Mar 2

Beastly Theories: Mysteries of Mercia – with Hugh Williams

Beastly Theories writes “Hugh Williams was born in Worcester at the heart of the Midlands of England. He has spent years researching and exploring the strange and interesting places of the central counties and then telling their stories. An author, public speaker and consultant at the liminal space where history, folklore and the paranormal converge.

We talk Megaliths, their different forms (dolmens, cromlechs, menhirs, etc.) who made them and why; and the peculiar purpose behind the creation of Misericords; as well as their imagery, symbolism and occasional humour.

We uncover the confusion over the religious origins of the green man and discover why the woodwose could be related to the ancient Greek demi-god – Heracles.

Later, we investigate why so many old buildings like churches and castles are haunted and reveal teh surprising origins of the stone tape theory.

Finally, we talk about one of Hugh’s most popular books – Mysteries of Mercia, where he shares his knowledge of this ancient kingdom’s myths, legends and folklore. Where was historical Mercia, and what does it have to do with Dragons, Knights, Witches, Mermaids and Wildmen?

Hugh is truly a lexicon of all things mystery; this was a truly enjoyable chat and well worth a listen!”


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