Mysterious Claw Markings

Brenda Harris, Hoyt Velarde, Dave Ooz, Jon Lee and Ryan Harris investigate a call involving some markings on a camper trailer. Watch the team make their conclusions.

Bigfoot: Headline, History, or Hoax?

The YouTuber writes “Dozens of claims have been reported that the mysterious creature known as Bigfoot is real. TV shows have been created and several investigations have taken place searching for the monster But, how much do you know about bigfoot. Dustyn Dubuque with the Dunn County Historical Society sat down in the WEAU studio… Read more »

It had a protruding eyebrow like a Neanderthal

Pierce County, Washington: “We were going fishing, on May 29, 2016. We turned right at the Roy Y Going south. It was 5:15am. We were going south. We observed and exclaimed, “that looks like an ape sitting on the side of the road. The animal was about three feet high in a sitting, crouched position…. Read more »

Tonight’s Show: Creature swimming towards our boat

The witness last night and he does a great job describing the sheer size of the creature and how it just stood there looking at them. The creature then walked into the water and started swimming towards the boat. The witness describes the creature as a tall, hairy like man about 7 feet tall. The… Read more »

The hand of the yeti

The hunt for the Abominable Snowman. This is an old one but still worth watching.

Sasquatch hunting a sea lion

Tom Sewid writes “Today I received a report of someone seeing a Sasquatch/Bigfoot hunting a sea lion by running out to it from the bush and breaking it’s neck. Through the years I have received other reports of this as well, but mainly to seals sleeping out on the rocks. There’s the report from Hooper… Read more »

Sasquatch Island

Tom Sewid writes “In review of our Ministry of Wildlife’s elk distribution map of Vancouver Island a.k.a. Sasquatch Island, I realized that the areas where the Roosevelt Elk live, are also high report areas of Sasquatch/Bigfoot encounters. In the winter the elk move down slope to winter in the river valley’s and estuaries. The regions… Read more »

Evidence of Sasquatch collected

Grassman58 writes “These are just a few things we have found over the years searching for bigfoot here in Eastern Washington State. Because of these types of findings is what keeps us pushing forward with our search for answers.”

Encounter at rest area

Grassman58 writes “Bigfoot reports and stories from in and around the Pend Oreille county. There are so many reports from around this county that I have not even come close to sharing all of them. This is an area I will be returning to in the near future.”

A look at the Patterson Gimlin Film

The YouTuber writes “In this video, I try to compare the 1967 Patterson Gimlin footage to some footage of my own. Please comment your opinions on what you think about my 2016 costume vs. patty.”

The 3500 gallon water truck was pushed on it’s side

Northfork writes “I was surprised the other day when at a friends shop getting the transmission serviced in one of my trucks. A guy I have known for over 20 years told a story that he had never told me before, and I am gong to try to get more info on it. Somehow the… Read more »

Correctional Officer’s Bigfoot Experiences

Bob writes “Many months ago, I spoke in depth with a corrections officer in Northern California, by the Klamath. I was impressed with his diligence and sincerity. After a failed skype interview, he submitted his findings. 10 months later, here it is. Sorry for the delay but I said I would so I shall.”

I really do not see anything here

This video has been sent to me several times and I do not want to be rude but I just do not see anything here. I decided to post it to the blog, maybe I have poor eye sight but again….I do not see anything. The YouTuber writes “Individuals claiming to have seen Bigfoot describe… Read more »

Himalayas Yeti

Mark Evans travels to the Himalayas to find the real story behind the centuries-old Yeti legend. He risks altitude sickness at Everest Base Camp, where the photograph of a footprint in the snow set off Yeti mania in 1951. He traces the legend through ancient manuscripts, holy relics, and a Nazi expedition, and meets people… Read more »

Tonight’s Show: Food for the Sasquatch

I will be speaking to several witnesses tonight also a past guest returns to the show. I will have him recount the original encounter when he ran full speed into one of these creatures in the dark. Randy never told his wife what he ran into but shares a conversation he had with his now… Read more »