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SC EP:1061 The Bernie Chronicles

Bernie writes “Wes, I’m seventy three years old now and live in the beautiful Texas hill country southwest of Austin. This is what happened fourteen years ago.
It was my last night at work and I was closing up my department in Salmon Creek, at the north end of Vancouver, Washington.

My best friend called and asked if I was flying out soon. She wanted me to come by, and said she had a twelve pack of Blue Moon. “Prettiest lady I know” I affirmed as I headed toward Battleground.

We hung out for a couple hours. Her boyfriend had cheated on her and I listened to her broken heart with sympathy, and I tried to give her hope for the future.
We said our hasta la vistas. I got back on I-5 north and got off at Woodland and headed up Lewis River Road. I had been living there for six weeks in a spare bedroom I was renting. It was a ways to my boss’s property, on up past the fish hatchery, almost to Ariel where D.B. Cooper supposedly bailed out of that airliner, west of Mt. St. Helens.
The moon was nearly full on that night of August 22, 2010, as I parked in my spot 30 feet from the forest, just off to my left. My window was down and I was listening to the radio. The Foo Fighters were playing “Times Like These.” The tree frogs loudly approved and I popped open my last Blue Moon that Darcy sent home with me.
I lit a cigarette, reflecting on our good times, how much I was going to miss her, and hoping our paths would meet again. Speaking of missing, I was seriously missing my two teenaged daughters that currently lived in Texas for the past six weeks.

Tomorrow was Monday, my son’s 39th birthday, and I’d be in Raleigh with him Wednesday night. I had a lot on my mind.

I looked to my right scanning for life. Tina’s doublewide sat on 4 acres, and was dark and silent, the front door 80 feet from me at my 3 o’clock. No signs of her sister and brother-in-law, who were notorious for wandering in the moonlight, but it was only one o’clock in the morning right now. I had another smoke and nursed my beer as it had been a very long day at work.

I couldn’t believe my ears when suddenly out of nowhere, what sounded like a million birds started screaming in the forest just to my left. Every hair on my body stood out as I reached to kill the radio. This surreal cacophony went on for maybe a whole minute when I heard something that would have knocked me over had I not been sitting in my car.

I have since listened to vocalizations on YouTube and the nearest thing to what I heard was “The Ohio Sound,” except that was far away and I was probably less than 100 feet away from the source here. Also there was no descending vocalization once it reached it’s deafening crescendo. The force behind that howl/scream was somewhere between a really hungry lion, and a very pissed off T-Rex. Think up-close Jurassic Park. I was sitting in my old Ford Contour and my bones and organs were vibrating. I have since learned that was the result of the infrasound it produced. I was terrified and felt disoriented, also effects of infrasound.

Things have never really scared me. Hell, I’m an old guy from Texas. I’d seen lots of crazy shit, but I jus0couldn’t move. I just sat there thinking someone like me might get eaten. When the roar finally peaked, the birds and frogs were totally silent; not a single peep or croak was heard, and I was still vibrating. The silence was broken by a few seconds of the sound of something moving away in the woods. There was a creek in a ravine out there about 50 yards straight ahead and I started hearing what sounded like large rocks smashing against others.

I happened to look at the front porch as Tina turned the light on and stuck her head out, looked my way, dipped back and closed the door. I figured since the beast was in the ravine, I had a chance to make a run for the house.

I was shaking when I entered, and she said I was pale and asked what was wrong. I told her I thought she had a Sasquatch in her back yard.
She just laughed and laughed and laughed. I told her I was serious, but she snickered and I went to bed. It took a long time to fall asleep that night.
The next day I avoided the backyard and drove into Vancouver to get my cat. I pretty much stayed in my room when we got back. The next day I sold my car to Tina’s mother and stayed in my room. Wednesday, Tina drove me to Portland to fly to Raleigh.

