Upcoming Show: “Movement up the hill!”

A listener writes “I am a 22-year Army Veteran. It was the greatest joy in my life being a soldier next to being a father of two. At that time, my MOS was 11B (Infantry) and my specialty was Infantry Scout. I attended One Station Unit Training (OSUT) at Ft Benning, GA, where I was… Read more »

European Mysteries: Bigfoot in Europe Documentary

UAMN TV writes “Bigfoot in Europe Documentary – When people think about Bigfoot, they imagine the wild woods of the United States with most sightings occurring in California and Washington as well as Canada. But Bigfoot is not exclusive to North America, the creature has been reported for hundreds of years in parts of Europe… Read more »

Alaska man ducks into shed to avoid bull moose

Associated Press writes “An Alaska man taking a sack of garbage to his shed on Saturday found himself briefly trapped by a bull moose. A home security camera captured Curtis Phelps trapped inside the shed with the moose outside.”

Is this company working with alien technology in Nevada?

8 News NOW Las Vegas writes “Radiance Technologies has quietly become a major player in developing cutting-edge weapons and systems for the Pentagon, with 20 offices established in 17 states. When it comes to unidentified flying objects or alien technology, the company doesn’t duck the topic formerly considered taboo or fringe.”  

Five mountain lions seen together on home video

Associated Press writes “Five California mountain lions were seen together on home surveillance video in a rare gathering of the notoriously solitary big cats. The footage was recorded at a rural residence at the edge of the El Dorado National Forest east of Sacramento.”  

Unidentified: Inside America’s UFO Investigation

HISTORY writes “The team investigates an alarming pattern of UFOS allegedly appearing near U.S. Air Force bases that house nuclear weapons, and nuclear-powered US warships. See more in Season 2, Episode 3, UFOs vs. Nukes.”

How Bigfoot Got Caught On Film By Patterson & Gimlin

Discovery UK writes “Josh Gate tells the story of how Bluff Creek, a small town in Northern California, became the spiritual centre of Bigfoot aficionados, as well as exploring the thrilling stories of espionage at Canfranc station during WW2.”

Witness Interview by the KBRO

Kentucky Bigfoot Research Organization writes “Witness interview during the Upper Cumberland Bigfoot Festival 2022. A couple both observed a Bigfoot cross the road in front of their vehicle.”

I saw big dark creature stand at the edge of the forest

A listener writes “I was about 12 years old and my uncle and I drove out to visit some family and go fishing on our family’s charter boat. Our cousin owned and operated a charter fishing boat so we would drive up and stay with our cousins and fish and pull up crab pots and… Read more »

Peter Byrne On The Patterson-Gimlin Film (1997)

The Sasquatch Archives writes “Ray Crowe (1931–2015), founder of the Western Bigfoot Society (WBS), used to hold monthly meetings for WBS. Sometimes these meetings took place in a restaurant. Thanks to Larry Lund, we have some footage of Peter Byrne discussing the Patterson-Gimlin film. This footage is from October 30, 1997 to commemorate the 30th… Read more »

UNDERcurrents—The Big Foot Film (1999)

The Sasquatch Archives writes “Researcher John Kirk makes an appearance in this segment, along with Cliff Crook (showing his Bigfoot museum), and Bob Heironimus’ lawyer. UNDERcurrents—The Big Foot Film (1999) is the same material as the Marketing a Myth program (also found on this channel) but with a different host, intro, and outro.”

Okay We Are Leaving

A listener writes “Hey Wes, wanted to reach out to you about a situation I found myself in this morning about 3 am eastern time. I live in the south western part of New Hampshire and last night/ this morning we walked into the woods to a spot I wanted to show him. On our… Read more »

UAMN TV: UFO Invaders – Visitations, Crashes, and Cover Ups

UAMN TV writes “How common exactly is E.T. contact and UFO encounters? Across the world, millions of people have witnessed massive UFOs in our skies. They have not only seen the Alien craft, but have experienced a phenomenon that utterly defies our current understanding of science and physics. Has the governments of the world recovered… Read more »

The Confessionals: Tartaria, Hollow Earth, and Giants

Tony writes “In Episode 484: Tartaria, Hollow Earth, and Giants, we have Jeff Foran from Strangeology podcast joining us! I stumbled across his podcast while looking into a certain topic, and after I heard the information he shares and the in-depth research he conducts, I had to bring him on to The Confessionals. Jeff is… Read more »

The Figure In The Window

A listener writes “It was the summer of 1977, the summer Elvis died. My dad was a contractor building barracks at Fort Polk Air Force Base in West La. We went out there for the summer to spend summer with him in Leesville, Louisiana, we lived in Miami and usually spent summers where dad was… Read more »

Tonight’s Show: The Lord of the Flies

A listener writes “I was in the Nyack region of Glacier National Park in August of 2001. Pre-dawn hours I was awoken by rustling and thumping near my bear bag which was hanging very high about 80 yards from my tent. Whatever was making this noise then made a beeline straight to my tent, walked… Read more »

Strange Familiars: Talking Owls (part one with Ron)

Tim writes “Ron shares some of his personal experiences with The Other as well as Blackfoot spiritual beliefs, folklore, and creation stories. Talking owls, ghosts, the Bucket Woman, a little person, and more.”