Older Sasquatch Report

I want to thank Nathaniel G. for sending this to me. Nathaniel writes “I recently found some references to possible sasquatches from the 1850s as well as a neat newspaper clipping about a bear fighting a sasquatch from the 1930s.”

Mount St. Helens Cover Up

A listener writes “Hey Wes I’m a big fan of the show and want to say I love it. I was afraid to email you as my story is from my friend’s father who was in the military. This man isn’t one of those type of guys to make things up and to be honest… Read more »

Sasquatch in Oregon

ThinkerThunker writes “While shooting a promo, Wes with WRY Outdoor Media here on YT, caught something on camera behind him. Bigfoot …? Or something else?”   Here is the original video:

Tonight’s Show: That feeling of being watched

I will be speaking to two witnesses tonight. Chris writes “While living Federal Way, Washington, my parents took myself and my eight-year-old brother on a trip to Fairbanks, Alaska. My father had to travel there for business, and since my parents and four older siblings had lived there prior to me and my brother being… Read more »

Minnesota Bigfoot Sighting Near St. Croix River

Bigfoot Tony takes a look at this video. The original video states “Minnesota Auburn in crouched run 30 miles east of Saint Paul” 7/6/11 Farmer and his wife film 5 seconds of an Auburn Sas with his new Iphone as he walked the woods next to his hayfield. They hear a low grunting sound. They… Read more »

On the Trail of the Elusive Bigfoot

Search for the mythical beast at these three Ohio State Parks. Bigfoot. Is there a mythical creature with a stronger hold on the popular imagination than this ape-like beast? Whether the product of folklore, misidentification, or hoax, this large, hairy humanoid — also known as Sasquatch — continues to fascinate believers and attract countless “spotters”… Read more »

Do These Mythical Creatures Exist?

The thunderbird is a legendary creature in certain North American indigenous peoples’ history and culture. It is considered a supernatural being of power and strength. It is especially important, and frequently depicted, in the art, songs and oral histories of many Pacific Northwest Coast cultures, but is also found in various forms among some peoples… Read more »

The Mountain That Swallows People

Mt Nyangani is known, just like other places around the world, like the Bermuda Triangle and the Devil’s Triangle of Japan, that have formed part of “pop” paranormal or ghost-like studies for decades. However, mountains generally seem to play a greater role as sites for mysterious disappearances than any other sites. Two girls who were… Read more »

SC EP:368 Boy Scouts Encounter Sasquatch

I will return on Sunday for the Members. A listener writes “Hi Wes! Been listening to the show for a few years now. I had an encounter in northern MN back in 2012 while guiding canoe expeditions on the boundary waters. Myself and my crew of 8 other boy scouts/scout masters had several consecutive days… Read more »

Tonight’s Show: Boy Scouts Encounter Sasquatch

A listener writes “Hi Wes! Been listening to the show for a few years now. I had an encounter in northern MN back in 2012 while guiding canoe expeditions on the boundary waters. Myself and my crew of 8 other boy scouts/scout masters had several consecutive days worth of encounters and we weren’t the only… Read more »

Family reports strange ongoing activity near Greenville, NH

I have not had a visual incident, but several strange experiences around my area recently have led me to try want to talk to someone who might know what is going on. Here I’ll list the experiences: 1. I have a small orchard next to the forest in back of my house. 2 years ago,… Read more »

Storm watchers on tower observe animal on beach

I was with my dog at the North jetty, in Ft. Stevens State Park. It was a very stormy day and the surf was high, crashing over the rocks on the jetty and pounding the beach. From the viewing tower I saw a man-like figure walk down off the grassy area onto the beach. At… Read more »

It took off into the woods

Here is a report from Salem County, NJ that happen in 2012: “I was driving home from my girl friends house in Pennsgrove, NJ. I was between Pedrick Town and Auburn when I was approaching a stop sign I noticed something reflective by a telephone pole. I thought it was reflectors on the pole itself… Read more »

Mutants, Aliens & Angels Are Walking Among Us

I was fascinated by this presentation. I have done a couple of Nephilim shows, so if you enjoyed those shows you will enjoy this presentation. I know Duke and I have done a couple of mountain giant shows. Could they still be alive today? I realize most of my audience is not interested in this… Read more »

Cherokee Creek Trailer

Todd writes “If you’ve been wanting a good Bigfoot film to finally be made this is the one. I would appreciate you sharing my new trailer.” Check out their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/cherokeecreekmovie/

Carroll County Booger Mirage

Sawdustt BEAST writes “Wes, This is a video we shot on our outing this past weekend I wanted to share with you from BEAST Facebook group. Thermal Constraints in the Field.”

The Dogman: Animal or Demon?

Mattsquatch Presents says “Let take a closer look at the terrifying Dogman. I know it’s reported to be something different then Bigfoot but they are seen in the same areas. People need to know that these things are out there and that they are nothing to be messed with.”

What is a Neanderthal?

Neanderthals more rarely known as Neandertals, were a species or subspecies of archaic humans in the genus Homo that became extinct about 40,000 years ago. Neanderthals and modern humans share 99.7% of their DNA and are hence closely related. (By comparison, both modern humans and Neanderthals share 98.8% of their DNA with their closest non-human… Read more »