Sep 19

Sasquatch Chronicles Will Return

As I told the members tonight I have surgery in the morning and I have been advised I will be down for the count till at least October 1st….but they don’t know who they are dealing with, don’t be surprised if you see me this weekend. Haha

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  1. Trent M

    I pray all goes well and hope you have minimum pain and soreness. I’m pretty sure I already know you are very stubborn but I hope you realize you are not getting any younger and you take whatever time is needed for a healthy recovery. Sure, I don’t know you, but please realize you are significant to many of us and you have a real impact on us because we consider you important.

  2. Gary R

    Hang in Wes. Needless to say, we are all here, waitin patiently for whenever your up to it. Try not to push it too hard. Yea, I know, it’s hard to be home sitting round while your healing. Especially once you begin to feel human again. Be good to yourself. Your worth it & you deserve it. Much love from your SC Fam. Warmly, Addie

  3. Colm O

    Wes – you have left almost 1000 shows for members to review and enjoy. I regularly search a random number and always hit a show that I either haven’t heard before or one that I have – and enjoy even more on the 2nd time around.
    Be well Don’t stress. Look after yourself.

  4. Nolebez

    Yo Wes my bad I just saw this! Good Luck & God Speed buddy. I said a little prayer for you holmes Nothing but love & happy thoughts from Bel Air MD or Blair in Baltimoronese hun

  5. April B

    sorry brother..I payed money to listen to you. ..when u comn back on..? need your help to get through my experience..I seen something that messed me up..just saying..sorry .I kiowa -apache native.. from apache ok. things are different here..listen to u .. helps.. thank u.

  6. Amie A

    Having had an implant fail, I understand what you’re going through. Praying for the success of the procedure, minimal pain and discomfort, and a super-dog speedy recovery, Wes!!!

  7. Holly B

    It’s natural to take time for your own REcreation. Healing right is listening to yourself. Nobody knows you better! I mean you have some stories in the hopper right? something to entertain us? its all about US! even when we say it’s about you!

  8. Barbara F

    Hope all goes well, Wes. Don’t rush back too soon. We can all man up and listen to reruns for awhile!
    And I’d love to hear more about rhe Sasquatch population and reasons for it’s decline. Fascinating!

  9. Bethan D

    best wishes to you Wes take as long as you need, you work hard producing the shows and we have plenty of great encounters a to listen to while you’re recuperating! all the best xx

  10. theresa m

    Wes, listen to your body. It is a miraculous thing! It will tell you when it is time to return. You’ve given us so many people to listen to and I look forward to sitting back and ripping through a few while I knit a hat! Be well!

  11. Karena M

    There are plenty of wonderful shows we can listen to while you take the time to recover. Feel better and just know you got so many people wishing you health and happiness! 😆

  12. Kimberly T

    Hi Wes,
    Hope you are feeling better and healing quickly! We (our entire family) absolutely love your Podcast and truly care about you. Thank you for all that you do!
    Take care of yourself!

  13. Mariajose B

    Get well soon, Wes, praying everything goes smoothly and you’ll be back in action in no time so rest up and recover. See, this is when I’ll be listening to some old favorites from the show 🥰 🙏🏽 🦍❤️ 🎃

  14. Barbi T

    hope you are doing ok, praying for you. we will be here when you get back. so take it easy. thank you for my stickers. no need to apologize for the delay, but thanks for letting me know that you gave a darn. peace & love to you and yours.

  15. Joey S

    as long as it’s not an operation on your mouth you should be ok to do interviews I just got charged $70 for 6mts on my bank account for a sasquatch chronicles membership and now no show oh well!! I’m always a loser somehow

  16. Roy F

    just let Vic Cundiff fill in for you. hahaha just a joke. Have you heard that some people actually think you are Vic Cundiff’s voice disguised with some kind of electronic voice disguiser? I think they’re smoking something. I think he gets the story tellers that don’t pass your truth test. Take some time off, Wes, and recover from your surgery. I’m seriously considering lower back surgery. Just can’t bare being on my feet for more than an hour anymore.. Get well.

  17. Knobby

    Best wishes and prayers. I feel for what you’re having to do. I had mouth surgery for a botched toot canal and then it got infected. I’m sure your surgery will not go that route. Everyone misses you.

  18. Beth E

    good luck with your surgery ❤️ wishing you a fast and pain free recovery. focus on yourself and don’t stress about work. sending you good vibes and energy 🌸

  19. HD H

    Wes, try to enjoy some very well earned rest. We all appreciate everything you do, but we appreciate you (yourself) more than anything! I’ll be praying for your patience and for dealing with the pain

  20. Judith L

    Hey wes hope your recovery is quick as painless as it can be and enjoy the time off man ! I am a subscriber and for the amount u charge I love what i get and I can’t say that about alot of the purchases made in this world at this time! So thanks for all the hard work and thanks to all the behind the scenes individuals that make this show what it is. Top one of its kind in the world is how i see it ! I Have heard alot and alot are good but u are the Alexander The Great or the Tom Brady of Michael Jordan of the Cryptid Podcast! Always open to other topics never say you know more then you do! Its a true pleasure to listen to you and another shout out to those witnesses ! I spend like 300 plus days a year about 4 6 hours a day in non hunting non shed hunting times and the max i can during hunting season and i have never seen anything but because of this show and a few other ones I truly believe there is something I have not run into our there! And you guys are special and lucky to have seen it whether it freaked ya or not! You came to Wes and you shared your story you shared something that might make you feel insecure and I thank you very much for that!

