Rushed By A Creature While In My Vehicle

A listener writes “In 1995, Acton Maine, I was rushed by the creature while in my vehicle. It was eating what I Iater came to see were apples from a ferrel tree on the roadside. We would bathe and pajama the kids for late night rides to the camp. Sometimes they’d pass out as it… Read more »

Terrifying Night Fishing

A listener writes “Me and my younger brother had a encounter back in the mid 1990’s. We live in eastern Kentucky in a small town and grew up in the woods. We hunt,Fish all of our lives. We would Fish at night where it was cooler and the bigger fish would be out. It was… Read more »

We are IF: Giants

We are IF writes “The idea that giants once walked the earth and possibly still do, being a popular online theory. There has been almost countless legends and stories about large human going back to the earliest days of civilization. If you prescribe to evolutionary theory than you really have to ask where these massive… Read more »

Paranormal in Oz with Kade Moir

Brent writes “On this episode of the Paranormal Portal Podcast, we welcome Kade Moir to the show. Kade created and operates an amazing paranormal podcast in Australia called “Believe!.” Kade joins us to discuss the Paranormal in Oz and he and I compare notes on the fascinating events in Oz and find more similarities than differences… Read more »

Next Week: Horror Hound

We’ll be joining some of the biggest names in the cryptozoology, UFO, paranormal and horror genres at HorrorHound Weekend September 6-8 in Indianapolis. Hope to see you there! See Link    

SC EP:578 We Shot The Green River Monster

Allen writes “The Green River was dammed up to create an 8,210 acre lake, “Green River Lake.” During this time my friend’s family owned land on green River. Naturally, As the lake filled up, many caves in the area were flooded. We think that’s what drove the Sasquatch in this story out into the open… Read more »

Strange Encounter With Something

A listener writes “I had an experience in the then Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) when I was living there as a child. The year was 1973 and I was 11 years old. I was very fit and athletic for my age, having great get up and go energy. I lived in the southern city called Bulawayo… Read more »

Truck Driver Encounter In TN

A listener writes “I’m a long haul flatbed truck driver now and about a month ago I was having to do night time driving which is pretty unusual for me considering most of my loads pick up and deliver in the day time. Night driving just isn’t a thing for me but do to my… Read more »

Tonight’s Show: Growing Up On The Navajo Reservation

A listener writes “Love your show! My wife and I just started listening to your podcast by recommendation of a friend. After I had told them about my encounters with bigfoot, skin-walkers and much more. I mean, I have seen bigfoot on three separate occasions. Twice in the same area, the same road, on the… Read more »

Territory Tales Cliff Barackman

Oregon’s Mt. Hood Territory writes “Did you know that Oregon’s Mt. Hood Territory has more reported Bigfoot sightings than any other region in Oregon? That’s why Finding Bigfoot’s Cliff Barackman is opening the North American Bigfoot Center in the town of Boring in mid July 2019. Hear the story of how Cliff came to be… Read more »

Large Black Figure Looking At Me

A listener writes “It was the last week of May 2004 on the Akamina Parkway in Waterton National Park. Early in the morning….it was overcast, light drizzle. I was driving and remember thinking to myself that there were alot of Snowshoe Hare along side the road eating the fresh greens. I focused on one Hare… Read more »

Bigfoot Odyssey: Blueline Wednesday

Bigfoot Odyssey writes “If you’d like to come on as a live guests to share your encounter then please go to our website and fill out our survey or contact Kerry at the number on the website home page.”

The Raptor That Made Us Rethink Dinosaurs

In 1964, a paleontologist named John Ostrom unearthed some fascinating fossils from the mudstone of Montana. Its discovery set the stage for what’s known today as the Dinosaur Renaissance, a total re-thinking of what we thought we knew about dinosaurs.

Upcoming Show: My Friend Shot The Green River Monster

1968,69-70 The Green River was dammed up to create an 8,210 acre lake, “Green River Lake.” During this time my friend’s family owned land on green River. Naturally, As the lake filled up, many caves in the area were flooded. We think that’s what drove the Sasquatch in this story out into the open and… Read more »

The Confessionals Podcast: Abductions Stopped By Jesus

Tony writes “On Episode 154: Abductions Stopped by Jesus, we sit down with MUFON Investigator Joe Jordan. Joe started out as a typical investigator, looking into people’s reports of unidentified flying objects. But then, Joe began to come across cases of people being abducted by an unknown force. What is even more unusual is that… Read more »

Paranormal Portal Podcast Teaser

Brent writes “This is a clip from our newest podcast released Monday, 8/26/19. Our podcasts are available on #IHeartRadio, ITunes, Pandora, Spotify and about 50 or more other platforms. Just go to your favorite podcasting application and search for Paranormal Portal! Many brand new episodes and interviews are there and be sure to check out… Read more »

The Mysterious Ancient Legend Of The Dingonek

The mysterious ancient legend of the Dingonek monster of Kenya. We take a look at the mysterious ancirnt legend of the Dingonek of Kenya. Going back in the early 20th century, European explorers decided to explore the Jungle of West Africa. While doing so they would have been stepping on land that other human had… Read more »

SC EP:576 Confessions Of A Pastor

Spoke to Randy and he said “I have never seen a Sasquatch but I have dealt a lot with demonic possession. I have many accounts that made the hair on my arm stand up. Many people come to me with accounts of running into these creatures.” One of eyewitness has agreed to come on the… Read more »