I told my son about it after I had been there a couple days. He was intrigued, and then I put it all in a box for several years. I knew people would laugh. I wish assholes were as hard to find as Sasquatches. I never mentioned it again.

A couple months ago I started listening to podcasts, especially yours, and it’s really been all consuming, but in a very beneficial way: the realization of the existence of an ancient, feral species that has no concept or need of money to survive.

They are truly free. I feel we are the newcomers here, living our lives in chains.”







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78 Responses to “SC EP:1061 The Bernie Chronicles”

  1. Stacey C

    This world is full of so much unknown!!! I do believe there’s a reason God says do NOT try communicating with the dead, stay away from witchcraft etc….. Looking forward to after dark episodes, thanks Wes‼️

    • Debra T

      Stacy, I agree with you and also posted a comment. I can’t disregard God’s instructions and , “yes” it is for a reason. So very dangerous.

    • Jay Carlsen

      Isn’t that Fascinating ? Because doesn’t that mean that ” Isaac ” is ALL Modern Humans as Stated in Genesis 25:23 ? And look at all of the Problem’s that has caused …..?
      I am sure that we would all agree that the Sasquatch People are NO QUESTION the Stronger than ANY Modern Human.
      ( And every other Description as given in the Books of Genesis and Obadiah ! ) I do believe that You are on to Something !

    • Matthew J

      Lisa, I’ve learned that most of Esau’s children formed the nation of Edom. Edom was just South of Jerusalem and to the West. Today it would be part of Jordan.

  2. Richard C

    i havnt listened yet,but i just read it.🤔. my flags are up from reading,he sounds like a writer the way he words everything. Put it this way im sceptical b4 listenening. just wanted to put that out their.🤤👣🇺🇸👣

  3. Nolebez

    Oh yeah I definitely remember breaking out of the crib. I even remember coming up with the plan to stack stuffed animals. I remember blowing out the candles on my 3td bday cake but I also have this older memory. I was in the crib but not eat the place we lived at in the other ones. This was the apartment prior to our house. There were a couple shadows shaped like people in the hallway. They were coming towards me until I noticed them. Then they moved back and vanished.

  4. Ric M

    Funny thing about grandparents, they are always watching us even after they’ve passed on. My Nana visited me once and I actually felt her place her hands on my shoulders. The second time was to warn me to not do what I was very close to doing. I was in an M.C. and for what I was considering to do, would definitely have made me a 1 %er! I’m very happy I never took that step because Nana stopped me from making a terrible mistake.

  5. m99

    Oh boy Wes. I reinstalled & reinstalled your app, and it worked! Now the keyboard is triggering again. Thanks for the heads up. I hope anyone whose had any kinda issues with the app will do what you said.
    Yippie! Thx Wesipoo. _m

      • Dana B

        I enjoyed Bernie and your talk. His encounter was scary. Colorful man with interesting family stories. Thank you Wes and Bernie for letting us listen in. Have a great week.

  6. Elizabeth B

    Holy shitfire! If this is what after dark is going to be like, it’s going to be AWESOME! Wes, I was trying to order merch and it keeps telling me everything is out of stock. Are you not doing merch anymore?

  7. Linda B

    I just read Bernie’s email l and the comments and will listen tomorrow night as it’s late. Sounds like a really j teresting episode. Thank you Wes and thanks Bernie.
    P.s. Wes, last episode you reminded folks to be kind 😇. It would be swell if we could tell the whole world the same, especially people in my space. Thanks for being polite and kind, Wes, and all the members here qho are kind, as well.

  8. Nickolas P

    April 24th, 2022 my father called me at work, he was having chest pains at the local pharmacy. I rushed there and him being stubborn as a mule drove back home after a short rest, while I followed. We get back home (i lived there too) and after sitting for 10 min, I got him a water and he started having a heart attack. I did compressions for 10 min, EMT’s got there and got him to the hospital. Long story short, I saved him. He recovered after an open heart surgery. Unfortunately, while leaving work February 2023 he passed away while waiting for his car to warm up. He had recovered after his health issues, but kept saying that late January early February that the cold was “taking his breath away”. Me and my mom were told he was rushed to the hospital. The hardest part of my fathers death was not knowing that he already passed, waiting in the lobby to be told by the nurse, who ASSUMED we already knew. When Bernie said he felt a kiss and a pat on his back it brought a tear to my eye..losing my father was the hardest thing I’ve ever experienced in my 34 years on this earth.

