Upcoming Show: A Monkey In The Barn

Josh writes “I live in Western KY. Almost all the encounters happened within 5 miles of each other, several on the same property. I’d be more than happy to share my experiences. I’m not seeking fame, I just want to get these out there so other researchers can use the info to help them.” Spoke… Read more »

Strange Familiars: The Heart Wound of Emma Myers

Strange Familiars writes “We present a tale of murder from 1800s York County, Pennsylvania. Johnny Coyle shot and killed Emma Myers in a barn at the historic Accomac Inn. Johnny was sentenced to hang for the crime, and Emma’s aunt brought her heart to the gallows – contained in a bottle of alcohol and showing… Read more »

It was not a man

A listener writes “Many years ago, Summer of 1980. I was 10. My dad was living in a little town called Hayfork, in Trinity County California. Population back then approximately 1700 ish. He lived on a 10 acre patch a few miles up the mountain at the end of a dead end road. The landscape… Read more »

Audio Captured From Washington State

Jonathan Brown writes “Hope you’re doing well Wes! The attached clip below is another possible Sasquatch howl from 10/06/2013 on our property.” The property is located in Washington State.

Bigfoot Outside The House

178: Bigfoot Outside The House | The Confessionals Tony writes “In Episode 178: Bigfoot Outside the House, we have two guests joining the show! First, we speak with Jason, a former police officer who has always been fascinated with bigfoot and eventually became an investigator. Though he never really felt that he would ever see… Read more »

Strange Audio Captured From Hunter

A listener writes “I’ve been listening to your show for awhile now. My Aunt was hunting during this last deer season and she’s been hearing these noises going on around her and her husband while they are coming back to the truck. She managed to get this sound recorded and I was curious to know… Read more »

The Confessionals: Desert Portal Death Cult

The Confessionals writes “In Episode 512: we are joined by James. He moved to Hollywood recently to help his career in the film industry as he was previously working out of Atlanta. One night he and his friend went out to a bar where they met a guy that wanted to take them to another… Read more »

Kentucky Miner’s Encounter

Kentucky Bigfoot Research Organization writes “Phone interview with a Kentucky miner who observed a Bigfoot sitting on a boulder on Route 3 in Martin County. It was 3:00AM and he had a good look at it!”

Monsters Of Folklore: The Goatman Legend

Monsters Of Folklore writes “Today I dive into the Urban Myth known as The Goatman one more time. Now personally myself I can’t say if he is real or just someone’s imagination, but from what I know The Goatman has been around for a very long time. This is the legend of this cryptid urban… Read more »

Bigfoot in Area X with Daryl Colyer

Untold Radio Network writes “Dana and Tim have a fascinating conversation with former Air Force Intel Operator and long time Bigfoot researcher, Daryl Colyer. They discuss the scientific and methodical research the North American Wood Ape Conservancy is performing as well as the compelling activity in Area X.”

Janson Media: Alien – President Connection

Janson Media writes “UFO author and researched Grant Cameron takes us on a journey into various Presidential connections to the Alien and UFO phenomenon including Jimmy Carter’s sighting of a UFO, Ronald Regan’s knowledge of UFOs that he disclosed to film director Steven Spielberg, Bill Clinton’s claim of a ‘Government within a Government and more…. Read more »

I saw this massive black creature

A listener writes “I’m a truck driver and back on June 29th I saw a massive black creature in Northern Kentucky between 1:30 and 2am, I was running to Georgetown, Kentucky, and back to Detroit, Michigan. On my down I noticed that there was a lot of deer crossing I75 east to west. I got… Read more »

Tonight’s Show: What Was It?

Tonight I will be speaking to Chris. In 1989 Chris was at Fort Campbell and during a training exercise Chris and the soldiers he was with saw these individuals on the ridgeline. Chris said “For the longest time I thought we saw ghosts. The way these individuals moved, it was like they floated from one… Read more »

Wild Harvest Foraging Tips

Les writes “We’ve been pulling together all the tips we have gleaned from our new series “Les Stroud’s Wild Harvest”. There are many more to come and we will launch them here on most Saturdays!”

The Skinwalker of Aberdeen Road

WV Cryptids And Strange Encounters writes “I venture to the location where a child and his parents have creepy encounter with what could be a skinwalker.”

SC EP:918 The Beast Of The United Kingdom

Tonight I will be speaking with Paul Sinclair. Paul is recognized within the field of unexplained phenomena for his honest no nonsense approach to the subject. He prefers to follow the research wherever that may lead, even if it means putting himself in locations and situations most people would not want to be in. Paul… Read more »

Wolfland Documentary 2023

Paul Sinclair is recognized within the field of unexplained phenomena for his honest no nonsense approach to the subject. He prefers to follow the research wherever that may lead, even if it means putting himself in locations and situations most people would not want to be in. Paul is currently working on a new documentary… Read more »