  21. Sue R

    Wes, I’m hoping your recovery is going as smoothly as possible. I’m also hoping you take all the time your body needs to heal. Don’t rush it and set back your recovery! We’ll be here when you’re ready.

  22. Sharity

    If we see you this weekend, we are all unsubscribing! JK😆 But really, Wes, take it easy. RFST – your body heals itself the most when it’s at rest. Hell, take a month off – we’ll still be here and you’ll be back right in time for your Halloween shows!

    PS. If you need a semi -sexy, 41 yr old to play nurse while you’re on the mend…I volunteer!!! 🤣😷😵🚑💉💊🩹

  23. ruben c

    Wes, Dental is not to be taken lightly, and apply the pain medication as required. You have no reason to fire up your Sasquatch chronicles Spirit to satisfy the gallery. Rest as dully required and take care of yourself…first and foremost. Thank you for all the dedication and great stories…. God Bless from Southern California…. Ruben Corral

  24. Brenda B

    Thoughts & prayers are with you Wes for complete, successful, speedy healing! You are missed, appreciated & needed, but your health is most important ~ if you don’t have health, it makes life more difficult. So take care of yourself, don’t push it because that could cause a set back or negative outcome & we’ll be here when you are well enough to return.

  25. Dianne B

    Helichrysum. Not medical advice, but lots of teeth problems in my family, this dab of oil has literally saved lots of pain!! only buy doterra! no kick back for me, just hope you recover quickly!! It

  26. Dianne B

    it’s expensive Wes, but it has helped any infection, even small dabs on staff infections, just my experience, I don’t think it could hurt. might sting but usually not, it’s pure idk. I have used small finger dab on any outer surface and have seen pretty great results, research for yourself k

  27. Dianne B

    sometimes antibiotics just don’t do the job on their own, eat lots of probiotic yogurt too, this oil has antibacterial properties that are delivered right through skin, just a dab

  28. Kelly C

    Best wishes Wes! Hope the surgery went well and we’re excited to hear your voice again soon! My husband and I love the show. We’d be interested in hearing from the scientist you mentioned. If a group like ours won’t hear him out, who will? There aren’t many scientists who will speak out. Please get well soon and know that we are praying for you.

    • Karla G

      I think probably everybody was thinking the same thing but just didn’t have the heart to say it, because we know, or I guess can only imagine, how hard Wes works ,and he deserves a break every once in awhile. Also, we have nearly a thousand shows to fall back on, while we wait… BUT for people like me, who live and breathe this subject, I’ve heard every episode MANYYYY times over lol. And if anything, our impatience just goes to show how much we love Wes and SC!!! But I said all that to say this – I’m in agreement with you! I’ve been going into Sasquatch Chronicle withdrawal this last week! I’m grouchy as H, and the only cure is an episode of Sasquatch Chronicles! Hopefully we get something tonight!! Fingers crossed 🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼

  29. Jon N

    take your time Wes, we’ll wait for you to fully recover… what you don’t want is an abscess/infection afterwards…I speak from experience….We all wish you well out here….Also… don’t eat!

  30. Jack K

    I wish you a speedy recovery. Thank you for doing what you do. you are extremely talented. I enjoy your podcast. it’s my favorite. although I’ve never had a sasquatch encounter what brought me to your program was a orange orb the size of a one car garage fly 500 ft above my head. Anyway hope you are feeling better thanks again and most of all God bless you and your family

  31. Cynthia J

    correct me if I am mistaken but I think you have gotten more responses than Sasquatch (lol ha) it’s that voice Wes
    hope the pain is gone- mouth pain sucks very badly ugh!! take care of yourself -hoping for the weekend!! we all miss you !!

  32. Teri R

    I agree with everyone. Take the time you need to fully recover. we will be here when you are ready to be back. And until then we have lots of favorite episodes to choose from.

  33. Seamus J. C

    ᚲ Kenaz offers us light in the dark by giving us the ability to truly see what was previously hidden through transformation
    ᛒ Berkana is sweet, maternal energy, the rune of beginnings
    ᛚ Laguz rune symbolizes flowing water that carries regenerating life force


  34. Karla G

    Hey Wes, please tell me we get something tonight?!. I’ve gone into SC withdrawals, and it very much sucks! The only cure is a new episode!! All jokes aside, I hope your recovery is going well. I myself had surgery a few weeks ago so and so I know how frustrating it can be to be laid out. Still, I can’t help but have my fingers crossed 🤞🏼 for an episode tonight. Please!!!!!!!!! (But only if you’re up to it of course! But please be up to it!!) 😁

  35. Karla G

    P.S. the best advice I ever got from a dentist was to take Ibuprofen (Advil) and acetaminophen (Tylenol) in conjunction with each other, when recovering from oral surgery. It really works a whole lot better than just one or the other. Specifically three ibuprofen and two acetaminophen every 6 hours. That’s a lot for your liver to handle, so obviously it’s only to be taken post-op and not on the regular.

  36. Brian S

    I would rather have you take the proper time NEEDED to fully recuperate! I can read a book or something until you can get back to it. lol Thank you for what you do and ROCK ON SIR🤘🏼🖤!

  37. Mike T

    “god bles wess” , Tylenol, ibuprofen Tylenol, ibuprofen Tylenol ibuprofen, and he were really hoping woody was going to step in, for an episode or 2. Over your dead nerve endings I bet. gods speed

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