It Was Walking Back And Forth

A listener writes “My Encounter Took place in 1984 near Dryden Ontario Canada. My best friend Bob lived in the bush 30 miles from Dryden. His closet neighbor was 13 miles away. I went up to see him in July 1984,we went camping at a bush lake 20 miles from his house. That night something… Read more »

Regarding Episode 678 “The Hunting Lease”

A listener writes “I am from Arizona and I’d like to follow up on the episode where you spoke with Matt the trucker and his experience with this “flying white anomaly” near the Az/NM state line on I-10. Its odd that I caught that episode and heard the experience to which I can attest that… Read more »

Upcoming Guest: It Ran Towards The Car

A listener writes “back in 2014, I was driving my family home (we lived in Berryville,AR at the time) from visiting my dad in the hospital in Springfield, MO. It was summer, right around 9pm, and it was mostly dark. I mean mostly as in you could still somewhat see but definitely needed headlights. We… Read more »

The Confessionals Podcast: When Angels Sing

Tony writes “In episode 276: When Angels Sing, we talk to Michelle about some amazing stories she wants to share. Her experiences range from seeing apparitions, hearing, and feeling things she could not see or explain, nightmares, and sleep paralysis. As we are talking about her experiences we have something come through on audio that… Read more »

A Close Encounter

A listener writes “I am an Army vet and bigfoot changed my life like it has changed many others. I grew up in Camas valley Oregon. I was out hunting one day and had an encounter on a logging road where one of these things stood up 40 feet in front of me on the… Read more »

Preston County, WV Investigation 2020

Preston County is a county located in the U.S. state of West Virginia. As of the 2010 census, the population was 33,520. Driving through southern West Virginia, its cities and towns are interspersed among the state’s millions of acres of forests. What might look like wilderness in the daytime, at night flickers with house lights… Read more »

Zanfretta Encounters

The Zanfretta UFO incident was an alleged alien encounter of Italian nightwatchman Pier Fortunato Zanfretta. He later claimed to have been abducted by the beings 11 times between 1978 and 1981.

Campfire Bigfoot: My First Investigation

LordCryptid writes “Tonight I am telling you about my first investigation in the fall of 2012 from my off-grid cabin in Michigan. The audio from that investigation has not been published because I promised that I would not do so. I will also keep the location secret. But, the things that happened to us and… Read more »

Strange Lights

A listener writes “I heard your podcast about foo fighters and thought I would share a few of my encounters. I guess I’ll start off with my place is haunted. There’s some indian burial ground in the woods, the land has been in the family since the 1700s and l live a few miles away… Read more »

Tonight: Red Eyes And Strange Chatter

Earl writes “My step dad and I have been hearing screams from the mountains for a couple weeks. He has heard them for years. I’ve only been here for two weeks. He told me he had heard them from the field and patch of woods right across the street. We live in east Tennessee in… Read more »

Upcoming Show: A Strange Night

Lon writes “On September 30th, 2020 I was camping at Pleasant Valley Campground in Bishop, California. I went to bed at around 0100 hours after a night of some wobbly pops and whiskey. I fell asleep fast and slept soundly throughout the night until about 0400 or so when I had to go to the… Read more »

Caught On Trail Camera

We Do It Outdoors writes “Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Ohio Grassman Caught On Trail Camera.” Take a look at the size comparison and tell me what you think, did the witness capture something?

Bone Tree

Grassman58 writes “We were above Evens, Washington scouting an area for a possible future camping spot when we found skeleton remains of a deer or elk in a tree. The area we were in has a rich history of bigfoot activity. Some people believe that sasquatch places animals into trees. This is the first time… Read more »

Yowie Encounter At Dufty’s Beach

Yowiehunters writes “Many of us have spent time water skiing on the Murray River. In the warmer months it’s bustling with campers and in the cooler months, a place of solitude. We have had a few Yowie Reports along with river over the years, but this is the first we have made a Witness Audio… Read more »

Incredible Creatures That Have Been Discovered Frozen In Ice

Within the past century, there’s been an interesting increase in the number of otherworldly discoveries made in the perpetual permafrost of the Steppe. It seems as though our ever-changing climate is melting away the ice that once kept these prehistoric beings preserved in antiquity but is now opening up a mysterious time-capsule, ready to reveal… Read more »

Onsite Portland Interview: What Was It?

Modern Explorer writes “Glenn goes to Adam’s fishing spot and listens to him as he tells a couple of odd events that happened in the area. Adam has no idea what it was, but he has been spooked ever since.”

Bigfoot The Legend is Real (Official Trailer)

CryptoWatch writes “This is a limited release right now, but the film will be on Amazon and other streaming services in the near future. It can take time for Amazon, as they work at their on pace. There will also be a DVD and Blu-Ray release but it will be a little bit.” Now Available… Read more »

SC EP:697 A Whirlwind Of Weirdness

Cindy writes “Hi Wes, I’ve thought a lot about sharing what has been happening here and to be honest, when it all started I had no idea what was going on! We have lived in this house for 20 years. It’s in a Beautiful area in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia…. Read more »

New Brunswick, Canada Bigfoot Sighting

June 2006 around 5:00PM a husband and wife observed a 6-7 foot tall, dark creature walking parallel to the road. It was on the passenger’s side, about 70-80 yards away. It was walking in a field between two patches of trees. It was a sunny day and the figure walked “like a typical Bigfoot” and… Read more »

Strange Familiars: Do Spirits Return?

Tim writes “We explore the life of Houdini and his challenges to Spiritualism. We hear about the Fox sisters communication with an entity named Splitfoot; Houdini’s early life as a circus performer; his friendship with Arthur Conan Doyle; and, eventually, his exposure of various frauds from the world of Spiritualism. Was Houdini the victim of… Read more »