Bob Gymlan: Story of Spring Heeled Jack and The Hammersmith Ghost

Bob writes “This video is about two, what I think is fair to call, “Humanoid Cryptids.” They are the legendary Spring Heeled Jack, and the lesser known Hammersmith Ghost. The accounts in this video took place between 1803 and 1879. Both of these entities offer folkloric and cultural implications, and have rooted themselves in our… Read more »

Survivorman – Wild Harvest Foraging Tip

Les writes “For every episode of Wild Harvest (*Full episodes as seen around the world here on this Youtube Channel, look for the playlist, and in the US as seen on American Public Television PBS stations), we have pulled out moments specific to either Les Stroud’s foraging tips, Chef Paul Rogalski’s cooking tips or some… Read more »

Encounter From Ohio

A listener from Ohio writes “In the late summer of 1989 my friend Luke and I had a creature throw a good sized rock at a tree next to us. We looked up into the woods and we both saw the creature that threw it. It was covered in black hair and had dark skin…. Read more »

Survivorman | Temagami Bug Season

Les writes “After all his years of wilderness survival around the globe, the forests of Ontario’s Temagami still rank as some of the most difficult, harrowing and challenging survival experiences Les has ever faced. Breathtakingly beautiful, Temagami’s old growth pine forests and refreshing blue lakes, bountiful with fish and wildlife, are sure to test Les’s… Read more »

SC EP:755 The Most Terrifying Night

The encounter took place in Florida. John writes “September 2020, a few friends and I decided to go camping at a piece of property that has been in my family for about 80 years. We have been to this piece of property numerous times and never expected to see anything other than a few deer… Read more »

Encounter On Fathers Day, 2020

A listener writes “I’ve been wanting to go camping with my Sons for Father’s day but only my middle son, Zach could make it. I decided on Robinson flat campground East of foresthil CA because it’s very remote and free. Its located at the end of the Foresthill road heading East from Auburn, It is… Read more »

Strange Familiars: Weird Eyeshine

Tim writes “Mike shares various strange experiences he has had in the wilds of North America, including: hearing unexplained howls; finding tree structures; seeing some very weird color-changing eyeshine, and more.”

The Most Terrifying Experience I’ve Ever Had

The encounter took place in Florida. A listener writes “September 2020, a few friends and I decided to go camping at a piece of property that has been in my family for about 80 years. We have been to this piece of property numerous times and never expected to see anything other than a few… Read more »

We Heard It Running And Crashing Through The Forest

A listener writes “This is harder then I thought to write this! I don’t know where to start. The year I guess… 1996 I just turned 19 and was through hiking the Pacific Crest Trail with my brother and his girlfriend. I actually know the exact day because of my journal I kept. Day 84,… Read more »

Prehistoric Flying Monster

MonsterQuest: If there is one place on earth that could be home to a prehistoric flying monster, it is Papua New Guinea. These islands to the north of Australia are the closest thing to a real “lost world”.

The Black Mountain: Strange Disappearances

Top Mysteries writes “In Australia, there’s a mountain known as The Black Mountain, perhaps fittingly located in the Black Mountain National Park. It’s said that the local aboriginal tribes shun the area and describe it as a place that people shouldn’t venture. They called the mountain, Kalkajaka, or the place of the spear, and it… Read more »

SIGHTINGS – Monsters

The program features, Terry Albright has some theory on former president Theodore Roosevelt and Bigfoot. The Lizard Man of Bishopville, SC. Bob Gimlin talks briefly about the Patty sighting. Dr. Grover Krantz chimes in on Patty video, casts, shows off his Gigantopithecus skull reconstruction.

Encounters: Sasquatch (July, 1995)

Grover Sanders Krantz was an American anthropologist and cryptozoologist; he was one of few scientists not only to research Bigfoot, but also to express his belief in the animal’s existence. Throughout his professional career, Krantz authored more than 60 academic articles and 10 books on human evolution.

The Confessionals: Dog vs Dogman

Tony writes “In Episode 335: Dog vs Dogman, we are joined by Kyle who shares the most dramatic dogman experience ever sent to The Confessionals! Kyle was born and raised in Kentucky, and became a coon hunter at a very young age. When he was 15 years old, he and his grandfather set out for… Read more »

Dogman Narratives: Animated Encounters

Dogman Narratives writes “In July of 2019 a neighborhood in Grangeville, Idaho witness bigfoot sightings. A few of the neighbors saw the bigfoot creature and one house would leave bananas out for the sasquatch. One night a sasquatch enters the home of an old man. At first the old man thinks that it is someone… Read more »

The Sierra Sasquatch

Ancient petroglyphs in the Sierra Nevada Mountains depict footprints left by frightening packs of hairy man-like beasts. Now, MonsterQuest heads to the heart of California.

Mountain Beast Mysteries: The Beast of Seven Chutes

It was photographed in Parc des Sept Chutes, Quebec. It shows a black-haired bigfoot with broad shoulders and saggital crest and a snout-like protrusion. A interesting note about the photograph is it appears to be holding a dead dog

Cryptid By State: West Virginia

Ben Miller writes “We finally have made it to probably the most famous of cryptid states which would be West Virginia. Yes, there are famous creatures here but you know I won’t be talking about them. So does this state have anything hidden to offer? Guess you will have to see.”

Yowie Footage Examination

Yowiehunters Witness Audio Reports writes “In this upload, we are reexamining the Yowie Footage taken on our last Expedition. Along with the footage, there are also new unseen images and one in particular towards the end, that leaves absolutely no doubt.”