Encounters In Kentucky

A listener writes “We have had several strange occurrences during the past two years. The following have been occurring: Our dogs in our kennel have been barking non-stop all night, every night for the past year up to about 3 weeks ago (see below). On one occasion, one dog kennel (chain link fencing) was smashed… Read more »

10 People Who Survived The Wilderness

Alltime10s writes “These people have been to hell and back, and have given us some stories for the privilege… These are 10 People Who Survived The Wilderness.”  

It Was Ape Like And Yet Human Like

A listener writes “June 2009, early summer here in West Virginia. I lived in Ohio County on the outskirts of Wheeling. Which I know is a major city, yet it’s surrounded by thick tree on top of tree strangling wilderness. I lived approximately five miles outside of town back in the rural suburbs on a… Read more »

Upcoming Show: Shots Fired!

A listener writes “I shot one in 1995 deer hunting in the area around Oregon caves out of cave junction where I live. Have had a few other encounters and photos of footprints while hunting wild mushrooms, let me know if you are interested” Spoke to the eyewitness and he has agreed to come on… Read more »

Strange Familiars: Encounters with The Other

On this episode Timothy talks with three guests who share their stories of encounters with strange entities. Sonya tells of a creepy bunny-man, some sort of glowing-eyed cryptid in a cemetery, and a jellyfish-like UFO. Then Taylor tells us about disappearing people. Finally, Olaf relates a tale of a man who appeared to be made… Read more »

Bingo Was His Name O

Remember the big drunk guy from Houston? He is here to explain his side of things and what he remembers. Here is a short clip:

Lacey, Washington Museum: Sasquatch Revealed

Ronald Morehead and Paul Graves will be presenting here on May 31. Some may know him as bigfoot, yeti or yowie, but no matter the nomenclature, the Lacey Museum is going to bring the history and mythology of the crypto-hominid to life with the exhibit, Sasquatch Revealed. Guest curator and sasquatch researcher, Chris Murphy, has… Read more »

Strange News: This Man Discovers That This Doorstop Is Actually…

Unexplained Mysteries writes “This man discovers that this doorstep is actually an ancient relic worth a fortune. This man finds out this old doorstop is worth a fortune. Over the years people have made incredible discoveries in places that you would expect. One of these was made over 30 years ago in Michigan. A man… Read more »

Paranormal Portal: Paranormal Mayhem

Brent writes “Tonight, on the #Paranormal Portal, Don and I are whipping up a mid-week batch of Paranormal Mayhem. #Ghosts #Cryptids and UFOs are all on the menu, so…have a seat, and we’ll take ya on a ride! 😉 Join us as we discuss this and so much more. Enter the Paranormal Portal…if you dare!”… Read more »

Re: Big Texas drunk guy

Challenge Accepted! I am a big believer in second chances, I will give this man air time. Noah takes them all on the boat, we got two of them but only one of him. I want to hear what he has to say! “Wes. No manners whatsoever. Didn’t your mama tell you not to talk… Read more »

Strange Audio In Ohio

This recording was captured by Dianne Beeson around 2:30 a.m. on April 11, 2019 at a cabin in central Coshocton County, Ohio. This is not the first time we’ve heard this type of call there, and there have been other odd events and even eyewitness accounts in this same area. I used an H2N Zoom… Read more »

Strange News: Gorillas try to avoid the rain

“Gorillas at a South Carolina zoo trying to avoid the rain peek out from under their enclosure before making a break for it.” Very human like behavior, I have been in this moment.

Why are more people seeing the terrifying Gugwe?

Mattsquatch Presents writes “In the last few month I’ve been getting a lot of people telling they are seeing the type three Bigfoot or “the Gugwe”. These are known to have a bad reputation and to have a snout like a baboon.”  

The Confessionals: House Of Shadows

On Episode 129: House of Shadows, guest Monica joins The Confessionals to share her experiences in the very paranormally active home in which she grew up. Her whole life sounds like it could be a creepy movie! Listen as she describes the crazy things she witnessed in her “house of shadows.”  

Audio Captured In Washington State

Larry Catlin writes “I put some more vocalizations in the files area. these were vocals I have collected from the internet. None of them were recorded by me but I spent some time tweaking them so I could hear them better. check them out when you get a chance.”       Audio Captured In… Read more »

It Pushed My Car Forward

A listener writes “I live in Klicitat Wa. I have had one sighting, one when it pushed my car forward (while I was inside) and a very growl that started slow then continued to a high Pitch scream. I have also witnessed two sightings of VERY strange lights, one over the washougal river and one… Read more »

Scientists Announce That Something Massive Has Left A Hole In Our Galaxy

Scientists announce that something massive left a hole in our galaxy. We take a look at these mysterious holes left in our galaxy. Recently we have talked about dark matter and how it’s currently baffling the scientific community. However scientists have recently made an interesting discovery. According to researchers who published there find in the… Read more »