The Unknown Files: The Flatwoods Monster

Unknown Territory “The Flatwoods monster (also known as the Braxton County Monster or Phantom of Flatwoods) in West Virginia folklore, is an entity reported to have been sighted in the town of Flatwoods in Braxton County, West Virginia, United States, on September 12, 1952, following the appearance of a bright object crossing the night sky…. Read more »

Upcoming Show: Living Next To Skinwalker Ranch

Roland writes “I live on Northern Ute tribe here in Utah. I have seen a lot of things being an outfitter and guide here for about 20 years I have had run-ins with Bigfoot and we did see one that we almost shot But I didn’t realize what it was until now. I have seen… Read more »

BEAST TV: Bigfoot Encounters

Kerry Arnold, host of the Bigfoot Odyssey live show and YouTube channel. Kerry joins to talk about his Sasquatch sighting and what he’s learned along the way ever since hosting Bigfoot Odyssey. Brenda Harris is a Native American born in Shiprock NM and raised in Farmington NM. She has lived on the reservation. Brenda has… Read more »

Tonight’s Show: Washington Logger Encounters Sasquatch

Ed is a logger in Washington State and he has had a couple of encounters with Sasuqatch while on the job. Ed and his wife decided to buy a piece of land in the middle of no where and built a cabin. He said “Something….hits the cabin in the middle of the night and it… Read more »

Cryptozoology Documentary: Other Northern Wildmen

Hammerson Peters writes “For centuries, the Dene of Northern Canada have told stories of frightening wildmen who prowl the boreal wilderness. A follow-up to my previous video, ‘Nakani: The Wildman of the North’, this video showcases more Northern wildmen of native lore.”

Strange Familiars: Dream Warning

Tim writes “Jay shares stories of haunted residences, shadow figures, deja reve, and a dream that may have saved his life.”

CryptoWatch: Metal Sphere UFO Filmed In Texas

CryptoWatch “This strange metal object was filmed by the witness while at a stop light. This was recorded on 10/22/20. The object zooms away at the end of the video. It is very impressive, but just what is it?”

Face To Face With Sunken In Red Eyes, Wide Cheek Bones

A listener writes “I imagine you get tons of emails a day so I’ll make this short and sweet and hopefully you’ll get back to me and if not, I understand.  I will list my little encounter, I will share my fathers encounter and also my uncles and my native culture beliefs of Sasquatch. I’ve… Read more »

A Brief History Of The Minnesota Iceman

The Minnesota Iceman has been described as male, human-like, 6 ft tall, hairy, with large hands and feet, very dark brown hair about 3 – 4 inches long, and a flattened nose. One of its arms appeared to be broken and one of its eyes appeared to have been knocked out of its socket, allegedly… Read more »

MonsterQuest: America’s Wolfman

MonsterQuest writes “History says that a large and wolf-like beast is the stuff of legend, but recently uncovered film footage and new witnesses say something frightening is out there.”

Bigfoot Odyssey: Spook Week With David Hodrien

David Hodrien is both the Chairman and investigator for Birmingham UFO Group, one of the more active groups dedicated to the subject within the UK. He has investigated hundreds of UFO sightings and over one hundred contact cases from around the world, and regularly releases detailed reports into the public domain via the group’s website…. Read more »

22 Cryptids Explained

Mental Floss writes “Cryptids, or animals that have been claimed to exist without proof of their existence, span the globe. From world-famous sea beasts like the Loch Ness Monster to more obscure creatures like the Mongolian Death Worm, these stories have popped up over the years in many cultures. Why are there so many questionable… Read more »

The Unknowns: Mystifying UFO Cases

LEMMiNO writes “In this video I delve into the expansive and complicated history of American UFO research. More precisely, the government sanctioned undertaking known as Project Blue Book. Many hundreds of cases were left unresolved upon the project’s conclusion in 1969. These were dubbed the unknowns. As someone who is largely unfamiliar with UFO history,… Read more »

Cryptid Creatures: A Field Guide

KING 5 News In Washington State writes “Spokane author Kelly Milner Halls introduces her fantastical guide to mysterious creatures.” Cryptid Creatures: A Field Guide Explore the fascinating world of cryptozoology with this fun guide, filled with eyewitness accounts of 50 cryptids found throughout the world, some of which have been proven real.  

The Confessionals:The Pale Creature of the Woods

Tony writes “In Episode 280: The Pale Creature of the Woods, we are joined by Reese. He and I recorded this interview a long time ago, but waited to release it because Reese was concerned that some of the activity he describes would escalate if he talked with me about it. After we recorded, his… Read more »

Searching for Sasquatch: Cryptozoology And Science

University of Oregon writes “Thom Powell is the author of “The Locals: A Contemporary Investigation of the Bigfoot/Sasquatch Phenomenon”. Community Conversations is an academic program that is one of the Living Learning Initiatives of University Housing in partnership with the Clark Honors College, the Oregon Humanities Center, and Undergraduate Studies. The goal of Community Conversations… Read more »

The First Human Ancestor To Stand On Two Legs

World History Documentaries writes “Recently a team of fossil hunters working in Kenya came upon a set of fossilised teeth and a series of bones. Their find set in motion a chain of events that ignited excitement across the scientific world, for if they were correct in their findings, not only would they have found… Read more »

Bizarre Mayan Mysteries

The Maya are involved in TWO of the greatest unsolved mysteries of the ancient world. Figuring ou the answers to these question is about more than simply solving a 1,200-year-old mesoamerican mystery. Their story may hold important lessons for people living today.

Bigfoot Sighting On Vancouver Island

Vancouver Island, off Canada’s Pacific Coast, is known for its mild climate and thriving arts community. On its southern tip is Victoria, British Columbia’s capital. The Canadian Province has more than 200 reported Bigfoot sightings. Gulf IslandRock writes “This is a video we took of a creature we are not quite sure what to make… Read more »