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SC EP:1036 A Conversation With A Skeptical Hunter

Chris writes “It has been several years since I have been hunting. My last experience, while hunting with an Uncle, had taken my comfort and confidence away. I have lived in Oregon my entire life other than being born in Colorado on an army base and some travel. Both sides of my family are from Southern Oregon.

I was raised in the Portland area, due to parents separation when I was 2, and lived there until my early twenties. Though I spent many years spending my time in nature, I didn’t get into hunting until I moved down to Southern Oregon to live with my father in the late 90’s , my early twenties. My Father is a disabled veteran after a couple tours in Vietnam. After the Vietnam conflict, he tried hunting with his father but couldn’t stomach it anymore. He wanted me to have the experience so he introduced me to a couple of his local friends. They took me out a couple times and helped me with learning the area and strategies.

Although I had heard many stories growing up and from a couple locals in the area, I was not prepared for what I would experience while in the woods…

That is my basic story of what led up to my experiences in Southern Oregon and a couple more experiences. One later in the Tillamook NF on the Wilson River (2002) and the last experience in Central Oregon between Yamsay Mt. and Summer Lake (2015).

I currently live in Bend and have since 2006. I am looking forward to getting back into the woods, just won’t be doing anymore solo trips.”




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57 Responses to “SC EP:1036 A Conversation With A Skeptical Hunter”

  1. Ric M

    Good night! I decided I wanted to play ‘First’. I have to use the restroom for a quick minutes, and ten comments are on! Y’all need to get a life!!!! LOL

  2. Scott B

    I would’ve liked some clarification on the cow head. he saw the ear with the tag on it but he said the head wasn’t anywhere. was the ear torn off? I believe him but that one detail is eating at me. great closing tune Wes!!

    • Charles R

      This well could be Mathew J. As Ron Morehead states they may be able to turn their mass into a different form of energy which we can not see. This would seem to me like ghostly apparitions just fading away right in front of your eyes. With Quantum Physics, this would explain what others are seeing and then not.

      • Dovie D

        There is a trail next to the Wilson River. My husband and I like to hike and I read reviews. I read a review that stated this couple was walking this trail then they heard a growl then decided to leave out. They thought it might be a bear but I wasn’t so sure when I read it. Never know 🤷‍♀️

  3. Paul R

    I’ve been trying to find an episode for so long. It was one of your earliest episodes. It’s about a man who has his van breakdown somewhere in the south and it’s raining in one of the Sasquatch puts his head inside the van and he shoots his gun off inside the van, I think it was one of the best encounters I’ve ever heard but I can’t remember the episode number

  4. Maria G

    Paul R I believe it’s episode 75. it’s a call in show and it’s closer towards the end of the episode. That was an incredible encounter. I hope I’m correct with my info. Take care and be safe

  5. Charles R

    The final duel. Having watched every episode of Rawhide the past couple of years (Thanks ISPN) it is easy to see why Clint Eastwood became one of the best actors of our time, and my goodness, now into his 8th decade of work.

  6. Connie F

    On the subject of not seeing what is walking near you….had a recorder on a tree with a bungee cord. Because something had pulled on it, I had hung a camera facing the recorder. I paired the audio to the pictures from the camera. 11:46pm 9/2017, Right arm was about 50% opaque, you can see the recorder on the tree behind it through the arm, the chest is mostly opaque, the white chin/jaw seems to cast a shadow on the neck region. Semi-transparent being looking down at the camera, some low soft words, 4 different soft descending tones. Recorder picked up sound waves, camera only saw a semi transparent being. Night vision in a remote area might give you a chance if you are able to hide out. Missing 411 Hunters has reports from that area also. Not enough money in the world for me to camp or live in a remote area again.

  7. Michele S

    Hi everyone,
    New to the group. Love the show!
    I find it interesting that some people have a first sighting and then will continue to have other sightings or experiences through the years. It’s like “they” know you’ve already seen them. Any theory’s?

  8. Greg O

    Fought the Burns area fire complex in 1990. 400,000+ acres. It came close to burning down Heinz. We also saw a herd of elk roasted. 8 days of lightning in a row and I remember the sun at noon was a pleasant to look at red. Almost as dark as the eclipse a few years back.

  9. John S

    Thanks Chris for coming forward and sharing your story with us! It’s always nice to hear someone originally skeptical and with critical thinking, talk about their unexpected encounter! And thank you Wes, as always, for hosting a great show. 🙂

  10. Zak D

    I live 5 miles away from star gulch on the way to applegate lake.i know 3 ppl that have see b.f over the years 2 miles from his 1st encounter

  11. ruben c

    Hi Wes, Great Episode and the presentation of multiple encounters works well. Wes, could you , please, provide information on the Western feel… ” Good, The Bad and The Ugly ” closeout muzik? Thk u n God bless…Ruben Corral from SoCal, Arcadia.

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