Feb 26

Tech Firms Invest In Effort To Produce Mass Market Robot

Robotics startup Figure AI aims to develop a commercially viable humanoid robot that can solve worker shortages.

We’ve seen some seriously impressive robots over the last few years ranging from Boston Dynamics’ Spot Mini to Elon Musk’s autonomous humanoid Optimus. But while many of these have been developed with the goal of taking over the roles of human workers in dangerous and repetitive jobs, we have yet to see a robot that can actually fulfill that promise.

This could soon be set to change, however. Enter Figure AI – a new company that aims to do what nobody has been able to so far by bringing a commercially viable, mass produced humanoid robot powered by artificial intelligence to market.

Several prominent tech firms, including Microsoft, Intel, Samsung and Nvidia, have invested hundreds of millions in the project, suggesting that there are high hopes that it can succeed.

The company’s initial design is impressive to say the least and while right now it has only been shown making a cup of coffee, in the near future it should be able to perform all manner of complex tasks.

The key goal will be to make the robot genuinely useful in a work environment (unlike most of the other prototypes which look impressive but aren’t commercially useful at the present time.)

You can check out the new robot – named Figure 01 – in action in the video below.



Source: Mail Online

4 Responses to “Tech Firms Invest In Effort To Produce Mass Market Robot”

  1. Ron S

    I don’t think anyone is really thinking this through, to say the very least. Remember when you were a kid? I think it was bad enough when most of our parents still had good morals and literally had to kick us out of the house and away from the tv so we’d get some fresh air and find another kid to have real human interaction with, play with… In doing so you probably had some of your greatest memories in those times spent outside when you pried your suckling mind away from being nursed off the ole “boobie tube”, because all those experiences outside were unique and full of real emotions and lasting memories… And you could then share those experiences with others as your own personal little bit of knowledge, and they’d share their experiences with you.

    Sometimes I think people are forgetting all the true blessings we have in being human. Maybe it’s a trend that’s easily tracked through the course of more and more parents using electronic nannybots to take over their responsibility of raising a child right.

    Just wait… One day it was tv, then video games and the internet, to walking talking web tv… Then likely to NanoBots in your blood stream (I mean obviously we think compact in some things is better, especially techy things like chips). And that’s the bad thing about it… Until the world advances spiritually to a greater level over tech, your connection to the world is just that much more accessible to the criminals that for control over you… Yoh want your kids brain hacked and linked to some pedo? You’re out your got dang mind!

    They can’t even keep track of all the sick-in-the-head people across the web now… Nor does it look like they care! SMH

    Wake up… Evil thinks this way, it’s no different than slavery, sex trafficking, terrorism, oppression or severe communism.

    God definitely knows that you are special and that’s why he mostly combats evil, he wants us to have faith in him as well, because evil knows you’re special and valuable too… It shouldn’t be that we ourselves are the last ones to know how incredible and amazing we are.

    Allowing such a mockery to Gods creation with artificial humans is only doing everything a disservice. For crying out loud, the Amish don’t/ didn’t even let their kids play with dolls or things that looked even remotely human for this same reason.

    If you want to bring a child into a world of tech and robots be prepared to tell them how they aren’t special and will never amount to anything great because electronics can already do it better and more efficiently… Then tell them “We simply don’t appreciate human thinking and abilities like we use to”. How you like those Apples this Eve?


  2. Rodger f

    I rather deal with a Sasquatch then a robot 😆 This whole scenario freaks me out. Makes me think will these movies we grew up watching were just propaganda to make us conditioned to what we’re gonna see in the future.

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