Mapinguari: Fearsome Beast and Protector of the Amazon

Storied writes “Deep within the Amazon rainforest lurks a mysterious creature called the Mapinguari. Notoriously elusive, this cave-dwelling giant leaves a trail of broken trees and trampled ferns in its wake. Massive, hairy, and pungent, this beast protects the South American jungle from human threats.”

Metaline Falls Bigfoot Festival

The Second Annual Metaline Falls Bigfoot Festival is happening June 25 and 26, 2022! Bigfoot researchers were outside to meet and greet fans when not indoors presenting their research to the ticket holders. ​And the rest was FREE! Over 60 vendors from around the country and live music in the town’s park Food: beef barbacoa,… Read more »

Upcoming Show: 1975 Butte County, CA

A listener writes “My name is Michael, I am a retired 67 year old man. One night I got to my favorite camping was accessible to my old truck and just far enough off the paved road to be unnoticeable to passerby.     I would park in middle of this circular clearing in… Read more »

Strange Familiars: Chilling Tales

Tim writes “Meg from Real Chills podcast stops by to share her stories of growing up in a haunted house, sleep paralysis, and more.”

Trailer Vault: A Flash of Beauty: Bigfoot Revealed Trailer

Plot: Does Bigfoot exist? If so, why haven’t we been able to find him? Focused primarily on experiences in the Pacific Northwest region of Oregon and Washington, the documentary also explores sightings in California, Oklahoma, Florida, and Alaska. Featured personalities within the Bigfoot community include Ron Morehead, Peter Byrne, Dr. Jeffrey Meldrum, Mel Skahan, and… Read more »

This Thing Was Running

A listener writes “I would like to begin by expressing my gratitude -and genuine appreciation- of your Work. I’m a new listener, found your podcast somewhat by accident ..but I love what you do and how you do it. My name is Michael, and I’m writing to you from my current home in Sonoma County,… Read more »

Discover Sasquatch: Presents Kerry Arnold

Discover Sasquatch writes “Hello my friends in Sasquatch Land. Time to get back at it and you dont want to miss this one. Mr.Kerry Arnold joins us in studio and discusses BFO future plans.”

Primatologist Explains the 1% Difference Between Humans & Apes

Richard is a biological anthropologist at Harvard, specializing in the study of primates and the evolution of violence, sex, cooking, and culture. He’s also a MacArthur fellow—the so-called “genius grant”—and the author of books like ‘The Goodness Paradox: The Strange Relationship Between Virtue and Violence in Human Evolution’ and ‘Demonic Males: Apes and the Origins… Read more »

The Confessionals: Floating Heads & Out Of Body Experiences

Tony writes “In Episode 446:Floating Heads & Out Of Body Experiences are joined by James Salcido who has had several experiences over the years. They range from seeing and hearing things that don’t make sense (sometimes even with other people), being visited by deceased relatives in his dreams, to even having out-of-body experiences where he… Read more »

Two men capture a figure running through the trees

The Mirror writes “Bigfoot is a legendary ape-like figure said to roam the woods of North America. The creature is feared for his intimidating size and mystery surrounds his very existence. Theorists believe Bigfoot is a link between mankind and apes having emerged as humans evolved into our present state. Scientists argue there is no… Read more »

Full 360 Look at Patterson Bigfoot Head

ThinkerThunker writes “We humans think any “thing” covered in fur is a dumb animal. So I’ve stripped the fur away for the first, best look ever at what (Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Forest Giants) might look like.”

2022 UFO Disclosure

Ben writes “I am a little late on uploading this, but I wanted to take an in depth look at the recent UFO hearing that occurred in the Congress. While most feel there wasn’t much to the report I feel it actually spoke volumes.”

Adaptations and Evolution

An educational video about variation, adaptations and evolution. Adaptation is a modification of an organism or its parts that makes it more fit for existence. An adaptation is passed from generation to generation. behavioral adaptation. noun. way an organism acts in order to survive or thrive in its environment.

Mysterious Origins of Easter Island Giants

Easter Island, a Chilean territory, is a remote volcanic island in Polynesia. Its native name is Rapa Nui. It’s famed for archaeological sites, including nearly 900 monumental statues called moai, created by inhabitants during the 13th–16th centuries. The moai are carved human figures with oversize heads, often resting on massive stone pedestals called ahus.

SC EP:858 Paralyzed With Fear

Tonight I will be speaking to Matt and Eugene. In 1985 Matt and a friend were hiking in California. Matt said “I thought they were hikers, the man was really tall. As we got closer to where we first saw them I realized they were not hikers, whatever it was one was male and the… Read more »

Tonight’s Show: Paralyzed With Fear

The show will be up by 5:30 PST. Tonight I will be speaking to Matt and Eugene. In 1985 Matt and a friend were hiking in California. Matt said “I thought they were hikers, the man was really tall. As we got closer to where we first saw them I realized they were not hikers,… Read more »

Strange Encounters

Janson Media writes “Learn about horrifying accounts of malevolent swamp creatures, devil like creatures, angry spirits, strange orbs and even UFO sightings from highly credible eyewitnesses around the globe. A landscape of terrifyingly true tales of life altering horrors awaits in this fascinating collection of unexplained paranormal encounters.”

They Call this Ranch the “Close Encounter Capital of the US”

UAMN TV writes “Courtesy of UFO Mega Con. There’s a town in Colorado that’s seen its fair share of very unusual events. In UFO folklore, it was known as the “Clearview” Ranch. At the time the newspaper headlines dubbed the ranch the “Close Encounter Capital of the US”. A place of mystery and intrigue, it… Read more »