Untold Radio Network: Interview With Cliff Barackman

Untold Radio Network writes “Hosts Dr Russ Jones and Brad Kennan talk with the Bigfoot Guru, Cliff Barackman. Cliff was featured on Finding Bigfoot for 10 seasons and is the curator of the North American Bigfoot Museum, located in Boring, OR. Find out his opinion on what exactly Bigfoot is and how all the evidence… Read more »

Sending hot lead down range

A listener writes “I am a retired lawman/judge still in my 50’s and going strong, when you become a cop at 18 and get your 30 you get to retire early and then go enjoy life. I own a cattle ranch in Texas. One got real up & close to me in the Sabine National… Read more »

I saw a bear with hands

A listener writes “Been trying to figure out how to tell you about my experience for a while now. Not sure where to begin because I have never told anyone about this not even my wife of over 20 years. It was 1990 I was 9 or 10 years old my 12 year old brother… Read more »

A low pitched growl and a quick whistle

A listener writes “Around six years ago I was living at my fathers house in Salem Connecticut. Most of the time I was alone there my dad was staying at his girlfriend’s. One even I had just got home at was walking to the door with no exterior lights, the car lights were off as… Read more »

White House reveals leading explanation for downed unidentified objects

NewsNation writes “White House national security spokesman John Kirby revealed the leading explanation on what the most recent objects that were shot out of the sky are as Pentagon officials met with senators for a classified briefing on the shootdowns. NewsNation’s Blake Burman reports.”    

Searching For Sasquatch In Skamania County, Washington

“Back in the late 1960s, there were so many reported sightings of Sasquatch, Bigfoot, Yeti or the Giant Hairy Ape in Skamania County, Washington, the county commissioners decided that an ordinance needed to be in place to protect the elusive creature and keep Bigfoot seekers from shooting a bearded elk hunter tramping around in the… Read more »

The Confessionals: Secret Megalithic New England

The Confessionals writes “In Episode 520: Secret Megalithic New England we are talking with Mark Steeves from My Family Thinks I’m Crazy podcast! Mark listens to the show and when he heard me putting out episodes with Derek Olson from Megalithic Marvels and the Appalachian Intelligence boys he had to let me know what he… Read more »

Former intelligence official breaks silence on gov’t UFO investigations

8 News Now Las Vegas writes “Jay Stratton is one of the United States government’s highest-ranking and most experienced UFO hunters. During his long career working with various intelligence agencies, Stratton might have seen more of the Pentagon’s hidden UFO files than anyone. He is the only person in the federal government to have worked… Read more »

Aerial Cameras Capture Large Footprints In South Texas

Science Channel writes “Hundreds of satellites orbit Earth and capture the world like it’s never been seen before, sometimes revealing objects and phenomena that defy explanation. Explore these unusual images as scientists attempt to explain mysteries seen from space. Satellite images capture large footprints in South Texas. Could these footprints have been made by a… Read more »

How Bigfoot Made A Whole Town Disappear

Alaskan Killer Bigfoot writes “An expedition sets off for the abandoned town of Portlock to reclaim it from the mysterious forces that led to the deaths of dozens. Seventy years ago, a murderous Bigfoot-like creature sent residents fleeing from Portlock, Alaska. Now, an expedition returns to the abandoned fishing village to reclaim the land and… Read more »

Is Bigfoot Real? Discussion with Dr. Jeff Meldrum

Untold Radio Network writes “Tim and Dana have an amazing and entertaining conversation with Dr. Jeff Meldrum. He has been scientifically studying the Bigfoot phenomenon for almost 30 years and is a expert in primate bi-pedal locomotion. The evidence that Dr. Meldrum has studied makes a compelling case for the possible existence of relict hominoids… Read more »

Tonight’s Show: It Face Color Was Like Tanned Buck Skin

The show will be posted by 6pm Pacific Standard Time. Dan writes “My encounter happened in 2014 in Mendocino county, CA. I was there to stay a week by my self. I went upstream fish. The trail going up had a big rock formation I had to go around. That’s when the smell stopped me… Read more »

Part of The Sun Has Broken Off

Sciencealert.com reports: Material from a filament of plasma erupting from the Sun’s surface broke away and appeared to form a crown-like vortex over the solar north pole. Solar flare activity is not entirely unexpected currently. The sun is ramping up its activity with sunspot and flare activity. It has flared every day this year so… Read more »

Squatch Watchers: Live Bigfoot Hunt

The Squatch Watchers writes “The team will be doing a live Bigfoot Hunt!” The video was streamed from North Carolina on February 10th.

Upcoming Show: A child in some weird ghillie suit

Spoke to the witness and these encounters happened in Virginia. The witness said “I have had several experiences on this property but what I saw climb a tree I cannot explain. My mind thought bear but its shape was all wrong and it climbed the tree like some fast kid. If I had to describe… Read more »

Satellite Images Show Strange Patterns Drawn Into the Utah Desert

Science Channel writes “Experts analyze satellite images of strange patterns drawn into the Utah desert. Could it be military activity? Hundreds of satellites orbit Earth and capture the world like it’s never been seen before, sometimes revealing objects and phenomena that defy explanation. Explore these unusual images as scientists attempt to explain mysteries seen from… Read more »