The Expedition To Find Bigfoot

Bigfoot is everywhere you look, but why are so many millions of Americans obsessed with this mysterious man-ape? This episode sheds new light on some of the nation’s darkest Sasquatch secrets.

Lake County Audio

Strange audio from Florida. Stacy writes “Hunter shoots a pig and suddenly realizes she’s not alone..”

World War II Pilots Report Seeing UFOs

Some World War II pilots claimed to have seen impossibly bright lights flying next to them. Was it aliens? Was it a UFO? What was actually behind the mystery of the lights around airplanes? This is an unsolved mystery! No explanations could answer the phenomenon.  

SC EP:681 The Foo Fighters Reloaded

Jeff writes “We live out in the country, on a one lane dead end road, most parcels out here are 5 acres or more. This is rural area, horses and cattle are common. Deer are common with the occasional mountain lion or bear wandering through the neighborhood. No street lights, when it gets dark it… Read more »

Hidden Existence: The Swamp Ape

Daniela writes “Joseph Dietz had a terrifying bigfoot encounter whilst out with his buddies when they were kids. La Swamp Ape, Carl Gautreaux can identify with some of the details of what happened to Joe – can we connect the bigfoot ‘dots’ through discussion and sharing information?”

Tonights Show The Foo Fighters

The Foo Fighters of World War II. It was nearly the end of World War II. But for the airmen of the 415th Night Fighter Squadron, it felt more like the beginning of War of the Worlds.   Lt. Fred Ringwald was the first to see it. He was riding as observer in a night… Read more »

Vashon Island Experience

A listener writes “y fiance and I booked an Airbnb near Seabeck WA on the Hood Canal, and were arriving later around 11pm. The Airbnb we were staying in was a detached cabin which backed up to a heavily wooded area. We pulled up, and went to unlock the cabin. As we were unloading the… Read more »

Tonight’s Show: Update

I have a great show planned tonight. Due to a scheduling conflict the show will be posted tomorrow or later this evening. The show will be posted, thank you for understanding.

Michigan Aboriginal Project: Audio Capture

James writes “Hello everyone! I hope this finds you well. I want to share with you something I captured last Tuesday night in Michigan’s upper Peninsula. It’s definitely speech..”

The Skunk Ape Files: Goose Pasture

Stacy writes “The Florida Skunk Ape Project heads to Taylor county Florida to look for evidence of the Skunk Ape. Have you seen lights in the woods? We got one on camera!”

What are Foo Fighters?

The term foo fighter was used by Allied aircraft pilots in World War II to describe various UFOs or mysterious aerial phenomena seen in the skies over both the European and Pacific theaters of operations. Though “foo fighter” initially described a type of UFO reported and named by the U.S. 415th Night Fighter Squadron, the… Read more »

A Brand New Humanoid Species Is Discovered

A series of skeletons discovered in a cave complex in South Africa are threatening to change everything we thought we knew about human evolution. It’s a new species which researchers have dubbed homo naledi.

My “Encounter” With The Lights

A listener writes “We live out in the country, on a one lane dead end road, most parcels out here are 5 acres or more. This is rural area, horses and cattle are common. Deer are common with the occasional mountain lion or bear wandering through the neighborhood. No street lights, when it gets dark… Read more »

Something Massive Lives In The Woods

Jerry Crew has been working for the Wallace Brothers’ logging company for two years, and this was a perfectly normal day for him. It was August 1958 in Northern California. Jerry came to the construction site, where about 30 other crewmembers were already on the job. As he was walking toward his bulldozer, he noticed… Read more »

Strange Familiars: The Glowing Moth

Tim writes “Keith talks about several strange experiences – including his father’s bigfoot encounter, his own trackway find, sleep paralysis experiences, a glowing moth, a strange cloaked figure witnessed by his girlfriend, an unknown scream on White Rocks Trail, and more.”

Strange Experience On My Property

I’m from Sour Lake, Texas and I have had an encounter across from my house that I renting. So, my encounter happened one night in the winter of 2019. One night I had to go to my truck to get something that i forgot, I think it was my phone I cant remember. As I… Read more »

Weird Events At Former Property

A listener writes “Good afternoon Sir. I really don’t know where to begin at. Ill just hit on some bullet points. At our former home which we lived for 20 years. We had a lot of strange things happen including a 9 foot dog type creature that used to watch my kids. And they would… Read more »

Face to Face With A Bigfoot

YouTuber LMSTactical writes “I’m all about firearms tactics & training, Prepping for everything up to and including a SHTF scenario, evaluating and reporting on useful equipment, military related topics, protecting the constitution of this great country and being of service to my fellow Americans.” Today he goes off topic and discusses an encounter he had… Read more »

Bigfoot Sightings In Littleton

LITTLETON, N.C. (WNCN) — In a small North Carolina town, something big is spooking residents. Multiple people have claimed to see a large, furry looking animal trudging through the woods in the Halifax County town, according to one resident. There’s now even a museum dedicated to the sightings of what some are calling a Bigfoot…. Read more »

Cowichan Sasquatch Sightings

Shaw TV met with John Bindernagel, a Vancouver Island wildlife biologist who’s studied the Sasquatch for decades. It’s said the Cowichan Valley is abundant with evidence.