Mar 3

Tonight’s Show: Sasquatch On The Property

Tonight we will be speaking to Christian who is from Virginia, he shares a daytime sighting while he was hunting. We will also be speaking to Nick. Nick writes “I’m from Texarkana Arkansas, and We have some Bigfoot activity over last few months. I had researcher Will Lunsford come out and turns out I’m few miles from his first sighting.

From first in early November me and my brother in law were coon hunting behind the house and that’s when we heard heavy running that I couldn’t explain. Sounded like a horse on concrete stomping. Very next day that night I walked outside to take a leak when I heard 2 sets of loud tree knocks. I met a guy down the road few days later and he came by the house and saw my Bigfoot cut out in the yard and started to question me and I just brushed it off until he said he seen it and saw prints back in ‘21. So then I told him my recent stuff. Then we tie it back to last spring when my sister in law came and stayed with us for 2 nights and had a print on her car the next morning. I’ll send you pictures but we still hear knocks time to time.












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  1. Thomas B

    Are you sure the photo of the hand print is indeed a hand. If I am looking at it correctly, it’s a left hand. That would make the digit on the far right the thumb. Looking at my thumb and at pictures of what is claimed to be sasquatch hand prints, the thumb is significantly shorter than the other digits. It this photo in question, the “thumb” is the longest digit, which is typical of a foot. Given it’s an odd place for a foot print, but that is one weird thumb, if in fact it is a thumb. What do other readers think?

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