blanche D

    Great episodes this week. Many thanks to guests. That clicking experience was super scary. I wish that Wes had asked more questions about that quartz. That was very interesting to hear about.

  10. theresa m

    Thanks, Wes, Kelly and Zach. I always appreciate heaving the encounters and experiences since I’m not going into the woods or really ever out and about in the wee hours any more. The clicking, though! Phew! And the seemingly orchestrated attempt to make you walk a certain path definitely felt like a trap to me. Thank goodness you turned around and got out of there. So many people go missing and nobody ever knows what happened. Those type of creatures make me think they are are the cannibals because not all stories give this vibe.

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