Bigfoot and Beyond: Q&A – July, 2023

Bigfoot and Beyond with Cliff and Bobo writes “Cliff Barackman and James “Bobo” Fay answer your questions in this new Q&A episode! If you would like to submit a question for a future Q&A episode.”

Paranormal Portal: The Trail of Bigfoot

Paranormal Portal writes “On this episode of the Paranormal Portal Podcast, we welcome Aleksandar Petakov to the show. Aleks is an incredible researcher and avid documentarian that chronicles his search for Bigfoot on Small Town Monsters with his show, Bigfoot Beyond the Trail. Aleks and I talk about his incredible journeys and experiences and we… Read more »

From The Shadows Podcast: Bigfoot and Dogman In Texas

From The Shadows writes “This week, we’re joined by Rod Nichols of the Bexar County Bigfoot Research Project . Rod has been researching Bigfoot in and around San Antonio, Texas for a some time and has come across quite a bit of possible Bigfoot evidence. In addition to the Bigfoot findings, he may have also… Read more »

The Scream/Roar Sounded Like Two Pitches At The Same Time

A listener writes “My encounter happened in 2015. I’ve thought about sharing my encounter this whole time and I suppose I’ve worked up the courage. Maybe my story could benefit somebody out there I don’t know. I live in Wyoming now but I grew up in Northern California. I grew up hunting and fishing in… Read more »

Tonight’s Show: The Ozark Wildman

A listener writes “In the summer of 1962, over 60 years ago, I schedule things that happened in my life around that time as occurring between when JFK came to my little Illinois town and spoke in the public square (Oct 1960) and when he was later assassinated (Nov 63). I think the year was… Read more »

Two Figures At Least 7 Feet Tall

A listener writes ” I have two very weird experiences I had over 50 years ago. Up until I started listening to your show I only looked at those two events as strange and and puzzling. Now I have some insight as to what might have been sasquatch related. Your show has also brought some… Read more »

Tracks Found In Illinois

A listener writes “Just wanted to show you a track I found in Illinois. Earlier this year. Late winter. Cold. Wet. Nasty. There’s were no farmers walking around bare footed. This was on the edge of a field. Basically I was “led” to it by the trail markers thru the woods. Tree manipulations. A pond… Read more »

The Search for Sasquatch

Squatch Watchers writes “Tate and Toby lead an expedition into the lush vegetation of the Western North Carolina mountains in search of Sasquatch during the punishing heat of the summer months. As night falls, they begin to lose their way as they plunge further into the deep darkness and unknown of the woods searching for… Read more »

Bizarre Encounters

Absolute Sci-Fi writes “The Sasquatch, occasionally referred to as Bigfoot, has haunted the forests of North America’s West Coast for centuries. This documentary explores people’s encounters and sightings of Bigfoot. Does new evidence of Bigfoot prove its existence? ‘Boogeymen’ takes an in-depth look at the history of local monsters and travels to the small, picturesque… Read more »

Bigfoot Cast Review

Grassman58 does a Bigfoot cast review, he writes “I’m showing what I casted at Phillips Lake last month and discussing a few other casting.” Phillips Lake in Washington State is a 1.3-acre, shallow lake next to a wetland meadow. This Pack it in/Pack it out lake is undeveloped with tent camping space available. Phillips lake… Read more »

SC EP:973 The Wobbegong Monster

Chase writes “I’m from Southern Indiana. Over the years I’ve had several strange encounters with some pretty exciting action! The bulk of my encounters occurred over a 5-6 month period in 2021, but have had occasional encounters prior to that, feel free to reach out if you’d like! Thank you for your time!” Spoke to… Read more »

James Cameron on threat posed by AI: ‘I warned you guys…’

Back in 1984, James Cameron’s original ‘Terminator’ movie painted a picture of a future ravaged by nuclear armageddon and an endless war against intelligent machines bent on wiping out humanity. While such a scenario hasn’t yet come to pass in the real world, the march toward ever more sophisticated AI platforms is very much the… Read more »

Bigfoot Encounters Documentary

Documentary Central writes “Bigfoot aka Sasquatch is now part of our popular culture with hit TV shows and national awareness of a bi-pedal hairy creature that roams the forests of North America. While mainstream scientists still discount the existence of Bigfoot, more and more academics are doing research that confirms there is indeed an unknown… Read more »

Strange Drone Footage Captured

A piece of footage that has been doing the rounds on TikTok shows a bipedal ape-like creature trudging through the snow. The video, which was originally uploaded 7 months ago by ‘Kens Karpentry’ on YouTube, recently enjoyed a new lease of life after it was posted up on social media video sharing site TikTok. The… Read more »

Strange Images Captured, Sent To Investigator

Stacy Brown, an investigator from Florida and also known from the Skunk Ape video Stacy and his father captured posted these images below that were sent to him. Stacy writes “This photo was passed my way yesterday. Not sure what to think of it. Is that a shoe under the log? Is it carrying a… Read more »

Strange Familiars: We’re Not Supposed to Be Here

Strange Familiars writes “While hiking along Muddy Creek, Chad spies something moving through the trees. Investigating, Chad and Timothy find a variety of strange sites and odd signs while wood knocks and weird cries sound off around them.”

Mysterious Light Over Skinwalker Ranch

History writes “A daring rocket and helicopter experiment results in the team witnessing a phenomenon that might prove an ancient legend about Skinwalker Ranch in this clip from Season 4, Episode 12, In And Out”.

WA Cascades 2020 Sasquatch Vocalization

StudySasquatch writes “This video contains a clip of the original audio recording as it happened and then just the vocalization looped three times. During a sasquatch research expedition in the Washington Cascades (Area #3) in August, 2020, Kipp Morrill and Kirk Brandenburg were walking on a remote forest road at 2:30am, viewing with a thermal… Read more »