SC EP:730 Where the Footprints End II

Tonight I will be chatting with Timothy Renner and Joshua Cutchin. Their book is called “Where the Footprints End: High Strangeness and the Bigfoot Phenomenon, Volume II: Evidence.” The guys write “Despite continued attempts to uncover the truth, proof of the bigfoot phenomenon has eluded researchers and cryptozoologists for decades. Witnesses regularly describe seeing and… Read more »

Lyrebird Mimics Construction Sounds

Lyrebirds are nature’s masters of mimicry and are capable of imitating almost anything, even chainsaws and building sites. How they and other bird species do this has been a mystery – until now.

DZUNUKWA | The Sasquatch Woman who Eats Children

Dzunuḵ̓wa is an ancestor of the Namgis clan through her son, Tsilwalagame. She is venerated as a bringer of wealth, but is also greatly feared by children, because she is also known as an ogress who steals children and carries them home in her basket to eat. Her appearance is that of a naked, black… Read more »

Strange Familiars: What Was on the Roof?

Tim writes “Jay tells his stories of encounters with The Other: something appeared on his roof which looked like his brother (who lived in a different state at the time); a neighborhood game based on a weird encounter; a disembodied voice which spoke Jay’s name at the same time every night; strange little shadow creatures;… Read more »

The Lost Ancient Humans of Antarctica

The earth has gone through countless changes in its history. Antarctica at one time was not covered with ice, and could have been home to ancient humans. As we develop new methods for uncovering the ice, we are beginning to see the possibilities that lay below. Mainstream ideology puts forward the “Out of Africa” theory,… Read more »

Werehyena: The Terrifying Shapeshifters of African Lore

Storied writes “African folklore dictates that unlike other werecreatures this monster is an animal that disguises itself in human form. By day it walks the earth nearly indistinguishable from humans, but at night it returns to its true hyena shape to defile graves and eat the flesh within.”

Wild Bue Yonder: Ape Canyon Attack Cabin Site

Join Amy Bue and Marc Mrysell as they discuss Bigfoot facts and evidence, Marc’s research into the legendary Ape Canyon event of 1924, as well as a glimpse into his current research project. Marc Myrsell is a land surveyor and public aquarist in SW Washington state. Marc has extensively studied such events and encounters as… Read more »

The Appalachian Giant

The Appalachian Mountains are a region of incredible beauty and amazing legends. One such legend tells of a terrifying giant with a 7-clawed hand who left his mark on a massive rock.

Travis Walton Remembers Encounter with Aliens

The Travis Walton UFO incident was an alien abduction of American forestry worker Travis Walton by a UFO on November 5, 1975, while he was working in the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forests near Snowflake, Arizona. Walton reappeared after a five-day search. The Walton case received mainstream publicity and remains one of the best-known alien abduction stories.

The Confessionals: The Predator

Tony writes “In episode 309: The Predator we are talking with JR who is a former member of a 1% motorcycle gang. JR did something that got him kicked out of his notorious club and as a result, he started his own burglary gang. Between the club and his gang, he had gotten in trouble… Read more »

The Origins Of Jinn

What Are Jinn: The Arab Spirits Who Can Eat, Sleep, Have Sex, and Die. Jinn are shape-shifting spirits made of fire and air with origins in pre-Islamic Arabia. They are the inspiration for Aladdin’s genie, and have held space in Arab culture for almost as long as Arab culture itself. And yet, having transcended both… Read more »

Metaline Falls Bigfoot Festival 2021

Metaline Falls Bigfoot Festival will be on June 19 & 20, 2021 in Washington State. From Metaline Falls Bigfoot Festival’s website: The First Annual Metaline Falls Bigfoot Festival is happening this year! Enjoy presentations by scientists, field research experts, TV personalities, and special guests! Mingle with the presenters at the public book signing in between… Read more »

Beastly Theories: A New Quest – with Doug Hajicek

Andy writes “Join me as I chat with Doug Hajicek, wildlife, cryptozoology and paranormal researcher and creator/producer of some of cryptozoology’s most loved and influential programming. We discuss his entry into television, his innovations in hidden camera photography, his passion for science based cryptid research and his own strange encounters with Sasquatch and flying humanoids…. Read more »

Cryptid By State: Tennessee

Ben writes “You guessed it! Today we are continuing our Cryptid By State series with a visit to Tennessee. Almost every creature that is on this video is rather unique. Even if it seems familiar there are big differences in it.”

Sasquatch Cometh

Shaw Community Link writes “Is Sasquatch actually a secret Santa living undetected in the Vancouver Island wilderness? A group of islanders has received mystery gifts on their doorsteps every spring for the past 15 years, and each gift is signed “Sasquatch.” Is this a long-running prank, or is the legendary beast really responsible for these… Read more »

Making A Track Casting Copy

CryptoWatch writes “Just a short video on how I make some copies of track castings.Once you make a mold, you can simply keep making duplicates of any track. I use Plaster of Paris and have for years, it seems to work fine for me. It is also surprisingly cheap.”

SC EP:729 Leave Or I Will Kill You

I welcome David and Jeff. While hunting in Oklahoma they were stalked and harassed by a creature. After one of the hunters shot at the creature he thought this encounter was over. Several creatures returned and circled the hunters camp. Read the full encounter here:         Stream Player:… Read more »

Sunday Upcoming Show

Tomorrow night I welcome David and Jeff. While hunting in Oklahoma they were stalked and harassed by a creature. After one of the hunters shot at the creature he thought this encounter was over. Several creatures returned and circled the hunters camp.