It Had A Face Of A Man

A listener writes “I was up at my ranch in randolph utah and was out near the crawford mountains. I was going along a creek and fishing, and saw a grizzly bear. I was freaking out because there hadn’t been a griz in a long time in utah. So just as I pulled out my… Read more »

We are IF: Russian lake Cryptids

In a recent post I looked at the Brosno dragon a Russian lake monster that was claimed to have been blown up by explosives , in my research I came across a multitude of lake cryptids from Russia. Some you may have heard of, others that you may not. From human-like water dwelling entities to… Read more »

The Confessionals Podcast: Hell, Heaven and Back

Tony writes “In Episode 266: Hell, Heaven and Back we speak Jason and Amy who are married and went through and experience that most people can’t imagine, fathom, or even want to spend much time contemplating. Jason has congenital adrenal hyperplasia and almost died several times as a child from it. On December 9, 2016,… Read more »

Unlocking the Mystery of Loch Ness

ewer monsters are more beloved than the Loch Ness Monster, more affectionately called Nessie. Descriptions of the water creature range from everything to sea-serpents and giant fish to the more popular depiction of a Jurassic era beast with a long neck and flippers. But is there really something giant and mysterious swimming in the depths… Read more »

Most Venomous Spiders in the World

Mind Warehouse writes “To defeat an enemy you must know them; that’s why you must watch this video. Otherwise, how can you distinguish a harmless cellar spider from a deadly dangerous monster? In today’s video we will tell you about the most poisonous spiders on Earth. Hopefully, you will never encounter one. By the way,… Read more »

Cryptid By State: Alaska

Ben Miller writes “It is the first Monday of the new month and that means we are returning to the beloved Cryptid By State series as we venture to Alaska. This state jumped to the top of the voting list and I can see that was for good reason. Alaska has some pretty unique cryptids… Read more »

The Legend Of MOTHMAN

The Mothman is a creature reportedly seen in the Point Pleasant area from November 12, 1966, to December 15, 1967. The first newspaper report was published in the Point Pleasant Register dated November 16, 1966, titled “Couples See Man-Sized Bird … Creature … Something”. The national press soon picked up the reports and helped spread… Read more »

Bigfoot and Other Monsters Documentary

True Paranormal stories told by people who have experienced Ghosts. From Nurses sharing terrifying last words of patients as they die to Demons who attack Military units in Iraq. Ghost Stories, Bigfoot Stories.

Tonight’s Show: I Know What I Saw

I will be interview to hunters tonight who both had encounters. One of my guests was a professional guide for many years. A listener writes “I am from Alberta Canada and have been a hunter all my life. I have worked as a hunting guide in my younger years, and have spent more time in… Read more »

Nite Callers: Marvin Leeper

Lauren Smith writes “Marvin Leeper is a former Folklore and Language/Arts Professor at Murray State College, in Tishomingo, Ok. After many years researching the Sasquatch legend on Oklahoma’s Boggy Creek, Prof. Leeper has contributed several articles on the subject. Among these are: “Bigfoot in Your Own Backyard” (not to be confused with the ebook by… Read more »

It Just Might Be Hunting You As Well

A listener writes “I was black powder hunting alone in an area far removed from civilization as we know it. An off grid property with old growth timber surrounding it for many miles in every direction with just a few seasonal hunting cabins that lie dormant most of year. I’ve deer hunted this property all… Read more »

Sasquatch Chronicles | Face Masks

  Whether you love or hate them, agree or disagree with their necessity, believe in or doubt their efficacy… face masks continue to be mandatory in many places, and we have had several people reach out to request Sasquatch Chronicles face masks. We didn’t necessarily plan on making masks, and don’t feel right to profit… Read more »

Matrix Wisdom: The Sumerian Culture Is Completely Off The Scale

The term “Sumer” is the name given to the land of the “Sumerians”, the ancient non-Semitic-speaking inhabitants of southern Mesopotamia, by their successors the East Semitic-speaking Akkadians. The Sumerians themselves referred to their land as “Kiengir”, the “Country of the noble lords.” The origin of the Sumerians is not known.

Washington Residents Share Encounters

Q13FOX writes “ARLINGTON, Wash. — Stories of Bigfoot have been spread across the Pacific Northwest for hundreds of years. Tales of the legendary creature were passed on from generation to generation, and it continues to this day. Summer DaHazy and John Ray each shared their stories with Q13. Whether it was actually a Sasquatch remains… Read more »

Mini Bigfoot Documentaries Full Length 2020

401 Files writes “Mini Bigfoot Documentaries Full Length 2020. After watching a lot of footage over the years of bigfoot caught on tape, and studying these sasquatch encounters, this video is one of many bigfoot documentaries I’m going to bring you in 2020. This bigfoot documentary will look at bigfoot evidence and i’ll share my… Read more »

Elongated Skulls, Megaliths And Giants: Panel Discussion

Brien Foerster writes “Contrary to common belief, the massive megalithic work known as Sachsayhuaman above Cusco Peru was not the achievement of the Inca, but a much older and more high tech race. The Inca of course did construct aspects at Sachsayhuaman.” Check out this Panel Discussion with Brien Foerster as they discuss this and… Read more »

Modern Explorer: A Close-Up Encounter Up At Grizzly Lake

Glenn Interviews Tom Barton, a Cañon City resident who had a close-up encounter up at Grizzly Lake in Chaffee County, Colorado in the early 1980’s. While fishing, Tom found himself within 30 yards of the female figure, and was able to observe her as she was in the water before she responded to a whistle… Read more »

SC EP:686 Municipal Court Judge Encounters Dogman

Shane who is a Municipal Court Judge in Ohio writes “When I was a teenager I was stalked and chased by what I later found out to be a Dog Man. If you are interested in hearing about my encounter, let me know.” Check out Shane’s podcast From The Shadows The From The Shadows Podcast… Read more »

The Hunters and the Hunted

People who venture into the great outdoors thinking they are somehow in control of their experience are often greatly mistaken. Those hunting for game can find themselves the ones being stalked as prey, as can those who simply set up their tent in the wrong place at the wrong time.

I Heard “Babbling”

A listener writes “On August 17th, I went camping alone in Uwharrie National Forest. My goal was to destress and simply enjoy nature, I brought along a knife, some MRE’s, which are packs of freeze dried food essentially, a tarp and rope to construct a shelter. I arrive at the campground around 2, I begin… Read more »