From The Shadows: Terrifying Ohio Dogman Encounter

From The Shadows writes “Brian joins us to share a terrifying Dogman encounter from December 2005, outside a small Ohio town. This story doesn’t end on this one night though, listen to hear the whole story!”   Link to the video

SC EP:1024 His Face Looked Like A Chimp

Carrie writes “Hi Wes! Your show is amazing, I have listened to every episode and when I’m done, I start all over again. I want to tell you my story. I grew up in Eagle Creek, Oregon, that is between Sandy and Estacada. This encounter took place at our home back in 1970, I was… Read more »

Tonight’s Show: His Face Looked Like A Chimp

A listener writes “Hi Wes! Your show is amazing, I have listened to every episode and when I’m done, I start all over again. I want to tell you my story. I grew up in Eagle Creek, Oregon, that is between Sandy and Estacada. This encounter took place at our home back in 1970, I… Read more »

It Was Mumbling Something

A listener writes “This past summer I had a terrifying experience while camping in northern NH up near Canada with my family and in laws. I’m 31, I’ve grown up hunting and fishing here in NH and Maine I’m an experienced woodsman and outdoorsman and what happened that night is unexplainable to me still to… Read more »

The Scream Reverberated In My Body

A listener writes “I wanted to share my encounter that happened to me and my buddy back in 1991 in Fremont, Wisconsin. We were camping behind his home, in between two small ponds that were approximately 30 yards behind his house, with an abandoned farm directly behind us, and woods beyond that. I was 12,… Read more »

When Monsters Were Real and We Almost Went Extinct

The Why Files writes “Humans vs Superhumans | When Monsters Were Real and We Almost Went Extinct Humans are the apex predator. Not an apex predator. The apex predator. Other than a handful of bacteria and viruses, there’s pretty much nothing stronger, more intelligent, or more adaptable than Homo sapiens. Telling the human story from… Read more »

Message Beamed Into Space Invites Aliens To Visit Kentucky

Not content with appealing to human visitors, the Lexington Convention and Visitors Bureau has decided to attract tourists from a little further afield with its latest advertising campaign. According to a press release, scientists have used lasers to beam a message toward the TRAPPIST-1 system which is home to several potentially habitable worlds situated over… Read more »

Strange Familiars: Return of the White Monsters

Strange Familiars writes “First, we hear from John Goodwill who tells us about several encounters with the giant sloth-like “white monsters” in Sherman, New York during his youth. Then Jon Darby stops by to share a story of Ouija board weirdness.”   Link to video

Lake Leo Sighting

The Forest Service writes “This lake is a popular one set in low wooded hills. Visitors, in addition to fishing, come to the lake for camping, swimming, and canoeing. In the winter, cross country skiing is available along groomed trails. Seven miles southwest of Ione off of Highway SR-20 at 3165 feet elevation, Lake Leo… Read more »

1998 Colorado Roadside encounter

Randy Harrington writes “Tom and his girlfriend Sherry ( now married) back in 1998 saw a bigfoot on the side of the highway with a fast food bag in its hands.” Randy takes to the location of where the creature was seen. Here is a link to the video.

Large Tracks Found Off Of The California Coast

A listener writes “Hi Wes! A friend and I were on a road trip down the California coast this weekend and found a very large track off the edge of big sur river on bobcat trail at the Andrew Molera state park. We didn’t have a tape measure on us but I estimate it was… Read more »

It Stood There Breathing Looking At Me

A listener writes “Back in 79 I was 14..I grew up in Western New York outside of Rochester. My encounter happened in what we call the southerntier around the finger lakes region. I went out opening day with my father…my uncle cancelled on my Dad didn’t want to go alone. I had the great task… Read more »

The Grafton Monster: The Legendary Beast Of West Virginia Folklore

The Grafton Monster, for many years one of the Mountain State’s lesser-known cryptids, was first spotted by journalist Robert Cockrell (1946-2022) late on the evening of June 16, 1964, beside Route 119 along the Tygart Valley River near Grafton. Two days later, Cockrell wrote in the Grafton Sentinel newspaper that the creature stood between seven… Read more »

It Was 50 To 60 yards In Front Of Me

A listener writes “So I have been listening to the show for over three years now every time I listen to it with my youngest son Nate he says I should email you about my encounter. It wasn’t an actual sighting. Well it was kind of I was at this lake in upstate New York… Read more »

Chased Out Of The Woods

A listener writes “This encounter happened to me when I was in my youth, I must have been between the ages of 10-12, so around 2010 or 2012. I believe it was in the summer as my cousin and I lived in the country and we used to hang out a lot. There was some… Read more »

The Confessionals: The Meadow Project

The Confessionals writes “In Episode 617: The Meadow Project, Tony interviews Trey Hudson, author of “The Meadow Project: Explorations into the South Skinwalker Ranch”. Hudson shares his intriguing experiences and research into a mysterious location in the American South, known for an array of unexplained phenomena, akin to Utah’s Skinwalker Ranch. The discussion gets into… Read more »

Proposed UAP bill would allow civilian pilots to report UFO sightings

Early last year, the Pentagon launched a website enabling military personnel and other government workers to report sightings of unidentified aerial phenomena (or UAPs) dating back to 1945. The move was a response to official hearings on the subject which saw military pilots provide their own testimonies about sightings of unexplained objects off the East… Read more »

Bigfoot and Beyond: The Sketch Artist

Bigfoot and Beyond writes “Cliff Barackman and James “Bobo” Fay speak with Liz, a former composite artist who was asked to sketch an unusual “suspect” many years ago! Liz relates the experience of working with the witness, discusses the importance of narratives, and much more!”  

Whitehall Sasquatch Series

Penford Media writes “Listen to lead investigators and fellow believers from all over the country, as they present the evidence of Bigfoot. This Bigfoot documentary was filmed in Whitehall, NY by Chaos Theater Productions and Penford Media.” Link To Video

A White Creature I Could Not Identify

A listener writes “I’m reaching out to tell you about my experience with what I believe might have been a white Bigfoot. When I was about 14 I went bear hunting up in the mountains of Pennsylvania. I was with my pap and his friends. We were all split up in different locations on the… Read more »