Something Outside Of My Window

A listener writes “I’ve listened to the podcast for a few years now and even though I have not had a face to face encounter, I have had some extremely strange screams and something outside of my window. The first time I heard the screams would have been around 1983. I was 10 years old…. Read more »

Strange Familiars: I’ve Become a Believer

Strange Familiars writes “Allie shares stories about paranormal encounters around her home: mystery lights, a ghost in plaid, voices mimicking her family members, white crawler creatures, and more.”

An Almost Human Face

A listener writes “My husband and I are long distance hikers. We have the distinction of Triple Crown which means we have hiked all 3 long trails in the USA. Living on trail for 6 months each time we hiked the trails. The AT:Appalachian mountains; PCT the Sierras and Cascades; and CDT the Rocky Mountains…. Read more »

Police Officer Filed Detailed Bigfoot Report in Kentucky

Kentucky Bigfoot Research Organization writes “Glenn, a police officer, submitted a Bigfoot report via our website on behalf of his friends. The sighting took place on a very dark, rainy, foggy evening in the Red River Gorge near Slade, KY. It was Spring 2011, around 9:00PM, when his friends decided to pack up their… Read more »

Straight Incident While Hunting

A listener writes “So around 2003 a hunting friend and myself had a very strange thing happen to us. I live in Mercer county Ohio, it’s in West central Ohio, flat land, small box woods, and miles of corn fields. I live in a small town where we have one of the largest man dug… Read more »

The Runaways

A listener writes “As a runaway teenager, I had to stay hidden from society. In our small town, everyone knew each other and the cops were always lurking and did not like us punks one bit. I was always fearful of being picked up and returned home to an abusive household or being put into… Read more »

Encounter In Oregon

A listener writes “We flew out to Oregon for a week for an athletic event that my family and I got invited to compete in and we decided to take a small trip afterwards up into Government Camp where we rented an AirBnB (I’d be happy to point out the house on google maps). The… Read more »

UFO The Westall 1966 UFO Incident Australia

It’s one of Australia’s best known UFO mysteries and even today, 58 years after the incident, the people who experienced it first-hand remain steadfast in their conviction to find the truth. The incident itself took place on April 6th, 1966 when multiple people, including students and teachers from Westall High School and Westall State School,… Read more »

Sasquatch and the Missing Man | Teaser

The Confessionals writes “Tony Merkel and his film crew venture to the scene of the terrifying Bigfoot encounter that launched Wes Germer’s massive podcast Sasquatch Chronicles, uncovering a mystery far more shocking than anything they could have imagined.” Link to the video

Encounter From Utah

Mysteries Unknown writes “I talk with Jane. She had one of the scariest Class A Encounters with Bigfoot that I have heard so far when she was just a kid in the mountains of Utah. This Bigfoot creature attacked their camp and she is lucky to be alive to share this encounter.”   Link to… Read more »

Bigfoot and Beyond: Heather Moser

Bigfoot and Beyond writes “Cliff Barackman and James “Bobo” Fay speak with Heather Moser of Small Town Monsters! Heather is a classics professor, podcaster, and producer who has conducted extensive research into many strange (and ‘squatchy) subjects! She joins the podcast to talk about her work, experiences, and upcoming Small Town Monsters projects.”

The Black Pyramid

WoodwardTV writes “Across the vast wilderness of Alaska, amidst snow-capped mountains and sprawling tundra, lie unexpected traces of ancient civilizations. And Buried beneath layers of ice and time, there is a forgotten chapter in human history, where cultures once flourished in the most unlikely of places. And what some believe may be another… pyramid of… Read more »

The Confessionals: The Cern Connection

The Confessionals writes “In episode 641: The Cern Connection, Larry Ragland joins us to discuss CERN. He dives into the location and significance of CERN in Switzerland, including the presence of underground bunkers and Hitler’s artifacts. He explains the demonic nature of CERN, its connection to Davos, along with the invention of the World Wide… Read more »

A Flash of Beauty: Meet Tobe Johnson

A Flash Of Beauty writes “Tobe Johnson is a prominent figure in the realm of Bigfoot research, known for his meticulous investigations and deep immersion into the world of the unexplained. With a passion for exploring the natural world’s mysteries, Johnson has dedicated years to studying and documenting the elusive creature known as Bigfoot. His… Read more »

Total Solar Eclipse LIVE

The Science Channel writes “WATCH LIVE: The Total Solar Eclipse reaches totality over Waco, Texas. Plus, hear from experts from Lowell Observatory and Baylor University as they discuss this rare phenomenon.”   Link to the video    

On The Yeti Trail | Searching for the Bigfoot Yeti

Extreme Mysteries writes “Several teams throughout the world, in Denmark, England, the US and Russia are carrying out a merciless competition to be the first to publish the revolutionary results: proof that another hominid, with very ancient roots, shares our existence. A fascinating and thorough film, featuring, amongst others, French Collège de France paleoanthropologist Pascal… Read more »

It Was Moving In A Weird Way

A listener writes “I’m from Northern Illinois, just getting a hold of you because my daughter and my grandkids recently had a sighting of a Sasquatch. It was in a rural area standing behind a septic tank at a friend’s house as she pulled up, she noticed it about 25 yards away standing at the… Read more »

Tonight’s Show: The Neanderthal In Our Camp

Tonight I will be speaking with Skylar. Skylar said “My family and I were camping in Central Oregon and one night I heard something or someone going through our stuff. I shined a flashlight on whatever or whoever this was and what I saw shocked me. I don’t believe in Bigfoot and my mind went… Read more »

A Very Large Hunched Over Person

A listener writes “I live in Oxford, MS and work in Pontotoc, MS, both in the northern part of Mississippi. Everyday I have a 30 minute commute to work. The drive is a boring one, lots of cow pastures, thick woods, and farmland. I’m a hunter, so as I’m driving to work in the early… Read more »