It Was Pacing Back And Forth In An Erratic Manner

A listener writes “I’m from the Bath, NY area and in the late Fall of 2012 I got up about 2-3am to go outside and have a smoke. About 100-120 yard from me by a home next to a thick hedgerow I seen what I thought at first was a person as it caught my… Read more »

The Sasquatch Shocks Those Who Have Seen Him

Shiver writes “In the far north west regions of the American continent, a massive gorilla like monster stalks the forest with slow heavy strides. They call him Sasquatch and is known as Big Foot’s Canadian cousin.”

Bob Gymlan: Cryptid Encounters

This video contains 4 reports of cryptic encounters I’v received over the years. I wish I could give all of your stories the time and attention they deserve, but there simply isn’t enough time in the day. In the near future, I am moving forward with more historic reports and tales.  

What If The Gigantopithecus Didn’t Go Extinct?

LifesBiggestQuestions writes “Many creatures have gone extinct and sometimes we are glad that they did. The Gigantopithecus was known to be one of the most terrifying creatures that once ruled the earth. But what would happen if the Gigantopithecus came back to life?”  

Were These Monsters Inspired by Fossils?

People have been discovering the traces and remains of prehistoric creatures for thousands of years. And they’ve also probably been telling stories about fantastic beasts since language became a thing. So, is it possible that the monsters that populate our myths and legends were influenced by the fossil record?  

Halloween Urban Legends

Uncovered writes “Tales of poisoned candy, a man with a hook for a hand and satanists hunting black cats. Urban myths like these have been terrifying kids for decades. But is there any truth to them…?”

The Confessionals Podcast: The Faceless Sasquatch

Tony writes “In episode 173 we speak with Mo who had an encounter with a sasquatch in Pennsylvania. As he recounts his story it becomes very apparent that Mo’s experience is even rarer when he realized that this monster he was looking at did not have a face”  

The Oregon Sasquatch

While out on a hike in the Cascade Mountains, Deputy Sheriff Jess Boiler had an unforgettable encounter with a human-like creature.  

Terrifying & Haunted Locations In The UK

The United Kingdom has thousands of years of history, so it is no surprise that that it is one of the most haunted places in the world. Combine with that the fact that we love to be scared. Our fascination with all things supernatural is well known from witches to ghosts and anything else that… Read more »

The Lowe Files: Bigfoot

A&E writes “Rob, Matthew, and John Owen travel to a hotspot for Sasquatch sightings with legendary Bigfoot hunter, Matt Moneymaker. Flooding and mass landslides make for a harrowing adventure as they search for the mythical creature in Season 1, Episode 3, “Bigfoot”. #TheLoweFiles”  

Tennessee Bigfoot Conference

WJHL News writes “Several of the world’s most renowned Sasquatch researchers have come to Bays Mountain Park for the 3rd annual Tennessee Bigfoot Conference.”  

Elk Hunter Reports Trees Being Pushed Over And Vocalizations

A listener writes “I just discovered your website and have been listening to your stories on YouTube. What a fantastic show and you really do a great job letting people tell their individual stories. My encounter was last November during elk season in the Pacific Northwest. I live and hunt in Washington, with occasional trips… Read more »

Five Native American Legends

Unexplained Mysteries writes “The culture and the ways of the Native American people have been a subject of great archaeological and historical interest. Over the years, archaeologists and historians have tried to know more about the Native American civilizations through various means. They have uncovered the ruins of the ancient civilizations, found some amazing artifacts,… Read more »

Upcoming Show: The Wildman Of Kentucky

A listener writes “Over the past few months I have been driving my work van though the backroads of Eastern Kentucky and have come across things I can’t explain. Everything from sounds to smells to even a sighting or two (not sure what exactly I saw). Two weeks ago I was in Elliot County Kentucky… Read more »

ThinkerThunker: “Squatch Spotter”

ThinkerThunker writes “The story from “Squatch Spotter” on Youtube is,”Little cousin got this video while we were out feeding cows! We’ve had suspicions of a Bigfoot around our land for quite a while.” I’m thinking … maybe they did. See what I found.”  

SC EP:594 Bonus Show: Randy White “The Manster”

I am traveling this week. I met hall of fame legend Randy White while I am down here in Dallas. I could not pass up the opportunity to interview him. This will be a bonus show, it has nothing to do with Sasquatch but if you enjoy football you will love this interview.Randy White is… Read more »

Strange Sounds From St. Louis County, MN

SasquatchBioacoustic writes “March 15, 2012 in St Louis County, Minnesota, a field investigator’s audio recorder captures the voices of four vocalizers, two in the background, and two in the foreground. To the passive observer this might easily be dismissed as wolf howls. But closer scrutiny discloses a number of featurs typical of suspected sasquatch vocals… Read more »

SC EP:593 Terror On The Job Site

I am leaving Dallas tonight. I have been working on some projects for the show while I was down here. I will return on Sunday with a new episode for the members. Some of the members have heard this encounter and due to time restraints this week I am posting the Terror On The Job… Read more »