Foo Fighters – Ball Lightning

Ball lightning is an unexplained atmospheric electrical phenomenon. 19th March 1963, the Eastern Airlines late night flight EA539 from New York to Washington encounters a storm, there’s a sudden loud bang and bright flash. Seconds later a glowing ball emerges from the pilot’s cabin. The blue-white sphere hovers above the aisle and floats slowly towards… Read more »

The Mysterious Human Ancestor That Science Can’t Explain

The mysterious human ancestor that science can’t explain. We take a look at the mysterious human ancestor science can’t explain. The story of human evolution just got even more bizarre. The genome of an extinct hominin species, the Denisovans, contains unusual snippets of DNA that seem to have come from yet another group. It could… Read more »

Mount Sicker Encounter

Mount Sicker is a small mountain on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. It is near Crofton, Chemainus and Duncan. Andrew was out testing out his four wheel drive when he had an encounter. This is a clip from History Channel’s Bigfoot: The Definitive Guide.  

Bigfoot and Sasquatch Files throughout History

Reality Entertainment created a documentary called Bigfoot and Sasquatch Files throughout History. Bigfoot or Sasquatch is a hairy, upright-walking, ape-like creature that dwells in the wilderness and leaves footprints. It is strongly associated with the Pacific Northwest (particularly Oregon, Washington and British Columbia), individuals have seen the creature across North America and around the world…. Read more »

The Honobia Hominid

Honobia, Oklahoma – People who call Little Dixie home say the region in southeastern Oklahoma has a resident whose footprint measures 15 inches long and 7 inches wide. From Honobia to Smithville, from Battiest to Octavia. Reports of the creature have a long history in the Sooner state.   Local Oklahoman’s encounters with a tall… Read more »

Tonight’s Show: It had a man’s face more than an apes

Tonight I will be speaking to three guests who all have very different encounters. Matt writes “The encounter happened during July of 95. I live in NC near the Uwharrie mountains now. Back in 95 I lived at the base of the Blue Ridge mountains. Wilkes county to be exact. Me and my friend Mike… Read more »

What Happened To Gigantopithicus?

Unexplained Mysteries writes “What happened to Gigantopithicus the last great ape? We take a look at Gigantopithicus and what happened to it. Gigantopithecus was the largest ape that ever walked our planet. Scientists who have studied this giant beast think that it weighed up to half a ton. Researchers have been frustrated though as they… Read more »

LIVE: Blood Moon burns bright all around the globe

Can you see it from where you are at?   Blood Moon burns bright all around the globe ahead of total eclipse. The Moon turns blood red during the last total lunar eclipse until May 26. At the time of the eclipse, which will last for approximately one hour and two minutes, the Moon will… Read more »

Evidence of Ancient Humans Found in the Philippines

Stone tools found in the Philippines predate the arrival of modern humans to the islands by roughly 600,000 years—but researchers aren’t sure who made them. The eye-popping artifacts, unveiled on Wednesday in Nature, were abandoned on a river floodplain on the island of Luzon beside the butchered carcass of a rhinoceros. The ancient toolmakers were… Read more »

Does a Wildman Inhabit Russian Forests?

The Almas or Alma, Mongolian for “wild man”, is a purported hominid cryptozoological species reputed to inhabit the Caucasus and Pamir Mountains of Central Asia, and the Altai Mountains of western Mongolia.

Searching for Bigfoot in the Oregon Woods

Great Big Story writes “Whether you know him as Bigfoot or Sasquatch, most of us are familiar with the legend of the mysterious bipedal humanoid who walks the woods of America’s Pacific Northwest. But is he real? Well, one group of dedicated Oregonians is committed to pursuing the creature, while enjoying the solitude and fresh… Read more »

The Man Who Killed Hitler and Then The Bigfoot

I have been getting a lot of emails about this movie. Here is the description: Decades after ending World War II by assassinating Adolf Hitler in an undercover operation, unsung American hero Calvin Barr (Sam Elliott) is called upon by the government to hunt down the fabled Bigfoot, the carrier of a deadly plague that… Read more »

Beyond Science: The REAL Men In Black

Beyond Science writes “You’ve probably heard of Men in Black as the movie series, but you probably didn’t know that it is inspired by the real deal. Here are some accounts on the stories of the mysterious Men in Black.”

The Tackett Creek Monster

A listener writes “Wes, a few years ago, I want to say around 2013, I had a couple experiences with these monsters…and I do mean monsters. Tackett Creek, Tennessee has always been somewhere my family hunted or dug ginseng. All my life I visited the area at one time or another and had never felt… Read more »

Strange News: Titanic 2 Set to Sail in 2022

Would you take a trip? Travel company Blue Star Line is creating a replica of the Titanic and plans to set sail in 2022, exactly 110 years after the original’s ill-fated voyage. If the story of the RMS Titanic has always fascinated you, get ready for the next chapter — in 2022.A replica of the… Read more »