Mar 3

What You Need To Know About Genetic Determinism

WoodwardTV writes “Scientists are using CRISPR to manipulate anything and everything they can get their hands on. They are in a manner of speaking genetically defiling plants, animals, and people. And strangely enough, they’re even trying to bring back giants.”


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3 Responses to “What You Need To Know About Genetic Determinism”

  1. Carrie S

    Good Lord! this is really unbieveable! I did not know it has, and is, going this far. I fear what I am buying and eating from the store. I’ve heard there has been human DNA found in McDonald’s hamburger patties…yuck! If it’s in one, going to be in others.
    Last thing we need are giants here on our planet, what in the h*** are they thinking?!
    They are playing God and they want power. Don’t mess with God!

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