Are Werewolves Real?

Noelle Trissen writes “We have all grown up with stories about the Werewolf. From Little Red Riding Hood, to horror movies that made you look under your bed before going to sleep. The idea of a person transforming into a ferocious monster during a full moon has fascinated us for centuries.”

The creature stuck it’s head into the window

A listener writes “Hello Wes, My encounter happened when I was 10 yrs old at my grandfather’s house back in 1970. This creature stuck it’s head into the back bedroom window and started sniffing and tasting the air.. it scared the crap out of us.” Spoke to the witness and he said they were visiting… Read more »

The “Crazy Hippie”

A listener writes “For years I’ve been trying to figure out what I saw back in the late 70’s when I was 14 or so. My father and I would Quail hunt in a remote area above Oroville California called French Creek. One day myself, dad and a Friend of dads drove a few hours… Read more »

Denisovans: A New Cousin at the Family Reunion

In 2010, a team of scientists announced the discovery of a new species of human called Denisovans. Extracting DNA from 40,000 year old Denisovan bone, the team made discoveries about modern humans that will amaze you.

C2C Phone Calls: Encounters With Dogman

George Knapp writes “Descriptions by witnesses of the Manwolf or Dogman have remained consistent over the years and across the US– a 5-7 ft. tall creature that stands, walks or runs on its hind legs (although it can alternate between that and all fours), is covered with shaggy fur, and has a long snout, fangs,… Read more »

10 Scientifically Impossible Places That Actually Exist

The Seven Wonders of the Natural World may have been named too quickly. Wonders like The Grand Canyon and Victoria Falls are certainly big, and anyone who sees them will surely be impressed—but sheer size isn’t enough to truly leave a person in awe. There are other places in this world, though, that are far… Read more »

Monsters and Cryptids of Canada

Known for being a country of friendly folks, Canada is one of the most pleasant places you can visit. But hiding behind its friendly people, lush greenery and nearly 2 million lakes, are stories of very strange monsters and cryptids. These are the Top 5 Monsters and Cryptids of Canada.   5. Waheela Known as… Read more »

PaleoWorld: The Neanderthal

Neanderthals are an extinct species or subspecies of archaic humans in the genus Homo, who lived within Eurasia from circa 400,000 until 40,000 years ago. Currently the earliest fossils of Neanderthals in Europe are dated between 450,000 to 430,000 years ago, and thereafter Neanderthals expanded into Southwest and Central Asia.     They are known… Read more »

Would you stay here?

Trout & Coffee writes “We stay in a treehouse on the Maine coast with a cozy sleeping pod, rope suspension bridges and a wood fired hot tub up in the trees. It’s called Seguin Tree Dwellings and is available on airbnb!”  

Unexplained Lights In The Sky

Origins Explained writes “Check out the Most MYSTERIOUS And Unexplained Lights In The Sky! From strange auroras to other natural phenomenon caught on camera science can’t explain.     6. EARTHQUAKE LIGHTS The phenomenon of earthquake lights is poorly understood at best, but scientists have made progress in recent years toward getting to the bottom… Read more »

Something Massive Hit The Super Blood Moon

Astronomers noticed something massive hit the super blood wolf moon. The super blood wolf moon was recently seen by many all over the world. Skywatchers have come forward and said they saw something hit the blood moon. One person said the following about the event “I sitting out in my garden watching the event when… Read more »

Deputy Sheriff’s Bigfoot Encounter

Bob Gymlan writes “John Green interviewed a deputy sheriff in Washington.” John Willison Green (February 12, 1927 – May 28, 2016) was a Canadian journalist and a leading researcher into the Bigfoot phenomenon. He was a graduate of both the University of British Columbia and Columbia University and compiled a database of more than 3000… Read more »

Mystery of Dyatlov Pass

The Dyatlov Pass incident refers to the unsolved deaths of nine ski hikers in the northern Ural Mountains in the Soviet Union. During the night, something caused them to tear their way out of their tents and flee the campsite while inadequately dressed for heavy snowfall and sub-zero temperatures.     The Dyatlov Pass Incident… Read more »

The Confessionals Podcast: Terrifying Bigfoot Reports

Tony writes “Have you ever wondered if bigfoot was a benevolent forest giant? Ever feel torn between the gentle nature that you sometimes hear about and the violent actions that others report? Look no further! On Episode 109, we speak with author Bill Sheehan, who reveals that most of the Bigfoot reports he’s received will… Read more »

Sasquatch Cryptid History

World of MONSTERS writes In this PART 1 of All About Bigfoot or Sasquatch we explore the history of this cryptid and go over the description of bigfoot answering the starter questions of “what is bigfoot?” This is a five part series.     Part One: What is bigfoot?   Part Two: Best Footage and… Read more »

The Skinwalker Ranch

Skinwalker Ranch, also known as Sherman Ranch, is a property located on approximately 512 acres southeast of Ballard, Utah that is allegedly the site of paranormal and UFO-related activities. Its name is taken from the skin-walker of Navajo legend concerning malevolent witches.   Tales From Skinwalker Ranch – Part One From UFOs, wormholes and cryptids,… Read more »

Strange News: Abraham Lincoln’s real killer comes forward

Here is your strange news for the day. A time-traveling assassin with a conscience. A man from Virginia turned himself in at the FBI headquarters this morning, claiming that he was guilty of killing more than 30 people, including the 16th President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln. 71-year-old Leroy Timothy Anderson, claims he worked… Read more »