  9. Anne-Marith V

    Thank you Bernie, for telling your stories, very fascinating!
    Thanks Wes for nót sticking solely to Sasquatch, these accounts broaden horizons, I hope, if people are openminded enough..
    I sure do love these accounts

  10. Donald R

    This guy is the best! I could listen to Bernie for another 2 hours. Hey Wes, is there enough there for a part 2?

    Stories involving non-sasquatch topics are not always of super interest but this is definitely not the case here, I love this guy’s worldview and his calm demeanor.
    I feel like he would be played by Robert Forster in the movie about his life!

  11. Carey A

    Hello Mr. Bernie, I lived in The foothills of TN an thought also such a thing could not exist. But one night about 3:30 Am, I woke up To the feeling of dread I went to the back door shined a spotlight out into the fueld near the creek

  12. Roger P

    When i was a baby, my Grandmother used to keep us at her house a good bit. She had a lady that helped her around the house and helped her watch us. That lady would put us up on the ironing board to change our diapers. (the old cloth one with the diaper pins) I remember quite a few times where she jabbed my hips with those pins. Funny how some of the earliest memories are the most vivid.

  13. avila

    Wow Bernie:) I very much enjoyed your talk
    with Wes:)
    I’m a UFO and sasquatch believer.
    My husband’s family has witnessed UFOs/aliens
    throughout their lives.
    My late father, too, witnessed these things.
    Paranormal sightings have visited my entire family
    all my life.
    I hope someday to witness my first UFO.

    your theme song/music is beautiful!

  14. avila

    Oh, one more thing…
    My earliest memory is when I was a toddler,I was in my bedroom, I was in my crib standing up holding onto the crib’s railing. I had an old wooden toy box sitting next to thewall. My toys were dancing by themselves.No batteries inside them. I had some white glovesmy mom gave me to play with. The gloves were wavingat me all by themselves.I wasn’t afraid, I was laughing.

  15. Debra T

    The holy scriptures tell us that God has instructed that we not communicate with the dead or spirits. Many of us have studied this very thing and we know that we will absolutely not be permitted to communicate with a departed loved one. The dark spirits,, fallen angels, demons, if you will, are capable of posing as someone we know. They are slick and lure those who do not know the truth. Always know the foul spirits have a purpose in doing this. When we engage in these practices we are gaining entrance into the Demonic realm. This is not innocent play. Many who have succumbed to this demonic trickery if they learn the truth have deep regret they ever fell for the lies. I have also been told that it is often difficult to get completely free even after learning the truth. There is so much we don’t know about or understand but we must be on guard for Satan and the fallen angels pose as “angels of light” God’s word tells us. Be on guard; don’t fall for it. I did not finish listening to this account. Even just being curious can be dangerous.

  16. Charles R

    I much enjoyed The Bernie Chronicles and all the paranormal activities and probable Kecksburg UFO that Bernie’s Father was part of at close by WPAFB. I have a question for you Bernie if you read this and can go back into your memory bank. Looking at your Father’s drawings did they really look like Heiroglyphics which are usually more like pictures, or did they look more like geometric symbols that are unrecognizable to us. Other close witnesses, like Sgt. Jim Peniston, suggest geometric symbols on the pyramidal craft he atcually touched in the Rendelshom Forest of England, Christmas time in 1980?

  17. Amy T

    Bernie sounds like a very cool person! I get the whole “strange experiences” over a life time. Good to hear other experiences. Thank you Bernie and Wes.

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