Sounds recorded last night

A listener writes “Hi Wes, I recorded some sounds on my NEST camera at 12:30am this morning that sound suspicious to me. You can hear three screams at the 16 second mark and two whistles at the 42 second mark. I live in a small wooded community in southern Alberta and I’ve never heard or… Read more »

2024 Bigfoot Rendezvous

Sasquatch Prints writes “2024 Bigfoot Rendezvous. A group of Sasquatch enthusiasts gather in Pocatello, ID on July 26th and 27th at the West Wood Mall 1800 Garrett Way Pocatello Idaho.   Special guest speaker Dr. Jeffery Meldrum! Our other featured speakers will be; Marc Myrsell Michael Freeman Nico Spadafora David Ellis Ticket prices are $30… Read more »

I Believe in Bigfoot Project: I Believe in Bigfoot Project

I Believe in Bigfoot Project writes “In this episode we explore what many people consider to be the best evidence for Bigfoot! The Sierra Sounds. These Bigfoot vocalizations were Recorded by Ron Morehead and Al Berry and have been hotly debated since the 1970’s television shows like “The Truth is Out there have used these… Read more »

Bigfoot Encounter Hood Canal Washington

A listener writes “I grew up on Hood canal and one night while walking home from my friend’s house, I noticed what I thought was a bush on the side of the road in front of a vacant lot that was filled with small alder trees. I stopped and thought to myself there was never… Read more »

The Confessionals: Lilith Comes Calling

The Confessionals writes “In episode 657: Lilith Comes Calling, Justin from Appalachian Intelligence Podcast and Joel Thomas from Free The Rabbits Podcast, dive into their eerie woodland encounters, discussing strange phenomena and the possibility of encountering demons. They explore the legend of Lilith, her connection to Bigfoot, and their personal experiences with sightings of a… Read more »

Aggressive Bigfoot On Alaskan Farm

This is a witness from the The Alaska Triangle describing encounters around her farm. Discovery writes “Sightings of Sasquatches roaming in the Alaskan countryside have become more frequent as humans inhabit more of the land.” Link to the video

Tour of The Sutton West Virginia Bigfoot Museum

The West Virginia Bigfoot Museum in Sutton, West Virginia is a building that consists of no more than a handful of rooms, but houses one of the largest collections of bigfoot casts in the world. Visitors from Hawaii to France have come to see the museum—a mixture of bigfoot believers, skeptics, and the simply curious…. Read more »

Bigfoot and Beyond: West Virginia Sasquatchery!

Bigfoot and Beyond writes “Cliff Barackman and James “Bobo” Fay speak with the owners of the West Virginia Bigfoot Museum, David and Laurel Petolicchio! David and his mother Laurel discuss their interests in ‘squatchy things, the reports and evidence they receive in West Virginia, and much more in this episode!”

SC EP:1061 The Bernie Chronicles

Bernie writes “Wes, I’m seventy three years old now and live in the beautiful Texas hill country southwest of Austin. This is what happened fourteen years ago. It was my last night at work and I was closing up my department in Salmon Creek, at the north end of Vancouver, Washington. My best friend called… Read more »

Upcoming Guest: Kecksburg UFO

The Kecksburg UFO incident occurred on December 9, 1965, at Kecksburg, Pennsylvania, United States, when a fireball was reported by citizens of six U.S. states and Canada over Detroit, Michigan, and Windsor, Ontario. Astronomers said it was likely to have been a meteor bolide burning up in the atmosphere and descending at a steep angle…. Read more »

Hunt For The Kentucky Wildman

The Kentucky Bigfoot Research Organization writes “Join the KBRO team and their guests as they trek through the hills and hollers of the beautiful Kentucky wilderness in search of the elusive Kentucky Wildman! In the Spring of 2024, a large group of Bigfoot enthusiasts spent three days and nights in a Kentucky hot spot where… Read more »

Watch Koko the Gorilla Use Sign Language

In 1971, graduate student Penny Patterson began teaching sign language to a gorilla named Koko. What started out as a scientific experiment evolved into an intimate friendship, which for almost half a century has challenged the way we think about animals and changed the course of many lives. Link to the video

Tonight’s Show: The Whistling Neanderthal

John writes “Hey Wes, I have been a listener of your show for a few years now, and I’m finally feeling like it’s time to share my story. My cousin and I, when we were kids, were chased out of the woods by what turned out to be what we could only describe as a… Read more »

SC Instagram Hacked

Our Instagram account appears to have been hacked. It looks like the hackers may have just disabled the account for now, but please be aware and do NOT interact with anyone claiming to be Wes or Sasquatch Chronicles on Instagram for the time being. We will post any updates as they become available. At this… Read more »

Strange Familiars: Paranormal Audio Experiments

Strange Familiars writes “Caleb continues his conversation with Timothy. First we hear of some more of Caleb’s encounters with The Other – including mystery lights, knocks, and unknown growls in the Ozarks. Next, we hear about some experiments Caleb has done capturing paranormal audio while he was in a creative state.”

Chased us out of the woods

A listener writes “I’m finally feeling like it’s time to share my story. My cousin and I, when we were kids, were chased out of the woods by what turned out to be what we could only describe as a sasquatch. We were about 10 years old at the time, and normally I would dismiss… Read more »

From The Shadows: Did A Dogman Terrorize A Young Girl In Idaho?

From The Shadows writes “Lindsay joins us to share some terrifying experiences on her family farm in Idaho. As a young girl she was trapped inside a barn by a big, hairy creature and her family was haunted by mysterious entities.” Link to the video