Salish Sasquatch: Packwood Washington

Salish Sasquatch writes “We travel to elk country – Packwood, Washington to look for signs of sasquatch. Join us as we camp with BFRO investigators as they share stories and give some tricks on looking for the elusive creature.”   Link to the video    

Bigfoot and Beyond: A Sasquatch Sighting in Oregon!

Bigfoot and Beyond writes “Cliff Barackman and James “Bobo” Fay speak with Doug Chez about a recent sighting in Oregon! Doug and his research partners were previously featured on Ep. 217 regarding a track find in the Bluff Creek, California region. Doug has come back to tell us about an encounter that he and his… Read more »

SC EP:1034 The Boston Bar Creature

Luke writes “My sighting happened in British Columbia Canada in a small town named Boston bar where I was staying while I worked. This was maybe 2012-2013,I love the outdoors always have hiking camping anything outdoors I would do it. In the town I was staying in there where a bunch of side roads that… Read more »

Massive Fireball Lights Up Sky Across Nearly A Dozen States

Residents across nearly a dozen states and Canada reported seeing a fireball in Wednesday night’s sky that some described as an event they’d never seen before. The American Meteor Society started receiving reports shortly after 6:45 p.m. of a glowing object that quickly transverse the sky. Fox News reports “Based on the number of reports,… Read more »

Upcoming Guest: It Scared The Hell Out Of Me

A listener writes “My sighting happened in British Columbia Canada in a small town named Boston bar where I was staying while I worked. This was maybe 2012-2013,I love the outdoors always have hiking camping anything outdoors I would do it. In the town I was staying in there where a bunch of side roads… Read more »

From The Shadows: Bigfoot Faces Off With An Oregon Elk Hunter

From The Shadows writes “Dan joins us to share a harrowing face-to-face encounter with a Bigfoot-like creature in the Oregon wilderness while elk hunting. From The Shadows Podcast is a program where we seriously discuss the supernatural, the paranormal, cryptozoology as well as ufology. Anything that cannot be rationally explained has a platform for discussion… Read more »

Upcoming Show: Arkansas Encounter

A listener writes “I’m from Texarkana Arkansas, and We have some Bigfoot activity over last few months. I had researcher Will Lunsford come out and turns out I’m few miles from his first sighting. Not to mention just the history of the Fouke monster. Life long fan of Bigfoot but never a believer until last… Read more »

Strange Familiars: Oily Black Ghost

Strange Familiars writes “First, Duncan shares stories of ghosts and hauntings, missing time, sleep paralysis, and an oily black form seen on two occasions. Next, Alison reads some newspaper stories regarding black ghosts.”   Link to the show

Footprints I Can Not Explain

A listener writes “Hey Wes, I came across some very strange tracks in the snow and I can’t figure out what could’ve made them. I like in central Saskatchewan, Canada, and I was out looking for deer sheds over the weekend. I was out in a field where I recently got permission to hunt. The… Read more »

Nuclear Lake Activity

A listener writes “Hey Wes, I live in upstate NY. I don’t claim to be any type of researcher or expert on the subject it’s just something that I’ve always been highly interested in since I was a kid. I’ve listened to near every episode but the Nuclear Lake episode sticks out to me because… Read more »

The Loneliest House In The World

In what has been dubbed as ‘the world’s loneliest house’ lies a small hidden home located rather randomly in the middle of some Italian mountains. The Buffa di Perrero on Monte Cristallo in the Dolomite Mountains has baffled people for decades. Lodged into the side of a rock, the home overlooks a deadly drop and… Read more »

Central Sierra Squatch Encounter

A listener writes “In the 1990’s I lived in a caretaker’s cabin on a ranch in the Sierra mtns. One night an animal in distress started screaming near the cabin. I grabbed a light and went out to investigate. The noise had come from an area about 100 yds. away on a steep but clear… Read more »

The Confessionals: Decoding Bigfoot

The Confessionals writes “In Episode 627: Decoding Bigfoot, we talk with researcher Matt Pruitt, focusing on his book “The Phenomenal Sasquatch: Seeking the Natural Origins of a Cultural Icon.” Pruitt offers a fascinating blend of scientific investigation and cultural understanding in his work, analyzing the intersection of fact and folklore surrounding Sasquatch. He then recounts… Read more »

A Flash of Beauty: Elaine Miles

A Flash of Beauty writes “Elaine Miles, born on April 7, 1960, in Pendleton, Oregon, is a revered Native American actress of Cayuse and Nez Perce ancestry, widely acclaimed for her portrayal of Marilyn Whirlwind on the beloved television series “Northern Exposure.” Her performance in the show earned her critical acclaim and positioned her as… Read more »

The Night Watchmen

Salish Sasquatch writes “Scott Taylor joins us on location in the cascades to recall one of our favorite encounters, the report of the Night Watchmen.” Check out the video here

It Walked Like A Monkey

A listener writes “I was about 8 or 9 when I at my grandmother’s house while my parents worked. It was about 6 of us grandkids that would stay but I was the runt. We would all go to this place we called the saw dust pile behind my aunts house. It was a huge… Read more »

From The Shadows: Terrifying Paranormal Experience In Abandoned Mine

From The Shadows writes “Josh Sanders joins us to share some of his paranormal experiences as a 16-year-old investigator. From living in a haunted house to some very unnerving occurrences in an abandoned mine to being whistled at in the desert at night. Josh is wise beyond his years! From The Shadows Podcast is a… Read more »

Experience In Chehalis, Washington

A listener writes “My husband and I have had 2 experiences. One was at trout lake and the other was in Chehalis. The trout lake one was my husband stepped out of the truck to enter a gate code and it sounded like the samurai talk and we were telling him to get in the… Read more »

Tonight’s Show: Terror In Ohio

Rebeca sent me pictures and I have been trying to clean them up before the show. I was unable to clean them up before the show. I will be uploading the show shortly. Tonight I will be speaking to Allen. Allen grew up on a property next to Caddo Lake, LA. He describes seeing this… Read more »